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me,myself and I

Since I was a little kid I hada weakness for creating items of all kinds, planning and setting up the most fanciful solutions for vaious moments of friendship and socialization. It was a spontaneous brainchild, I used to build “stuff”, without havingan actual awareness of this being a specific creative and artistic ability. Then, growing up, I preserved the same spirit and I entered IUAV (Venice’s Architecture University), which I found very open-minding, challenging and capable of providing me with cultural, methodological and technical bases I needed to develope towards a professional direction my personal dispositions. During this course of studies I approached several disciplines such as Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Architecture of Interior, Restoration, Graphics and Photography. Within all of the developed projects I paid major attention to the emotional feature of tthe sites, situations or territories involved. I always tried to achieve projects in which spatial element, or rather the enviroment as it is lived by the people, is more important than the architectonical object. As a matter of fact, men value and assign functions to various spaces depending on the feeling those spaces give to them. I often found myself wondering why a empty space -such as a square- is acknowledged and lived as a place of meeting, involvement and socialization, turning it into an alive entity, whereas an apparently identical space remains merely a transition site, aseptic, without any identity. A bar, a room, a museum become alive only due to their power to generate emotions, to trigger an emotional involvement in those who frequent them. The designer must be able to give these spaces a soul; he is the one who, through major or small interventions, drives future visitors alonga route that is physical as well as emotional. I got my degree in Architectural Sciences in July 2008 I entered Design School at Milan’s Politecnico and got the degree there this year in October.


ENTRY HALL OF A MUSEUM IN THE GALEAZZE Venetian Arsenal, IUAV, Prof. Montini Zimolo

This project has been realized within a very peculiar enviroment such as the city of Venice, specifically the Arsenal. There’s a design challenge in making new intervention and previous location’s fashion coexist. So, our idea is to let the internal room that breadth and freedom that constitute its character, and to create a path of hanging platforms that allows people to perceive the location’s glamour. The various levels, suspended thanks to a set of steel wires, harbor the bookshop, café and restaurant, without these interfering with overall practicability. Platforms that host the hall’s services are wooden and are hooked, through steel cables, to steel beams put beside the roof beams. This way we create a flowing path which climbs up to reach a pier, which in turn goes across Arsenal’s contour until museum’s door. Museum’s services are hidden into a concrete block, also suspended, that gives an overall variety of space and light. Original walls have been preserved, and used to support eastern and western facade, which are featured with an alternation of glass walls and solid walls covered with stone plates.The glass sheets that cover the facade are hung on support elements attached to vertical elements that run across all of the height of the facade. In the rear part of the building we created a raised steps space that works as an entrance from the lagoon and harbors the laboratory area.

RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL CENTRE ex-hospital area, Mestre, IUAV, Prof. Munarin

A game of joints, overlaps, three-dimensional collages, this is the idea behind the design that brought to the realization of this complicated system. The parallelepipeds overlap each other, dig into each other, so as to create galleries, internal coutyards, long and narrow calli that twist until they lead to the wide central space. This project is where we can find the ancient conflict between public and private, open space and closed space. Connected and constantly changing at the same time, the spaces of the city, through specific devices, establish with buildings relations of great variety and complexity. On one side, secret and intimate spaces of courtyards, cloisters and several gardens partially hidden from close sight, where relations between peolpe and businesses are able to express endless nuances. On the other side, the open public spaces, where collective rituals are held, a space that undergoes the most different interpretations and usages.

RESTORATION AND REDESIGN OF A FACTORY Bassano del Grappa, Università IUAV di Venezia, Prof. Vassallo

This restoration project we faced is about a small industrial complex located in Bassano del Grappa. The building, abandoned by nearly ten years, was once a factory in which metal items were produced. Nowadays our fabric is composed by a wide “courtyard” that was originally cmpletely covered. After being abandonedthe factory turned into a ground of ambiguous identity. Featuring open and closed spaces at the same time, and being either neighbouring and protected from curious looks, it became the protagonist of a new kind of attendance and utilization. In addition to hosting a number of homeless, it harbored an activity which is still partly clandestine, yet it is immediately recognizable as soon as we get close to the location; the internal walls of the shed, and of other surrounding buildings as well, are covered with “graffiti” made by young artists right upon the plaster with the help of spray paint. We are facing a building that is “alive”, that has a lively existence, and has been “able” to reinvent its function indipendently from any external programming will, our approach i the design phase has been “consolidate rather than fix, fix rather than restore, because restoration is one sad necessity” as Camillo Boito says.

