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Victoria and Mark’s Valentine’s Day Story

Written by: Lizett Balázs, Liza Sötét, Eszter Molnár, Vivien Loós, Molli Vincze, Réka Rácz, Henriett Varga Once there was a girl called Victoria. (Lizett) She loved animals and knew a lot about them. (Liza) During a morning walk in the park she saw a loving couple. (Eszter) He realized that there’s Valentine's Day. (Heni) She was sad because she was not long ago in a serious relationship with a handsome boy. (Molli) He went to the harbor and saw the flying seagulls. (Réka) He saw the birds and next to her a handsome boy, Mark, was sitting who was feeding the seagulls. (Vivien) Their eyes met, and they both blushed, it was love at first sight. (Eszter) They spoke to each other and introduced themselves: - Hi, I'm Mark. - he said. - Hello, I'mVictoria. (Liza) Then they went to the beach for a walk and they were talking about the animals, sports, and eventually the love, too. (Heni) They asked for each other’s phone number when they said goodbye. (Eszter) Mark was thinking of her allnight, but it was mutual. (Réka) In the morning he called Victoria for a romantic dinner. (Heni) Before the dating the girl had a headache because of the weather change, so she took out some painkillers of her bag, and tooktwo of them . (Liza) After the date they went for a walk in the park and spotted a four-leaf clover, and they decided that it will be a symbol of their love. (Réka) A year later, in February 14 they were dancing in a hall,, Mark knelt down and took out a diamond ring, he asked Victoria's hand. (Vivien) A few months later they married, and the wedding was held worldwide. (Lizett)

The End

Victoria and Mark's Valentine's Day Story