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of the company

Production of car construction segments

1992 A Vajda boat wins Olympic gold for the first time with Lukáš Pollert taking the Olympic slalom title in Barcelona.



Foundation of the Vajda Brothers Company

Design and production of first Kevlar boat


 ené Vajda becomes R the Czechoslovak (C1) slalom canoe champion



gold medal

silver medal

The “Vajda” brand is synonymous with success and victory all around the world.



gold medal

2005 Production of first Kevlar luge for the Slovak and Russian national teams Pavol and Peter Hochschorner three-time Olympic champions

2006 Hydro-massage bathtubs join the company’s list of products 2006 C  onstruction of an almost 40-metre luxury yacht, Oceanlite 127, using our own technologies

2010 2008 2004 2000 Sydney

gold medal

silver medal

bronze medal


gold medal

silver medal

bronze medal


gold medal

silver medal

bronze medal

S lovak polar explorer Peter ValuĹĄiak used Vajda sleds during an Antarctic expedition.

10 gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze; that is the Olympic medal tally of sportsmen racing in Vajda boats since 1992. In addition, the brand is linked with victories in a range of other significant races.

Vancouver 4 place th

Olympic silver medallist Albert Demchenko breaks the record of the oldest artificial toboggan run in the world in KĂśnigsee, Germany, riding the new Vajda 47h luge model.

2012 London

gold medal

silver medal

bronze medal 



Thermal spas with a trademark

The production of whirlpool spas is the youngest branch of our company’s manufacturing program. Our mastery of the technology needed to produce intricate shapes and forms enabled us to start and quickly expand production of tubs with the typical shape of the lotus flower. It also allowed us to launch a range of attractive and luxurious products specially designed to relax and regenerate the mind and the body.












Beatrice is great solution which combines performance, value and required space for whole family.



Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

4/2 194 x 194 x 85  35 0 2 (1– double speed) 12

Intimacy and undisturbed rest,

for all who prefer full-featured relax in comfortable environment.


The basic massage tub has been designed for the customer who is looking for simplicity. Its 19 jets do, however, provide a very pleasant relaxing bath for four people.



Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

4/0 Ø 198 x 78  19 0 1– double speed 14

If you have an own SPA at home,

you can look for totally different kind of experiences out in the world‌


The double hydro-massage whirlpool allows you and your partner to share a private world of your own. Our Athena and Aphrodite models are designed to relieve tension and stress. They differ only in the extent of their technical equipment.

aphrodite OPTION

athena OPTION

Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

0/2 210 x 175 x 76 43 16 3 20

Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

0/2 210 x 175 x 76 32 0 1– double speed 18

Quiet moments in relaxing bubbles

while listening to good music – equipment and comfort that offer something for everyone.


Our Carya and Cassiopeia Whirlpools are designed for six people, offering family and friends the promise of a moment of shared pleasure. Their names conjure up the smell of pecan nuts and the image of a distant constellation with the name of a queen in ancient Greek mythology.





Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

6/0 220 x 220 x 92 25 10 1– double speed 17

Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

6/0 220 x 220 x 92 54 20 3 28

Wellness directly under your windows, massage and relief in less than one minute.


The combined hydro-massage tub offers the “amphibians” among you a luxurious little corner in which to spend your free time or the chance to relax and regenerate a tired body exhausted by sport or a difficult day at work.


charis OPTION


Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

4/1 220 x 220 x 92 25 10 1– double speed 18

Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

4/1 220 x 220 x 92 44 15 3 23

Can you think of any other environment which does your body so much good?


Unwind in our large Electra and Eurydice hydro-massage tubs with family or friends – or enjoy a precious moment for two. Relaxing in a massage seat or in a comfortable deck chair is a truly unforgettable experience! It gives a whole new meaning to the words luxury and pleasure!

electra OPTION

eurydice OPTION

Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

6/0 230 x 230 x 96 70 20 4 35

Number of seats/lounges Dimensions (cm) Water jets Air jets # of pumps # of LED lights

4/1 230 x 230 x 96 65 15 4 32


Every day, any time,

whatever the weather... your very own relaxation studio...