PUBLIC GARDEN FOR ARTISTIC INTERVENTIONS. A PROJECT FOR FABBRICA DEL VAPORE. Graduation thesis in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano, thesis director Prof. Paolo Brambilla and StudioAzzurro

This project is included in the series of interventions for the restoration of Fabbrica del Vapore, and seeks the filling of the empty space still remaining between the slatted buildings that recall the industrial past of this location. It features a dual nature: first, a merely urban square that lives along city’s own rythms, and then a public space designed to hold artistic expressions, especially multimedia art. For this reason the whole is characterized by soft formal interventions, which do not meddle with the facades of buildings. Thus, priority is given to those interventions that both allow artists to be free and configure space so as to host different exhibitions and shows. One of the main features of the project is a progression of “slashes” in the ground, consisting in an alternation of steam jets, grass and rows of trees, beginning next to the side of the street and crossing all the area’s length until the Cathedral’s building. Some elements are merely scenographic: curtains of nebulized water that scan the entrance of the factory. Others are actual cuts inn the ground, green “ravines” in this artificial Factory. They vary in height and size, so to create different situations: simple ramps that rise to give the spectator a small overall view, or slopes that cut the passer-by off from the surroundings. The western side of Fabbrica del Vapore has been dealt with differently. A wooden platform, 30 cm raised, hides beneath electrical support systems; emerging from it there are thin white structures that support brise soliels, projecting their grid of shadows on the ground. This space has been designed to host multimedia exhibition courses. The canopies are an alternative version of the classic “american” utilized in theatrical context;

the reticular frame has in fact been replaced with anodied aluminium extruded linear beams, pitch perforated to allow connection of technical items. Canopies are placed at different heights to satisfy various expositive requirements and to allow the most freedom possible in a permanent frame. The area on the road side has been conceived to be a joint space between the city and the very square; the gate that closed the passage to Via Procaccini has been turned into a series of square elements, 2,5 m per side, sliding down land tracks. A kind of pieced wall, distanced from the street, discomposing itself on the longitudinal axis during daytime. The wall facing the Monumental Cemetery area was also a severance line between the city and the inside space; it has been opened, to create in that corner a point of strong attraction. Here lies in factthe building that contains the technical installations and is subject to one of the most significant interventions of the whole project. Our aim was to turn it into a flag building, being able both of capturing people’s attention and representing the nature of the place becoming its

emblem. Two vertical elements rise on the side of the building, undertaking the symbolic role of the factory’s chimneys. They are multimedia and interactive items and detain a deep relation with the Factory, testifying its presence and giving information. They split up their tasks: one element is related to that which happens within the Factory, the occurring events, expositions, shows, and screens written informations that scroll from the bottom to the top; the other directs its technological eye towards the external world, the surrounding space, recording its flows and paces. These two vertical elements, wich we called Multimedia Chimneys, are put beside a structure that covers the external side of the building: this one is made by a system of supports attached to the walls, which holds up plates of reflecting aluminium, concave and convex alternated. The resulting overall impact is highly scenographic. Reflected figures sway like they are dancing, the colour of pedestrians, the clouds of steam jets, the foliage of trees melt in a single impressionist picture, throwing the viewer in a spaceof

evanescent and ethereal features. The highly visual impression of this scenographic installation find balance in those Sound Pathways that characterize the entrance on the left side. The space here is filled with a peculiar presence-absence that drags the visitor through a sound call. The whole project has been conceived as an interactive public space, changing along with the flow of the hours, flexible in utilizationsand capable of kkeping up with the dynamic an vitality of a city like Milan that now more than ever is struggling to renew and open itself towider perspectives. The flooring design spots different spaces, places for meeting and resting, stages for events and shows, delivered into a pattern that fits in between the industrial buildings of Fabbrica del Vapore. Every choice within the project is a result ofthe effort to give the city an enviroment cabable of harboring its social life and turning an abandoned site into a media spot with a recognizable and charming image.


