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va l e r i a l a s s o p o rt f o l i o

c o r p o r at e d e s i g n

Billboard is a American weekly magazine devoted to the music industry. Their offices are

headquarted in New York with bureaus in London, Los Angeles and Miami. The magazine is intended for music professionals, such as record label executives, artists, music retailers, and radio Djs.

b i l l b oa r d h e a d q ua r t e r s

The design is derived from the g e o m e t r y and s i m p l i c i t y of the logo. The colors of the company will be used throughout the design to reinforce its

i d e n t i t y and maintain c h a r a c t e r Due to their intense weekly schedule, thier workplace needs a c a l m , stress free environment but with a v i b r a n t and e n e r g e t i c character that resembles the music world they represent.

c o l l a b o r at i o n is a focal point at Billboard so, an o p e n p l a n office will better serve its purposes for spaces to be collaborative and public.

commercial design Unfolding Time Heritage Center is an exciting place for people to discover their stories,

to learn from others and to interact with different cultures. Its amenities allow people to share experiences and traditions through different activities such as cooking, live performances, seminars, group discussions, arts and crafts, among others. It is a place to explore ideas where people can feel comfortable and encouraged to learn.

u n f o l d i n g t i m e h e r i ta g e c e n t e r A person without heritage is like a blank piece of paper: flat, white, boring. But as any piece of blank paper it has potential when worked on. Paper can fold, unfold and transform to any shape you want it, it can tell a story if written on or show a picture if painted on.

Paper is a door to creativity; you just have to unfold its treasures. pure unfolding transform c u lt u r e Heritage is the door that unfolds your story, your life. It shapes who you are and transforms you as a person.


Origami is the concept of the Heritage Center to resemble this transformation. Discovering your heritage can transform you and change you just as origami does for paper; it embellishes your essence.

cafe design

The fresh environment of Z’s Cafe will attract customers to enjoy a healthy meal in a contemporary space where light and color will combine to provide an energetic and warm experience through the simplicity of its design.

zs cafe WOMEN'S


z’s cafe BOK

Zs Cafe motto "Food, Friends and Family" is the basis of their philosophy as a restaurant and catering service. Bringing the community together is as important to them as providing healthy food for their customers. Therefore, the renovation of Z's Cafe will encompass their main concerns with a new fresh look to their space.


fresh h e a lt h y simple light c o lo r texture

residential design

The Anderson’s Residency is a loft designed for a family of 3. A lesbian couple

who loves antiques and Ansel Adams’ photography. One of them is a a graphic designer, the other an archeologist. They have one son and a parakeet as a pet.

t h e a n d e r s o n ’ s r e s i d e n c y : lo f t d e s i g n

f i r s t f lo o r

Encompassing both of the couple’s passions: graphic design and archeology, the space is designed with warm tones and cotemporary furniture. It features the couple’s collection of antiques and Ansel Adam’s photography. It accomplishes a cozy and warm atmosphere with the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary design.

warm e d gy traditional vs . co n t e m p o r a ry o p e n s pa c e s

s e c o n d f lo o r

f o r t w o r t h w at e r g a r d e n s Located in Downtown Ft. Worth. The Water Gardens' Active Pool designed by architect Phillip Johnson, is the perfect place to develop my lighting thesis focused on water and light. It started with a personal experience at the beach where the reflection of the moonlight on the ocean waves caught my eye. Bringing my experience to life is what drove my design.

l i g h t i n g t h e s i s p r o j e c t : w at e r & l i g h t the site

Located in downtown Fort worth, TX the Water Gardens were designed by architect Phillip Johnson.

i n s p i r at i o n

Beautiful night at the beach, moon as bright as ever. The reflection of moonlight on the waves of the ocean created a sparkling almost magical effect, which led me to the study of water and light for my thesis project.

l i g h t s k e tc h e s


Inspired by a moment in nature, the lighting design of the Fort Worth Water Gardens mimics the sparkling effect of the moonligth’s reflection in the ocean. It resembles it adding color and life to an architectural wonder.

c o lo r changing leds clear resin s pa r k l e e f f e c t w ay f i n d i n g definition


LED Strip lights will be inserted in the perimeter rim and mounted underneath each cascading edge so that it illuminates the water from the bottom and creates an sparkling effect. Lights, will also be mounted underneath the steps leading to the center pool to improve wayfinding.

