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summer 2012

Friends and Neighbors: the Vail symposium has been serving the residents of the Vail Valley for over 40 years by presenting interesting, timely and thought provoking programs on a broad range of topics including literature, film, art, adventure, politics, the environment, world affairs, and a host of other subjects. the Vail symposium could not have done this in the past and cannot continue to do this in the future without the help of so many supporters within our community. Simply, the Vail Symposium not only serves our community, but it also belongs to our community, and is funded by our community. thus, on behalf of our community, the members of the board of trustees, the advisory Council, the staff of the Vail Symposium and I would like to thank each of you for your continued support. I also want to let all of our supporters know that our board of trustees has taken steps to ensure the continuity of the leadership and succession plan within the organization. We recently decided to move from having a single Chairman to having Co-Chairs of the board of Trustees. Each Co-Chair will serve a two-year term. Their terms will commence in alternate years so that one Co-Chair will always have past experience in that position. In addition, we have instituted a policy that at least one of the two Co-Chairs must be a full time resident of the Vail Valley. As a result of these changes, I am delighted to welcome long time board member, Allison Krausen, as my new Co-Chair. Finally, in addition to thanking all of you for your past support, i’d like to encourage you to consider increasing your level of giving. the quality of our programing has steadily increased over the last few years and with your increased contributions we can continue to challenge the minds of our community in new and different ways. thanks,

James C. ruh Co-Chair of the board of trustees


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Letter from the President Letter from the Executive Director Board and Staff Summer Programs At-A-Glance Season Synopsis Summer programs Ticket Information Founders 40 Ways to give Volunteer Spotlight Member Spotlight Supporting Donors Speakers in the Schools Winter 2012 Highlights Thank you Sponsors Get Involved Venue Directions

Vai lsym posi u  

Dear Friends,

Juggling all of the balls that the Vail Symposium has in the air is quite a work out every day. However, after last night’s program, “What is Wrong with Congress and How to Fix It,” I feel so sure that we are hitting the target on what we present to the public. Former Senators Dodd and Brown not only articulated the problem that arises when elected officials refuse to work together for the common good, but they also demonstrated how a gentlemanly respect can lead to a constructive dialogue. This was our first program as part of our new partnership with the Josef Korbel school of international studies at the university of Denver. you will be thrilled when you see how that relationship continues. This summer we are introducing a different format. While we will still present a few of our normal two hour talks, panel discussion and lectures, we are also presenting a few programs with different formats. • an evening lecture on organic gardening and composting by bestselling author Jeff Lowenfels, followed by a workshop, led by Lowenfels, the next morning in the CMC community garden • A five day Colorado Documentary Film Series in Beaver Creek followed by talks and dinners • A three part artists series that will engage participants in the creation of their own art • the signature event of the season, living at your peak, a three day symposium on health, fitness and longevity • A four day extravagant bicycle ride through Western Slope wineries with professional athlete and wine expert Stefani Jackenthal I know this shakes things up a bit. But I promise you this will be a Vail symposium summer to remember. sincerely,

alby segall president/Ceo

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The winter was a whirlwind of intellectual stimulation. The season kicked off with an especially popular Taste of Yale in Vail program, touched on local issues with Wildways for Wildlife, inspired us with intrepid adventurers and athletes from the unlimited adventure series and brought the world to us with Yvo do Boer, former Executive Secretary of the un Convention on Climate Change, ambassador Christopher Hill on Arab Spring and Jamie Metzl on China and India. The season concluded with an especially pertinent program featuring former Senators Christopher Dodd and Hank Brown. These two politicians from different sides of the aisle respectfully addressed the very serious issues facing our legislative system. a part of our mission is affordability for the community, and as such ticket revenues account for a very small portion of our budget. so, this winter we also presented two very unique fundraisers with the goal of creating a sustainable future to rely less on ticket sales. both spin Vail and Vail Vignettes were fun and we thank those of you who participated! ultimately it is our donors, board members and volunteers who make the Vail symposium possible. i am humbled to be a part of such an amazing group of people who enrich our community and even affect change. my heartfelt thanks to the many Vail symposium supporters who make it all possible! With gratitude,

liana C. moore executive Director

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The Vail Symposium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to year-round lifelong learning for the Vail Valley community through educational programs that are thought provoking, diverse and affordable. President & Ceo Alby Segall Executive Director Liana C. Moore Program Manager Kimber Weddle Development And Marketing Associate Tracey Flower Board Of Directors Allison S. Krausen James C. Ruh Co-Chairs Bob Holmes Treasurer Jan Biegler Pam Brandmeyer Bob Holmes Jay Huffard Andy Kaufman Rob Levine Liana C. Moore Rohn K. Robbins Don and Mary Rogers John and Jamie Stone David and Kristin Williams

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Advisory Council Brian Aberle Michael Balk Pam Bard Alex Biegler Jeff Blattner Nancy Burton Doris Dewton Susan Mackin Dolan Ann Geldzahler Robert J. Guttman Kat Haber Rob Hunt Michele Hovey Elaine Kelton Barbara Krichbaum Kathy Langenwalter Raj Manickam Jamie Metzl Ved Nanda JK Perry Mary Randall Kathi Renman Myrna Sigman Pam Smith Honorary Board Karen Morter Chair Emeritus Terry Minger Priscilla O’Neil Ebby Pinson

Beaver Creek Documentary Film Series

Programs at-a-glance 08

06.08-09 Teaming with Microbes: Organic Gardener’s Lecture & Workshop Jeff Lowenfels


06.25 “Saving Face”


06.26 “Chiefs”


06.27 “Climate Refugees”


06.28 “U.S. Healthcare: The Good News”


06.29 “One Revolution”


07.10 Colorado Mountain Glacial History Tour


07.19 Triple Crown Leadership


07.24 Reflections in Stone


08.08 Creating Our Future with ArtScience

Daniel Junge & Alison Greenberg

Daniel Junge

Michael Nash & Patrick McConathy

Lisa Hartman & Ed Stein

Chris Waddell

Dr. Vince Matthews

Bob and Gregg Vanourek

Bernd Munsteiner

Innovations Todd Siler


08.13-14 “Turn Your Dream into an Artist Book”


08.27 The Roots of Modern Civilization

Victoria Rabinowe

Mark Varien


09.13-15 Living at Your Peak


09.17-20 Wanderlust Wining Bike Tour

Martina Navratilova

Stefani Jackenthal

Vai lsym posi u  

Beaver Creek documentary Film series

Designed to provoke thought, our films focus on current issues and introduce audiences to other cultures and experiences. This isn’t just a night out at the movies. unique post-film discussions may include filmmakers, film critics, relevant commentators and other experts who offer insight to the film and its topic. This season features films created by Colorado filmmakers and some even filmed in Colorado.

mon 06.25 Saving Face with

Daniel Junge & Alison Greenberg

Tues 06.26 Chiefs with Daniel Junge Wed 06.27 Climate Refugees with Michael Nash & Patrick McConathy

Thurs 06.28 u.S. Health Care:

The Good News with Lisa Hartman & Ed Stein

Fri 06.29 One Revolution with Chris Waddell

speaking Locally

These discussions highlight the incredible community members in the region with their talent, passion, skill, and experiences. This “by the locals, for the locals” approach reminds us what an amazing place this is and allows us to shine the spotlight on fascinating people who are passionate about life and their hometowns. These programs are free to the public.

