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FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, IT HAS BEEN MY PLEASURE TO SERVE AS CHAIR OF THE VENERABLE VAIL SYMPOSIUM. IT HAS, I THINK, BEEN A GOOD RUN. During the last three years, through earnest teamwork, commitment, and the talents of a gifted staff and board, I sense that a new vitality and energy has been breathed into the ‘ol Symposium which has been an essential part of this community for what is now four decades and a half. In in that time, the Symposium has grown ever more timely and more relevant, and more open to new approaches and ideas. One need look no farther than to our consciousness series to know that we are listening to a new, engaged constituency while still catering to the old. We have feasted on the meat-and-potatoes of geopolitics, thrilled at the adventures of the fearless and explored the brave frontiers of new medicine and technology. As we turn to a new season, I pass the torch to new leadership with great trust, confidence and excitement for what portends to be a stimulating future. It has, however, been an honor to hold the helm these last three years and to hopefully have faithfully helped steer this vessel of the mind to calm and open waters. I owe a debt a gratitude to those who have sat in the leader’s chair before me. It is not too much to say that I have stood on the shoulders of giants. Nor is it too much to humbly hope that, at the least, I have done nothing to topple the growing stature of the Symposium. That gratitude extends to our faithful staff, our brilliant board, our supporters, attendees and even critics, all of whom foster the robust debate and introspection that is the essence of the mission of intellectual engagement for which the Vail Symposiums has always stood and continues to stand. One thing that has stayed consistent through our history, is our need for your involvement and support. Not only do we welcome your input and ideas, your financial support is the engine that drives our programming and the future directions we can take, and is accepted with the gratitude your generosity deserves. Beginning June, our programming chair, Dale Mosier, will be taking the seat that I’ve been incubating these past several years and I have faith that the Symposium will be in extraordinary hands. Thank you for your support. I look forward to joining you in our future. With all best wishes,

Rohn K. Robbins, outgoing chair


IT HAS BEEN MY PRIVILEGE TO SERVE AS THE VAIL SYMPOSIUM’S CHAIRPERSON OF THE PROGRAM COMMITTEE FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS. The Program Committee works very hard to curate and present programs that are thought-provoking, diverse and affordable to Vail Valley residents and second home owners. We focus on bringing strong outside speakers and panelists to supplement strong local speakers and panelists. About 10% of our income comes from ticket sales; we depend on our donors and sponsors to keep us strong. Over the last two years we have focused on increasing the quality and quantity of programs. We feel we have achieved our goals. The Vail Symposium produced 19 programs and three workshops this winter season. As we continue to pursue these goals we are excited to announce, we are expanding the summer season, in recognition that our target audiences are full or part-time residents who take advantage of what the Valley’s shoulder seasons have to offer. This summer we will have 21 programs and three workshops, and the season will be expanded from the first of June through the end of October. Join us as we practice new formats, where two of our programs will be hosted in two-part sessions to bring greater depth to complex topics. These topics cover the cancer treatment and prognosis that is supported by the University of Michigan Medical School, and Educate! with Sir Ken Robinson and a panel on financing education. In the midst of an election year, the Vail Symposium is bringing two panel programs to our Valley that will give our community the opportunity to dive head first into the policies and practices of the Democratic and Republican parties, and really get a grasp on the intergenerational views of this year’s presidential campaign. With the curation of the summer programs wrapping up, the Program Committee is in full-swing pulling together a wonderful winter program. With an expanded summer season, we will also be expanding the winter season. Join the Vail Symposium early December through the end of April. We are also likely to have a program or two in November. As Rohn said in his message, I will be changing hats in June to become the new Chair of the Vail Symposium. I am honored to have this opportunity as I believe strongly that the Vail Symposium has a very important role in bringing additional intellectual stimulus to go along with the great sports, recreation and leisure time, arts and social activities that the Valley offers. The Vail Symposium has an engaged board, Programming Committee and Development Committee to go along with an outstanding staff to achieve this mission. However, it is critical that you, our target audience, provide your input to any of us with an e-mail or conversation as we meet at events and around the Valley. Thanks you for your support,

Dale Mosier incoming chair




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mission The Vail Symposium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to yearround lifelong learning for the Vail Valley community through educational programs that are thought-provoking, diverse and affordable. 5





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1,560 COMMENTS FROM OUR COMMUNITY “I have enjoyed every event I’ve ever attended! I’ve always come away with new ideas and knowledge from the terrific speakers.” "My husband took my daughter to see Steph Davis and he took our son to the Video Game lecture. Both kids and my husband came back impassioned." “Another great season for the Symposium!” 6

RIGHT-TO-DIE: DEATH WITH DIGNITY IN COLORADO The Vail Symposium kicked of the winter season with one of the most controversial topics in our nation. As three panelist used their specialization to discuss this matter as it was reintroduced during the 2016 State Legislative Season.

STEM CELLS: EXPLORING THE RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE Our annual program concerning the ongoing exploration and science of stem cell research continued this January. The Vail Symposium partnered with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to bring three experts to discuss the research perspective of regenerative medicine.

UNLIMITED ADVENTURE Women adventurers ran the show in this winter season’s Unlimited Adventure Series. Steph Davis kicked off the series with her thrilling stories from a career as a professional climber, BASE jumper, and wingsuit pilot. Jess Martin gave us a look into what it is like to summit all legal-to-ride Colorado 14ers. The Vail Symposium wrapped up the season with a two-sport phenomenon in wheelchair basketball and alpine sit skiing as Alana Nichols shared her story of hope and how adversity brings out and sharpens the true colors of an individual.

LIVING AT YOUR PEAK CONSCIOUSNESS SERIES Consciousness gurus were in for a treat with the winter consciousness series. Dr. Eben Alexander visited our valley once again with William Peters and Nancy Rynes to build on previous consciousness topics surrounding Near and Shared Death Experiences. This series hosted a wonderful panel with experts in Out of Body Experiences, leaving our community curious to learn more at workshops with Scott Taylor and Luis Minero.

SUPPORT THE SYMPOSIUM DONATE TODAY! We invite you to join our audience, team and family. Less than 10% of our income comes from program ticket sales. The Vail Symposium can and will continue to offer affordable, thought-provoking and diverse programming with your support.

A donation of any amount is enough to make a difference in our community. Make a donation online through or mail checks made out to Vail Symposium to: P.O. Box 3038, Vail, CO 81658.

summary of membership levels & benefits All members receive a newsletter, opportunity to purchase tickets to programs in advance of the general public and discounts at participating local restaurants and retail shops.

