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Sacramento author tackles dinosaur extinction in new children’s book Author James Strode announces the release of his new children’s book, “Norma Saves the Dinosaurs.” In the story, readers are introduced to Norma, an inquisitive 6-year-old girl who wonders what happened to the dinosaurs. Her sincere interest and curiosity toward the dinosaurs brought questions like “Did God love the dinosaurs?” “Why were the dinosaurs on earth for so longs?” “What was God doing with the dinosaurs?” curious conversation with Strode’s “Norma Saves Norma and tries to anthe Dinosaurs” shares this swer the above questions and more. Not only will kids learn about what happened to the dinosaurs, but also how God feels about them—both the dinosaurs and mankind alike. Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www., or by visiting barne-


The Pocket News • August 15, 2013 • or amazon. com. Strode teaches English to adults at the college level, and God has blessed him with a family, including Norma and his younger son, Jimmy. He is heavily involved in all aspects of their lives, from diapers to language development, and he spends his summers in fulltime Daddy daycare. He and his wife have a large mingled bilingual family in Sacramento.

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