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Final Portfolio !

Valentin, PILLET! Fall 2013! Jerry Lum ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Inspirations and research ! Tensioning ! Tessellation! Folding !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Research and inspirations continued ! Process:! -Research installation: insertion of a suspending canopy on a specific site. ! -Consider limitation: ! -Time: four weeks of construction ! -Budget: the original budget was $600! Reflections:! -Easily inspired by installations! -Most interesting in:! -Suspension! -Floating structure! -Colors ! -Deformation of classic shapes ! -Materials: wood, rope, and light materials! -Play with the gravity! -Inspired a feeling of wonder ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Dark corner’s team Duncan: team director ! Raymond: photographer! Maynessa: book keeper ! Allyssa: in charge of site and tools ! Byron: in charge of find, compare, and choose the materials necessary of the project ! First meetings ! -got a read on everyone personalities and way of communication on the group! -deciding personalities: myself and Duncan ! -followers and helpers: Maynessa, Allyssa, Byron, and Raymond.! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Sites analysis ! The site analysis was a important part of our project. Indeed, after the first week of the final project we decided to move to another site of the courtyard.! We decided to take the Dark ! Corner of the site.! This choice referred to a desire! to do something of this lost ! and cold area and have more ! space to work !

Discoveries and reflections! As the team designer, it was my! job to create a design that ! inspire everybody and respond specifically to this! new site. ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Site analysis !

Specificities of the site: ! -enclose area, this specificity made the site protected from a strong wind ! -never under direct light, whenever the time of the day this corner of the courtyard is never hit by the sun ! -nobody goes here! -no specific view !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Site analysis continued ! Reflections ! - 1 From all the finding about the site and the specification of the exercise, such as the sense of journey and wonder, I wanted to create a design that attract the curiosity and lead people to come closer for experimentations and discoveries! - 2 I also wanted to create joy, entertainment, colors, and light in this black, dark, and cold corner. !

1- To attract people, the point was to create a design that looks strange, not common, play with the gravity and specificities of our materials. We played with the sense of heaviness and lightness. ! 2- To make our design enjoyable for everybody we decided to redirect the light by placing mirror on the top of the wall, that redirect the light in our design, by adding color films, periscope, and sound tube, we eliminated the wall and create our own view. ! And thus, our design begins… final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  





final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  




Strengths: !






I was able to use in a good way the material that I needed for my tensioning testing!

Cut cleanly my material !

Several essays to find a good flexible material ! Add more shape and contract!

Make a design more attractive and complex!

I made my first three iterations in the same day, so I found how to use the material and what tensioning really mean ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Final iteration ! After the first three iterations of everyone, we decided to put them together. We met at Duncan’s place one night and come up with the final idea! After this meeting I made a design with everybody’s ideas, and then become our final design intention !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Our design includes ! - A suspending canopy made from triangles!

- The bottom structure is the deformation of this ! canopy’s frame and create two distinct areas. Too have a feeling of security, of heaviest and to capture and keep the warm of the sun, we choose to make this bottom structure black. ! And then, we started the construction… final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


But before, a word on our narrative…

Our design is about a journey of diverse spatial experiences through light color and sound.! A time of celebration, festival and rebirth at the Winter Solstice..! The two opposite structure in our design led to the metaphor of our own life. ! The canopy represent what we absolutely need to structure and protect our life, it will be different for everybody of course, it could be your family, religion, friend… this structure is always above you and protect you. It’s made of color transparent films to allow the light passing through and create different emotions and feelings all along the day. ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


The first room represent your past, it’s made of large piece and stick to each other by at least one point, each piece has his own place, you can’t change it, as is your past.. This room also create a pathway with one entry and one exit.! Your future is represented in the second room. In this room, the pieces are not stick together, you have space between all of them, this create a feeling of lightness, of liberty. You can change it, add or delete pieces… you are the designer of your life. This room is not a pathway, you can’t go further than your future. !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Second week of the project: started construction ! As the team designer I was also in charge of figured out the engineering part of our project, and especially how to raise and maintain the canopy up! I decided to use the wall and the fence to create a triangle of fixation. ! And of course, for each construction, we need materials ! !

                           Let’s go get it!

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Using the frame of triangle, I decided to keep this frame in every part of the design and the construction, even in the very technical aspects of the project. That’s why even the disposition of our supporting elements create a triangle ! We first started with the fixations and supporting elements for the canopy and the bottom structure !

Discoveries:! We discovered that the first fixations were not strong enough to support the weight of the canopy and needed to be reinforced with some metal elements ! We also find that the wholes in the wall have not the ! same depth and so we needed to adapt our construction! by adding more washer in some whole !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


As the construction process continued, we created our triangles for the !


