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My name is Valentina Arroyave SuĂĄrez, I was born in the municipality of Girardota, on November 19, 2001 the moment of my birth was, at 6 am in the hospital san Rafael de Girardota when counting the hours my parents came with me to the house very Happy for my birth, the next day full of happiness, I was transferred to Girardota's only notary to register with my parents' surnames. The first month of my birth began the preparations for my baptism that took place in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary Municipality of Girardota on December 23, 2001; As the years went by, I was growing up under a very good education provided by my parents full of principles and values under the Catholic religion they taught me from birth. At 5 years old I enrolled in the educational institution Nuestra SeĂąora del Carmen I went from preschool to second grade because, due to my father's work, we went to live in Antipaquia in grades three and four I grew up having a childhood full of joy. Enrolled in the educational institution of Our Lady of Carmen to begin fifth grade, I spent the time when I arrived in November I graduated where I finished my primary. my first communion was on December 22, 2013 the spiritual preparation was two years where I learned new things, I learned to know God much better also I met many people and I had great experiences. When I had the spiritual retreat it was eight days before the first communion where I was prepared very well to receive the communion. It was a very long and confusing day. There were nerves in knowing that I had to confess to the priest, but in the end everything went well, at eight Days on December 19. When arriving in 2013 I was enrolled in the educational institution in Colombia where I entered the first year of high school, i.e. sixth where I had a good academic performance to the point of being chosen for the day of the best I received a mention of honor for my sense of belonging in The date November 21 Feeling my mother very proud of me, after a year of cursing the seventh grade in 2 years, the ninth grade I am not going to deny that he had my difficulties since these years but also had the courage to face each of my Problems because It has never been easy for me to know new things, the current mind is in the tenth grade and can do complicated but not impossible things and if one puts On her part everything can achieve, I like every self-sure person what I want for my life, I have great goals.

My confirmation: This was two years ago that were 2015 - 2016 just like the first communion, I learned a lot to have a great time during these years with my classmates, there I made new friends, and I attended each of the classes, classes that were very fun in Which I learned too much was passing the time until it was the day of October 12 day of going to church was also a totally wonderful day and even more that I received the sacrament with my parents, my brothers, my godmother and my best friend. This day after leaving the church we had a meeting, where my whole family was gathered and enjoyed very well the day to spend as a family, there was food, ice cream, desserts, cake and even didactic games. The union of the family was perceived the joy with a good atmosphere, as I said before I love being the center of attention of my family, and not feeling surrounded by the solitude Speaking of the preparations, the day before I was in a beauty salon, To organize my hair, my nails, and leave me ready for the big day, I confess that I slept very little that night, feeling a little uncomfortable because I was afraid Of damaging the hairstyle this was almost the same as the day of, my first communion. What do I like to do most? Personally I like to be healthy, I really like exercise, practicing any type of activity, whether for walking, bicycling, skating, among others. I like going out with my friends, or my family, I am a very outgoing person, I like to dance, sing although I am not very expert, I like those happy people who always have plans for everything, I like to make laugh, I am a person who me Like jokes

When for some reason or problem I feel depressed or bored, I like to lock myself in my room to listen to music and cry until I feel better, I also like to listen with all the volume. Something I always do constantly I like to take pictures, at all times, I really like the walks, I really like to eat fruits, among them my favorite are apple, pear and banana. Speaking of animals I also like a lot, although for some I have phobia, but the ones I really like are dogs, cats and rabbits. My best friend is like my sister we never separate, she always supports me her name is : Aalejandra cano bareneche. I am currently 15 years old on the 19th of November thanks to my parents I had a very good party with all my friends, and with my whole family, that is something unforgettable for me since it is one of the most important things for a teenager, total Grateful to God and my family for allowing me to get where I am. was the celebration one day somewhat agitated but full of much happiness I sent very well I was in my house with my family, a very special day because after that one feels another person, what made me happier was to see how my family compartment by my side for everything I always liked, to see how my family Shares with me and others that I have always said that I would not like to be alone. Since I was born I became the nucleus of the family and that makes me very happy, I have always been a person of very strong character but at the same time I am very sentimental at my early age that I know not to trust in any way I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. I have always been a very cheerful person since the love of my mother has never been lacking. She has always been there, she is one of the people I admire who has given everything for me, I am also a person of very good feelings and although it seems Strange In I have not had a boyfriend in years, I have had very good friends and friends. I had great friends but they failed me trying to hurt me by showing me another version, something that if I say I do not forget the favors and much less of the betrayals, there were those who showed me how beautiful and faithful the friendship, but there were also those who wanted to do Evil show me another face

My paranormal story

It all started where I am living now when I was about seven and my mother was a victim of witchcraft just because I had a clothing store, I was fine but she had a neighbor who made her angry to see that my mother had excellent benefits, Over time I was making life impossible for my mother, but she knew very well how to do things first became friends with my mother to take her to eat constantly and in food things applied to do her witchcraft. In time, my mother was no longer the same. He was very impatient very insecure no longer lived calm he felt that they looked all the time, he did not sleep, he did not eat, he was getting worse to the point of tearing his hair scratching the skull until bleeding he threw up balls of hair and tried the life of my elders Brother Being I fall asleep with a knife.

No one really knew what was going on we thought it was just stress. My grandmother took her several times to the hospital was subjected to all kinds of tests and the doctors only say that nothing was happening that everything was normal.all in my house we were very desperate but everything became more difficult day after day my mother was worse The symptoms were more constant I tried to assassinate in several ocaciones.todos we enter panic my mother was thin, haggard, until my father decided to intervene and we managed to contact someone expert in the subject and thanks to God we succeeded and mother healed.

I want to finish my studies, I do not want to stay, I do not want to do anything, I want to get to work. Now I'm more focused on what I want for my life now, because what I want will cost me. To finish my studies I want to enter an acting academy and to be able to begin to exercise my career that I have always dreamed that it is to be a great actress to be able to give everything that my mother deserves. Also I will do everything possible to go lighting in the Career that I want to exercise and fulfill my great dream that is to get to work in hollywood win me an Oscar and be one of the best actresses in the world. On January 14, 2017, I met the actress who most admired laura of the law of the heart for me. She is the best actress in Colombia. The actress with whom I identify and I would like to be like her is angelina jolie

My mother is the person for whom I am going to fight because she is the only one who has never left me alone and always supports me in everything. Despite all the mistakes I've made, she always gives me all the opportunities. And also fight every day for me to be a better person and to see me being a professional.

I know I'm not perfect because no one is maybe I'm not the best daughter, best sister, etc. but I've always tried to give my best.

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