MEMBER {$50 - $99} SPARK MEMBER {$100 - $249} • Admission for two to a program of your choice

CANDLE MEMBER {$250 - $499} • Admission for two to your choice of two programs

LANTERN MEMBER {$500 - $999} • Admission for two to your choice of four programs

TORCH MEMBER {$1,000 - $2,499} • Admission for two to all programs for one year • An invitation for two to our annual Major Donors’ recognition event

SPOT LIGHT MEMBER {$2,500 - $4,999} • Admission for four to all programs for one year • An invitation for two to our annual Major Donors’ recognition event

FLOOD LIGHT MEMBER {$5,000 - $9,999} • Admission for six to all programs for one year • An invitation for two to our Major Donors’ recognition event

ARC LIGHT MEMBER {$10,000 AND ABOVE} • Admission for eight to all our programs for one year • An invitation for two to our Major Donors’ recognition event

Anyone giving at the Torch Member level or higher qualifies as a major giver and a member of the Lighthouse Society. General program tickets and member passes are transferable. Tickets and passes are not valid for fundraisers, workshops or other events deemed “special” unless otherwise noted. Member passes are valid for one year from donation date.

For additional information about how to support the Vail Symposium and a complete list of benefits, please contact Tim Swift at 772-538-7839 or The Vail Symposium is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization in accordance with Federal Tax Law and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions 7

a great summer read... every day


Help Fund the Building That Supports Our Community. August 20th, 2016

To make a contribution, buy tickets, or to view the online auction items, please visit Enter event code Edwards. EDWARDS INTERFAITH CHAPEL & COMMUNITY CENTER P.O. Box 1828 | 32138 US Hwy 6 | Edwards, CO 81632 • 970-569-3284 | Eagle Valley Religious Foundation | Board of Directors-2016 Deacon Stephen E. Baird | Rev. Dr. Scott K. Beebe | Lynn Deutschman | Peggy Edwards | Bob Egan Joan Francis | Mikki Futernick | Karen Haeffner | Rev. Stuart Brooks Keith | Beth Levine Rabbi Joel Newman | Tom Owens | Louis Rinn | Dan M. Smith | CJ Tenner | David Walder Thomas Walker | Reverend Rick Webster | Pastor Tim Wilbanks



THE PRE P O N D E R A N C E O F TH E EV ID ENC E Consciousness • with suzanne giesmann


The primary goal of an evidence-based medium is to validate the continuity of consciousness beyond the death of the physical body. The eternality of the soul cannot yet be proven using our current technology. However, applying the same standards used by our system of justice, we can come as close to proof as possible. Author, spiritual teacher and evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann will discuss how providing the preponderance of evidence can change belief systems, opening minds to a far greater reality. Suzanne will share stunning evidence received from beyond the physical domain, which has been validated using This speaker is also scientific methods. She will reveal hosting a workshop. the keys to receiving more evidential For information please see the “Consciousness communication with the unseen world Workshops” section by with the goal of raising the standards and flipping forward to credibility of modern-day mediumship. page 22


When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. program Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards



Help fund the future of the Symposium while enjoying the sweeping lawns and natural vistas of the beautiful Frost Creek golf course. That’s right, we’re hosting a golf tournament! For 45 years the Vail Symposium has thrived as Vail’s intellectual think tank - challenging, educating and inspiring audience members by convening locally and thinking globally. By providing some of the most diverse and affordable programs in the Valley, the Symposium’s aim is to shape a wellinformed future for all. The only way this happens is with the generosity of those like you – the ones who cherish the Symposium, the ones who realize the impact of a well-informed society on, well, our local society of movers and shakers. Come out, enjoy a charming day of golf while benefiting your adored and longlasting Symposium. Scramble or low ball foursome format. Food and drink provided on the course.



When: 8:30 a.m. registration opens, 10 a.m. shotgun Where: Frost Creek Golf Course | Gypsum Single Golfer: $250 Foursome: $1,000 Foursome + Hole Sponsorship: $1,500 Room Rate: $50 (available with the purchase of golf, single or double occupancy only)

TH E E CONO M IC S TAT U S OF WOMEN IN COLORADO Speaking Locally • with louise v. myrland The Economic Status of Women in Colorado Report examines how women in Colorado fare with regard to ‘Employment & Earnings’ and ‘Poverty & Opportunity,’ and identifies policy recommendations for progress. Key findings include: Women in Colorado are above average on several economic measures, but women are more likely to live in poverty than men and the pay gap is not expected to close until 2057. However, if women earned the same as comparable men, the poverty rate for working women would be cut in half and the state economy would grow by $9.2 billion. This research will be presented by Louise Myrland, vice president of community initiatives and investments for The Women’s Foundation of Colorado. A panel discussion will follow to bring in local perspective and expertise from those working on several levels to improve economic opportunities for women and their families. Speaker Louise V. Myrland joined The Women’s Foundation of Colorado in 2014 to lead the organization’s work in research, public policy, and strategic community investments. Before joining WFCO, she developed, implemented, and evaluated college access, affordability, and success programs for students in Denver.


This program is one of four in the Vail Valley Partnership's Business Forum Series. Presented in an effort to address difficult local issues.


When: 8 a.m Breakfast | 8:30 Program Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards

N ON P ROF IT W I T H BA L L S : A DAY WI T H V U L E Speaking Locally • with vu le Do you ever feel like you have too many balls in the air to juggle? Are equity and community building important to you or your organization, but those balls are falling to the floor? Come spend a day with Vu Le, the genius behind the popular blog “Nonprofit with Balls.” Vu's insight, candidness and humor will inspire you to scoop up the balls of equity, community engagement and collaboration… and start juggling. This keynote speech and facilitated workshops explore the fun and frustrations of nonprofit work with messages resonating profoundly within public sector organizations. Armed with a sense of humor and a love of unicorns, Vu Le delves into the tough topics of funding, community engagement, program implementation, cultural competency, and more. Be sure to visit this event online for a full description of Vu Le’s morning keynote, the networking lunch and afternoon workshops. This program is presented as a collaboration with Vail Symposium, Eagle County Public Heath & Environment, Eagle River Youth Coalition and SOS Outreach is an effort to present equity issues in the community.