Thurs 07.19 Triple Crown Leadership with Bob and Gregg Vanourek

mon 08.27

The Roots of Modern Civilization with Mark Varien


In an effort to create financial stability for the Vail Symposium, while still maintaining our mission that includes affordability, we have made a concerted effort to hold creative and entertaining fundraisers. This summer you have the opportunity to enjoy a wine and bike tour through some of Colorado’s most epic landscapes. We are working on plans for a second fundraiser to be announced later that will light up your palette.

mon 09.17-20 Wanderlust Wining Bike Tour

6  Ce le b rati ng a legaCy

Fri 06.08-09 Teaming with

Microbes: Organic Gardener’s Lecture & Workshop

Sat 07.10 Colorado Mountain Glacial History Exploration

Tues 07.24 Reflections in Stone Wed 08.08 Creating Our Future with ArtScience Innovations

Mon 08.13-14 Dreams: A Door to Imagination & Creativity

Season Synopsis

Art & Culture

Art shapes our creative and innovative nature and culture shapes inherited ideas into social action. This season you have the option to enjoy several experiential programs including an organic gardening lecture & workshop, a geology tour, and a two-part art lecture & workshop series.

Signature Events

The winter of 2011, the Vail Symposium made a concerted effort to begin raising the level of programming and identified a couple of events per season as signature events. This summer will bring you a program taking inspiration from our roots hosting an annual in-depth conference. A two and a half day summit designed to help you discover how to live longer, better and influence positive change in the well-being of the world around you, Living at Your Peak is designed to promote life-long health and fitness through customized experiences in an intimate setting.

Thurs 09.13-15 Living at Your Peak—An Interactive Health, Fitness and Longevity Experience

Vai lsym posi u  

Teaming with Microbes: Organic Gardener’s Lecture & Workshop Jeff Lowenfels | Summer Author Series

Presented in partnership with Colorado Mountain College Join Jeff Lowenfels, one of the most humorous and entertaining garden lecturers, to learn about the science behind organic foods and how to put those ideas into practice in the garden. Jeff’s Friday evening lecture will include discussion about soil, composting and organic gardening. His Saturday morning hands-on workshop will take place in the CMC gardens & greenhouse area and will guide participants through the process of preparing soil and beds and planting your own organic garden. Jeff is a leader in the organic gardening movement and has been called “the Cal Ripken of North American garden columnists.” His weekly column has run in the

“Anchorage Daily News” for over 36 years. He is the author of Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web, one of the most important gardening books published in the past 25 years and a winner of the Garden Writers of America Gold Award. When Jeff was president of the Garden Writers of America (GWA) in 1995, he founded Plant A Row for The Hungry, a program that has grown nationwide and donated food for 75 million meals. Jeff was made a GWA Fellow in 1999 and was inducted into the GWA Hall of Fame in 2005, the highest honor a garden writer can achieve.

Colorado Mountain College | Edwards    Time 5:30 p.m. Friday | 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Saturday      Tickets $15 reception & lecture | $30 garden workshop | $40 both     location

Fri & Sat 06.08-09   

  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

“Saving Face” Daniel Junge & Alison Greenberg | Beaver Creek Documentary Film Series The 2012 Academy Award Winner for Documentary (Short Subject), “Saving Face” chronicles the lives of two Pakistani women, victims of brutal acid attacks, as they attempt to bring their assailants to justice and move on with their lives. Directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Daniel Junge. Produced by Daniel Junge, Davis Coombe and Alison Greenberg. Daniel Junge’s first feature-length film, “Chiefs,” won the Grand Jury Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on PBS. His subsequent feature, “Iron Ladies of Liberia” premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and aired on over 50 broadcasters worldwide including PBS and the BBC. “They Killed Sister Dorothy,” his third feature film, won the Audience and Grand Jury Prizes at the South by Southwest Film Festival before broadcasting on HBO and earning a 2010 Emmy nomination for Best Investigative Journalism. Junge’s film “The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short in 2010. Junge lives in Colorado with his wife, daughter and large dog. Alison Greenberg works in Denver with the Denver Film Society and the Women’s Regional Network. Previously, she was Program Director for Women+Film, which promotes and supports female filmmakers around the world and is a premiere partner of the Denver Film Society. Prior to working for Women+Film, Alison worked for

the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. She is a producer of “Rocky Mountain High”—a feature-length documentary on medical marijuana in Colorado and “Liyana”—a feature length documentary mixed with animation about a group of orphans in the kingdom of Swaziland, which is in production. Sponsored by Beaver Creek Resort Company and The Beaver Creek Merchants Association.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek | Beaver Creek 3:30 p.m. screening & lecture | 7:00 p.m. dinner Tickets Pay what you will. Suggested dontaion of $15 | $99 Dinner location Time

Mon 06.25 Vai lsym posi u  

Chiefs Daniel Junge | Beaver Creek Documentary Film Series

Wind River Indian Reservation (where the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone were confined by the U.S. government on 3,500 square miles of central Wyoming) is hardly an environment conducive to success. poverty, alcoholism, racism, and youth suicide are just a few of the challenges the cultures face. but despite all of this, or perhaps because of it, basketball is played on “The Rez” and played very well. “Chiefs” tells the story of Wind River Indian High School’s basketball team and their community, following the experiences of young native american players over the course of two years as they aspire to win the state championship. by chronicling the experiences of these young players over the course of two years, “Chiefs” shows

what it’s like to grow up Native American in the 21st century. Directed by Daniel Junge. Produced by Donna Dewey and Henry Ansbacher. “Chiefs,” which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival, was Daniel Junge’s first feature-length film. His subsequent feature, “Iron ladies of liberia,” premiered at the toronto Film Festival and aired on over 50 broadcasters worldwide including pbs and the bbC. “they Killed sister Dorothy,” his third feature film, won the Audience and Grand Jury Prizes at the South by Southwest Film Festival before broadcasting on HBO and earning a 2010 emmy nomination for Best Investigative Journalism. He also directed “Saving Face,” which won the Academy Award for Documentary (Short Subject) in 2012. Junge lives in Colorado with his wife, daughter and large dog. Sponsored by Beaver Creek Resort Company and The Beaver Creek Merchants Association.

Tues 06.26

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek | Beaver Creek time 3:30 p.m. screening tiCkets $15 screening loCation

0  Ce le b rati ng a legaCy

“Climate Refugees” Michael Nash & Patrick McConathy | Beaver Creek Documentary Film Series “Climate Refugees” takes a close look at the impact of global warming on population centers, putting a human face on climate change and subsequent migration. The title refers to people who are displaced by climatically induced environmental disasters. Such disasters result from incremental and rapid ecological change, resulting in increased droughts, desertification, sea level rise, and the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, cyclones, fires, mass flooding, and tornadoes. All this is causing mass global migration and border conflicts. For the first time, the Pentagon now considers climate change a national security risk and the term climate wars is being talked about in war-room-like environments in Washington D.C. Written and directed by Michael Nash. Produced by Patrick McConathy, Michael Nash and Debbie Peek. Michael Nash is an Irish-American filmmaker, who directed the award-

winning films “Fuel” and “Nebraska.” During the Copenhagen COP15 conference Nash, considered an expert on environmental migration, helped the UN frame the issue of environmental migrants. At the 2010 Sundance Film Festival screening, Robert Redford stated that “[Climate Refugees] can be an agent for social change.” Patrick McConathy was born in North Carolina and is a graduate of Louisiana State University. Pat has spent the last 37 years working to further energy production within the United States. In addition to his career as a private business owner, Pat has played an active role in community development, serving as Chairman for various boards and organizations. Patrick and his wife Tricia live on their ranch on the Colorado River in McCoy, Colorado. Sponsored by Beaver Creek Resort Company and The Beaver Creek Merchants Association.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek | Beaver Creek Time 3:30 p.m. screening & lecture | 7:00 p.m. dinner Tickets $15 screening & lecture | $99 Dinner location

