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INTRODUCTION The digital magazine is a proposal that seeks to integrate young graduates to enable them to express their views through academic and journalistic working . We are born of a proposal to create a space that is targeted youth and for youth who are interested and they like the topics discussed in the articles can be found below. URBAN CULTURES WHAT ARE THEY? It is a term used for the formation of groups that in some way go against society and rules being set apart with its own culture and ideology. Each culture or urban tribe has different characteristics according to the music , sport , dress , among others. WHAT ARE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT URBAN TRIBES ? EMOS : These are people who are unhappy and say mainly that came to life to suffer. They are against the fashions they even be emo is fashionable in many parts of the world. Among the best known bands of this urban tribe are My Chemical Romance , Blink 182, All american reject, Silverstein, Panic! At the disco HIPSTERS : Your presence is especially high in cities like New York , Chicago and San Francisco. They like Indie , Indie -Rock and Jazz music, but also listen to other styles and hear little known bands. Much of the Hipsters are lovers of photography, Vintage fashion , original cuisine and are regulars to visit museums to share their experiences through social networks . FLOGGERS : This urban tribe has no musical tastes can be so marked as heavys or punks who listen to music more concrete .

GEEKS : Do not have a defined genre, although most of them listen to music and watch series regularly. They might like comics , manga, anime , TV shows , music groups , to video games , technology and gadgets, computers, programming , among others. In this case the techies are often called " geeks " . Otaku : Their interests are preferably anime , manga, TV series , movies , comics , video games and computers . HEAVIES : Your clothing is characteristic dark clothing , long hair, tight jeans , studded leather jacket and patterned shirts with musical idols . His musical genre is heavy metal in its various trends such as Led Zeppelin and Iron Butterfly. HIPPIES : Arise in the 60s influenced by the injustices of the Vietnam War with striking bold colors , ponchos, colorful headbands , cloth bags , patches, among others. They do not like politics and you could tell they have anarchist ideas. 路 PUNKS : They are easily distinguishable because its characteristic attire are brightly colored crests , leather jacket , several hoops in her ears , tattoos and army boots. His musical genre is punk music . In the world the most representative group is the Sex Pistols and Argentina ,Attaque 77 . Lot of them are anti-capitalist and anarchist ideology. RAPEROS : Over time rap has become more popular to be present in virtually everyone . Rap music is mainly characterized by its strong protest message. There are several activities associated with rappers : His way of dancing break dance, skate boarding, graffiti and of course listening to music Hip - Hop . RASTAS : His trademark attire is dress casually , wear long hair, dreadlocks hairstyle ( dreadlocks ) , hats, baggy clothes and accessories in the colors of

the Ethiopian flag . His music is reggae. This genre emerged in the '60s in Jamaica and is a slow and steady rhythm . His most famous representative is Bob Marley. It is to emphasize spirituality and the rejection of materialism. The original Rastafarians reject alcohol by considering the destruction of human beings and consider smoking marijuana as a health measure. ROCKEROS : Its origin comes directly from the British Teddy Boys were in the 50s . Their music genre is Rock & Roll classic, American or English, Rhythm & Blues,Doo wop , surf , etc. . Motorcycles are the means of transport par excellence and also the rocker fetish object . Their ideology is traditionalist, rebellious , individualistic and " inbred " . SKA : Nowadays many ska bands offer meaningful lyrics , often from the boundary of reggae and punk. Currently listening to people such groups , usually left or anarchist , although the tribe has a predetermined ideology as significant feature , when they dance " pogo sticks " which are circles of people jumping and bumping forcefully. SKIN HEADS : Far-right parties won some of these join them fame and put that skin = Nazi . His trademark attire is cropped hair , pseudo military clothing , boots, tight jeans, bombers . His musical genre is Punk bands having both apolitical and anarchist or neoNazis. Beer consumed in large groups and are always prepared for any fight , some sprays to put phrases and emblems on the walls.

EXTREME SPORTS INTRODUCTION. EXTRAVAGANT INDIVIDUALS WITHOUT FEAR OF DANGER, NOT DEPEND ON REWARDS "; define this phrase to individuals performing extreme sports, sports high risk disciplines how made outdoor defined; is in contact with nature. There practitioners only wish to undergo situations of extreme danger. With it looking a physical and deliverance, which gives them a deep sense of pleasure. The harsh environmental conditions found in nature become judge, opponent, even the protagonist of the action. As such we will focus on three highly dangerous disciplines in regard to extreme sports, we talk about:  SKATEBOARDING. IN LINE SKATING AGRESSIVE. (Aggressive inline skating or more urban) BMX.(Free style and sightsee.) The three closely related in their techniques and movements for some mean more than a sport; but a new culture of life that involves a new language and a new way of dressing which according to some is just a fad, but in these disciplines goes beyond that, MAKE YOU WAKE UP TO SKATE, you wake THINKING THAT WILL MAKE AND LOVE BMX YOUR FIGURES AND NEW TRICKS IS A LIFESTYLE. EXTREME SPORTS. Extreme sports are classified as follows, depending on where you practice, for example, water, snow, air, city.:slidetubes, jump as high as possible or achieve spin in the air. This is what we pursue the "bicicrosseros" at breakneck speeds. Spectacle and adrenaline rush in a Yankee sport that increasingly has more followers in the world. " Slide, tabletop, superman, can can, candy bar, disaster, 360 ... are some of the wonders that children (even 7 or 8 years) and even teenagers of all ages