Sponsored in part by The Colorado Trust


When: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Where: Donovan Pavilion | Vail



HEA LT H C A R E I N T H E H I GH C O U NTRY Speaking Locally • with kathy jacoby, dr. jandel allen-davis, janet pogar, marguarite salazar, doris kirchner “In 2014, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Resort region — Eagle, Summit, Pitkin and Garfield counties — had the nation’s highest health insurance costs. Federal officials addressed that not by studying the cost of health care in the region but by increasing the coverage area to include most of Colorado’s Western Slope.” – Vail Daily, October 26, 2015. Soaring costs. Few choices. Many complaints. Bringing together state and local health leaders with small business owners in the Vail Valley, this program will discuss the health care challenges and opportunities facing Colorado’s high country. Panelists include Kathy Jacoby from Delta Dental of Colorado, Jandel Allen-Davis of Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Janet Pogar from Anthem Blue Cross and Doris Kirchner of the Vail Valley Medical Center.


This program is one of four in the Vail Valley Partnership's Business Forum Series in an effort to address difficult local issues.


When: 8 a.m Breakfast | 8:30 Program Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards

ON P UTI N A N D R U S S I A Hot Topics • with greg dobbs


Vladimir Putin’s backbone was shaped not only by his KGB career in the service to the Soviet Union, but also by his nation’s legacy of nationalism and its history of suffering. As Russia is pushing their way back on to the world stage, America must ask hard questions such as: Are the Russians anything like us? Will the Russians ever see eye-to-eye with us? Should the Russians scare us? Do the Russians threaten us? As a foreign correspondent for two American television networks, speaker Greg Dobbs covered the Soviet Union. After the transition, he traveled back and reported three documentaries from Russia. Dobbs has also reported news in more than 80 countries, rounding out a perspective that breathes life and realism into current events. He is also the winner of three Emmy awards. In Vail, Dobbs will help shape your views on foreign policy and interaction by discussing what has changed and what hasn’t in Russia, as well as how clashing American and Russian opinions matter most to the world.



When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. program Where: The Grand View | Lionshead

ON L I NE E D U C AT I O N : A V ITA L A ND VIBRA NT E D U C AT I O N A L PATH WAY Hot Topics Panel • with renata engel, dr. albert powell, and katherine regjo • moderated by rohn robbins


The contemporary image of “going to college” has expanded to include many nontraditional students able to enter class through the internet from all time zones, synchronously and asynchronously, connecting to robust course content and engaging diverse faculty and peers. However, as a valuable tool helping millions of learners, it is not problem-free nor is it right for everyone. This address will answer questions relating to the explosive growth in online education, current issues that are being targeted to enhance online learning, defining how online education will be most and least successful and how online education is changing traditional institutions of higher learning. Renata Engel is Vice Provost for online education at Penn State University, which has been rated #1 for the last two years by US News and World report for bachelor degrees through its online programs. Dr. Albert Powell is Director of Learning Technologies for Colorado State University. He supervises two units which design, support and maintain distance education technologies and classroom audio, video and presentation capabilities university-wide. Kathryn Regjo is Vice President of CMC in Edwards. Regjo was formerly the president and CEO of Lincoln College of New England. Before joining Lincoln College, she held several positions with The Princeton Review, a national leader in providing college-bound students with test-preparation services, tutoring and admissions resources, as well as resource books and online courses.


When: 6:30 p.m. reception I 7 p.m. program Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards



TO C URE C A N C E R : H OW SC IENC E AND M E DI C IN E A R E BAT T LING TH E WORL D’ S M O S T D E A D LY D ISEA SE Living At Your Peak Super Panel In partnership with the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, an internationally recognized leader in researching and developing future cancer treatments, the Vail Symposium will present two sessions to explore what is being done to beat the ugly sickness that is cancer. Dr. Theodore Lawrence, Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, will focus on chemotherapeutic and molecularly targeted radiosensitizers Dr. Gary Hammer, Director of the Endocrine Oncology Program, will focus on adrenal cancer Dr. Michael Sabel, Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology, will focus on breast cancer and melanoma with expertise in cryoimmunology Dr. Judy Sebolt-Leopold, Principal Investigator in the Translational Oncology Program, will focus on small molecules used for early cancer detection Dr. Thomas Wang, a physician scientist will focus on the development of the first video endoscope to rapidly identify pre-malignant lesions Dr. Patricia Hardenbergh, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center in Edwards, will moderate the program

SESSION 1: Cancer prevention, screening and early detection 10 a.m. to noon Cancer becomes deadly when it spreads throughout the body. That’s why University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCCC) researchers are focusing on early detection. Here, UMCCC scientists will discuss the development of promising techniques to identify precancerous tissue and better tests for population-based screening. It is also known that certain genes are associated with a higher risk of cancer. UMCCC scientists will present research that is at the forefront of identifying genes and other markers that increase a person’s likelihood of developing cancer.

SESSION 2: Personalized medicine, precision targeting and immunotherapy 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Armed with new insights into the disordered wiring circuits of cancer cells, major technological advancements and a multidisciplinary collaborative approach, UMCCC scientists will discuss how they are on the brink of discoveries that promise to usher in an entirely new era of treatment. This session will discuss how gone are the days of looking for a “one-size-fits-all” treatment for cancer by explaining how conducting genomic analysis in patients, leveraging cutting edge DNA and RNA sequencing technologies to identify precise treatments to match their cancer “fingerprint,” harnessing the body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells without devastating side effects, new imaging techniques and precision radiation methods are changing the landscape of cancer treatment and patient wellbeing.


Social Notes: For approximately 1 hour between the two sessions there will be a social time with lunch by Northside Kitchen where the audience can ask the doctors questions 1-on-1. Also there will be a reception after session 2 at approximately 3:00pm. Be sure to view the event online for a detailed agenda, full list of speaker bios and topics.



