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Music bank, Korean music festival in the world over, landing first in Latin America to appear exclusively on the stage on the Quinta Vergara, the 24th of November. Korean groups to reach the country are Super Junior, Afterschool, MBLAQ, CN Blue, Davinchi and Rania

Curiosities member B.A.P

Members: YongGuk (Leader, Rapper, Dancer): Name: Bang Yog Guk Occupation: Rapper Date of birth: 31-march-1990 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 1.80 cm Weight: 60 kg Star sign: Aries Chinese zodiac sign: Horse

Blood type: O Family: Parents, older sister and older twin brother Agency: Entertainment

HIMCHAN (Vocalist, Dancer): Name: Kim him Chan Occupation: singer, MC, ulzzang Date of birth: 19-april-1990 Place of birth: South Korea Height: 1.80 Weight: 69kg Star sing: Aries Chinese zodiac: horse

Dae Hyun (Vocalist, Dancer): Name: Jung Dae Hyun Occupation: singer Date of birth: 28-june-1993 Place of birth: Busan, South Korea Height: 1.77 Weight: 63 kg Star sing: cancer Chinese zodiac: rooster

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