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on polylogue* polylogue is the second book the continuing portfolios in bachelors degree. first book being the questionnaire, it was pointing the importance of asking as many as thought provoaking questions. the architecture, indeed, is shaped by the questions that are asked. whereas the polylogue points out mandatory nature of architecture to communicate to one another. being different than the monologue, which makes connections one way and the dialogue that enables mutual relations but only in between a limited person; polylogue aims to communicate the imaginary work of architecture both in words and images in between as many as actors reciprocativly by means of technology.

*polylogue /ˈpɒlɪlɒɡ / n. a discussion involving more than two people. origin | late 19th century. From poly- + -logue, after dialogue. [s. oxford dictionaries]

02 | polylogue | 2017


legend of polylogue

q. questions

communicative stories

fig.1.1 collage for the work speacetruction in tarlabaşı, 2016

concept | 03

nida ekenel , 9 5 ’

currently living in tokyo 2016-2017 Tokyo Institute of Technology Spring Semester, Exchange Program Tokyo, Japan 2016-2017 Faculdade de Arquitetura, University of Lisboa Fall Semester, Erasmus Program Lisbon, Portugal 2014- 20.... Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University Department of Architecture Istanbul, Turkey 2013-2014 Gap Year Travelling 2009- 2013 Eskişehir Anadolu Lisesi High School Eskişehir/Turkey

04 | polylogue | 2017

softwares photoshop illustrator premiere indesign rhino sketchup autocad


english – proficiency turkish- native persian- native french – intermediate portuguese - elementary


fig.1.2 collage for the work speacetruction in tarlabaşı, 2016

résumé | 05

06 | polylogue | 2017


content long term projects meow hotel | suadiye


speacetruction in tarlabaşı


protótipo| agregação


from future to past


short term projects thinking karaköy


ceci n’est pas une toilette


WXYZ architecture


ogijima bath house


content | 07

q.what would appeal the customers to come in such a place? q.can something be

permenant in a hotel? q. what are the conditions animals and human living together ?

meow hotel suadiye | kadıköy 4th year construction project | fall2017 istanbul technical university istanbul | turkey m.cem altun asst. ışıl türkay

meow hotel | suadiye | kadıköy | 09

16 | polylogue | 2017

the hotel tries to include both cats and people without a hieararchy in between. It has a large reataurant open for public and a tea house underground with a filtered light. the enterence to the hotel is interesting in the way it invites customers in a larger and taller space in every step.

meow hotel | suadiye | kadÄąkĂśy | 17

meow hotel | suadiye | kadıköy | 21

q. is “peace” something

palpable or it all ends in our minds?

q. can peace be achived by means of

preventing war?

speacetruction in


2nd year project | spring 2016 istanbul technical university istanbul | turkey aslıhan şenel collective imaginations studio

speacetruction | tarlabaşı | 23

24 | polylogue | 2017

-the intended act of space when enabling peace among people that uses the space in a house or in an out door environment

speacetruction | tarlabaĹ&#x;Äą | 25

-discrimination, segregation and alienation

is not leading humanity towards peace. they might work as a way to prevent war. but state of not having war or safety inside the community have nothing to do with feeling in peace.

26 | polylogue | 2017

speacetruction | tarlabaşı | 27

28 | polylogue | 2017

-this project tries to build a space that would possibly bring around peace not by elimination, neither segregation nor discrimination or alienation; but rather with the opposite of all these. To include and try to make good use of the diversity among people, by concentrating on what we have in


speacetruction | tarlabaĹ&#x;Äą | 29

-so architecture provides communication, that would like prejudice that is the ma to discriminate one another

30 | polylogue | 2017

-when people are in contact they neither can create biases among each other nor gossip behind, and when they get to know each other, they would start to built relationships upon the common in between.

s space that encourage d possibly solve problems ain reason why people start r.

speacetruction | tarlabaĹ&#x;Äą | 31

q. can architecture form itself by solely thinking the life & action?


