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Say Goodnight To Insomnia With The Help Of Sleep Tracks Insomnia wreaks havoc with a sufferer's life, and if you're one you'll well be aware of the difficulty of the waking hours. Both work and leisure suffer from the reduction in your energy which results from inadequate rest and sleep. The result is anxiety, which keeps you up, and finally you may well decide the only solution is with medication. Nevertheless, Yan Muckle, a previous sufferer from insomnia, has released a program known as SleepTracks based on technology that helped him to solve his sleep problems. In this article we're going to look at what SleepTracks is and how it might help you to fight insomnia. The audio technology employed in SleepTracks has been utilized for many other medical conditions such as depression as well as helping with things such as focus and concentration. It is called brainwave entrainment and while this is something you may not have heard about in the past, it is basically a combination of sounds and pulses that in this program will help you to sleep. It provides you with another option free of drugs for getting to sleep and getting up feeling invigorated and energized. There are three primary audios in the SleepTracks program and you receive full directions regarding how you access and play these. If we take a closer a look at the audio files, the first one is called the insomnia buster and is geared towards solving that problem of not being able to quieten your mind when trying to sleep. Many people may occasionally struggle with this when beset with a bout of anxiety, but it is an ongoing barrier to sleep for insomniacs. Track # 2 is called fall asleep, and its purpose is to carry you into slumberland. You could find this track to be of great value if you're prone to anxiety, since the brainwave technology used here can promote deep sleep. The third track tackles the issue that numerous people have of dropping off to sleep only to keep waking up throughout the night which can be quite aggravating. If you've not used anything like this in the past, Yan Muckle provides a fast start guide as well as giving advice on what tracks to use based on different situations. A set of videos making up a course on optimal sleep is offered as an added bonus. These can be played on a computer, and they aim to inform you about the many aspects of sleeping patterns, and the changes that bring about improved sleep that you can make. The different facets of aging and worrying are also evaluated. This bonus complements the program's other audios superbly. There is also the option for two further audios on the subjects of power naps and alleviating anxiety. SleepTracks was created by Yan Muckle, who used to suffer from insomnia, and this comprehensive program could also solve your sleep problems.

Say Goodnight To Insomnia With The Help Of Sleep Tracks