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HISTORY OF MY LIFE Valentina Bedoya Mazo 18/02/2017



ď ś My name is Valentina, I am sixteen years old, I was born on January eleven of two thousand one, my family is conformed by my mother Gladys, my brother Juan and my grandmother Magdalena, and we lived in Girardota for 7 years. I have been a woman who has made good decisions in my life to get better every day, I am honest, I have been very independent, noble, loyal and brave; My weaknesses occur in four which are: forgetful, sleepy, sometimes I have been very shy and I am very impatient. My relationship with my family has been excellent, my mom is the one who has been present in all moments of my life, and she has been the woman who does everything to give things to my brother and me. When I was three months old, my mother tells me that she met my brother's father, this man saw me growing up, he saw my first steps, and at two years my mother was pregnant and here my brother, Juan Pablo, is born. My brother became responsible for me until I was nine, at this age my mom talks to me about my real dad called Fabian, he never decided to meet me and for the time not done, in these moments of my life I do not know who he is , I do not know if he is alive, I do not know if he has more children, I do not know if he is married, in any case Juan Pablo has been my father and always will, although I cannot deny that every night I beg God to fulfill me The dream of being able to meet my real dad, I would like to know if he has green eyes like mine, I would like to have that love of dad that I lack.

. ď ś At four years I had an accident in the municipality of Copacabana, the fear in my face of that day when I ran out of the house of my uncle Alejandro and a car hit me, my mother came out very scared and went to call a taxi To take me to the hospital Santa Margarita located in the same municipality, the car crash damaged my clavicle and even bother me when I make too much force.

ď ś After this accident five years later comes my second encounter with God, This was my first communion, has been an experience shared with my family and God, this encounter with God was in Girardota in the Santa Teresita Church of the infant Jesus. Was very happy and very anxious by receiving the body and blood of Christ, my commitment with Dios was very exclusive, the celebration was only for my. The party was made in the lounge of banquets masierra which has been a surprise unexpected, not had knowledge of what actually expected, was decorated with balloons of helium, flowers and many sweet for Gorge, to them five minutes of having arrived begins it session photo before them invited arrived. To them three of the

. afternoon began to get them invited: teachers, friends, family and loved ones. We shared ice cream, cake and some snacks before began the clowns and dynamic games show that part of them seven in the evening with rumba to adults.

ď ś After my second find with God, spent five years and wished to with forward it celebration of my fifteen, already had the idea of as wanted to that were, did all in the College with my greater effort for have this party, I had state very excited when my breast me spoke on the dress, them decorations, the food, them gifts and all that that I did happy This event had been planned for thirteen December two thousand fifteen, is that since August of this year I was lowering my notes at the school, had been very nervous that I would not win the year to miss out on the feast of my quince, the truth this was true, a few days before delivering the final notes of the year I went to where my Dad for fear of the reaction that would be my mom.

The party has been canceled, but on my birthday my dad sent me mariachis, my mom gave me the bouquet of roses, gave the ring to me, and made me a meal to share with my family and friends, finally that day had been happy because I was with people that I love.

. ď ś Step a year and in our family started the suffering, has been the worst year of my life to the know that the uncle more important for my has been private of it freedom, is so easy meter to others people of them problems so your stay free and healthy, I hurts in the soul not to it see, by a year and two months strange each word and each time that the I provided so my life out best , hurts in the deep in my heart not knowing if sleep comfortable, if you eat so rich as to at home, many nights that I've been crying begging God than me of the opportunity to have him in my life, for three months I was with the anxiety of going to visit him to see how his life was , but so was the fear that I had that I was not able to nor I have been able to go, just imagine my life so difficult that is in that place not makes me want to go see it even though I die of desire to give you a hug and make you feel that it is not only, has a family that supports you and a family that gives everything to the good in that place.

the Lord of yellow shirt is this guy that I'm talking about, his name is nelson, is a very humble person but in many cases it has been your mind.

ď ś Now I want to talk about what I want to be in the future, the profession that I have in my mind is social work, I want to study in the University of Antioquia located in the municipality of Medellin, after being graduated from the University as a great social worker want to exercise it at some family welfare, I would like to know as it has been and those problems that each family is treated.

. Social work is a profession based on practice and a social discipline that promotes change and social development, social cohesion, and the principles of social justice. Human rights, collective responsibility, and respect for diversity are fundamental to Social work.

With the salary of this profession ire keeping each weight because one of my dreams is to go to Dubai and las Vegas, has been the dream by which every day as a person I I endeavored to achieve what I want to.

Only to imagine how beautiful that have those two places, I am filled with happiness and I start to imagine the things I do in them, take it to my mom with the help of God to make this something to never forget

History of my life  
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