performed on BMX tracks. Flying field, skid fearlessly imitating motocross greats. The BMX or BMX is a hybrid between the trial and mountainbike. The practice is usually BMX dirt track, designed, of course especially for the sport. These circuits are placed obstacles. The tracks are usually between 300 and 400 m bmx HISTORY One day in early 1963, a gentleman named Al Fritz (no less than the Vice President of North American bicycle factory historical "Schwinn") received a call from one of their dealers in California; man, hysterical, explained that something strange was happening: there was not a single bike-either new or used, in all bike shops in Los Angeles. Apparently, the boys of the city sought an all over, even in basements, equipped themselves with banana seats and very long handlebars. And with those engaged in home bike touring neighborhoods Californians imitating their idols motocross.Advantage vacant lots, construction sites or anything to do jumps, skids and abrupt maneuvers. Fritz found in that fashion their goose that lays golden eggs and began to manufacture these bikes. And this year it sold no less than 45,000! Many began testing those circuits Bicycle motocross trying to imitate the jumps, skids and a thousand and one more of this motor sport. Born a new adrenalin sport: BMX, also known as BMX. Soon after there were more than 100 companies spread across the U.S. sponsoring to 16 year olds. BMX vs. FreeStyle And they have gone BMX related. Although at first this kind of bikes were used to run (such as in motocross)-

category RACING_ eventually began to create what FreeStyle (Free) later called. They look but they are different disciplines. In're on a BMX track, you're at high speed (it's a race) and you also have to give jumps and skidding when cornering (as in motocross). In contrast, the FreeStyle you are not on a track, but on a ramp. It is no longer a race but a competition to see who gets to make the jump or spin more spectacular. It is more technical. SMALL BIKE? At first glance, it seems that the bike we have outgrown or is that of a little cousin or neighbor who we have borrowed. The reality is that it is really a BMX bike. At first they were just as big as the mountain bike, but over the years they saw that size mattered against bigger and worse. Against smaller, more suited to the needs of the driver to obstacles on the track. The wheels are minis, 20-inch and tacos, one brake. skate To understand and try to decipher the complicated language of the tribe "skater" is not enough to have watched a couple of times ESPN, listen to the commentators talk about the twists sobe the rail, and flip copin 360. To feel the adrenaline runs through the blood, just before facing a staircase, handrail or those that void, is not something that all experience. The way to see the city and the architecture of this deal in an entertaining way is what sets them apart from the rest. Skateboarding is not a sport for everyone. If you want to start, no age limits, no time, place or space, only a table and just raring to go, which rise after countless falls that suffer at the beginning of learning. The most affected areas are the knees, elbows, ankles and toes, who must have excellent flexibility when performing the routines. It must constantly deal with

sprains, fractures and abrasions, unusual items in this urban sports. HISTORY. Although no one knows exactly when it started, you can say it was in the early 60s in California. It was the era of the Beach Boys who cheered his songs carefree and fun. The pleasure of riding the wave was what mattered, but Mother Nature is always ready to work, and one of those days where you could not surfing by bad weather skateboarding was born. It is a sport that arises because not always the weather accompanied these wave runners, so they decided to invent something to keep them active while the sea was arranged, was how uniting an old piece of wood with roller skate wheels, was born the first table. He kept his rise to the mid 70s, but went out of fashion and was left with the image of a game for children. The "wave" that had arrived from the U.S. to Europe almost lost. Over time, the skate left his throne to show new ways to kill time, such as BMX, the atari and new technological toys. However, some continued to cultivate his passion for this daring sport. Only a small group of freaks continued practicing, even though others laugh at them. This bump was when skateboarding evolved further. The skaters became marginal and a lifestyle born. STANDARD TERMS.  GOOFY: the skilled skater. It drives with the left leg.  REGULAR: lefty skater. It drives right leg.  TIP: any jump or spin acrobatics performed by the skater.  POSERS: posh skaters are the most hated by the supposedly authentic skaters.  COPIN: vertical edge of the VERT. It should be stressed that the skate has basic parts: 1. Nose skate or nose; belongs to the same table. 2. Board or central part of the table.