When: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Battle Mountain High School | Edwards

D E GAS ’ E S C A P E : A F F I R MING WHI L E OBLI T E R AT I N G H I S M A R K S O N PAP E R A N D C A N VA S Art and Culture • with dr. timothy standring Edgar Degas’ works defy categorization. Being neither a Realist nor an Impressionist, but a hybrid of sorts, he worked fearlessly, passionately and determinedly in a vast array of media from etchings and monotypes, pastels and oils, sculpture and even photography. In Vail, Dr. Timothy Standring, the Gates Foundation Curator of Painting & Sculpture at the Denver Art Museum, will offer rare insight to the raw and unique work of Degas. Standring’s narrative of this artist, based on his current research undertaken in museums and libraries across Europe and North America - spiced with telling anecdotes - offers the perfect introduction to this late 19th century French artist whose centenary celebrations will occur with exhibitions worldwide and perhaps even in Denver. Dr. Standring has curated over thirteen exhibitions at the museum - including the popular “Becoming Van Gogh” - and has published widely in the Burlington Magazine, the Print Quarterly, Artibus et Historiae, Renaissance Quarterly and Apollo. His writings reflect interests that include 17th-century Roman patrons, monographic studies on European artists, British watercolor sketching, Impressionist portraits, Poussin’s early works, Van Gogh’s drawings, contemporary realist artists such as Daniel Sprick and T. Allen Lawson, the works of Andrew and Jamie Wyeth and, now, Degas.


Presented in partnership with Clagget/Rey Gallery

01 AUG

When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. presentation Where: Sonnenalp Hotel | Vail

TH E VA I L S YM P O S I U M FILM S ER IES Art and Culture • august 20, august 27, september 3 • free admission! Three Weeks. Three Brand New Films. Free Admittance. Great deals on beer for our friends 21 years and older. At sunset on Aug. 20, Aug 27 and Sept. 3, the only place to be will be the Little Beach Park in Minturn as the Vail Symposium brings back the second annual free outdoor film series. Set between the towering cliffs of Minturn, a gentle babble of the Eagle River at August flows and the twinkling stars of a Colorado night, the audience can indulge in three independently produced films while (those of age) enjoy food and beer specials from various vendors. In true Vail Symposium fashion, producers, actors, directors and more will be on hand to introduce the film, take questions after the film and fraternize with the audience over beers before and after the show.

"There are no rules in film making. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness." - frank capra 15


PU T TI NG TOTA L H E A LT H BA C K INTO HEA LTH C A R E : W ID E N I N G TH E A P ERTU R E Living at your Peak • with dr. jandel allen-davis


Think of the ideal place to build a life for you and your loved ones. What impact does this setting have on your health? Health is so much more than the absence of illness. Join us as we widen the aperture and examine health and health care through unexplored landscapes. Let's explore how we might thrive in all the places we live, learn, work, play and pray. As a health maven and speaker, Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis’ talk at TEDxMileHigh on the shortcomings of a broken healthcare system has been viewed thousands of times. Her talks on dense and complicated subjects such as health care, or personal subjects such as wellness, are charismatic, creative and impactful. Now, Dr. Allen-Davis has sifted through the misleading ideas of what we all believe to define a healthy life while going beyond stereotypical ideals to expose the undiscovered elements of how to truly thrive in the modern landscape of life. Dr. Allen-Davis is vice president of Government, External Relations and Research for Kaiser Permanente Colorado. She served on the Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners from 2003–2011 and served as president of the board from 2009–2011.

22 AUG

When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. program Where: The Grand View | Lionshead

THE PE RI LS O F H U M A N TR A FFIC K ING Hot Topics Panel • interactive exhibit from freedom drivers, candace joice, janet drake, katie kurtz


It is approximated that there are between 20 and 30 million slaves in the world today and, according to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. Of these people, 80% are female and half are children. With an exhibit and panel, this program affords you the opportunity to learn a lot about this very important and dangerous subject. Tour a powerful mobile exhibit presented in Vail by the Freedom Drivers Project. The exhibit is designed to educate the public on the dangers of domestic sex trafficking with actual artifacts from trafficking cases that connect people to the backstories of so many who end up enslaved in our own country. Follow a tour of the exhibit with a lecture from three expert panelists. Janet Drake is a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Special Prosecutions Unit at the Colorado Attorney General’s office where she investigates and prosecutes organized and complex, multi-jurisdictional crimes, including human trafficking. Katie Kurtz heads the Human Trafficking Unit in the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office. The Human Trafficking Unit works to create programs to prevent and protect victims of trafficking and prosecute offenders who exploit vulnerable individuals in the community. Candace M. Joice is the Education Manager at iEmpathize. She provides trainings and workshops regarding human trafficking and exploitation prevention for groups such as educators, parents, youth, faith communities and social workers.



When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. presentation Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards

STATE OF E A G L E C O U N T Y’S EC O NO MY Speaking Locally • with local town officials “It is vital that we continue to take charge of our long-term economic future by actively building communities that are supportive of diverse local employers, attractive to new ones and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.” – Chris Romer, Vail Valley Partnership. Feb 25, 2016 This program will provide an overview of Eagle County’s economy and leading economic indicators followed by a panel discussion with local leaders. Panelists include: Brent McFall, Eagle County Manager; Michael Glass, Alpine Bank; Trevor Theelke, Land Title Guarantee Company; Rachel Lunney, NWCCOG; Mike Pearson, NAI Commercial Real Estate.


This program is one of four in the Vail Valley Partnership's Business Forum Series. Presented in an effort to address difficult local issues.


When: 8 a.m Breakfast | 8:30 Program Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards

INNE R AND O U T E R T I M E: NAV I G AT IN G T H E F U TU R E Consciousness • with nancy clark


Nancy Clark, Ph.D., teaches nearly twenty subjects incorporating the body, mind, spirit connection to foster a global perspective. Her goal is to help all ages better understand their experiences so they can live more meaningful lives. That understanding will lessen the impact of stress during this period of global change. In Vail, Clark will stretch the consciousness of the audience. As the world moves in to a very unique period of history, Clark will explain how people are beginning to experience multiple realities, simultaneous existences and learning how to rewrite the past to change the future. In her lecture, Clark will discuss: becoming aware of alternate realities, the multiple aspects of the self, reasons for limitations, multiple dimensions of seniors, getting rid of guilt and negativity and how to access other dimensions. This speaker is also Clark’s work has been presented at the Adlerian Summer hosting a workshop. Conferences (the Czech Republic), the European Psychologists For information please Conference (Finland) and the 40th Anniversary Congress of European see the “Consciousness Workshops” section by Dowsers (England), as well as the International Peace Conference flipping forward to (Turkey with 1,000 attendees). She has been invited three times to page 22 speak at the United Nations in New York.