Unexpected issues:! As all the triangles have a different form, we had to figured out a bunch of different angles and a way to fix them together. !

Discoveries:! -The thickness of the wood led us to be really careful with what screws we will use to be sure that the wood won’t crack! -The use of rope to connect each triangles will give them more liberty to move with the wind !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


To fix the canopy to the wall and the fence, we created a frame around the fence with wood, threaded shaft, nuts, and washers.!

To fix the canopy to its supporting elements, we used eye bolts, big and strong for the wall and fence and smaller and more elegant for in the canopy.! Each eye bolts are connected to each other by strong rope. ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


And then, come the last week of the project. At that point a was a little worried about our schedule; indeed, only the canopy was installed at that time. The positive point was that the bottom structure was design to be a giant puzzle. We just had to assembly our

Black Stuff. !

The black structure was design created and assembled at 3 different moment during the final project!

Discoveries & questions!


- The foam core is very light and need to be reinforced. ! - How to get this material Jerry proof ? ! - Using black plastic to make it visually strong and heavy.  

The design of the black stuff was made all along the design process and modified many times ! 2)  Its construction was realized by the twins' sisters during the 3 first weeks ! 3)  And then, the last week came, it was our last part of the construction !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Design & Creation !

All the triangles were design separately, and created to be stick together in a specific place ! The measurement of the pieces was based on the dimension of the site, the model, and the location of! the canopy’s fixation elements such as the wood and the eye bolt

To create the triangles, our first thought was to use foam core. After realizing the cost of it we decided to create a frame of foam core and cover the all with black strong plastic ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Another part of our narrative is bring this black corner to life and joy. To attract people and realize our goal we decided to bring the sun in, eliminate the wall and create interactions with the people up on the garden.! One specificity of our site is the ! totally absence of view and sun light, so bring it ! !

-Lets bring the sun- ! To redirect the sun light, we placed 2 mirrors up on the wall with specific angles ! -can modify angles of mirrors! -different height to catch the maximum of sun !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


As we didn’t have a beautiful view from our site, or even no view at all, we decided to create our own. ! We decided, with the advice of Jerry, to create a periscope ! This periscope allows us to see and also ear what is in the other side of the wall, when you stand in front of this 16’ height concrete wall, it become smaller and not a obstacle anymore. ! This 16’ height periscope give you sun, trees, and wind from the top !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Time to put -Canopy-  


-To stabilize the canopy we used rope as a snake between all of them ! -To attach the canopy to its fixations, we use rope as well, group of rope come together in the same point, drawing triangles !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


everything together… !

We link every angles of the triangles at, at least 2 different points. ! A triangulation made the floating triangles stable and resistant to the wind! The space ! created is a ! mixed of ! defined and ! undefined! space. !

-Black stuff-!

We used fishing line to link each triangles to supporting elements:! -Create triangles! - Invisible! - Very strong !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Final Presentation Day & Board Presentation ! The board presentation was created by our photographer, Ray! We presented our project led by our team leader Duncan. As the team designer I tried to explain to the jury the reason explicit and implicit of the design. !

Ray explain the narrative of our design ! The twins sister our reasons for choosing a specific materials and the different issues we met. !

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Site exploration! After the board presentation of each group, the jury was invited to experiment each design and give more critics and ! explication !

During the exploration ! we explained on site the elements of our model to the jury and they gave us very good and important critics for our future project and our evolution in architecture or design class… ! …The board presentation and the site exploration led to critics and explanation from the jury! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Our positive points: ! -  The jurors find us clever to be able to come up with a project that fit in our specific site ! -  Make a experiential site by giving a sense of flooding and change our idea of gravity! -  Able to break down the barrier between our site and the environment above us in the country yard ! -  We did a good job in finding a way to reach up to the need of our site (using mirrors and periscope to bring light and live)! -  Jurors said that it’s lovely, well construct, and full of ideas ! -  Dynamic quality of our structure ! -  Jurors like the transparency and materiality of our canopy !

What we need to work on: !

-  We lack intimate space,. We should've made the second space more enclosed and layered.! - Even though we were able to make our chair appear like its integrated with our bottom structure, the Jurors suggest that we should find a way to integrate it further in our structure, to make our chair appear one with our bottom triangles.! - They also said that we should develop our joinery technique, like putting extensions to the hole we made to our triangles to make it appear more cleaner and professionally constructed. ! final  por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


Remember us from the beginning in photos: summary.!

final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  


THANK YOU! I want to say Thank You to our jury for their presence, their critics, and advices ! in this special day !

And of course, thank you ! Jerry W. Lum! for this semester full of discoveries, of fun, and for your time ! final por)olio  fall  2013,  valen3n  



valentin Pillet Arch 101 full 2013