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Interior design

DESIGN OF CRUISE-SHIP CABINS Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Piardi

The project is born out of the need to create spaces that can be inserted into a basic frame on demand. Thus, the different types are organized around structural obligations, such as bathrooms, pillars and glass walls, utilizing different solutions every time. We tried to create a luxury which is funcional rather than decorative, developing at its best the concept of comfort and elegance within a cruise ship. The outcome consists in three typologies that differ very much in function, material and spatiality. Through the utilization of common scroll and mobility devices we produced several functions of fruition derived from the requirements of each typology of customer. In this way sliding glass sheets, folding tables, convertible beds and daises, retractable curtains create enviroments that feature a simple, state-of -the-art elegance, well fitting the concept of cruise travel. Transformation capability, developed in both of its sides, functional and spatial, is the main topic of this project. Cabins are conceived as schemes in constant motion, thus being able to finalize different solutions every time. Each typology contains a set of hidden functions and additions, each extractable just when needed, leaving plenty of room for the remainder of time; small spaces enclose many resources that satisfy any demand of functionality and comfort.

Essential and modern comfort nicely embraces elements of warm Mediterranean style; persian carpets, raw hemp curtains, colours that recall Middle East markets and Andalusian chromatic

harmonies. Interns that welcome customers into a new, warm, blanketing atmosphere, completing an unique travel experience that will forever remain in the memories of a luxury sea journey.

DESIGN OF CRUISE-SHIP CABINS Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Piardi

The design of an exterior level (deck 9) of a famous cruise ship that needs to create an innovative type of food service. Also the exterior spaces where there are the swimming pools have to change their image with a new quality of life on board. Now the real luxury is not red carpets and brilliant smart materials but it is on the quality and comfort. The project focus on the creation of a mediterranean space en-plain-air under the sun, a space that takes inspirations from the “arabic garden” typical of Sicily and other mediterranean areas. Here the citrus fruits’ perfume could give to the passenger a new vision of that journey, closing their eyes and feeling the wind and the fruit perfumes. It is such a multisensory space. A cook prepares there at eye control a series of plates with mediterranean aromas as a show.

MEZZE PIETRE RIGATE, A KITCHEN TOP Politecnico di Milano, Workshop In&Out Stones, Prof. Lucchese Project realized toghether with Stefania Ambrosini, Evelyn Leveghi and Francesca Meana Exposed at Abitare il Tempo and Marmomacc faires. Prototype executed by Europorfidi Spa








EVERYVILLE- LA BIENNALE Online Competition 2008. Exposed at 11th International Architecture Expo,Venice Project realized together with Luca Boscardin

Lift your eyes and look above my head to see the electrical wiring, which send words, messages, which allow people to communicate over vast distances. These same wires which run under our feet, are in the walls, and the streets of our cities. Distant relations which have changed our lives and societies. Our objective is to create a line of comunication at the human level, the wires which run from house to house, in our parks, which weave new ideas in the tapestry of our cities, to push us to new levels of creatiivity. Colored wires like showrooms to hang painting, photographs and disegns; wires which provide shades of light. Wires for hanging what we like for communicating, playing and for covering. Weaves which become part of the city, which enhance the colours, the lights and the sounds playing on the wind. A versatile multicolored spiderweb which unites people through spontanteous communication, a fantasy which can develope into infinity.


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A BOX OF DREAMS 2009 International graphic and design competition founded by Fondazione Claudio Buziol, Venice Project realized together with Luca Boscardin

“A Box of Dreams” is a package of candies, a telephone box, a flat for one who is looking for it, a shoe box, a computer... Every one of us has a magic box of his own, a small desire, an ideal. Think about it, our head is full of items, tiny material wishes that we seek. Our “Box of Dreams”. Making a further effort, we might imagine the world itself as a huge “Box of Dreams”, holding in turn countless boxes inside. Our intention is a project of communication. Specifically, a sticker, an adhesive artwork which is simple, dense, easily recognizable, with the “A Box of Dreams” writing. The sticker, life size, can be virtually attached on anything, depending on one’s mood. This idea has been born after we tried to figure out what a “Box of Dreams” is, and we ended up to the conclusion that anything could be, for every person has a different object in which the dream materializes. So we embarked on a game of imagination, which involved the most disparate items, from the ordinary ones to the obsolete, and even to the immaterial ones, turning them into “Boxes of Dreams”. Just where you can imagine it, there you can attach the sticker, and the item suddenly changes in front of you. The concept of dream, applied to a material object, changes its value, emphasize its idea. So just try to look at this box of candies: it’s a box of candies. But if you stick that magic “A Box of Dreams” on it, maybe you’ll have a different attitude towards it, maybe you won’t be able to help cheering. So come on, let’s cover the world with stickers.