When: 6:30 p.m reception, 7 p.m. program Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards



R E P UBL I CA N V. D E M O C R ATIC D EBATE: HOW TO MAKE WASHINGTON WORK AGAIN Hot Topics Debate • with steve house, head of the republican party of colorado; rick palacio, head of the democratic party of colorado moderated by dick lamm, former governor of colorado


The focus of this polarized debate will be “how to make Washington work” as the head of the Colorado Republican Party, Steve House, and the head of the Colorado Democratic Party, Rick Palacio, come together to debate the best ways forward for the state of Colorado and the nation. The debate will offer the audience an opportunity to learn how each of the major presidential candidates plan to take the country forward while questioning each party’s stance on important policy in order to make an informed decision on Election Day. Come with your curiosity as the debate will allow substantial time for audience Q&A. Steve House was elected chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee in March of 2015 and brings over 30 years of business experience to the state party. Rick Palacio was elected Chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party on March 5, 2011. He is the first Latino in Colorado to hold the office of chair of the Colorado Democratic Party. Moderator Dick Lamm served three terms as the 38th Governor of Colorado (1975-1987) as a Democrat. He ran for the Reform Party’s nomination for the President of the United States in 1996. He is currently the Co-Director of the Institute for Policy Studies at the University of Denver. Despite his previous party affiliations, he has agreed to partake as moderator in a neutral manner.


When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. program Where: The Donovan Pavilion | Vail

O N T HE QU E S T F O R A L IFE O F MEA NI NG: T H E J E W E L E D H IG H WAY Consciousness Lecture • with ralph white Contemporary holistic centers are emerging all over the world to accommodate those seeking a more spiritual journey or those searching for deeper insight into the nature of the world. Ralph White visits Vail to discuss his adventures in South America and Eastern Tibet, and his leadership in two of the Eastern United States’ centers of holistic learning - the Omega Institute in Upstate New York and the New York Open Center in Manhattan. From childhood on the Irish sea of Wales through adolescence in the gritty world of industrial Northern England, to participation on both sides of the Atlantic in the counterculture and birth of the holistic movement, White’s life has been a quest to find the secrets of life and share them. A pioneer of the consciousness movement, he has directed a 21-year conference series known as Esoteric Quests on rediscovering the lost spiritual history of the West. He is the author of a new memoir “The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning.” He taught the first accredited course in holistic learning at New York University and directs The Art of Dying Conferences. This speaker is also hosting a workshop. In Vail, White discusses his own in-depth and international exploration of the For information please holistic movement, spiritual journey, the stunning legacies of philosophers see the “Consciousness such as Rudolf Steiner and others, and how this relates to life in the West. Workshops” section by flipping forward to


page 22



When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. presentation Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards

LEGAL BUT LIMITED: MARIJUANA’S LONG ROAD TO MEDICAL APPLICATION Hot Topic Panel • with sanho tree, nolan kane, larry wolk


Despite several states blazing a trail for marijuana legalization, commercial consumption and tax revenue generation, Marijuana is still federally recognized as an illegal drug. And it is that national status that poses huge difficulty in exploring the drug’s medical application of which experts imagine can be vast. As Colorado has ignited unprecedented marijuana policy for personal use, the state is also leading historic medical research initiatives that include cannabis. Three experts will convene to discuss progress the state has made in advancing medical applications of marijuana, the national standing of the marijuana legalization movement and how the two arenas interact. Back by popular demand is Sanho Tree, a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and the director of its Drug Policy Project, which works to end the domestic and international War on Drugs and replace it with policies that promote public health. Tree will discuss the limitations on states like Colorado caused by the Federal Government. Nolan Kane is the head of the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative at the University of Colorado. He will share with the audience the current research underway to improve medical cannabis use including 10 cannabis compounds thought to possess significant medical application. Dr. Larry Wolk will discuss how the state of Colorado looks at medical marijuana and what they have done to encourage research for medical marijuana, and what their limitations have been. He will discuss the status of various studies on medical marijuana, as well as how legalization has impacted medical marijuana policy and overall utilization. He will also give brief perspective on the myriad of issues related to medical and legalized marijuana use including public education, health surveillance monitoring and laboratory testing for quality control.


When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. program Where: The Donovan Pavilion | Vail

“With pride, we provide the best customer service possible!”




Hot Topics Super Panel

Sir Ken Robinson, Internationally recognized authority on education who’s TEDTalk “Do schools kill creativity?” has garnered nearly 40 million views Jason Glass, Ed. D, Superintendent of Eagle County Schools Michael Johnston, Senator (D-Denver) Rich Crandall, State of Colorado Commissioner of Education Millie Hamner, Representative (D-Frisco) Bob Rankin, Representative (R-Carbondale) Tracie Rainey, Executive Director of the Colorado School Finance Project Some of the greatest national and international minds in education will convene in two sessions for an in-depth analysis of the state of education in our world near and far.

SESSION 1: Keynote from Sir Ken Robinson 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Preceding the keynote from Sir Ken Robinson… What do schools of the future look like to students? Featuring the sort of creativity only a child can possess, a group of local middle school students will present their vision of education in years to come. The students will then turn the stage over to Sir Ken Robinson as he explores big-picture education and answers questions such as: Is standardization serving our students? Is it possible to awaken and engage a child’s creativity to bring about greater growth and preparation to become global ready citizens? Sir Ken Robinson will share his vision for what schools of the future can offer our community and how they can better serve the needs of students here and around the world. Sir Ken Robinson, author of numerous books including “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education,” is an internationally recognized authority in creativity and innovation in education and business. Videos of his famous talks to the prestigious TED Conference are the most viewed in the history of the organization and have been seen by an estimated 380 million people in over 150 countries.

SESSION 2: Funding public education 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This session will feature an address by Senator Michael Johnston to investigate the impact and necessity of public education and the reality of public education funding in Colorado. The discussion will continue with short presentations by State of Colorado Commissioner of Education Rich Crandall, Representative Millie Hamner, Tracie Rainey, Representative Bob Rankin and will be moderated by Jason Glass. Presentations will answer questions such as what did public education funding look like 20 years ago? What does it look like now and into the future? Are we gaining ground or have we lost our footing?


* There will be a social time with heavy appetizers, libations and networking for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour between sessions. Panelists will be around for networking and to answer individual questions. Be sure to view this event online for a detailed agenda, full list of speaker bios and topics.