Wed 06.27 Vai lsym posi u  11

“U.S. Health Care: The Good News” Lisa Hartman & Ed Stein | Beaver Creek Documentary Film Series

“U.S. Health Care: The Good News” looks at high-quality, low-cost health care in communities around the country, including Mesa County in Colorado, and examines the reasons behind the success of these models of health care delivery. Produced by Lisa Hartman. Award-winning producer and director Lisa Hartman is credited with dozens of broadcast programs, training films, special event videos, commercials, and promotional videos. Her areas of expertise and interest include health care, public education, children’s programming, and visual and performing arts. She was a producer for “The Art of Teaching the Arts” for Annenberg Media, produced and directed multiple educational programs for a publisher of books for K-12 teachers, and created, produced and directed NBC’s “News for Kids.” Lisa lives in Denver, Colorado, and is married to cartoonist and writer Ed Stein. They have two children—a recent Boston University graduate who is gainfully employed in New York City, and a college senior who will soon

Thurs 06.28

graduate from the Johnston Center at the University of Redlands. Ed Stein served as story consultant for “U.S. Health Care.” For more than thirty years he has worked as a cartoonist, writer and blogger. His editorial cartoons are syndicated internationally to daily newspapers by Universal Uclick. His comic strip, Freshly Squeezed, also syndicated by Universal, appears in more than 60 newspapers. In addition, he writes occasional commentaries about politics and social issues on his blog. From 1978 until its demise in 2009, Stein was the editorial cartoonist for the “Rocky Mountain News,” producing five cartoons a week. In 1997, he created Denver Square, a comic strip about life in Denver, which he drew for the Rocky until July 2008. Sponsored by Beaver Creek Resort Company and The Beaver Creek Merchants Association.

Lisa Hartman

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek | Beaver Creek Time 3:30 p.m. screening & lecture | 7:00 p.m. dinner Tickets $15 screening & lecture | $99 Dinner


12  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

“one revolution” Chris Waddell | Beaver Creek Documentary Film Series

“One Revolution” opens as dawn breaks atop africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Briefly, glimpses of the mountain frame Chris Waddell as he transfers to his specially designed handcycle. “one revolution” cinematically captures Chris Waddell’s very human journey to dare greatly and, ultimately, to live fully. This film chronicles the heart and spirit behind an extraordinary achievement as it documents the first almost entirely unassisted paraplegic ascent of 19,340-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro. Chris Waddell was a promising young skier at middlebury College in 1988 when a skiing accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Determined to get back on the slopes, he began skiing on a monoski roughly one year later. He went on to become the most decorated male skier in Paralympic history. In 2010, Chris was inducted into both the paralympic Hall of Fame and the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. Chris has been named the Dalai lama’s unsung hero of compassion and has been

featured in numerous publications, including “Outside Magazine,” “Skiing,” “ski,” “national geographic explorer,” and “People Magazine,” who named him one of ‘the 50 most beautiful people in the World.’ He has also appeared on Dateline and Oprah. Sponsored by Beaver Creek Resort Company and The Beaver Creek Merchants Association.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek | Beaver Creek time 3:30 p.m. screening & lecture | 7:00 p.m. dinner tiCkets $15 screening & lecture | $99 Dinner loCation

Fri 06.29 Vai lsym posi u  3

Colorado Mountain Glacial History Exploration Dr. Vince Matthews | Geology Tour Join Dr. Vince Matthews, State Geologist of Colorado, on a tour of our area’s beautiful glacial valleys. We will explore the Central Colorado Mountains, examining a variety of spectacular glacial features on a loop through Minturn, Leadville, Copper Mountain, and Frisco. This route provides views of glacial erosion and depositional features such as U-shaped valleys, lateral and terminal moraines, moraine-dammed lake beds, and a general distribution of the ancient glaciers. We will see periglacial examples of patterned ground, felsenmeer and sackungen. A half-mile walk up the Mosquito Pass Road will provide a view into a cirque containing an active rock glacier. Vince Matthews was appointed State Geologist and Director of the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) in March 2004. He previously held tenured positions at two universities and has taught geology at the University of California, University of Northern Colorado, Arizona State University,

Tues 07.10

the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. As an executive in the natural resources industry for Amoco, Lear, Union Pacific, and Penn Virginia, Matthews explored virtually every basin in the U.S., including Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. After spending twenty years in the natural resources industry, he returned to academia in 1997 and then joined CGS in 2000. He is the author of more than 50 technical articles and abstracts and was senior editor of the multiple award-winning publication, Messages in Stone: Colorado’s Colorful Geology. Vince is a native of Tennessee and received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geology from the University of Georgia and a Ph. D. from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He also completed the Stanford Executive Program. Advance reservations required. Price includes lunch.

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. location Departure from Vail Mountain School | Vail Tickets $60 | $55 VS Donors Time

14  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

Triple Crown Leadership Bob and Gregg Vanourek | Speaking Locally

Most leaders want to achieve results, act ethically and see their work endure, but too few organizations meet this standard, and too few leaders have the tools to get the job done. Business leaders and authors Bob and Gregg Vanourek provide those tools in their new book, Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical and Enduring Organizations. Triple Crown Leadership rallies leaders to a noble quest—building excellent, ethical and enduring organizations—and describes the leadership practices needed to rise to the occasion. Based on the authors’ own experiences and interviews with more than sixty organizations in eleven countries—including some of the world’s most admired, ethical and sustainable companies, as well as social enterprises, start-ups, government organizations, and turnarounds—Triple Crown Leadership provides a road map for this ambitious journey. Bob Vanourek has led global New York Stock Exchange companies through remarkable transformational turnarounds. He served as Group VP and Division President for Pitney

Donovan Pavilion | Vail Time 6:00 p.m. Tickets Free location

Bowes and VP and General Manager of two divisions of Avery International. Bob has taught leadership at the University of Denver and Colorado Mountain College and is Chairman Emeritus of the Vail Leadership Institute. Bob serves on the boards of and consults with numerous businesses and community organizations. Gregg Vanourek works in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development. He co-authored two other books: LIFE Entrepreneurs and Charter Schools in Action. He is an adjunct instructor at the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and taught previously at the Euromed School of Management, University of Denver and Colorado Mountain College. Before that, was cofounder of New Mountain Ventures, SVP of K12 Inc., and VP for Programs at the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. Gregg is a trustee of the Vail Leadership Institute. Author book signing to follow the program. Sponsored by United Way of Eagle River Valley.