m at e r i a l s

d e ta i l d r a w i n g s

A clear resin will replace the existing concrete in the center pool and will be illuminated with color changing LED lights to add life to the Water Gardens and make the center pool the focal point attracting people to go down and experience it.

r e s u lt s The finalized lighting design maintains the main focus on the center pool introducing color changing LEDs that shine through a clear resin bringing additional interest to the original design. Illuminating the stairs from below allows people to feel more comfortable going down the garden at night. Light on every step edge illuminates the water cascading down giving the sparkle effect desired. Finally, the rim around the perimeter of the site provides with addtional definition with an embrace of light, which is supported by the lighting of the garden's surroundings that make the street viewer aware of the Water Gardens' existence.

final lighting design You can learn more in depth details about my thesis here:!

h o s p i ta l i t y d e s i g n

Located in Mineral Wells, TX is the grand Baker Hotel. It has been abandoned for years now since it closed it doors in 1972. The renovation of this luxurious hotel is what started my Senior Design Thesis and making it part of a collection of luxury boutique hotels was the challenge to completing the ultimate Joule Hotel. You can learn more in depth details about my thesis here:

t h e j o u l e h ot e l p r o j e c t s tat e m e n t t h e b a k e r h ot e l . Mineral Wells, a small western city an hour outside of Ft. Worth, TX needs to attract people to come stay and enjoy a calm and homey Texan experience. The city was most famous because of the Baker Hotel, which used to be the main attraction of celebrities and high-class visitors who spent their getaways in the hotel. It has been abandoned for years now. The renovation of the hotel will attract people back to the city giving it its exclusive and famous reputation back.

d e s i g n co n c e pt j u x ta p o s i n g. c o n t r a s t i n g. c o m pa r i n g.

Placing opposite concepts and ideas together to create a cohesive space is what drives the design of the Joule. Reaching to a broader audience with various concepts such as TRADITIONAL and CONTEMPORARY design, URBAN and ELEGANT styles, LUXURIOUS and INFORMAL settings, will achieve a lifestyle design geared towards every visitor of the hotel. Bringing in waste elements and materials from the city, reuse and transform them into design elements of the space will give them a new meaning that will turn them into beautiful artistic elements creating exclusive and luxurious designs.

t h e lo b b y

The entrance lobby of the Joule is designed so that people not only use it as a transaction space, but as a place to socialize and interact with other guests. It maintains the hotel’s original architecture bringing in contemporary elements as well as traditional furniture which result in a perfect combination where new meets old. Its various meeting spaces as well as lobby bar allow for guests to socialize and enjoy the lobby’s grandeur while the chek-in counter and concierge provide its basic services.



first level

lo b b y b a r

concierge desk


r e s ta u r a n t d e s i g n

The 11 th floor of the hotel houses the elegant urban style specialty restaurant. The restaurant welcomes its visitors to enjoy a tasteful meal while dining by an amazing view of the city of Mineral Wells. Its rooftop terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner under the moonlight with a glass of wine from the restaurant’s in-house wine cellar. Its design is the perfect midpoint where modern meets traditional and urban materials bring personality and an edgy feel to the space

t h e j o u l e ’ s s p e c i a lt y r e s ta u r a n t



o u t s i d e t e r r ac e

The hotel’s specialty restaurant has an urban and luxurious ambience, incorporating waste materials such as distressed wood, street art and recycled metal. The restaurant amenities include a private room that people can reserve for business meetings or private parties, an in-house wine cellar and a beautiful outside terrace for those who want to eat under the moonlight. The restaurant’s skylight and floor-to-ceiling windows let the customers enjoy the nature of the town and the amazing views it has to offer. PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT

p o o l ba r d e s i g n

The Joule’s rooftop infinity pool provides an amazing view of the city as well as an excellent bar service. Its pool bar has an industrial yet elegant feel. The furniture’s organic forms bring a much modern approach however still maintaining the hotel’s traditional essence.

r o o f to p p o o l

Like the hotel’s specialty restaurant, the pool bar maintains an urban ambience and gives life to the space with colorful patterns and warm tones.
