All Vajda Spas are exclusively fitted with top quality pumps and jets produced by US manufacturer Water Way Plastics. High performance (up to 5 HP) quiet and energy efficient water pumps Water Way are heart of spas.

Power Jet Massage Inside the jet, the circular motion of a sequencer directs the water towards individual openings.

Cluster Jet Direct The smallest but most effective jet, providing a reflex point massage of your palms and the soles of your feet. Mini Jet Direct The angle of the dynamic jet is adjustable. This increases the localised impact the water stream. It is designed for massaging small muscle parts. To increase their effectiveness, the jets are mounted in sets.

lower back pain / menstrual tension

Mini Jet Roto The rotating massage stream is particularly effective when you want to target and massage specific areas of the body. To increase their effectiveness, the jets are mounted in sets.

Master Massage Jet Acupressure foot massage jets.

Power Jet Direct The angle of Power Jet Direct is adjustable. It is designed for massaging back muscles when you are sitting in a tub‘s seats. Giant Whirpool Jet The angle of the strongest jet is adjustable making it an ideal tool for anyone seeking an intensive and comprehensive massage of the entire body and limbs.


calf muscles poor circulation

Power Jet Roto The specially rotating massage stream massages large muscle parts deep down.


diverter valve

Cluster Jet Direct

electronic control panel

diverter valve


Power Jet Roto Power Jet Direct


air valve

sholders and rotator cuff

Power Jet Roto Power Jet Direct

air valve

tennis elbow

carpal tunnel syndrome sciatica

Cluster Jet Direct reflexive foot massage Giant Whirpool Jet

air jets

anti-slip bottom

Mini Jet Roto Mini Jet Direct ozone jet

air valve

Power Jet Roto place for drinks

Master Massage Jet

knee pain

Mini Jet Roto Mini Jet Direct

growths on the heels Achilles tendon pain

air valve

fountain control fountain

Power Jet Massage

filter system

Shell color Cabinet color

Mahogany Oak


Oceanwave Opal

Oyster Opal

White Pearlescent

Plain White



New Balboa systems are heart of VAJDA Spas. Modern and trendy design together with custom friendly control brings more simplicity for users. Great technology features make our spas even more valuable and comfortable.

BP Control Systems Meet the newly designed BP system units, it is new series based on Balboa’s most popular models, utilizing advanced technology. BP 2100/ BP 600 are CE certified with 3,0 kW heater enclosed.

• New Software with Color Graphics • Expandable, Configurable. Supports Dozens of Spa Setups • Comprehensive Diagnostics • Multiple Languages • Wi-Fi Enabled • User friendly interface • New Features in New Enclosure Wireless System Control Now you can control your system wirelessly. With a few simple connections and some additional hardware you can have full control of your spa system.

User Interface • Intuitive menu • E asy to read color display with graphics • 5 Background color choices • S mart chip will detects any problems in your hot tub •M  ultiple languages with easy navigation • S tate-of-the-art button technology (press & hold) • Easy Navigation – Shortcuts • Real time-clock • Reminder messages • Comprehensive diagnostics • Dedicated button (left side) • S creen size 6.98 cm width x 4.44 cm height




Setting the mood in the backyard has never been easier and now you don‘t even have to move to do it. Create an environment with Balboa‘s Dolphin® III remote by controlling spa, lighting and entertainment systems at the touch of a button. Floating water resistant wireless remote allows you control spa and entertainment functions without leaving hot bubbles.

The VariMax™ allows you to create your own hydrotherapy options with a simple push of a button. You can enjoy water movement that is gentle, firm or anything in between by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the sensation or by selecting the wave/pulse massage option.