Thurs 07.19 Vai lsym posi u  15

Reflections in Stone Bernd Munsteiner | Artist Lecture

Join gem cutter Bernd Munsteiner for a discussion about his life’s work and enjoy a viewing of some of his favorite pieces. Known as “the Picasso of gems,” Munsteiner is one of the greatest gem cutters in history. Born in Germany in 1943, he trained at his father’s lapidary workshop before attending the Arts and Crafts School (now the Academy for Design) at Pforzheim from 1962 to 1966. For more than forty years now he has been turning transparent stones and gems into jewelry, sculptures and other works of art. His crowning creation is his “Metamorphosis” cycle, cut from an 850 kilogram rutilated quartz crystal. He also polished the world’s largest aquamarine (10,363 carats) into “Dom Pedro,” which is more than five times larger than the world’s second-largest aquamarine. His wall sculptures, which he calls simply “pictures,” are created when he geometrically cuts rock crystals and citrines, and then arranges these geometrically cut crystals on quadratic steel slabs. Sponsored by J. Cotter Gallery

Tues 07.24

The Grand View | Lionshead Parking Structure Time 6:00 p.m. Tickets $25 | $15 VS Donors


16  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

photo courtesy of ronald Feldman; Fine arts, nyC

Creating our Future with artscience innovations Todd Siler | Artist Lecture and Workshop

Realizing human potential. Those three words sum up the versatile work of visual artist, writer and innovator todd siler. For over three decades, siler has integrated the arts and sciences in exploring the nature of creativity—how we create, discover, learn, and innovate—interpreting how our creations are connected to nature. siler’s lifelong passion for applying his practice of the artscience process to real-world problems was recently recognized by the World Cultural Council who awarded him the 2011 Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts. Todd will show examples of some of his most adventurous drawings, paintings, sculptures, and art installations, sharing personal stories about how they were created and why he aims to stimulate innovative thinking by tapping everyone’s creative genius.

According to Siler, we all need to help cultivate a world of everyday innovators who learn to collaborate in meeting our most urgent global challenges. speaking to that point, after his presentation, Todd will invite the audience to participate in a fun, informal think tank in which you’re directed to envision ways we can all work together to tackle what Siler sees as the most fundamental challenge; namely, improving human communication by fostering understanding. the arts and aesthetic experiences play the leading role in integrating all human knowledge, which works to improve the state of the world. Light refreshments will be provided.

The Grand View | Lionshead Parking Structure time 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. tiCkets $40 | $30 VS Donors loCation

Wed 08.08

Vai lsym posi u  7

dreams: a door to imagination & Creativity Victoria Rabinowe | Artist Lecture and Workshop

Victoria Rabinowe lives what she writes and draws what she dreams. she teaches others, through her workshops, to work with their own dreams creatively as well. Participants will be invited to design a dream book with her, contouring a book uniquely engineered to the patterns, forms and shapes suggested by the topography of the dream narrative. investigate literal and symbolic forms of storytelling as

you consider the arrangement and interrelationship of the dream events within your book structure. Victoria is an annual presenter at the international association for the study of Dreams. trained in advanced DreamTending at Pacifica Graduate Institute, she has taught over 600 workshops, seminars and retreats in the art and craft of dream work to artists, writers, therapists, teachers, and spiritual guidance counselors internationally. she is the creative director of the Dreaming arts Studio and the Bright Shadow Press in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Victoria is the author and illustrator of I Had the Craziest Dream Last Night: Creative Explorations into the Genius of the Night Mind. Dreams provide the substance, spirit and depth of her artist’s books and artworks, which have been exhibited in museums, galleries and universities throughout the united states, Canada and Japan.

artist leCture

Mon 08.13

The Grand View | Lionshead Parking Structure 6:00 p.m. tiCkets lecture: $25 | $15 Vs Donors | Lecture and Workshop: $55 | $40 VS Donors

Tues 08.14

turn your dreams into an artist Book | artist WorksHoP

loCation time

The Grand View | Lionshead Parking Structure time 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. tiCkets $40 | $30 VS Donors loCation

8  Ce le b rati ng a legaCy

The roots of modern Civilization: Lessons From the mesa Verde region Mark Varien | Speaking Locally

Presented in partnership with Walking Mountains Science Center. mark Varien, research and education Chair at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, ventures back in time for a look at the deep history of the pueblo Indians. He will share his knowledge of the origins of the pueblo in the mesa Verde region of southwest Colorado, and what they can teach us about the roots of modern civilization. the neolithic revolution refers to the shift in human history from hunting and gathering to domesticated food production. During the vast majority of our time on earth, humans subsisted by hunting wild animals and collecting wild plants. about 10,000 years ago, people created the first domesticated foods. The pueblo indian society in the mesa Verde region is perhaps the best-documented case in the world of the expansion of this new Neolithic way of life. The origins of pueblo society in the mesa

Verde region are the focus of the Center’s newest research initiative: the basketmaker Communities project, a multiyear excavation project focused on a dense concentration of sites dating to the Basketmaker III period (A.D. 600725). The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colorado is an internationally renowned institute whose mission is to increase knowledge of the human experience through archaeological research, education programs, and collaboration with American Indians. mark received his b. a. in archaeological Studies (1976) and his M. A. in Anthropology (1984) from the University of Texas at Austin. He was also awarded a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Arizona State University (1997).

Walking Mountains Science Center | Avon time 6:00 p.m. tiCkets Free loCation

Mon 08.27 Vai lsym posi u  9

What if you could... go for a run with an Olympic running coach? savor healthy and delicious gourmet meals prepared by some of the nation’s top chefs? rub elbows with the researchers who are pioneering innovations in health, nutrition DQG¿WQHVV" learn how to live at your personal peak? Now you can.


The ultimate champion and one of tennis’s most charismatic and UHVSHFWHG¿JXUHV

Live Better. Live Longer.


An Interactive Health, Fitness and Longevity Experience September 13-15, 2012

Vail, CO |

Unparalleled access to internationally recognized trainers, nutritionists, researchers & medical experts.




Event Emcee & CoAnchor of NBC News Sunday TODAY Show.

Coach for the Olympic Women’s Running team. Mount Everest climber and adventure racer.

Director, Women’s Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai. Trailblazer and leader in preventive heart health.



Executive Director of the Anschutz Center for Health and Wellness. Leading expert and author on nutrition.

Professor of Neurology, Columbia Neuroscience. Nationally renowned expert on brain health.

Register today to join us for an interactive weekend with these leading experts and many more!

Interactive and intimate sessions incorporate the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of performance.

A program of the vailsymposium


Wanderlust Wining Bike Tour Stefani Jackenthal | Fundraiser

Four days and three nights of spinning and sipping excitement awaits you when you join former All-American triathlete, adventure & wine journalist and author stefani Jackenthal for a bike and wine tour through some of Colorado’s most epic landscapes. based on her book Wanderlust Wining, stefani will lead 20 thirsty, fun-seeking cyclists from palisade to paonia to Carbondale to Vail. you’ll spend each day pedaling past verdant vineyards and climbing the scenic switchbacks of Colorado national monument and mesa pass, then refuel and kick back each evening with farm-to-table suppers paired with tantalizing wine tastings. Crafted for riders of varying levels, each day offers a long and short ride. The sag wagon will transport personal items, snacks and cyclists who prefer to ride short days. every evening, stefani will lead wine tastings that are paired with multi-course meals. We’ll visit a few wineries along the way too—post riding.

Transportation will depart from a pre-determined location 8:00 a.m. on September 17th tiCkets $2,200 | $1,800 VS donors | $250 single room additional charge. price includes lodging, dining & wine, wine tastings, transportation to Palisade and sag support. loCation

Mon-Thurs 09.17-20

22  Ce le b rati ng a legaCy

The rides

Note: Shorter rides available on all days.

day 1: Drive Vail to Palisade & ride Colorado  National Monument: 35+ miles or Fruit  Loop: 25 miles 

day 2: Palisade to Hotchkis/Paonia (via mesa Pass): 70 miles

day 3: Paonia to Carbondale  (via McClure Pass): 70 miles

day 4: Carbondale to Vail  (via Glenwood Canyon): 75 miles

Vai lsym posi u  23

Ticket Packages A part of our mission is to provide aff ordable programs to the community. To assist in achieving this goal we are off ering the community the opportunity to purchase ticket packages at a highly discounted rate. This summer you can purchase a Beaver Creek documentary Film Festival Package*, which includes access to all fi ve fi lms and lectures with a total value of $60 for only $45, or you can purchase a summer season Pass which includes all regular programs**, including three workshops (organic gardening and two artist workshops) with a total value of $205/$70 for only $0/$95. *Advance purchase required. **The Season Pass does not include Beaver Creek Documentary Film Festival, Living at Your Peak, fundraisers, special donor events, or speaker dinners. Tickets are non-transferable. Limited quantity available.

donor Ticket Pricing Did you know you can receive $0 off the ticket price of most programs? Donate $50 per couple you will receive the member price and a tax receipt for your donation as well. For more information on donor benefi ts, please refer to page 27.

