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IT Solutions You Can Depend On Viking IT has earned its reputation by providing professional and personalized IT services to our customers while helping to minimize their IT costs. From small businessto Fortune 100 customers, Viking IT has the experience to provide a single point of contact for all your technology needs.

Costs The cost of committing in top of the range technology and components can be higher than normal. A good handled company will home the best technology, enabling the consumer to enjoy the benefits of service company quality alternatives, without the initial expenditure. Set agreements and payment per month plans allow a businessto budget for their IT management, without any surprising update expensesor servicing costs. Managed IT Service also decreasesthe need to employ in-house professionals to control your IT systems or additionally liberates up current professionals time to focus on more ideal tasks.

Future- proofed technology

Major handled companies will use the best technology and components available, in order to provide the best possible IT solutions. Technology and components will be improved consistently, with no additional costs or stress to the consumer. Through the use of storage space and hosting server

virtualisation, improvements can be performed with little or no businesseffect. The continuous exercise of improving technology means that no handled IT services will become outdated.

Converged services A handled company will be able to provide all your IT services over a single "converged" system. Not only does this spend less with regards to facilities, it also provides efficiency benefits, as employeesis able to accessspeech and information programs while working at home, or any other place.

Expertise Managed companies possessprofessional IT abilities, that may well surpassthe levels available within a business. Having twenty-four hours a day accessto these abilities can confirm an important resource, and can also spend less that would otherwise be spent in training staff internal or selecting professional independent specialists. Experience Viking IT - 877-661-6617 or locally 661-253-4007 25583Avenue Stanford Valencia, CA 91355

IT Solutions You Can Depend On