A sleek new topside panel includes a large easy to read back-lit LCD with simple to follow end user menus. With new press and hold button technology, setting temperature and other common tasks have been simplified. User navigation is intuitive and easier than ever, reducing customer service help calls. Control panels using user-friendly interface, intuitive menu, multiple languages settings with easy navigation and reminder messages. Comprehensive diagnostics with smart chip detects any problems in your spa.

Experience Customized Massage with The VariMax™ Pump Introducing VariMax™, the newest innovation in spa pumps from Balboa Water Group. The VariMax™ pump will provide a full body massage that will make you feel as though you have your own personal masseuse. Enjoy lounging in your spa knowing you have the ability to customize your massage settings. Experience water moving across your body – caressing your neck and shoulders, then pulsating down your back, legs and feet. There are so many things in life that are out of your control, but your massage experience doesn’t have to be one of them. Start your day with an invigorating massage or end your day with a soothing water sensation with a VariMax™ pump. It’s your choice! “So quiet you’ll ask if it is running”.

Wi-Fi Spa control Take Control of Your Hot Tub Remotely Sit back and enjoy the all new Hot Tub Application for your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® exclusively by Balboa Water Group. Take control of your hot tub anywhere at anytime.

Features: • I nstant access and control of your hot tub anywhere at anytime directly* from your iPhone® 3G - 3GS - 4 - 4S, iPod touch® or iPad® - iPad 2G • S tay up to date on your hot tub around the clock •C  ontrol the temperature, pumps, lights, blower and filter cycles with a simple touch •P  rogrammable filtration cycles directly from your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® • Fast, simple and easy to use

MicroSilk® Microbubble

Some call it the Fountain of Youth. We think you’ll simply call it wonderful.

Typical Air Bubble

The Beauty of MicroSilk ® • Blankets your body with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles • Microbubbles are 50 microns or less in size • Gives your skin a silky feel Moisturizing and cleansing at the same time • Microbubbles enter pores and lift away impurities • Plumps and hydrates the skin • Reduces lines and wrinkles

Unlike typical air bubbles, MicroSilk ® microbubbles are small enough to enter pores and remove impurities.

An oxygen-rich bath is good for your health • Increases oxygen levels in the bath up to 70% • Oxygen improves collagen production • Energizes cells • Stimulates immune system • Kills bacteria • Promotes healing The positives of negatively charged ions • Improves serotonin levels • Neutralizes free radicals • Relaxes mind and body

Typical air bubbles burst at the water’s surface, while MicroSilk® microbubbles collapse deep in the water, releasing life-giving oxygen and heat energy.

Continual, consistent warmth • Microbubbles stay suspended in water • Maintains bath temperature • Creates an improved “sauna eect” Clean and Green • Reduces need for soaps and oils • Eliminates need for heaters

OxyMagic® is new complete Ozone Water Treatment and disinfection System. Crystal water without additional chemicals. Replace conventional chemical systems. The ozone technology improves your comfort of water maintenance. 100 % no chlorine 100 % no bacteria 100% No Toxic Chemicals, No Environmental Impact Ozone provides multiple benefits for water treatment including remove of organic compounds, certain inorganic compounds, color, odor and taste. It also acts as a micro flocculent, which aids in removal of suspended solids. In addition it is an excellent disinfecting agent capable of killing a wide spectrum of microorganisms. Ozone is 3.000 times more effective in killing bacteria and viruses than chlorine, decomposing organic impurities to harmless substances unlike chlorine witch reacts guiding to carcinogenic THM (trihalomethans). OxyMagic® water treatment system: • quick and powerful in killing all germs, bacteria, viruses • no skin and eyes irritations • most secure water treatment and disinfection tool • easy to use • no water smell • better water taste OxyMagic® Ozone Water Treatment System will treat every drop of your water.

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VAJDA_Lotus Spas series_catalog 2013_English  

VAJDA_Lotus Spas series_catalog 2013_English