Ticket sales Please note all ticket and/or pass sales are fi nal and non-refundable. Tickets and passes must be paid for at the time of purchase and are transferable. Complimentary tickets off ered to donors per the benefi ts schedule are not transferable.

Ticket donations If you are unable to attend a program, please call our oďŹƒ ce at (970) 476-0954 to donate your tickets to area students. You will receive a tax acknowledgement for each ticket you return and the sincere gratitude of the Vail Symposium.

seating There is no reserved seating at any of our programs. Special accommodations are available for those that may need assistance.

24  Ce le b rati ng a legaCy

Support the VS by Purchasing

The inventors of Vail by Dick Hauserman A wonderful gift, souvenir or history book during Vail’s 50th anniversary Celebration, The Inventors of Vail tells the entire story of the remarkable men and women who created a world class community from acres of pasture. A stunning story that sweeps the vistas of history from before Vail to 1969. Books are available at the Vail Daily booth at the Vail Farmers market on sundays throughout the summer, or you can place an order at or by calling (970) 476-0954. Proceeds of all sales of Dick Hauserman’s The Inventors of Vail and On the Road benefit the Vail Symposium and our mission to provide affordable thought-provoking programs to the Vail Valley.

Commemorative serigraph

Limited Opportunity Print Available

From the beginning of his career, tom Benton was especially drawn to the impact of symbols and text, working in tandem in his numerous “cause” posters for the Vail Symposium. His iconic works mesmerized his subjects with compositions of complex, layered images of bold colors, text and symbols. He was prodigiously productive and certainly a man considered by peers and collaborators alike as equal parts dreamer and doer. We had so many requests for this poster! Now, for a limited time you can purchase, “one path, many roads” an original, signed, limited-edition, hand-pulled serigraph print for $150 at or by calling (970) 476-0954.

Vai lsym posi u  25

Founders 40

I have attended Vail Symposium events for several years, but had not been intimately involved with the organization. I met Alby Segall, CEO of the Symposium, at a program presented by Rick Hodes, a selfl ess doctor who has been saving lives in Ethiopia for the past 22 years. He invited me to consider becoming more actively involved both in the organization and fi nancially. I believe that the Symposium fi lls a void in our community that is critical to the intellectual life of the Vail Valley. No other non-profi t attempts to tickle our minds and ignite our imagination. I believe that the vibrancy of our community is based on our three-legged stool: recreation, culture and health. The Vail Symposium addresses all three, and has done so for the past forty years. Won’t you help to insure that the next forty years are just as successful? Please join me as a member of Founders 40. Or you could step up to the Patron’s Circle level like some of our donors and become a member of Founders 40 that way! Either way, in 205 when people look back at the remarkable eighty-year history of the Symposium, it will be in part thanks to you. Our goal is to gain commitments from 00 individuals and families like you, who live in and love the Vail Valley, but have not been regular supporters of the Symposium. The Founders 40 honors the Vail Symposium’s fortieth anniversary, which we just celebrated, and will prepare us for the future! The Vail Symposium wants to be around to enrich the lives of your grandchildren and ours.

Andrew Kaufman, MD

26  Ce le b rati ng a legaCy


Ways to Give Only 17 percent of our income comes from ticket sales. The rest comes from private donations from friends like you! All donors receive complimentary tickets based on level of giving, discounts on programs, advance notification and registration for events, direct mailing of program brochure, weekly e-Newsletters, and acknowledgement in the program brochure and website.

Donor Levels Patron’s Circle Four-year pledge of $3,000+/year Founders 40 Four-year pledge of $1,000+/year Luminary $5,000 & above

patron’s Circle and Founders 40 campaigns entail a four-year financial commitment with premier benefits.

PLAN make a future gift to the Vail Symposium as part of your will or estate planning.

SPONSOR individual program and series sponsorships allow you to demonstrate your commitment to the community.

SUPPORT speakers choose Vail for its destination. Help us sweeten the deal with frequent flyer miles and other financial means. Visit our website to make a gift today! donate. For additional information about how to support the Vail symposium and associated benefits, please call Liana Moore at (970) 476-0954.

Lighthouse $2,500 – 4,999 Beacon $1,000 – 2,499 Lantern $500 – 999 Candle $250 – 499

the Vail symposium is a taxexempt 501(c)(3) organization in accordance with Federal Tax Law and is eligible to receive taxdeductible contributions.

Spark Couple $150 – 249 Spark $100 – 249

Additional Benefi ts LUMINARY LIGHTHOUSE

general lecture ticket Film ticket

2 per lecture

2 per lecture












invite to donor appreciation event advance invite to private speaker dinners recognition as sponsor of one program per season

Vai lsym posi u  27

Volunteer Spotlight Laurie Kleisinger and her family—husband Terry and sons Cody and Casey—spent a couple weeks in Vail every summer for the bob Johnson Hockey Camp when Cody and Casey were young. Terry had played with the NHL for the New York Rangers organization in college and passed his passion and aptitude for hockey on to his sons (Casey now plays for the Air Force Academy). Laurie also has an athletic past; she ran track at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where she and Terry met. The wide range of sports-related activities and the sheer sparkling beauty of rocky mountain summers wooed them over the years; in 1999 laurie and terry decided to pack up and move their family from Madison, Wisconsin to the Vail Valley. they’ve been here ever since. Laurie has always enjoyed volunteering and staying busy. along with being constantly on the go as a hockey mom, she has worked as a substitute teacher and track and crosscountry coach at Battle Mountain High school, served as the president of Vail Junior Hockey and volunteers in local schools whenever a need arises. she also helps friends who own area stores when they need it and sells lift tickets at Arrowhead. When she has a free moment she loves hiking in the summers and snowshoeing in the winters. a love of education and a little bit of serendipity brought laurie to the Vail symposium about four years ago. she had been craving a new learning opportunity,

28  Ce le b rati ng a legaCy

but wasn’t sure she wanted to invest the money and/or dedicate the time to a semester at Colorado mountain College. right around that time a Vail symposium program brochure turned up in her mailbox. she began volunteering for the symposium then, and has been a valuable asset to the organization since. When she isn’t volunteering, attending a hockey game or trekking through the backcountry, laurie makes sure to indulge in another life-long passion of hers, travel. she caught the travel bug during a stint as an exchange student in France in high school; an experience she said was eye opening and showed her that traveling the world is truly the best education. this spring laurie and terry are venturing to egypt on a cruise that will take them from Barcelona, Spain to alexandria and Cairo in egypt, then through the Suez Canal to Jordan, down the Red Sea, with a chance to visit luxor, egypt, then around the Arabian peninsula to finish in Dubai. she said she is especially intrigued by this itinerary because she has attended so many symposium programs that have touched on issues and influences from these regions, whether it was the Arab Spring this past winter, or economic issues in europe. “I have always been an advocate for life-long learning and adult education. the Vail symposium does a great job of filling this need in the Vail Valley and i’m thrilled to be a part of this organization.” –Laurie Kleisinger

