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Artistic Year

Index • Contests: 1. Poetry 2. Short Story 3. Origami 4. CDA Idol 5. Journalism 6. Photography 7. Drawing 8. Assembly

1. Poetry • At the beginning of the year the students where asked to search for a poem, any one they liked, it had to be at least 4 verses. Then they had to pass to present it to the class. The ones that the teacher decided that where the betters needed to present again in class and then in front of all Middle School. The judges decided which person was the better acting it out.

2. Short Story • The students where asked to write a story about anyithing they wanted. The Short Stories where writted in Idioma Español. The teachers of the same needed to check them and give it to another person to evaluate if this was good. Then the judges discuss where they passed to be the 1st, t  2nd ,3rd or none.

3. Origami • All of the students in CDA have a  lot of talents, but some have the talent to built beautifull and  amazing things with a paper and  their fingers. For those who have this talent there was a contest of  Origsami. The students needed to built something that the teacher gave them. You clasified if you could make the thing with a  certain shape and how you built it. The teacher in charge of this in  Middle School was Sobeida Rios

4. CDA Idol • Some students have a huge talent to sing. With this talent they where tested. They would sing in front of three judges. Then this judges will decide if they can sing in front of all the school. The one that proves that has a lot of talent and win the first place has the oportunity to record a song with a label.  

5. Journalism • Here the students had te  opportunity to record  themselves telling a news.  They could be with their friends from the same section or from another.  They needed to tell a news any one they liked, but they need to be acting it. All the people that where in the group need to act it.

6. Photography • Some of the students in CDA love photography. They like to take pictures. So the school saw this abbilitie and it tried to invite the students that liked to do this to take some pictures of the students in the CDA doing an activitie or representing the spirit of the school. The teacher in  charge of this was Carlos Letona.  A lot of students liked to participate in this .

7. Drawing • A lot of students in CDA love to draw. And they have an amazing abilitie to do this.  They needed to make a  drawing in recess and thn the person in charge to decide  what drawing was the best decided what drawing was the best. The winners where really happy with their troffies. 

8. Assembly • The assemblies of this year had been awesome. They are really educative, we can learn and we can have fun. We had pased a great time enjoying on them.  Thanks for the ones that take their time to make the assembly look perfect.