E-REPORTER, Fuorisalone, Milano Design Week 2009


HEADLINES, INSTALLATION Magazzioni del Sale, 23 april-30 may 2009, Venice Project realized together with Luca Boscardin

Headlines is an event that gathers several forms of street art. During the event I first contributed to the photographic realization of the exhibition catalog, then ,together with Valentina Raffaelli, I realized an installation inspired by the theme of street graffiti. The concept behind this simple “interactive sculpture� is to express the erratic and transient nature of these mural drawings, one day being there and the next possibly being covered, deleted or spoiled. The construction is made up with identical carton and pictures attached to their sides. Visitors, by moving cartons, rearranging them or just making them fall is able to uncover each time new illustrated sides, hiding others.

Shifting, Like this transient art, Like a wall that one paints then covers and paints again. Like a sticker that is torn away. Like these drawings on a constant evolution, which are unmade and revived each time, for they struggle for being exposed to anybody... for letting themselves being beheld, touched, mutated..


GRAPHIC PROJEST FOR THE ITALIAN PAVILION FOR SHANGAI EXPO 2010 Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Di Sabatino Workshop from 24 November through 28 November 2008

Exposing: Creativity _ Innovation _ Invention Milano + Lombardia Basic Overview of Workshop: Concept, Initial Programmatic Idea and Context The overarching topic of this 5-day, intensive, design workshop explored and expressed creativity, innovation and invention from Milano and Lombardia. The students researched, and then expressed/exposed, a variety of inventions, innovations and creations that have come from the city and the region. The students were not limited to the areas of design and the arts, but rather searched out and attempted to expose the full spectrum of innovation. This encompassing picture of creativity and invention includes industry, technology, science, medicine… along with the tangible and intangible aspects of these and additional areas. The students have looked beyond products and things, and into innovative concepts, systems and services. They were asked (and have responded – knowing that everything could not be exposed in such a limited timeframe – with these outcomes): What creative, innovative and inventive thoughts, acts, and actions are to be found from Lombardia/Milano in a very short period of time? What can you expose – and then how? To see what has been exposed previously, and how others have chosen to present the material, the students visited the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, as well as the “Italian Design” exhibit at the new Design Museum in Triennale. The students have been challenged to devise creative, innovative and inventive ways to express their findings. To start the process, each student researched, studied and examined the variety of inventions, innovations and creations that have come from the city and region. Then each student selected at least three (3) inventions, innovations and creations for presentation, discussion and selection into the curatorial and design stream. Rather than simply exposing/expressing the “thing,” the students were challenged to tell the story of the creation, innovation or invention, and to look into possible back-stories as well. They were asked: What is really important, meaningful and moving about the creation, innovation or invention that you are exposing. Where is the powerful, emotive and “human” (back) story and expression? Is this Exhibit Design or Experience Design… or something else? What can you expose – and then how? One of the contextual scenarios presented to the students imagined that the studio workshop was creating, curating and designing the content and “exhibition” of the Milano Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, or perhaps this body of work may be shown in Milano previous to (and after) the 2010 Expo. Working with the students and teaching assistants on this topic, and in this spirit/manner, has been extremely interesting and rewarding. I thank them for their hard work and for their creativity. And we all hope that this work will provide interest and possible provocation for others as well. Peter Di Sabatino

BALDO SPEZIALE Comunication Project realized together with Luca Boscardin for Patto Territoriale Baldo Garda (TN), Italy

Realization of visual communication for event “Baldo Speziale� consisting in logo, posters, flyers and supplements for newspapers. Baldo Speziale was an event based on flowers and tipical natural elements of Baldo mountain, near Garda lake in Trentino. The idea of logo started from the characterized element of event: Baldo mountain, Garda lake and flowers. At the same time only one line draw the mountain, the lake, and olso the stem of flower. Others graphic elements use colours and graphic forms that refers to a rural contest and characterised Baldo Speziale event.

