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Are You Dreaming or Visualizing? By Valentino “Blog So Hard” Crawford

Aren’t Dreaming And Visualizing The Same Thing?

We all have dreams and aspirations. Dreams to become doctors, lawyers, nurses, pro athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. Our dreams give us the motivation to make it through the tough times.

When things aren’t working like we want them and we wonder if what we’re doing is worth it, our dreams remind us that it IS worth it. They give us a sense of purpose. Dreams can be quite healthy for us.

But don’t stop there. Make sure that your dreams aren’t just helping you pass the time while you are living a life of stagnation. Dreams give us goals to reach for, but we must plan if we have any chance of reaching those goals.

We must visualize ourselves making our dreams come true. For example, if I dream of becoming financially independent, how will I know how close I am towards that goal? Am I taking the right actions to move closer to that goal, or am I only wishing?

What will my life look like when I become financially dependent? Are all my debts paid off? Or do I have enough passive income coming in to pay for my debts so it doesn’t even matter? What will a typical day look like for me?

Am I enjoying the beaches of the world relaxing? Or am I using my free time to do charity work? Maybe I’m just sitting around all day playing PS3 games eating Moses Famous Fish (delicious!).

When we can’t envision how things will be (as well as the steps to make it happen) when our dreams do come true, how do we know if I we are on the right track? Are the goals even realistic?

When we ask ourselves these questions, we are now visualizing because we are putting the pieces together in an attempt to make the connection between ourselves and our goals.

So, who do you know that is in a rut because they are only dreaming about their goals and not visualizing them? I’d love to hear your feedback. If you feel what I’m saying, please make sure you leave a comment. Also feel free to share this post with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else they may be. Keep it moving folks…

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