14 OCT

When: 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Where: Battle Mountain High School | Edwards, CO

THE E X PL O D IN G P O S S IB ILITIES O F 3 D P RIN T I N G Hot Topic Panel • with andy christensen, terry wohlers moderated by charles overy


Additive Manufacturing, or large-scale 3D printing, has been described as the beginning of a third industrial revolution. The industry has evolved well beyond impressive yet impractical objects into producing components and fixtures that are as important and as far afield as biomedical devices to parts on military planes. There are many creative forces behind the status of this technology. This panel of two will discuss the current state of 3D printing technology and expected growth in breadth of capability and known applications. Andy Christensen has been active in the additive manufacturing industry since the mid 1990’s, all the while focusing on medical applications. He has created entirely new toolsets that didn’t exist in the areas of virtual surgical planning, patient-specific anatomical modeling, personalized surgical guides and 3D printed metallic implants. Terry Wohlers is the founder of Wohlers Associates, Inc. His team has provided technical and strategic consulting on the new developments and trends in rapid product development additive manufacturing. Wohlers has twice served as a featured speaker at events held at the White House and is regularly cited by national and international media including CNBC, CNNMoney, The Economist and Financial Times. The program will be moderated by Charles Overy, a founding principal and director at LGM, a full service architectural visualization practice he established in 1992, utilizing additive manufacturing technology.

20 OCT

When: 6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. program Where: TBA

THE GRE AT D I V I D E D E BATE! with your opinionated local high school seniors and their elder opinionated counterparts • moderated by minturn mayor matt scherr


Let’s talk about divides. Besides the Continental Divide, perhaps the greatest divide in Colorado is the generational divide when it comes to political views and voting intentions. The youth vote is growing more passionate, more politically active on social media and thus more critical this election year. This young vote is thought by many to have deciding power in national, regional and even local elections. In this fun, interactive evening event, listen to what Eagle County’s youngest voters and their more mature voting counter parts from the older generations have to say about their priorities for the next president and administration at first ever “Great Divide Debate.” Moderated by newly elected Minturn Mayor Matt Scherr, the event will compare the ideology and passions of high school seniors from each of our Valley’s high schools with those of local adults in what is sure to be an exciting and insightful debate!

26 OCT

When: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Where: Edwards Interfaith Chapel



CON S C I OU S N E S S WO R K SH O P S ! Awakened Living 301: The Advanced Course for Those Living on the Earth Plane with suzanne giesemann Friday, June 03 | Colorado Mountain College | Edwards Laced with evidence of a greater reality, this dynamic course with spiritual teacher and evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann provides essential tools for thriving as a fully conscious, trans-dimensional being. The workshop will show you how to optimize the human-spirit experience with lessons and practical exercises that will take you beyond basic metaphysics to such advanced concepts as: rewriting your story from victim to victor, seeing with the eyes of the soul, eliminating ego and finding freedom and coming into alignment with your true nature and purpose.

A Mini-course in Self and Distance Healing with nancy clark

Saturday, September 17 | Colorado Mountain College | Edwards Non-invasive energy treatments are the medical model for the future. Already, China is experiencing great successes with its “medicine-less hospitals.” These hospitals routinely verify results using ultrasound. This interactive workshop with Nancy Clark, Ph.D. will teach you to identify imbalances in the organs and glands of the body. Restoring the flow of energy to damaged areas can transform old injuries and surgeries back to perfection. The workshop includes the “Two Minute Tune Up” which will have everyone feeling energized as the mental, emotional and physical electromagnetic fields come into coherence. If you always wanted to learn the best way to identify and correct physical problems on yourself as well as the condition of others, then this is the workshop to attend. Please bring a pendulum if you have one.

Journey into the Lost Spiritual History of the West with ralph whilte

Saturday, September 24 | Colorado Mountain College | Edwards Despite the consciousness explosion in the last forty years, many spiritual people remain unaware of the richness, beauty and historical fascination of the Western Esoteric Tradition, the indigenous path of Europe. In this workshop, Ralph White and the audience undertake a profound journey though time and space from the mystery centers of Ancient Greece beyond Delphi, to the world of Ancient Alexandria, birthplace of the Western Mind and numerous esoteric streams. The workshop also contemplates the ‘Conviviencia’ of the Golden Age of Andalusia with its Sufis and Kabbbalists, and the brilliance of the Platonic Academy of Renaissance Florence before exploring the ever mysterious alchemical world of 16th Century Bohemia and The Rosicrucian Enlightenment. The workshop concludes by seeing how Goethe brought this tradition back to the modern world and how the Austrian seer and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, transformed it into a brilliant treasure trove of esoteric wisdom awaiting discovery by today’s spiritual seekers. 22

ticket & general program information r e s e r v e i n a d va n c e a n d s av e Did you know you can receive $10 off the ticket price of most of the programs just by purchasing your tickets in advance? Just go to or give us a call at 970-476-0954 before 2 p.m. on the day of a program to receive $10 off the door price. Tickets must be paid for at the time of purchase to receive the discount. Students, teachers, Vail Resorts employees, Eagle County employees and members of the Vail Valley Young Professionals Association (VVYPA) may be eligible for an additional discount.

— ticket sales Please note all ticket and/or pass sales are final and non-refundable. Tickets and passes must be paid for at the time of purchase and are transferable. Complimentary tickets offered to donors per the benefits are transferable.

— vip speaker experience Throughout the summer season watch for VIP experiences to enjoy one-on-one interactions with our speakers.

— ticket donations If you are unable to attend a program, please call our office at 970-476-0954 to donate your tickets to area students. You will receive a tax acknowledgement letter for each ticket you return and the sincere gratitude of the Vail Symposium and local students.

— program offerings We are not a political organization. We strive to present speakers who can address thoughts and ideas from all viewpoints. Our speakers' views do not necessarily represent the views of the Vail Symposium or it's Board.

— t h i r d pa r t y m at e r i a l s No third party material will be distributed or handed out at Vail Symposium programs, events or meetings without the prior consent of the Executive Director, Board Chair or Program Committee Chair. All materials must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of a program, event, or meeting for consideration. No exceptions. No guarantees.

