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Dear Friends & Neighbors,


hank you. Thank you for supporting the Vail Symposium with your time and your money. Thank you for packing the room at our programs, for listening intently and for

asking questions that challenge and engage our speakers. Thank you for your program ideas, your constant curiosity and your hunger for knowledge. I’m honored to be charged with the leadership of this venerable organization. Our donors, volunteers and program attendees are a huge part of why I love my job. This winter was an exciting whirlwind of programs that were as entertaining as they were thought-provoking (check out page 7 for the highlights). It was one of our most successful seasons in recent years and the new-found energy surrounding the Symposium is palpable and thrilling. We’re using that energy to propel us forward into summer and beyond with more great speakers and programs that both stick to our traditional themes and also push the boundaries with new topics – such as those in the Consciousness series – and formats – look for a guided bike ride preceding our August program on biking in Colorado. I want to continue to get to know all of you better, and to learn more about what you want to see from the Symposium in the future; after all the Symposium truly belongs to our community. So let’s grab a coffee and chat. Let’s share lessons from the past and discuss ideas for the future. Give me a call (970-476-0954) or send me an email ( anytime. I look forward to hearing from you. With Warm Regards,

Tracey Flower Executive Director, Vail Symposium


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t may seem strange to hold that the Vail Symposium, which has been around since the days of Henry Kissinger, Idi Amin, Apollo 14, and the British abandonment of the shilling system, is “fresh”, but fresh is what it is. Forty-three years after its founding – on the cusp of middle age – the Vail Symposium has found new footing and a new vitality. Stated simply, the Symposium is changing with the times. With new leadership, and steady, older hands still on the tiller, our winter programming, just passed, has breathed new life into the sails of the second oldest non-profit in Eagle County. While we have maintained our core diet of timely geo-political programming, we have yawned out on the cutting edge of new technologies, alternative ways of thinking and of being, and seat-of-your-pants adventure. We are excited to be on this new trajectory and, based on the over-swelling crowds this winter, it appears that so are you. We hope you will join us this summer to partake of the varied and fascinating diet, this food for the brain with which the Symposium has become proudly associated. Without you, the mule of thought becomes mired. Join us and let us hear your thoughts and voices. We are looking forward to taking the journey together. With all best wishes, Rohn K. Robbins, Chairman Board of Directors



ver the last several years, The Vail Symposium has focused on increasing the quality and variety of programs that we bring to the Valley. This has been a labor of love for multiple people, both staff and volunteers; it takes those individuals working long hours and many additional people reaching out to speaking candidates and then bringing them into the committed category with a solid program that will be interesting and challenging to our potential audience. I first want to say thank you to all of those individuals for their time and efforts. You may notice themes to our programming. We focus on bringing the challenging world topics to the winter season and interesting programs in the realms of arts & culture to the summer. This summer, we are focusing primarily on partnering with other major program providers to enhance certain aspects of their programs. You will see partnerships with Bravo! Vail, the Vail International Dance Festival, Walking Mountains Science Center, and the Vail Jazz Festival. Additionally, we are mixing in a few other programs that we feel will bring interest and value to many in our community. We have recently changed our process from planning our programs one season in advance to outlining and planning our seasons more than one year in advance in order to bring some consistency to our programming. For example, every year during the Christmas/New Year holiday week we plan to bring a strong financial/ economic program in the same vein as last December’s talk with David Rubenstein, founder of the Carlyle Group. We’ll also continue to bring in strong speakers on topics relating to education each season, with this summer’s being a very strong leader in education reform, State Superintendent for Louisiana, John White. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this summer’s lineup. With sincere best regards, Dale Mosier, Chairman, Vail Symposium Program Committee 4

Summer Fun CLASSES TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE Summer Fun CLASSES TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE You’ve come a long way. Now may be the time to discover something new! Lifelong learning keeps your heart and mind young. At Colorado Mountain College in Edwards, you can learn to leverage your Mac, sharpen your knife in the kitchen, get fit or paint a masterpiece! come afor long Now be theIt’s time WeYou’ve have classes justway. about anymay interest! theto discover new!inLifelong perfect timesomething to find yourself schoollearning again. keeps your heart and mind young. At Colorado Mountain College in Edwards, you can learn to leverage your Mac, sharpen your knife in the kitchen, get fit or paint a masterpiece! 4Art We have classes for just about any interest! It’s the 4Business perfect time to find yourself in school again.