Its beautiful wood-carved retractable doors let the inside connect with the outside in an impecable manner, making the landscape part of the design.

e d u c at i o n a l d e s i g n

Paraiso Infantil’s sensory room is a room where kids learn using their 5 senses. Its a way to learn through interactive elements in the space including light, water, sounds, textures, colors and more. This project was built in a kindergarten facility in Quito, Ecuador.

s e n so ry ro o m glow-in-the-dark painting design plus interactive wall

Light showers with christmas

lights and sheer curtains: lets the kids see the difference between warm and white light

Interactive colored LED light panel:

Lets kids learn colors by pushing colored buttons to turn on each light

Colored lit bubble tubes:

provides a calming experience for the kids.

Static bike with LED throwies

on wired wheels: show kids how light moves.

Light Tunel:

Interactive light tunel made out of gypsum and colored fabric called panaflex. Lets kids experience a walk through light and be flooded by color.

Magnetic wall lets kids play directly with light, build shapes and with colored forms of light as well as experience the force of LED throwies: magnets to the metal.

textured fabrics: folr kids to learn about touch.

Reflecting pool and materials storage entrance

Interactive light panel:

made out of a stretch fabric called tensoflex and illuminated with colored fluorescents for kids to cast shadows thorugh the fabric with their hands and faces.

s to r e d e s i g n

Shikuelitos is a kid’s clothing store in Quito, Ecuador. The project included rebranding, the complete

redesign of their new store and construction. Project done while working at Mille Design Cia. Ltda. I was the senior designer for the project.

s h i k u e l i to s bird’s eye view

e x t e r i o r fa c a d e c o m pa n y ’ s lo g o Shikuelitos was designed with lively colors to brighten up the space but maintaining

an elegant and simple ambience.

Its light wood and white concrete flooring makes the space look clean and bright. Wall fixtures were designed to be suspended from the ceilings to add interest to the store as well as give an idea of a beautiful playground where kids can buy their clothes. The suspended seating in the center of the store can entertain kids while their mothers shop calmly.

exhibit design

Stand designed for Mattel at Quito, Ecuador. Project done while working at Mille Design Cia. Ltda. I was the senior designer for the project.

s ta n d f o r m at t e l

m at t e l ` s p r e v i o u s d e s i g n

Mattel wanted an updated designed of what they previously had designed for an Expo in Guatemala. They requested a refreshed look of their stand but in a much larger size.

Our design was focused on branding and clean displays for the product. Their previ-

ous work is too crowded and disorganized so we wanted to achieve a clean look while still showing off a lot of product. Red acrylic is used to maintian the brand’s color but introducing transparencies makes it more simple drawing attention to the product instead of to the structure.

our design

kiosk design

BioAroma is a company that sells natural bath and body products in Quito, Ecuador. This kiosk design was

intended for a Mall so that they can demonstrate their product to the customers and dislplay it as well. Project done while working at Mille Design Cia. Ltda. I was the senior designer for the project.

b i oa r o m a ’ s k i o s k

i n s p i r at i o n Inspired on Lush stores who sell similar products and achieve an organic yet very attractive look.

our design BioAroma’s kiosk was designed to portray the brand’s image and product so that it will attract clients for the experience and organic essence of the brand. The kiosk includes 2 towers for display of product, a table at one side to attract the customer to try out the product or see a demostration, enough space for storage and glass counters on the other side to attend clients. The distressed wood that covers the structure gives the kiosk a more natural and organic feel along with the two chalk boards that allow space for advertising and disocunt offers.

r e ta i l d e s i g n

Ezzio is a hat store in Quito, Ecuador. Every hat is handmade since 1962 when they opened their first store.

Ezzio is a familiy-owned business and this family wanted to portray the idea their great-grandfather had when he started the company: A vintage hat store. Project done while working at Mille Design Cia. Ltda. I was the senior designer for the project.

e z z i o : a v i n ta g e h at s t o r e plan view

f r o n t fa c a d e i n s p i r at i o n

Starting from the dream of its founders to the left, Ezzio was designed as a vintage store. Its aesthetics are inspired on an Irish pub atmosphere but maintaining the coziness of an old vintage house.

Ezzio’s store welcomes its clients to a cozy and familiar atmosphere where they can feel comfortable choosing the right hat for them. The antiques in the store give the space the perfect touch of vintage and make the clients feel at home. Distressed wood, wood detailing and brick give the store the ambience of an Irish pub in an elegant and subtle manner. Introducing steel into the design provides an industrialized look adding interests for its visitors.

Portfolio 2013