Baldo Speziale

Baldo Speziale Baldo Speziale

BaldoB(3+6°:7,A0(3, Speziale



Scorzonera Hispanica per gentile concessione della Cassa Rurale di Brentonico e del Museo Civico Rovereto

in collaborazione con:

Baldo Speziale


I Sindaci di Ala, Avio, Brentonico e Nago-Torbole hanno il piacere di invitarvi a partecipare agli eventi che si svolgeranno sul monte Baldo e sull’Altopiano della Lessinia nell’ultima settimana di agosto 2010. Un ricco carnet di iniziative nate nell’ambito del Patto territoriale Baldo-Garda, promosso dalle comunità locali e sostenuto dalla Provincia Autonoma di Trento. Si tratta di un progetto di rilevanza straordinaria che si prefigge di dare nuovo impulso alla valorizzazione di territori unici in Europa per bellezza, ambiente, flora e fauna. Siamo dinnanzi a un territorio ricco di tracce degli antichi mestieri di montagna, che intende accogliere nuove forme di convivenza tra l’uomo e la natura in modo che entrambi possano vivere e svilupparsi in reciproco rispetto. Rivolgiamo un sentito benvenuto a tutti gli ospiti che, insieme ai nostri concittadini, vorranno scoprire un angolo del Trentino in grado di riservare sempre nuove emozioni e sorprese. Luigino Peroni, Sindaco di Ala Sandro Borghetti, Sindaco di Avio Giorgio Dossi, Sindaco di Brentonico Luca Civettini, Sindaco di Nago-Torbole

21 - 29 AGOSTO 2010 Ala Avio Brentonico Nago

INFO - tel 3938119892

Scorzonera Hispanica per gentile concessione della Cassa Rurale di Brentonico e del Museo Civico di Rovereto

Marketing e comunicazione: Mediaplan S.r.l. - Trento Direzione artistica: Net Plan - Rovereto



Aderenti al Club Baldo Speziale RIFUGIO ALTISSIMO - Monte Altissimo - Menù erbe nel piatto HOTEL RISTORANTE NENI - Brentonico - Sconti sul soggiorno HOTEL BUCANEVE - Brentonico - Sconti sul soggiorno MULINO ZENI - Brentonico - Visite guidate (per info 0464-395905 _ 3384281362) HOTEL LA BETULLA - Brentonico - Sconti sul soggiorno TRATTORIA AL PASSO - San Valentino, Brentonico - Menù erbe nel piatto RIFUGIO ALBERGO GRAZIANI - Loc. Canalette, Brentonico - Menù erbe nel piatto MASO PALÚ - Brentonico - Menù erbe nel piatto

ApT Rovereto e Vallagarina - - tel 0464430363

Baldo Speziale

Grafica: Luca Boscardin e Valentina Raffaelli

pieghevole.indd 1

3-11-2010 18:31:44

Programma dei giorni

fresca e cosmesi naturale si e alimentare i

Sabato 21 Agosto

ore 8.30 Andar per Malghe: camminando sull’Altopiano della Lessinia comune di Ala. Una giornata immersi nella natura Quota di partecipazione euro 12,00 - ridotto euro 6,00 Iscrizioni entro giovedì 19, telefonando al numero 0464-674068

e e prodotti ricavati


21 - 29 AGOSTO 2010

5 _ 3384281362)

