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Digital fabrication: Brick´s design 06/ 11/ 2012

Chirag Rangholia Elif Gungor Mauricio Valenzuela


lightweight structures.

COMPLEXITY OF SIMPLICITY: The module of collaboration The module has been design in order to respond to the ability of variate within changing the face´s parameters. The only parameter that its always constant is the connection between each other. This could help to get a different brick for everyone.



Truncated octahedron

270 mm

Schwarz P-System

multi directional module

270 mm

Variation X

Variation B

y Variation J


connection´s proposal

Brick- brick´s connection

Base- brick´s connection

Reinforcement structure´s system

Furniture`s connection

Material´s proposal PAPER PULP BRICK Brick module can be made from anything that contains cellulose and fibre, which makes it strong enough and hold it together. recycled paper, cotton rags, banana stems, other plant fibre, and substantial amount of waste; waste of stationery, vegetable waste, organic waste etc. all of these raw materials contain certain amount of cellulose, which is prerequisite to make pulp for module.

SAWDUST In order to make brick from the waste of wood industry, the saw dust can be one of the good option to create a block as it is coming from the nature and has a good quality to absorb the noise and easily recyclable

MULTY-FUNCTIONAL pills: Exclusive functions for different users

PROSPECTIVE Vegetation cell Gadgets cell

Post-it Cell


Pixel color

Water cell Shading cell

iaac´s locations 1st.


fablab AREA.


How could this works in other kind of spaces? Open spaces? Different territories?

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Brick´s Design  

2nd digital fabrication work/ Iaac.

Brick´s Design  

2nd digital fabrication work/ Iaac.