— latest updates All ”To Be Announced (TBA)” venues will be announced first on and Vail Symposium social media sites. All current program information can be found on, Facebook or Twitter. Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at Vail Symposium to stay up-to-date on the latest Symposium news, announcements and events. 23

For any not-for-profit organization to survive and thrive, it must have a robust and creative Development Committee that encourages and actively pursues a development strategy that both makes sense and raises money. That is particularly true in a community as small as ours. We are fortunate to have many worthy and effective not for profits in the Vail Valley but that situation can also be a challenge for the smaller organizations such as the Vail Symposium. We have to be able to stand out amidst the clutter of galas, auctions, cookie sales and car washes. Fortunately, the Symposium’s Development Committee is both creative and persistent. We have developed some unique fundraising events that we will be unveiling soon, but one event we can tell you about now is our revived golf tournament, For the Love of…Golf, which will take place on Monday, June 6th, at the beautiful Frost Creek Golf Club in Eagle. Frost Creek has generously donated the course, carts and staff to us for this event so we hope to make this year’s tournament our most successful ever. A foursome is only $1,000 per team with the option to sponsor a hole for an additional $500. Antlers of Vail and other participating hotels have generously made rooms available to participants at a bargain price for those who want to take full advantage of a weekend in the mountains. We are working hard to fill our foursomes and space is limited so just give us a call at 970-476-0954 if you want to get in on the fun. Tim Swift director of development



BREWERY HOURS: We are open 7 days a week. Monday thru Saturday 11am – 8pm Sunday 12pm – 6pm Brewery Tours Available with Appointment


Spacious studio suites to four-bedroom condominiums located just 150 yards from the Lionshead Gondola. All condos boast a full kitchen, private balcony and gas fireplace. Enjoy the picturesque pool, free parking and so much more. Ask about our special Vail Symposium lodging discounts! (855)887-0571

volunteer spotlight




bounced all over the country as her husband’s job took them to Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas. However, throughout her various residences, she had always visited Vail - since the ‘80s she brought her family to ski and snowboard in the winter, then to camp, fish and hike in the summer. Come 1997, she turned Vail from her vacation destination to her permanent residence. With a background in interior design and construction, Donna has worked locally for Hightech Signs and Shapiro Development, and operated her own business Sterling Design. She joined the SteamMaster team in 2004 as Director of Business Development. Despite a three-year project restoring the 15,000 square foot historic Brick Hotel in Delaware, she has remained in the Valley and with SteamMaster since. Donna was first drawn to the Symposium for the sheer wealth of information and numerous speakers presented. When the opportunity to volunteer came up, she accepted and has become a friendly familiar face to Vail Symposium staff and audience. Her favorite programs are the consciousness series. “It's a subject that has some controversy around it, but it's also one of enlightenment,” said Donna. “I personally believe the understanding and transformation of our consciousness is an area many of us don't work on enough, but could dramatically change our lives if we did.” When Donna is not volunteering at the Symposium, she enjoys getting closer to the mountains being outside skiing and partaking in the summer offerings of fishing, camping and hiking. She also enjoys music and experiencing the numerous talents that come through the area. Her hope is that the community continues to support the Vail Symposium by learning from and experiencing the topics firsthand from the expert speakers that visit. “Giving back to the community can be presented in many ways, and support for organizations such as the Vail Symposium is a simple, but extremely rewarding experience for all participating.” 26

board member spotlight




Jeanette McMurtry is just one of those many things. Since joining the board, she has helped organize various popular programs including the panel on video games and luxury marketing last winter. Her story of arriving in Vail starts in high school when she would visit Vail for vacation before returning in 1995 to visit her husband when they were first dating. Shortly thereafter she had the choice of staying at her job with American Express in New York City or moving to Vail to marry her best friend. This year she’ll celebrate her 21st year living in the Vail Valley. Jeanette’s first job was selling radio ads before landing jobs with two of the world’s largest ad agencies. Jeanette’s unique ability to blend the creativity and ingenuity of her marketing and sales background, as well as her colorful background working with some of the world’s most notable companies, has helped bring new speakers and new discussions to the Vail Symposium. “I am honored and so excited to be part of the Vail Symposium, which provides all of the interesting, intellectual and social experiences that matter to me and the world all around us,” she said. “We are blessed to have an intellectual think tank and forum in a small resort-based valley. This symposium enables us to enjoy many of the things we miss from living in a city.” Some of her favorite programs include the Iran Nuclear Deal, the presentation on how video games are forming our next generation and the consciousness series. When she isn’t scheduling future Vail Symposium speakers, she enjoys hiking, skiing and soaking in the arts under the stars with my her family. “My hope is that the Vail Symposium will continue to gain the support of our diverse population – becoming an invaluable source for information that builds goals and dreams for our youth, a stimulating insight on world issues for civic minded adults and a source of inspiration for all of us seeking adventure and joy from the wonderful world of nature in which we live.” 27


PAT R O N S C I R C L E The Patrons’ Circle recognizes distinct community members who continue to make a multi-year commitment to the Vail Symposium. We thank these donors for supporting our future by providing the foundation for our organization. Peter and Patricia Frechette

Doris Dewton and Richard Gretz


Antlers at Vail*

Slifer, Smith and Frampton

Colorado Mountain News Media*

Town of Vail

Dale and Jeanne Mosier

Vail Daily*

Donovan Pavilion & The Grand View*

Vail Resorts Epic Promise*

FLOOD LIGHT MEMBER $ 5, 000 - $9,9 9 9

Alpine Bank

Mountain Living Magazine*

Neal and Kathy Kimmel

Tim and Lisa Swift

SPOT LIGHT MEMBER $ 2, 500 - $4,9 9 9

Gary Gilman and Julie Stoxen Roadhouse Hospitality Group


Vail Public Library

TORCH MEMBER $ 1, 000 - $2, 499

Richard Agett and Shelly Mellot Jerry and Lynn Anderson Todger and Shannon Anderson

Dr. Robert Lipnick

John and Patty Baily

Steve and Susan Marton

Ronald and Dierdre Baker

Nowell May

Richard and Pam Bard

Joseph and Brenda McHugh

Jimmy and Marka Brenner

Frank and Allison Navarro

Clagget Rey Gallery

Sandee Noreen

Crazy Mountain Brewing Company*

Tony and Teressa Perry

ECOTV* Buck and Holly Elliot Cindy Engles Tom and Margie Gart Ben and Holly Gill Kent Hopkins

Kathi Renman Riverwalk Wine and Spirits* Rohn and Debbie Robbins Jim and Barbara Ruh Rod and Beth Slifer Slifer Family Foundation