? q.what is a what is shared and what is not ? do people relate to where they live? q.4 people in 128m3 ?


agregação 3rd year project | fall 2016 universidade de lisboa lisbon | portugal prof. hugo farias class - turma 3c

prototipo - agregaçao | lisboa | 33

prototipo - agregaรงao | lisboa | 35

36 | polylogue | 2017

prototipo - agregaรงao | lisboa | 37

q. what necessary things for a house can be emptied for human body? q. is space the emptiness in between the things or what things are part of what compromises a space?

38 | polylogue | 2017

prototipo - agregaรงao | lisboa | 39

40 | polylogue | 2017

prototipo - agregaรงao | lisboa | 41

42 | polylogue | 2017

prototipo - agregaรงao | lisboa | 43

q. who owns the city? q.are the decisions about a city, a

common right

in between the people who live in it?


future to past

2nd year project | fall2015 istanbul technical university istanbul | turkey aslÄąhan Ĺ&#x;enel collective imaginations studio

prototipo - agregaçao | lisboa | 45

46 | polylogue | 2017

“Here, life is a matter of negotiation. between

14th century Genoese city wall and 21st century train bridge, sea and earth, light and shadow.

from future to past | şişhane | 47

48 | polylogue | 2017

“...and time

is like a flow of water, occasionally displaced by a bit of debris, a passing breeze

now and then.

some cosmic disturbance will cause a rivulet of time to rub away from the

mainstream to make connection

back stream...

from future to past | şişhane | 49

54 | polylogue | 2017

“when this happens; birds, soil, people caught in the branching tributary find themselves suddenly carried to the past. the things that have been transported back in time are easy to identify. they wear dark indistinct clothing and walk on their toes, trying not to make a single sound, not to bend a single blade of glass for they fear that any


they make in the past could have drastic

consequences in the future.

from future to past | Ĺ&#x;iĹ&#x;hane | 55


they move around they leave some marks behind, nothing that would affect the future just some small clues that people can


the time and look

what happen in the past.

q.who are living in a city? can people use

sea coast


collectively? q.public space vs common space? q.what are the current qualities in karaköy? does karaköy been transformed now, are we happy of it, how can architecture do better ?


karaköy| urbanism

4th year urbanism project *| fall 2017 istanbul technical university | turkey doç.dr. turgay kerem koramaz assit. büşra güven güney

*analysis parts [p.60-61] collaborators | nida bilgen | alper turan thinking karaköy | karaköy | 59

60 | polylogue | 2017

thinking karakรถy | karakรถy | 61

- karakรถy area is recently become popular because of its location near by the main centers of istanbul. however all the spaces have been primarily for private use. the coast line that is expected to be for public use, have been occupied with new constructions of large structures that would block the connection between sea and the people. therefore in an urban scale, thinking karakรถy project concentrated on the coast line that is left fot public use. after analyzing all the current and possible users, the project wishes to provide confortable space for all its users.

q. who owns taksim square? q.can a toilette also provide means for communal living and increase feelings of

ownership of the temporary users? would a

toilette for

moving people be?

ceci n’est


une toilette 2nd year project | spring 2016 istanbul technical university istanbul | turkey aslıhan şenel collective imaginations studio ceci n’est pas une toilette | taksim| 67





2nd year project | spring 2016 istanbul technical university istanbul | turkey altun asst.. ışıl türkay

70 | polylogue | 2017



passive building in meditaranean climate? to fit into a small volume?

WXYZ architecture | 71

72 | polylogue | 2017

WXYZ architecture | 73

74 | polylogue | 2017

q. how “nature� can be in coherence with the building? q. can traditional and natural


contribute to the concept?

powered by ogijima 3rd year group project* | spring 2017 tokyo institute of technology tokyo | japan norihisa kawashima assoc. proffuminori nousaku

*team work with: kento minami | shino hagio | tibor franek | yutaro maeda powered by ogijima | japan | 75

76 | polylogue | 2017

powered by ogijima | japan | 77

polylogue | architectural portfolio 2017  

an architectural portfolio aims to develop communication between actors through the works presented

polylogue | architectural portfolio 2017  

an architectural portfolio aims to develop communication between actors through the works presented