3. Tail or tail of the board. 4. Track: structures that hold the wheels and holding them firmly attached to the table. Their prices range from 15,000 to 25,000. top brands: ALL INDEPENDS, ORION) 5.wheel; prices ranging from 10,000 to 20,000. 6. bearings.; their prices are about 10,000. 7. Table.; prices range from 22,000 to 40,000 pesos. The best brands are: ZERO, STA CRUZ, STRANGER) emphasizes the Holy Cross, as it has more wood plates that make it more resistant to extreme stunts. 8.Lija.; Price range: $ 5,000-10,000 Together, these elements constitute the skate, as there are already attached factory skate; if not you should have your own skate. There are already assembled, but its price is much higher. TRICKS: 1. OLLIE.'s When you use for your leg trick with which you lean on the table (most skilled of all). 2. Nollie: when using the leg you do not lean on the table. 3. FLIP: turning the skateboard on its own axis. 4. Money. Nose skate when traveling to different degrees. COMBINATION OF THEM: OLLIE OLLIE KICK FLIP FLIPNollie 360 FRON SIDE SHIFTIES NOT COMPLY NOSE TAIL SLIDE SLIDESLIDE BOARD HALFCABKICKFLIP FLIP 50-50 nollie 50-50 GRIND WILLY GRAP FRONTSIDEHEELFLIP NOSE TAIL GRAP BSIDE180 HEEL FLIP OLLIE IMPOSSIBLE BOARDSLIDE HALFCAB OLLIE NOSE SLIDE lipslidenollie VARIAL. Nollie BACKSIDENOSEBLUNT MANUAL FLIP In performing these tricks should keep in mind that the shoes play a vital role. The quality of the shoes is made of three parts: 1. The first consisting of protection, since usually with sandpaper skate destroyed very soon.

Two. The second has to do with having a sturdy sole, because when you go accommodating feet with it spends part rubbing sandpaper. March.Should have a good pair of passes laces, because they are also very prone to damage. Last approximately 4 months. We conclude that the SKATE IS A WAY OF LIFE, ALL IMPLIES A CULTURE OF LIFE AND A NEW STYLE FOR BOTH DESERVE RESPECT.

Inline skating, contrary to what many may think, it is not difficult at all. A very common notion among people is that balancing on a single row of wheels can be very difficult. Well, it's not. Actually skating rollers should not present any difficulty. Out with friends at least once a week, skating, is a highly recommended and fun activity. How easy it is to learn to skate Learning is intuitive, meaning that you can get to skate without being an expert and only with mimesis can master the most basic techniques. You can not imagine how much you can learn from each imitating the movement and posture of other more experienced skater. Most people often say that you learn from mistakes, either with trompazos falls and can also begin to dominate the skates. The basics of this is to learn to skate on smooth, flat ground and learn how to turn and stop. Then, over time, acquire the necessary balance to more difficult maneuvers, so you walk at higher speeds and then, why not specialize in any branch of inline skating ....or all! Types skates Skates: The best advice is not about buying cheap skates. The mysteriously economic skates are simply poor quality. If you buy them, it's likely to last a very short time in good condition (Shortly means between

one day and one month at most). It is preferable to buy skates brand. They last longer, are stronger, better and most importantly look: they are much safer. Top brands are Rollerblade, Oxygen, K2 and Roces. Now we have to focus more on the boot on wheels, as these can be changed relatively easily. Essential movements The basic rotation is to rotate the upper body according to the direction you want to rotate. First the head, shoulders and finally the waist.At the same time it has to push the sled with the opposite spin, somehow as if it were a single pulse. Braking with gum behind in one of the two slides is very simple and useful, mostly avoiding some unwanted eat any obstacle. To curb long to move the brake shoe having slightly forward, lifting the sled so do as you slip on the rear wheel. Upon further lifting the brake will make contact with the ground. Will slow down faster if more pressure is applied to the ground. You have to be careful when changing the brake is worn. Where to skate It is very easy to choose a place to skate, everyone in your town knows the appropriate places. Avenues with smooth pavement, bicycle lanes, pedestrian zones, parks, boardwalks ... all these and many more are are suitable for the practice of inline skates so often, you just have to have the non-skid in places where dust, sand, dirt or liquids, because of all these agents affect the bearings, which are the building blocks of the skates. It may seem obvious, but the brakes must be replaced once spent. Simply buy a new one, making sure to serve for the corresponding model of skates, and replace the old with the new brake.

HISTORY. A lack of ice ... Where does it come? Before placing the wheels one behind the other, had the conventional 2x2 skid. The first commercial attempt to promote the use of a skate whose wheels were aligned I was in Chicago in 1960, but was unsuccessful because innovation not offer greater comfort, stability and security. However, the new model played a key role in the evolutionary development of sport. In 1979, a young hockey player named Scott Olson of Minneapolis found a pair of these skates in a store of second-hand and thought he had found a way to train even during periods when the ice was scarce in Minnesota. For this purpose modified the original model polyurethane tires introduced and improved braking system. Olson produced and marketed its inline skate model until 1984, when he sold his company to Bob Naegele, who named it after Rollerblade Inc. This company is responsible for the popularization of inline skating. CONCLUSIONS.

 The three depth disciplines above are mostly very similar, and that all figures and these names come from some.  especially constitute a culture of life that does not mean fashion; but a new way of living that involves a radical change in society for acceptance even in public opposition to these disciplines, mainly in regard to skate.  They are quite addictive sports enjoying an excessive obsession by extreme athletes.  They are tremendously adrenalíticos sports that generate large dose of pleasure and adrenaline, which helps to increase your followers.

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