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By : valentina Buitrago

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Simple Secrets That turn Back Time Love story Magdalena frackowiak the man in her life and the role of a lifetime

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Magdalena FRackowiak

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Valentines at school On valentines day , we usually did carnations but this years we did serenates .In recess we were as crazy as a jungle we payed and switched the names of the people as if they were sending the serenates to that person that they liked from the class .It was pretty fun laughing at each other and also about the costumes that the seniors wear. they were 2 cupids and they were wearing dippers and had some hearts it was super funny . They song songs that we new and we were singing while they were doing it, they stand the person that they were doing it and danced with her. This year Valentines day was pretty fun compared with other years. Also we had a lot fun when they did it to the teachers. For example to Sandra Ricardo she is the 7th and 8th science teacher it was pretty laughy. Also they did it to some friends like Maria , Gaby p , lelly, mayo, etc. Gaby p was in the dance room just seeing their faces with panic was funny. I like valentines a lot because is a special holidays cause you can get in love with a beautiful girl. It was a valentines that no one will for get. I love it ! I hope it repeats again.

Interview with Magdalena

M e: Hi Magdalena my name is Valentina . Magdalena: Hi Valentina how are ?

Me : Fine thanks and you, how old are you . Im 13 years. Magdalena: im fine thank you :). I'm 30 yaers old. So tell me more about you . Me : So how many sisters/brothers do you any? Well I have 1 sister she 18 years old and she in NYC in parsons university. Magdalena : Yes I have one sister and a brother their names are Katherine and Leonardo frackowiak . And they are older than me .

Me : Cool! Is better been the youngest then the oldest. how many years do you have in VS fashion show , are you very famous? Magdalena: Well I began to the modeling last year. Yes in very famous thank to god. Me: Great! Magdalena: were do you live? Well I live in the U.S.A. Me: I live in Barranquilla (Colombia). I love going to the U.S and go shopping. Magdalena: Cool I also like going shopping we should meet when you come visit. Me: sure sounds like a good idea , was a pleasure knowing some things about you!

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Been a Designer When I grow up I want to be a creative and unique fashion designer with my beautiful sister. We want to make our own shop and fashion work shop. We want to make our dream come true. We want to be some great designers. We want to put the shop in NY because its our favorite city to go on vacations. Also we want to meet some famous people to go on the fashion shows etc. Me and my sister are big persons who want to conquer the city. We still have more to show in this couple of years. Still we don't know what is going to be named. I told my friends that this is what I want to be when I grow up. You know what did they answer ? JAJAJA! I love them but still they have to buy me some of the collection. Also we want to merchandize first. For example put the clothe to the famous people or choose the clothing they are going to wear. We want to make our dream come true! “A book of work� !!





Carnivals are here! How can we describe carnivals? This celebration is one of the most recognized. We chose the queen of the carnivals and then she starts doing her job. This year the queen is Maria Margarita Diazgranados Gerlein (Maqui). She is a beautiful woman, she also dances very pretty. It is a tradition to be happy about it , to have fun and specially to dance. Many events for example el Bando , la Cuacherna , la Batalla de Fores and many others. I like carnivals especially if I know who is the queen and go on in some of these events. Also many but many people knows her song, “Maqui Maqui maria margartita bonita curambalabella esta de fiesta por ella para que lo goze todo el mundo con maqui ven para la calle esto es de reventada�. I think that Barranquilla has it own and unique traditions compared with other ones. It is a pledger to be part of a Barranquilla woman. For me carnivals is the biggest tradition we do here in Barranquilla not only for the queens, customs and events but also of our beautiful city and people. Also because the Colombian people are very celebrative not only of drinking and dance but of having a little of craziness. Carnivals is not only of having fun but to share with your queen and the beautiful city of Barranquilla.

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Carnival Queen Maqui

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