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STD´s Project France Diana Ramírez Valeria Mora 19/03/2013

STDs Project France 1. What STDs are prevalent in France? Gonorrhea Syphilis and Chlamydia 2. How many Teenagers in France are infected with STDs? The 6% of the total of teenagers of pregnancies women in the world, are in France and the 12% of them are infected with STDs. 3. What STDs are the most common in the different age group?

4. Do students learn about STDs in their schools? Sex and STDs education is a compulsory part of school curricula although the parents have the right to withdraw their children from this classes.

Facts: 74 of each 100000 men in France between 15 y 59 years got gonorrhea. 14 of each 100000 women in France between 15 y 59 years got gonorrhea.

Conclusion This Project was interesting but at the same time difficult because although France have a big number of STDS compared to other countries their percentage is very low so there is not too much information about it. We like learning about the diseases in other countries because we learned with all the information that is necessary to know and to be careful with STD´s.


Sexual transmitted dieases in France

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