el piatto nù erbe nel piatto


Espositori Mercatino Degli Speziali ASSOCIAZIONE BALDENSIS - erbe officinali AZIENDA AGRICOLA FRUTTI DI BOSCO - erbe officinali e frutta fresca AZIENDA AGRICOLA IL GIARDINO DELLE FATE - erbe officinali e cosmesi naturale AZIENDA AGRICOLA MEVANIA MARCHI - erbe officinali, cosmesi e alimentare AZIENDA AGRICOLA PASSERINI SERGIO - erbe officinali e ortaggi AZIENDA AGRICOLA POLI GIOVANNI - erbe officinali e ortaggi CERAMICA CICUTTIN - artigianato ECOIDEA - erbe officinali, tinture madri e integratori alimentari ESSENSORIALE - cosmesi naturale MALGA CAMPO - prodotti caseari locali MALGA SUSINE - prodotti caseari locali NATURALMENTE A TU PER TU CON LA NATURA - artigianato SANA TERRA - erbe officinali e cosmesi naturale SOLERBE FARM - erbe officinali e cosmesi naturale SUDTIROLER KRAUTER GOLD - erbe officinali e cosmesi naturale STILFSER BERGKRAUTER - ERBE DELLO STELVIO - erbe officinali e prodotti ricavati VIESI ALDO - apicoltura VIVAI PASSERINI PAOLO - erbe e prodotti alimentari

Ala Avio Brentonico Nago

Un promontorio di colori, profumi, sapori affacciato su un fiordo di acqua blu intenso: il Monte Baldo. Qui la natura si è conservata intatta da millenni come in pochissime altre zone delle Alpi. Qui esistono fiori ed erbe che rappresentano un unicum nel panorama botanico; sono infatti “sopravvissuti” alle profonde trasformazioni che la grande glaciazione di 10.000 anni fa ha prodotto in gran parte d’Europa. Negli eventi di Baldo Speziale il visitatore potrà scoprire questi gioielli botanici; potrà conoscerne le particolarità, potrà gustarli assieme ai formaggi, alle carni, ai vini intrisi dei profumi e degli aromi di questo territorio, in gran parte ancora incontaminato. Le vecchie malghe e le vie dei borghi si riempiranno delle voci dei cori di montagna, delle evoluzioni degli acrobati sospesi tra cielo e terra, delle danze di terre lontane. Una settimana da vivere con l’intensità delle emozioni che solo la montagna trentina sa donare. Una settimana che sarà un tuffo nella pace di una terra che respira l’aria di antiche memorie.

Scorzonera Hispanica

ore 9 Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico Seminario “Piante officinali del Baldo, possibilità di coltivazione e prospettive di mercato”

Venerdì 27 Agosto

Domenica 22 Agosto

ore 10-19 Di malga in malga: tra voci, profumi e sapori Percorso itinerante alla scoperta di alcune malghe del Monte Baldo Trentino dislocate nel comune di Avio; quattro luoghi caratteristici, quattro cori trentini e degustazioni tipiche

Lunedì 23 Agosto

ore 10.00 Escursione guidata tra le erbe officinali del Baldo Ritrovo a Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico Partenza con mezzi propri per la Riserva Integrale Bes Corna Piana Ritorno a Brentonico nel pomeriggio e visita guidata all’Orto Botanico presso Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi.

Martedì 24 Agosto

ore 10 Escursione guidata tra le erbe officinali del Baldo ore 15 -18 Hotel San Giacomo, Brentonico Cooking Class, i segreti culinari delle erbe del Baldo con Daniela Donadella della scuola di cucina Peccati di Gola di Venezia. Costo euro 80,00 con dispensa ore 17 riserva di Bes Corna Piana Mimesi Sonore, passeggiata sonora ispirata dalla natura ore 18.30 Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Ascoltare la Natura incontro dedicato al rapporto musica e natura con Stefano Zorzanello, Francesca Aste e Stefano Trevisi Prenotazione al museo civico di Rovereto tel. 0464-452800

ore 9 Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico Seminario “Piante officinali del Baldo, possibilità di coltivazione e prospettive di mercato” ore 18 Centro storico di Brentonico Inaugurazione del Mercatino degli Speziali ore 21 Cortile Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico Interludio Giocoso, spettacolo di musica e danza su trampoli con la Compagnia Teatro dell’Aleph

Sabato 28 Agosto

ore 10 Escursione guidata tra le erbe officinali del Baldo ore 10 - 20 Il Mercatino degli Speziali ore 15 - 19 nelle vie del centro di Brentonico Spettacoli di strada con la Compagnia Il Draghetto ore 15 - 18 Biblioteca comunale, Brentonico Laboratorio di pasticcini con erbe profumate a cura dell’associazione Cerchio Magico ore 21 Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico Spettacolo in verticale Le pozioni magiche delle streghe con la Compagnia Fratelli Ochner

