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Cortez’s letter This is story started in a High School it’s about in the teenage boy and girl. Both of them found the four leaf clover. Renata is very fitt. Her favourite subject is P.E. She’s got lots of friends. She’s found the four leaf clover in the park. She’s very intelligent and beautiful. Cortez is very fitt. His favourite subject is math. He hasn’t got lots of friends. He’s found the four leaf clover in the park. he’s very intelligent and famous. (Varga Noé, Erlicz Dávid, Rácz

Erik, Varga István)

Cortez went to Los Angeles he begin a new life.He goes a St. Luis Second School, at he observe Reni.He love at first sight. She’s not found a Chemist classroom . Cortez looked up Reni he walked to her and said: - Can I help you?- They started to look at each other. -I looking for a Chemist classroom. - Go straight corridor and turn left. -Thanks a lot. -You are welcome. Cortez waited Reni after school. (Nagy Kristóf, Szűcs Tibor, Mészáros Márk, Forgó László)

Cortez asked out Reni for a date. When they arrived they order the pizza. They ate from each other’s and had a lot of fun. Cortez saw Reni home during the walk they took each other hand. They talked a little and came about their first kiss. The next day in the school Cortez saw Reni at her schoolbox and went there. He gave a kiss and a hug. Reni didn’t want to let him go. Then Cortez gave her letter and went away. ( Apjik Kitti, Juhász Éva, Szél Evelin)

Then something change. A new girl arrived at the school and she liked Cortez.The new girl name is Julia and she is 16 years old and her hobby is take photographs. Julia taked a picture of Cortez and she always kept it in the bag.Renata noticed that Julia looked Cortez’s photo. Renata asked Julia that why she kept the photo. Julia told Renata that Cortez wanted to go out with her.Renata became very sad and she felt horrible.They have been together with Cortez 1 week and she doesn’t wanted lost Cortez. Renata doesn’t wanted to spoke nobody and go to school. She had a headache and swallow a pain killer. ( Pataki Laura, Paku László, Gonda Bianka Klaudia)

Cortez wrote letter to Reni , in his letter: Cortez love Reni and forgiva him. They met in a pizzeria. Cortez and Reni were a pizzeria and talked about a problem. Cortez decided to change thier behawiow. Cortez gave present for Reni. The present is the diamond ring. Cortez said: I have you for Reni.

( Sirokmán Zoltán, Trenczer Tamás, Bakó Rihárd, Kádár István)

Cortez's Letter  
Cortez's Letter  

A love at first sight between a teenage boy and girl.