Arthur and Jodi Israel

Scott and Jeannette Stevenson

Reese and Alberta Johnson

Larry and Pat Stewart

Mitch Karlin and Diane Pitt

Peter and Vivian Teets

Dr. Andrew and Lynn Kaufman

Laura Tumperi

Andy Kaufman

George and Elizabeth Wiegers

Terry and Laurie Kleisinger George and Lizette Lamb Rob LeVine and Evelyn Pinney

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind



LANTERN $500 - $999

Blue Sky Restoration Bookworm of Edwards Diana Bradley Carol Cockrum Community First Foundation TJ Conners Steve and Amy Coyer Dr. Sue Morter, LLC* Andrea Eddy Shelly Gruner John Horan-Kates Kirk and Jay Huffard Tania Landauer Dennis Larson Dan and Deborah Luginbuhl J.P. and Heather McInerny Ken and Judy Robins Shaw Electric SLB Law Doreen Somers Vail Vitality Center Marjorie Vickers Women’s Foundation of Colorado*


*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind

CANDLE $250 - $499

Larry and Sandra Agneberg Pam Brandmeyer Stanley and Mary Ellen Cope Bob Croteau and Karen Nold Steph Davis East West Resorts Kent Erickson and Barb Krichbaum Jim and Cookie Flaum Georgia Fox Matt and Doris Gobec Barbara Hogoboom Patricia Johnson Jill Lammers Bruce McGrath and Janet Robinson Chris Offutt Skip and Adelle Picking Mimi and Keith Pockross Drew and Patti Rader Erin Ratliff Bill Rey Bob Rush Mike and Carolyn Toughill William Saslow Kenneth and Connie Scutari Sondra Slappey Patti Weinstein Jay and Alyn Park Wisson Glen and Margaret Wood




$ 1 00 - $249

808 Distillery* Bill and Loring Amass Mary Ellen Anderson Apex Dental* Tom Bacon

Dick Cleveland and Kathy Langenwalter

Marlin and Edward Barad

Will Comerford

Margo and Roger Behler

Kenneth Cooper

Barbara and Peter Behrendt

Alan and Silvia Danson

Nancy Benson

Patty Davis

Peggy Bernstein

Tracy Dierksen

Cathy Bethke

Sara Divya

Jordi Blakslee

Matt Drabant

Jane Roberson Blanch

Eagle Eye Home Management

Adriana Bombard

Carol Ferguson

Judith Brocker

Kim Foos

Phil and Sunny Brodsky

John Forester

Kathy Chandler-Henry

Stephanie Foster

CK Consulting LLC

Halide Gazioglu Lonetia Gerken Marshall Gordon H W H Venture LLP


Jane Healy Linda Hutson Michelle Jaskunas Maurice and Jan John

Bob Moroney

Mary Johnson

Susan Noble

Janice Johnson

Katharine Parsons

Bruce and Amy Karpas

Doug and Nancy Patton

Barbara Keller

Jay and Amy Regan

Bob and Karen Kern

Lee Rimel

Peter and Helena Leslie

Rosalin Rogers

Bob and Anne Louthan

Sue Rushmore

Hank Mader

Brian Sipes

Barry Mankowitz

Robin and Kathy Smith

Melenna Marcellot

Stephen Snyder

Gloria McMahon

Barry and Evelyn Strauch

Martha Milbery

Kathleen Talbot

Marie Millman

Norm Vogel

Laura Moore

Robert and Jill Warner Jacqueline Wright Christina Wright Ron Zastrow Emily Zeigler

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind


thank you to our sponsors “Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – mattie stepanek

A simple ‘thank you’ cannot begin to describe our appreciation for our sponsors and partners. Our mission to provide thought provoking and affordable programming would not be possible without the backing of our community. We invite you to continue in supporting our valuable Vail Symposium sponsors and partners and the mission to better our community.


T H E VA I L S Y M P O S I U M T H A N K S Y O U F O R Y O U R H E L P A N D H A R D WO R K ! 34


Volunteer Spread the word Friend us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter Submit a program idea Attend an event

thank you to all of our 2016 volunteers Thank you to all of our past and future speakers, many of whom are also volunteers, for donating their time to share their knowledge and expertise with our community.

2016 volunteers Donna Albani Lanell Avery Cathy Bethke Nancy Berg Janet Bro Susan & Paul Chapman Abby Dixon Matt Decker Joanne Dye Susan Emenaker Anne Hatch Carla Hagan Patie Jansen Miah King Debbie & Tommy King Mary Lamb Lucas Sue Lathrop

Mark Lathrop Tania Landauer Erin McCuskey Deb Meese Pat Montgomery Sara Monson Jeanne Mosier Suzette Newman Chris Perkins Debbie Robbins Joe Schmitt Sarah Saloman Anthony Saloman Dan Vannan Gail Weinnig Leila White Kris Woodruff Emily Ziegler

seeking summer/ fall 2016 event production intern The Vail Symposium is looking for an individual who is interested in event production. The Symposium is looking for a creative team member who is invested in our community, has the ability to work independently, learn quickly, work in a fast paced environment and has a passion for learning. Candidate must be willing to commit to at least 10 – 15 hours a week. Some nights required. Internships are unpaid. Applicants should send resumÊ to Ashley Cawthorn at

interested in becoming a va i l s y m p o s i u m volunteer? Contact Ashley Cawthorn at ashley@vailsymposium. org for more information on how to get involved! 35









The Preponderance of the Evidence


For the Love of…Golf


Healthcare in the High Country


On Putin and Russia

VA I L , C O 8 1 6 5 8 970.476.0954


Vu Le – Non-Profit with Balls

VA IL S Y M P O SI U M P O BO X 3 03 8


The Economic Status of Women in Colorado


The Way we Learn: Shifting to Online College Education


Science v. Cancer: Battling for a cure



Republican v Democratic Debate: How to Make Washington Work Again


Dega's Escape: Affriming While Obliterating His Marks On Paper and Canvas

On The Quest For A Life Of Meaning: The Jeweled Highway


Vail Symposium Film Series

Legal But Limited: Marijuana’s Long Road To Medical Application




The Exploding Possibilities of 3D Printing

Putting Total Health Back Into Health Care: Widening the Aperture Vail Symposium Film Series


Vail Symposium Film Series


Human Trafficking


State of Eagle County’s Economy


Inner and Outer Time: Navigating the Future



10.20.16 10.25.16

Political Debate

VA I L S Y M P O S I U M P.O. Box 3038 | Vail, CO 81658 970.476.0954 Facebook & Twitter | Vail Symposium


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Vail Symposium Summer 2016 Program Book  

Within these pages is a preview of the summer season in 2016.

Vail Symposium Summer 2016 Program Book  

Within these pages is a preview of the summer season in 2016.


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