Member Spotlight Allison Krausen moved to Vail for an internship the summer after she finished college. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she had just graduated from princeton university, where she studied east asian studies with a focus on contemporary China, and modern dance. She was looking for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the east Coast and had spent time in Colorado on vacations as a child. she thought the rocky mountains would provide a good chance to get outside and take a break. Her plan was to stay only for a short while before returning to the east Coast for business school. Those plans changed, however, when she found herself recruited into a career in banking. the Vail Valley had also worked its charm on her that summer and she decided to stay indefinitely. She has been here ever since. not long after moving to Vail, allison began attending Vail symposium programs. she found she craved the cultural quality they brought to her life, and to the life of the community, and she appreciated the thoughtful nature of the programming. It wasn’t long before then executive Director ebby pinson recruited her to join the board of Directors. The organization was primed and in a perfect position to change and grow, and Allison was thrilled to be a part of it. she joined the board, and soon after took on the role of treasurer. This past winter Allison joined Jim Ruh as Co-Chair of the board of Directors.

Allison is excited to work with the organization in her new role as it continues to grow and thrive. She values the range and quality of programs provided, and stresses the importance of programs that are accessible and affordable to the community without sacrificing quality, such as those in the beloved unlimited adventure series. allison takes pride in the relationships the symposium maintains with other organizations such as the partnership with the asia society. this holds special meaning to her, both because of her own background, and because the relationship between the united states and asia is becoming increasingly relevant, making it critically important to discuss. in her spare time allison enjoys running. she often competes in races from 10,000 meters to marathon distance and will be competing at the national Championships for track and Field in the half-marathon event this summer. She lives in Edwards with her husband Kyle Webb and her two stepchildren. “i’m so passionate about the Vail symposium. i love the dialogue the programs create in our community. the symposium provides a rich cultural and intellectual foundation that creates a place that my family and i are happy to call home.” –Allison Krausen

Vai lsym posi u  29

Supporting Donors

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind 30  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

The Patron’s Circle and Founders 40 recognizes distinct community members who continued to make a multi-year commitment to the Vail Symposium. We thank these donors for supporting our future by providing the foundation for our organization.

Patron’s Circle Richard Gretz and Doris Dewton Pete and Pat Frechette David and Barbara LeVine Charles and Sandy Lloyd Founders 40 Michael and Marci Balk Richard and Pamela Bard Gary and Carolyn Cage David and Marcia Christofferson Ned Churchill Charles Dolan and Susan Mackin Dolan Fairfield County Community Fund Peter and Carole Feistmann Allan Finney and Nancy Gage Harry and Susan Frampton Ben and Holly Gill Katherine Gold Alan and Barbara Goncharoff Bob and Judy Holmes Kathy and Al Hubbard Jay and Kirk Huffard Alberta and Reese Johnson Art and Elaine Kelton Rob LeVine and Evelyn Pinney Deb and Dan Luginbuhl Tony and Barbie Mayer Terry Minger Dale and Jeanne Mosier Priscilla O’Neil Art and Lindsay Reimers Kathi Renman Bobbie and Jim Ruh Bernie and Suzanne Scharf Alby Segall Myrna and Don Sigman Rod and Beth Slifer Marjorie Vickers Kyle Webb and Allison Krausen

Luminary 5280 Magazine* Antlers at Vail* Beaver Creek Resort Company* John and Deborah Dakajos Donovan Pavilion* Jay and Kirk Huffard Charles and Sandy Lloyd Rohn and Debbie Robbins Brigette Schabdach* The Sebastian Vail SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning, LLC Town of Vail* Vail Daily* Vail Local Marketing District* Vail Resorts Echo*

Vai lsym posi u  31

Lighthouse Alpine Bank Todger and Shannon Anderson Beaver Creek Merchants Association Betteridge Jewellers Biegler Foundation Colorado Mountain Express* CSG-PR El Pomar Foundation Larry and Stephanie Flinn Four Seasons Resort Vail* Pete and Pat Frechette Game Creek Club* Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer Richard Gretz and Doris Dewton Bob and Judy Holmes Stacey Jones Adam Katzen* Andrew Kaufman David and Barbara LeVine Rob LeVine and Evelyn Pinney Deb and Dan Luginbuhl Terry Minger Priscilla O’Neil Park Hyatt Beaver Creek* Paul and Wendy Raether Ruggs Benedict* Bobbie and Jim Ruh Myrna and Don Sigman John and Jamie Stone Marshall Thomas Town of Vail Public Library United Way of Eagle River Valley Kyle Webb and Allison Krausen

32  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

Beacon Brownell Bailey Michael and Marci Balk Richard and Pamela Bard Big Delicious* Gary and Carolyn Cage David and Marcia Christofferson Ned Churchill Crazy Mountain Brewery* Charles Dolan and Susan Mackin Dolan Fairfield County Community Fund Peter and Carole Feistmann Allan Finney and Nancy Gage Harry and Susan Frampton Ben and Holly Gill Katherine Gold Alan and Barbara Goncharoff Kathy and Al Hubbard Alberta and Reese Johnson Kalex Winery* Art and Elaine Kelton Alan and Judy Kosloff KSL Capital Partners* KZYR - The Zephyr* Merv Lapin The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera* The Lodge at Vail* Loewenstern Foundation Loews Regency Hotel* Tony and Barbie Mayer Sarah Millet Dale and Jeanne Mosier Mountain Digital, Inc.* Art and Lindsay Reimers Kathi Renman Restaurant Kelly Liken* Rocky Mountain Hydroponics & Organics Don and Mary Rogers Bernie and Suzanne Scharf Alby Segall Shaw Electric Vince and Helen Sheehy Rod and Beth Slifer Sonnenalp Resort* SPiN New York* The University of Denver* Vail Cascade* Marjorie Vickers Woody and Lynn Woodruff

Lantern Aberle Investment Management Roger and Margo Behler Nancy Benson Brown Dog Designs* Nancy Burton Kevin and Sally Clair Colorado Mountain College* Steve and Amy Coyer Alan and Silvia Danson Fred and Ines Distelhorst Buck and Holly Elliott Kent Erickson and Barbara Krichbaum Neal Groff Home Chefs* John and Kerma Karoly Joel and Gloria Koenig Brenda and Joe McHugh J.P. and Heather McInerny Frank and Allison Navarro Southern Wine and Spirits of Colorado, Inc.* The Denver Foundation Vail Mountain School* West Vail Liquor Mart*

Candle Alpine Party Rentals* Joerg and Rita Braun Jeff and Diane Brundage Carl Colby and Doe Browning Andrea Eddy Edwards Interfaith Chapel* John Feagin and Martha Head Jim and Cookie Flaum Jean and Phil Graham Steve and Lee Gulotta Barbara Hibben Michael and Andrea Leeds Les and Faith Lerner Lionsquare Lodge* Peter and Dora Macdonald Rosette Mare John and Ann Martin Minturn Saloon* Momence* Jim and Karen Morter MPH Bank Foundation, Inc. Bill and Jacque Oakes David and Nancy Paige Jim Palenchar and Liz Lynner Diane Pitt and Mitch Karlin Ron and Ann Riley Kenneth and Connie Scutari John and Nancy Snyder Marty and Sue Solomon Les and Madeline Stern Cathy Thompson, State Farm Insurance Robert and Susan Torvestad Laura Tumperi Vail Valley Foundation* David Wahl and Carol Traut Alyn Park and Jay Wissot Glen and Margaret Wood

