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The Begginning of a Forever Love In a wonderful winter day Suzy went to the shop, because she hadn’t any milk at home. She met a boy near the fridge and she fell in love.(János Rózsavölgyi) Suzy dropped her phone when she looked into the boy’s eyes.( Boglárka Gulácsi) Suddenly the boy hit his head in the fridge door.Then Suzy gave him a pain-killer. Later The boy invited Suzy for a coffee.(Dóra Kiss) Suzy and the boy began to speak about their life drinking a coffee, but they didn’t know each other’s name. - My name’s Peter,- said the boy. - My name’s Suzy,- said the girl.(Gábor Gyenge) During a long talk they got to know each other and finally they exchanged their phone numbers. (Alexandra Patyi)

Suzy was walking int he street when she noticed a four-leaf clover int he grass.Then she picked uo the four leaves and she made a wish they had got many dates.(Ferenc Tábori) During this time they fell in love each other.(Ákos Gera) In a beautiful day they went for a walk to the park. Suddenly a seagull appreared and it sat on the girl’s arm. On the seagull’s foot there was a box . Suzy opened it and found a diamond ring in it.

Peter asked her arm and Suzy said yes. They lived happily ever after until.(Dóra Kiss)

The Beginning of a Forever Love  

Suzy and Peter's love in a supermarket

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