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ironlank the best aerosol in chile find us in libertador bernardo o’higgins #4723

pedriautero the new style of spray join us in

History of grafiitti The word GRAFFITI simply means--words or drawings scratched or scribbled on a wall. The word comes from the Greek term "graphein" (to write) and the word "grafitti" itself is plural of the Italian word "graffito." Art in the form of graffiti (graffiti by style and considered so only if it appears on public or private property without permission) originated in the late 1960s, but graffiti in term of public and unsolicited markings has been around for ever. Some say it represents man's desire and need for communication, and the history of this type of communication dates back to one of the first communicative acts--drawing. It was in the late 1960s when "Julio 204" began writing his "tag" all around the city of New York. Soon following Julio came a Greek youth from Manhattan named Demitrius who tagged his own "Taki183" all over the city as well. Taki also focused on writing on the subway in New York. Even though what Julio 204 and Taki 183 did in New York eventually developed into what was called by some "New York Style" graffiti, these New York writers only popularized it. [2] It is said that tagging first started in Philadelphia with the emergence of the legendary "Cornbread" and "Top Cat." Soon after the Philly development and the start of New York Graffiti, Top Cat's style started showing up in NYC and was called "Broadway Style" because of the long skinny lettering. In 1971, the New York Times found and interviewed Taki 183 to try and explain this new phenomenon. Within a year of the article, "Taki 183 Spawns Pen Pals," hundreds of new writers emerged and took New York City by storm. As tagging and graffiti started blowing up in the early 70s, people were caught off guard. One day there were the "natural colors" of the city and then came all the names out of nowhere. "You have no idea what a blow graffiti was to us," said Mayor Lindsey of New York City. "You see we had gone to such work, such ends, to get some new subway cars in. It meant so much to people here in the city to get a ride, for instance, in one of the new air conditioned cars. On a hot summer day their mood would pick up when they had the luck to catch one. And you know, that was work. It's hard to get anything done here. You stretch budgets and try to reason people into activities they don't necessarily want to take up on their own. You have to face every variety of criticism, and it all requires so much time. We were proud of those subway cars. It took a lot of talking to a lot of committees to get that accomplished.....and then, the kids started to deface them!" Now there are some interesting points to be made about kids defacing property. You see it was much more complex than just "defacing," there are many ways writers "deface" things.One type is the individual marks, slogans, slurs or political statements usually found on bathroom walls and stalls or on other exterior surfaces. Some refer to this as "latrinalia" or some just call it junk; this is the stuff that gives writers a bad name. There is also the individual "tag" which is a fancy way of writing ones name or nickname (nicknames often include the street number that a writer lived at, such as Taki 183, on 183rd Street in Washington Heights). A tag is usually decorated with a variety of stylish marks. Although they may have style, they still lack an aspect of quality art work--anyone can come up with and practice and put up a tag. But it is not really meant for artistic purposes--it basically indicates a writer's presence. The tag is one way that graffiti artists are similar to gang members, although gang graffiti doesn't usually evolve into anything very skillful, its purpose is to also, like for writers, indicate a presence (a gang presence) and also to mark around specific gang turf.

Although lots of writers would not want to be compared to gangsters, the two groups do have several things in common: "both seek recognition from their peers, use aliases, take part in illegal activities, see themselves as noble outlaws and are young and most often poor." Even though graffiti has grown in style and artistic quality, even though graffiti crews can now be found everywhere from (my own) Louisville, Kentucky to mainland China, most people would still say that "New York City conceived graffiti and it will always be the capital and cultural centre of graffiti." Also, when graffiti first started coming up, it was done predominantly by Puerto Rican and African American youths from poor inner-city neighborhoods. Now, graffiti has attracted people, male and female, of all races, religions and nationalities from the broadest types of backgrounds from all socio-economic classes, and you can regularly find writers ranging in age from 8 to their 30s.One writer, Shmoo, commented: "Graffiti is one of the few movements that I have been involved in that includes people from all backgrounds with one goal in mind...`getting up.'" Getting up means "To hit up anything, anywhere, with any form of graffiti from a tag all the way to a wildstyle burner.

DS3 crew Andres ulloa orellana one of the most old tagger on quinta normal he has a crew called “DS3” he grew with his crew he painted since he has fifteen years old with his old friend ricardo well-known “dolor” or “dweet,Paulo, Alejandro, Claudio , Luciano, Aldo and Gonzalo

they are too close friends and created a DS3 crew

those are the members of the crew that paint since 2004 and today we have an interview with them


Guys how long have you paining here in quinta normal? •

Well,we have painting for fifteen years here in quina normal but seven years ago we sarted to paint ine other towns like santiago and on meeting of graffitis here in saniago

-what is the graffitis for you? •

For us, is all, it’s one of the most important hings in our lifes of course the most of us studied something related with the painting for example me (andres) I’m a grafic dessigner bu in my free time I make graffitis

-why you put DS3 and not other name? •

Because it’s a funny story about us but we can’t tell anybody about hat it’s a secret maybe some day I woul tell you what DS3 means

These are some pictures of the group

Tips to paint better If you are a painter beginner here you have some tips to get better your art

save the valves because they are usefull when you want to change the type of style

If you prefer you could use a mask for the toxicity of the aeroso it makes ypu feel better maiti

Use some containers to put the paint and make easier the job

Competition of grafittis Once a year we make some competitions of grafittis, one of the most important world competition is the estria invitational graffiti battle this will be de 5 th year that will celebrate this competition and festival

this event will be celebrated in the riesco space on may 24 th for more information you could get ino the page on facebook “graff style chile�

Events of graffitis The last month we had one of the most important events of hiphop culture called “planeta rock� this event has one day for each branch of hip hop and the second day was for the graffiti and this event has lots of participants and every year has new participants and guys that wanted to learn this culture

The next event will carry out in pe単anolen on December 8 th we hope a thousand of taggers to make beautiful the town

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