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind Vai lsym posi u  33

Spark Peter Abuisi Sandi and Larry Agneberg Matthew and Barbie Allen Loring and Bill Amass Judd and Gretchen Babcock Ronnie and Dierdre Baker Gene Balloun Lucy Baumrind Pat and Roger Benedict Charles and Kay Bertrand Alex Biegler Heidi Bintz Jane Blanch Blue Moose Pizza, The Chophouse, Foxnut Sushi* David and Adriana Bombard Eleanore and Gus Bramante Pam Brandmeyer Marka Brenner Magrit Brinker Matilde Broder Cliff Broder Phil and Sunny Brodsky Kathryn Caloia Candice Carr Don and Joan Chambers Bill and Toko Chapin Michael Charles Liz Clark Dick Cleveland and Kathy Langenwalter Carol Cockrum Don and Terry Cohen Carol Collins Stan and Mary Ellen Cope Glenn Davis Mark and Susan Dean Dick and Joy Dirkes Mary and Rodgers Dockstader Jack and Kathleen Eck Effen Vodka* Arthur and Arlene Elkind Don and Deb Felio Buzz Finn and Linda Hryckowian Susan Fradin Victoria Frank Morris and Mikki Futernick Charlie and Mona Marie Gambrill Lannie Garrett* Tom and Sandy Gaylord Donna Giordano

34  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

Nancy Gladstone Mike and Andrea Glass Howard and Corinne Goodstein Terry Graham Rosemary Graham Michael Gross Kat Haber Jim and Karen Haeffner Morris and Gretchen Hatley Dan and Chris Havekost Jane and Tom Healy George Henry and Kathy Chandler-Henry Becky Hernreich Linda Hill Gordon Hoffstein Hot House Flowers of Vail* Nancy Hughes Caleb Hurtt Richard Jackson and Cheryl Moskal Sally and Paul Johnston Sarah Johnston Bonnie Kivel Laurie Kleisinger Jon and Sue Korn George and Lizette Lamb Alice Leeds Peter and Helena Leslie William and Ann Loper Bob and Ann Louthan Fletcher MacNeill Hank Mader Makers 46* Marjorie Marks Diana Mathias Tom and Marcia McCalden Jerry McMahan Doug and Anne McNeill Luc and Liz Meyer Robert and Susan Miller Marie Millman Sheri Mintz Thomas Moorhead Kenneth and Judy Morgan Marka Moser Mountain Haus Gary and Rosanne Oatey Chris Offutt Mark Ogle Dick and Sally O’Loughlin Dorothy Parsons Jean and Larry Peterson

Susan Pollack James and Jackie Power Mary Randall Shari Redstone Pearl Rieger Terie Roubos Thomas Salamunovich and Nancy Sweeney Lynda Sampson Richard and Aline Sandomire Alvin Schonfeld Carole Schragen Scott Rella and Julie Norberg Richard and Ann Selph Lisa Siegert-Free Richard and Arlene Sirlin Jim and Daphne Slevin Doug and Jamie Smith Robin and Kathy Smith Richard and Pam Smith Stephen and Nancy Snyder Mimi and Woody Stockwell Barry and Evelyn Strauch Kathie Talbot Carroll Tyler Jennifer and Jake Van Beelen Melvin and Barbara Vaughn Linda and Stephen Waterhouse Bob and Karin Weber Susan Weihl Ronald and Susan Zapletal Ken and Sara Ziejewski Friends Eytan Agman Jessica Arluck David Arluck Richard Arluck Kathryn Barlow Jeff Barlow Lisa Barnes David Bernstein LeRoy and Lavelle Carlson Michael and Sounia Chaney Kay Christensen William Cotton Deborah DeSantis Deb Deverell Andrea Feinberg Michele Frankel Michele Freidus Mitch Friedman Elaine Gelvin

Rich and Phyllis Golden Jeff and Sheryl Goldman Roslyn Goldstein Justin Gorenkoff Todd Harker Dolores Hatami Ellen Heller Michele Hovey Rosalie Isom Ed and Carolyn Koplin Jennifer Leeds Tracy Leeds Lauren Leeds Richard Leeds Gerard and Lilo Leeds Amy Lewis Mike Mathias Gretchen McNamee Liana and Mike Moore Michelle Parenti Genevieve Peirce Lex and Ebby Pinson Lee Rimel and Gracie Campbell Margaret Rogers Kelli Rohig Paul and Nancy Rondeau Stacey Sapp Holly Scott Audrey Serel Les and Maureen Shapiro Kenneth and Elizabeth Snyder Marla Steele Bob and Claudia Wolloch Hap and Nancy Young

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind Vai lsym posi u  35

Speakers in the Schools Since 2007, the Vail Symposium mountains, underwater adventuring, or has been bringing speakers from our exploring the world’s last great frozen most popular series into Eagle County places. These presentations provide schools. The Unlimited Adventure a wonderful opportunity for students Series features accomplished to learn from world-class athletes adventurers, mountaineers, and notable athletes “The Vail Symposium speakers for six thrilling help us broaden our horizons for our winter evenings at the Donovan students who don’t necessarily get a Pavilion. Many of the chance to travel and explore the world.” Unlimited Adventure guests are also authors or film makers who are generous enough to spend some additional time during their stay in Vail to meet with students in our schools. These individuals visit local public and private elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as and adventurers in an interactive the ski academy; and cover a range of environment. The students often walk topics with students, including science, away feeling inspired, and having medicine, climate change, geography, learned a little more about the world filmmaking, the environment, leadership, beyond Eagle County. survival skills, art, current events, and “The Vail Symposium speakers cultural diversity. help us broaden our horizons for our Each of these speakers has an students who don’t necessarily get a amazing story to tell, whether it’s about chance to travel and explore the world,” filming high adrenaline television said Michael Moser, Natural Science shows and documentaries, skiing big

36  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

Unlimited Adventure speaker Timmy O’Neill spoke to students this past winter.

teacher at Homestake Peak School Expeditionary Learning School. “When we bring the world to them, it helps inspire them to reach out and see all there is to experience. Most importantly, it reinforces the notion that there are adult role models who care about them and their success.” This past winter Unlimited Adventure speakers Eric Larsen and Timmy O’Neill both took the time to share their stories with local students. Larsen, the first person to have reached the South Pole, North Pole, and the summit of Mount Everest within one year, spoke to Michael Moser’s 7th and 8th grade science students at Homestake Peak School about his icy adventures. He taught them about the geology of the poles, instructing that the South Pole is ice on land, while the North Pole is ice on water. He also invited students to join him on stage and try on some of his cold weather gear, explaining the various types of equipment needed for different expeditions and why proper equipment is so important for successful treks. Climber and co-founder of Paradox Sports Timmy O’Neill spoke, in both

Spanish and English, to the entire 6th grade at Berry Creek Middle School about his life as an adventurer and how it changed when his brother became a paraplegic after an accident. Rather than giving up on his dream to climb higher and faster, he co-founded Paradox Sports which is a non-profit organization that aims to “integrate the physically disabled into the outdoor community by providing inspiration, opportunities, and the adaptive equipment needed to participate in human-powered outdoor sports.” Thank you to Susan Mackin Dolan and Debbie Robbins for making Speakers in the Schools a reality.

