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PROJECT BRIEF •  Design a chair made purely of corrugated cardboard based on scenario that you create. Your scenario may include imaginary characters as well as real ones. Try to understand your character and design a chair that he or she really needs in her daily life, profession or hobby. Research well the properties of the material that you will be working with before starting your design. Do not forget that the other important functions of such an object, except from sitting, can be portability, foldability and space saving.

REQUIREMENTS •  Initial ideas •  Scenario •  Perspective Drawings •  A working 1:1 working model.

MATERIAL RESEARCH Cardboard is made of cellulose or wood fiber and is similar to paper, but thicker. Corrugated cardboard is made up of a fluted piece of heavy paper glued between two heavier pieces of paper. Cardboard is a durable and sustainable material, and can be customized to meet the needs of nearly everyone.

Types: People use several types of cardboard. Many food products are packaged in cardboard containers that are not corrugated. This cardboard is simply one piece of heavy paper folded into the shape of a box. Corrugated cardboard boxes can have multiple layers of fluting and cardboard. Single wall cardboard is the most common form and is one piece of fluted paper sandwiched between two cardboard pieces. Double wall cardboard has two layers of fluting between three layers of cardboard and triple wall cardboard has three layers of fluting between four layers of cardboard.

Durability: Cardboard is known for its durability. The wood fibers that make up cardboard are strong and resilient. Cardboard is puncture resistant and does not tear easily. The arched design of the interior fluting lends durability to the cardboard as well. The fluting is lined up vertically, so the interior paper forms columns that are able to

Insulating: Corrugated cardboard has insulating properties due to the fluting design of its interior. According to Teachers Domain, when force is applied to an arch, it transfers along the curve of the arch to the base. Therefore, the arched flutes allow the cardboard to tolerate more external force. The flutes also trap air between the two layers of cardboard, extending the amount of time needed to transfer heat energy from the exterior of the box to the interior.​

Sustainability: Since cardboard is made up of wood fibers, it is recyclable and sustainable. According to the Corrugated Packaging Alliance, the average corrugated box is made with 43 percent recycled fiber. Cardboard is also the most recycled material, and nearly all of the recycled cardboard is made into new cardboard products. Cardboard is sustainable because the raw material comes from trees, a renewable resource. Ninety-three percent of all corrugated boxes are made with raw material supplied by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, an organization that supports forest management.​

Customizable: Cardboard is easily customized to fit the needs of the end consumer. Cereal boxes are not corrugated, while packing boxes are. Cardboard can also be cut and folded to make many different sized and shaped boxes or displays. The paper material is easily printed with logos, warnings and other information. It can be treated to be flame retardant or to control static electricity. Cardboard boxes are often custom-made to fit shipping requirements or available shelf space.​ ​

OUR MODEL’S SCENARIO Now days in the market there are several types of chairs for kids which are comfortable, sleek designed, high tech and expensive. And as we all know kids are always fond of drawing on walls, table, and chairs, So keeping their creativity in mind we came up with an idea to make a recyclable sitting for them which will be comfortable, affordable and where kids can show their creativity by drawing or coloring it.

Product Sketch

The total height of the product is 25 inch.

Product Brief •  This sustainable kids stool design can serve as a playful sitting chair, structure is a light and portable. Made of 100% recycled cardboard the stool has both playful and sophisticated appearance. The corrugated cardboard chair is simply built up with some basic slitted shapes that are simply slotted together. The best part about this product, besides the quality time spent with children, is that the chair is completely recyclable once it is outgrown. This one piece of furniture children would love to draw on with full parental consent!


Final Model’s Process Pictures

Final Model’s Process Pictures

Final Model

Our prototype is for a kids friendly environment.  •  Rounded shape to make it safe. •  Not easily destructible by small kids. •  Sustainable option. •  Easy to put away. •  Space saver.


Sustainable stool pdf f  
Sustainable stool pdf f