Domenica 29 Agosto

ore 10 - 20 Il Mercatino degli Speziali ore 15 - 19 Spettacoli di strada con la Compagnia Il Draghetto ore 15 - 18 Biblioteca comunale, Brentonico Laboratorio di pasticcini con erbe profumate

Mercoledì 25 Agosto

per gentile concessione della Cassa Rurale di Brentonico e del Museo Civico di Rovereto

ore 9 Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico Convegno: salute e bellezza con l’utilizzo delle erbe officinali ore 19.30 Ristorante Maso Palù, Brentonico. Cena spettacolo

3-11-2010 18:31:44

Baldo Speziale

Giovedì 26 Agosto

pieghevole.indd 2

3-11-2010 18:32:03

B(3+6°:7,A0(3, Venerdi 20 agosto Brentonico La storia in Farmacia Ore 18.00 Palazzo Eccheli Baisi Inaugurazione e mostra della storica farmacia Maturi, con arredi dell’800. Storia della professione farmaceutica in Trentino.

Sabato 21 agosto Ala - Lessinia Andar per malghe ore 8.30 Malga Cornafessa Una giornata immersi nella natura della Lessinia, scoprirne la storia, la natura e le tradizioni camminando lungo sentieri silenziosi accompagnati dai suoni della natura e dei campanacci delle mucche. In collaborazione con il Gruppo Micologico “Elio Orben” di Ala e i custodi forestali. Iscrizioni 0464.674068

Per ulteriori info Corso di cucina, seminario, convegno, visite guidate e cena su prenotazione: - tel. 3938119892

°° °(.6:;6°


Ala A]PV°)YLU[VUPJV Nago Domenica 22 agosto Avio – Monte Baldo Di malga in malga Degustazioni di formaggi e prodotti tipici con esibizioni di Cori sul Monte Baldo. Alla scoperta del Fiordo delle Alpi. Ore 10 Malga Tret Coro XXXX Ore 13.00 Malga Artilone Coro XXX Ore 16 Malga Pra Alpesina Coro XXXXX Ore 19.00 Malga Dossioli Coro XXX

Venerdi 27 sabato 28 domenica 29 Brentonico Mercatino degli speziali Vendita di prodotti, erbe e spettacoli. Domenica laboratorio dei biscotti.


Scorzonera Hispanica

per gentile concessione della Cassa Rurale di Brentonico e del Museo Civico Rovereto

Photography and others

Valentina Raffaelli via Santa maria 41, 38060 Volano (Tn) _ Italy 0039 3201841260 va l e n t i n a . r a f f a e l l i @ g m a i l . c o m w w w. i s s u u . c o m / va l e n t i n a . r a f f a e l l i

Education 2004 graduation in classical studies at Liceo Antonio Rosmini di Rovereto 2008 degree in Architecture at University IUAV di Venezia 2007 erasmus at Universitè Sorbonne, Paris IV and Universitè d’Architecture Paris Malaquais 2008 Photography classes by FSE programme 2010 master degree in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano

Experience settembre 2010 “Mezze Pietre Rigate” project exposed at Abitare il Tempo and Marmomac design faires of Verona agosto 2010 Comunication Project for the event “Baldo Speziale”, realized for Patto Territoriale Baldo Garda (TN), Italy may 2009 installation at the exhibition “Headlines“ at Magazzini del S.A.L.E., Venice may 2009 e-reporter at Fuorisalone during the “Design week” in Milan july 2009 photography competition “Luci e ombre dell’architetto” sponsored by CIAC (Centro Italiano Architettura Contemporanea) and ProViaggiArchitettura october 2009 international graphic and design competition “A box of dreams” founded by Fondazione Carlo Buziol, Venice settembre-novembre 2oo9 Stage at Studio Azzurro Produzioni, Milan july 2008 international architecture/design competition “Everyville_La Biennale”, founded by La Biennale di Venezia; my project was selected in the first 30 project and was exposed at Arsenale for all the 11. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura directed by Aaron Betsky

Tecnology First language: italian Other languages: english, french Computer Skills: Macintosh, Windows, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Autocad, Sketch Up, Alias Studio Tools, Microsoft Word, Excell, PowerPoint, Photography: Reflex analogic and digital


Valentina Raffaelli's works


Valentina Raffaelli's works