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Try a new way of writing a story using the story maze! Lost in the Jungle! You are lost in the jungle. In the shelter you think you are safe! Suddenly you hear a noise… It is a tiger.

You build a shelter. You find a path and follow it.

It is thunder.

It rains heavily. The shelter collapses. The tiger wants to eat you.

That’s the end of

you! You scream and it runs away. You go back to sleep.

You are the tiger’s dinner! Bye bye!

You are lost forever

You decide to walk.

You see a light and walk towards it. It is only a firefly. It is a wooden house.

You go into the house. You see a wild animal.

You catch fire and burn!

You stay under the shelter.

The people in the house give you food.You are safe

Next morning you wake up hungry. You sit and do nothing. You catch a snake and cook it on the fire. You starve!

You make your fire bigger.

You hear someone calling to you.

Your shelter is on fire. You run out into the jungle.

You are safe!

You are lost forever!

It is only a bird! The search party finds you. © The British Council/Sue Clarke Spring Gardens 2003

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