Vai lsym posi u  37

Winter 2012 Highlights

Photo credit Peter Leslie

“It (the Vail Symposium) is one of the reasons we want to spend more time in Vail.”

38  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

The season kicked off with an especially popular Taste of Yale in Vail program featuring a presentation of the works of photographer Robert Adams by Yale Alumnae and Denver Art Museum Curator of Photography, Eric Paddock, which was then followed by an entertaining performance by the unaccompanied voices of the famed Yale Whiffenpoofs. This season’s Unlimited Adventure Series inspired us with intrepid adventurers and athletes including Olympian Connie Carpenter, modern-day polar explorer Eric Larsen, climber and comedian Timmy O’Neil, inspirational adventurer and yachtsman Neal Petersen, and adventure and wine journalist Stefani Jackenthal. We brought the world to Vail with Yvo do Boer, former Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Climate Change, Ambassador Christopher Hill on Arab Spring, and Jamie Metzl on China and India.

“You all do a phenomenal job. I really enjoy attending your events when I am able. You offer a variety of interesting topics and are a great value to the Vail community.”

The season concluded with an especially pertinent program featuring former Senators Christopher Dodd and Hank Brown. These two politicians from different sides of the aisle respectfully addressed the very serious issues facing our legislative system.

Vai lsym posi u  39

40  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

Get involved

There are many ways to help the Symposium thrive. Thank you to the following volunteers: lorinda arpin Carysn bock Carmen Castillo Liz Clark Denisse Favela Tracey Flower Debbie King laurie Kleisinger Katie nelson Debbie robbins Jeff Weddle

Spread the word Volunteer Write a Blog Assist speakers during their visit Be an intern Submit a program idea Donate tickets Join a program committee Attend an event Write a letter to the editor

a unique perspective in architectural design solutions

k . h . w e b b a r c h i t e c t s . p c w w w . k h we b b . c o m v a i l c o l o r a d o 970.477.2990

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Vai ignettes

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Vail Vignettes Event Volunteers:

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The Vail Symposium thanks the following + for their support event: + of this + +

The VS thanks our featured Honorees and their Spouses:

The Vail Symposium and

Mindy A. Jack & Kathleen Eck Vail Valley Theatre Carmen Castillo Art Company & Elaine Kelton Liz Clark Kelly Likento& Rick Colomitz offer our heartfelt thanks Margaret Collins with Momence Beth & Rod Slifer Denisse Favela Tracey Flower The Evening’s Honorees and their Spouses Amy Fordham Debbie JackKing & Kathleen Eck = Art & Elaine Kelton Jeanne Whitney

Kelly Liken & Rick Colomitz = Beth & Rod Slifer


The essence of Your evenT

42  Ce le b rati ng a legacy

Photos by White Starfish Photography

Thank you Vail Vignettes Sponsors Our Sponsors

Thank you SPiN VAIL Sponsors The Vail Symposium thanks the following for their support of this event:

Rebecca Hernreich

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped move our office

Cathy Thompson State Farm Insurance

Randi Davis Bill Douglas Cristobal Hernandez Rob LeVine

Our new address is 953 S. Frontage Road. #106, Vail, Colorado 81657

Mike Moore Katie Nelson Susan Mackin Dolan Calletano Ponce Dana Pruchnicki Macario Sanchez The Paint Bucket Jeff Weddle

Thanks, Vail Symposium! If you wish to expand your real estate knowledge, please contact me for a complementary market analysis specific to your property. Nancy Burton Associate Broker Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties 970-343-2869 | Vai lsym posi u  43

Venue Directions Colorado Mountain College

The Grand View

150 Miller Ranch Rd. | Edwards (970) 453-6757

Lionshead Parking Structure 395 E Lionshead Circle | Vail

From I-70, take exit 163 (Edwards) and proceed south onto Edwards Access Rd. Take first left onto Miller Ranch Rd. The college will be on the right.

Vail’s newest community space on the third floor of the Lionshead Welcome Center I-70, take exit 176 (Vail) and proceed west on S. Frontage Road towards Lionshead. Turn left into Lionshead Parking Structure. Free summer parking.

Donovan Pavilion 1600 S. Frontage Rd. | Vail (970) 477-3699

From I-70, take exit 173 (West Vail) and proceed south and continue east on S. Frontage Rd. parallel to I-70. The Pavilion will be 0.7 mile on the right. Look for the large stone sign and a playground.

Walking Mountains Science Center 318 Walking Mountains Lane | Avon (970) 827-9725

From I-70 headed east, take exit 167. Keep left at the fork. Turn left at the roundabout. Turn slight right onto Nottingham Road. Take the second right onto Buck Creek Road and make an immediate right onto Walking Mountains Lane. The Science Center is located at the end of the drive (approximately 1/4 mile). From I-70 headed west, take exit 167. Turn slight right onto Nottingham Road. Take the second right onto Buck Creek Road and make an immediate right onto Walking Mountains Lane. The Science Center is located at the end of the drive (approximately 1/4 mile).

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek 136 East Thomas Place | Avon (970) 949-1234

From I-70, take exit 167 (Avon) and head South through Avon and the series of roundabouts until you reach the entrance to Beaver Creek Resort and the welcome gates. Proceed on Village Road for about 2.2 miles. Parking Options:

Bear Parking Lot- located at the base of the west entrance to Beaver Creek (At the Beaver Creek roundabout go west on highway 6 and take a left at the stop light). Free parking with complimentary shuttle service to the Main Village. Villa Montane - in the Main Village, off Avondale Lane. Free summer parking Village Hall - in the Main Village, before the skier bridge. Free summer parking.

Vail Mountain School 3000 Booth Falls Rd. | Vail (970) 476-3850

From I-70, take exit 180 (East Vail). Travel west on N. Frontage Rd. Make a right onto Booth Falls Rd. and another right into the school parking lot.

Parking: For most Vail and Beaver Creek venues, we ask that you please utilize public parking structures. Call our office at (970)476-0954 for specific parking information.

44  Ce le b rati ng a legacy





VAIL, CO 81658 970.476.0954



P.O. Box 3038 | Vail, CO 81658 (970)476-0954 | fax (970)476-0710 facebook & Twitter | Vail Symposium

Vail Symposium

Programs at-a-glance 06.08-09 Teaming with Microbes:

07.19 Triple Crown Leadership

Organic Gardenerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lecture & Workshop Jeff Lowenfels

Bob and Gregg Vanourek

07.24 Reflections in Stone 06.25 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Saving Faceâ&#x20AC;? Daniel Junge

Bernd Munsteiner

& Alison Greenberg

06.26 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chiefsâ&#x20AC;?

08.08 Creating Our Future with ArtScience Innovations Todd Siler

Daniel Junge

06.27 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Climate Refugeesâ&#x20AC;?

08.13-14 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Turn Your Dream into an Artist Bookâ&#x20AC;? Victoria Rabinowe

Michael Nash & Patrick McConathy

06.28 â&#x20AC;&#x153;U.S. Healthcare: The Good

08.27 The Roots of Modern Civilization Mark Varien

Newsâ&#x20AC;? Lisa Hartman & Ed Stein 09.13-15 Living at Your Peak 06.29 â&#x20AC;&#x153;One Revolutionâ&#x20AC;? Chris Waddell

Martina Navratilova

07.10 Colorado Mountain Glacial

09.17-20 Wanderlust Wining Bike Tour Stefani Jackenthal

History Tour Dr. Vince Matthews

Vail Symposium 2012 Summer Program Brochure  

Vail Symposium 2012 Summer Program Brochure

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