4Ceramics 4Computers 4Art 4Cooking 4Business 4Dance 4Ceramics 4Foreign Language 4Computers 4Health and Wellness 4Cooking 4Marketing 4Dance 4Painting 4Foreign Language 4Philosophy 4Health and Wellness 4Marketing 4Painting 4Philosophy

B O A R D & STA FF M EM B ER S EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Tracey Flower PROGRAM & MARKETING DIRECTOR John O’Neill BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN Rohn K. Robbins TREASURER Rob LeVine Pam Brandmeyer Nancy Burton Gary Gilman Jay Huffard Andy Kaufman Maricela Luevanos Dale & Jeanne Mosier Don & Mary Rogers James C. Ruh Eric Wiseman

ADVISORY COUNCIL Michael Balk Pam Bard Doris Dewton Kat Haber Elaine Kelton Michael Losier Peter Leslie Jamie Metzl Liana C. Moore Brian Nolan JK Perry Kathi Renman Pamela Smith HONORARY BOARD CHAIR EMERITUS Karen Morter Terry Minger Priscilla O’Neil Ebby Pinson

MISSION The Vail Symposium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to year-round lifelong learning for the Vail Valley community through educational programs that are thought-provoking, diverse and affordable.


W I NTER 2014 S E A SO N HI G H L I G HT S AVOIDING DISASTER: HOMELAND SECURITY IN THE 21ST CENTURY The audience learned about security practices implemented by the United States, of which they were previously unaware. Jim Davis took questions from the audience and balanced his explanations with the experience only he could provide. AFTER SHOCK: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF DODD-FRANK In front of nearly 250 people, a true Vail Symposium highlight was the presentation of Barney Frank, in person, to discuss the largely disputed Dodd-Frank Act. Rep. Frank was tasked with shepherding this bill, one of the most expensive in congressional history, through the house. History, explanations and opinions on a variety of topics were on full display. Audience members who agreed with Rep. Frank’s politics as well as his opposition led a charged Q&A, which Rep. Frank handled with the satisfaction of a 32-year politician. ON TOP OF THE WORLD: WHAT CLIMBING THE WORLD’S HIGHEST PEAKS CAN TEACH US ABOUT LIFE ON THE GROUND Eric Alexander and Ellen Miller are long-time Vail Valley locals. But when they aren’t enjoying the casual local slopes, they are challenging themselves as highaltitude mountaineers and accomplishing feats atop the world’s tallest mountains. The audience held their breath as Eric Alexander showed video of him leading the world’s first blind man to summit Everest across a massive crevasse on a rickety ladder. STEM CELLS: THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE IS NOW In the midst of a classic Vail blizzard, the audience braved the weather and gathered in a warm conference room in the Antlers at Vail to hear a panel of stem cell doctors explain their research in this budding field. Many in the audience were there to seek answers to their own health issues. All were intrigued as Dr. Kristen Comella, Dr. Scott Brandt and Dr. Stan Jones discussed how stem cell therapy could help patients and made predictions for the future of this practice. LIVING AT YOUR PEAK CONSCIOUSNESS SERIES The season concluded with three programs on the topic of near-death experiences. Dr. Eben Alexander, author of “Proof of Heaven,” lit the fire that would lead to two more sold-out programs with Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Jane Katra. The audience was eager to hear the stories told by Dr. Alexander, hear the research presented by Dr. Moody and take part in a small experiential exercise with Dr. Katra.

WINTER 2014 QUICK STATS Number of programs: 14 Number of sold-out programs: 5 Number of programs with over 100 attendees: 7 Total number of attendees: 1,330 Comments from our Winter surveys “I am deeply grateful to you for the opportunity to attend these events locally.” ••• “The speakers you are able to bring to this valley are inspiring…It is gratifying to know that your organization is supportive of selftransformation…You are to be congratulated for the bold step in this direction.”

TI CK ET & G EN E R A L PR O G R A M IN FO RESERVE IN ADVANCE & SAVE Did you know you can receive $10 off the ticket price of most programs just by purchasing your tickets in advance? Just go to or give us a call at 970-476-0954 before 2 p.m. on the day of a program to receive $10 off the door price. Tickets must be paid for at the time of purchase to receive the discount. ••• TICKET SALES Please note all ticket and/or pass sales are final and non-refundable. Tickets and passes must be paid for at the time of purchase and are transferable. Complimentary tickets offered to donors per the benefits schedule are transferable. ••• T I C K E T D O N AT I O N S If you are unable to attend a program, please call our office at 970-476-0954 to donate your tickets to area students. You will receive a tax acknowledgement letter for each ticket you return and the sincere gratitude of the Vail Symposium. ••• PROGRAM OFFERINGS We are not a political organization. We strive to present speakers who can address thoughts and ideas from all viewpoints. Our speakers’ views do not necessarily represent the views of the Board and the Vail Symposium. ••• T H I R D PA R T Y M AT E R I A L S No third party materials will be distributed or handed out at Vail Symposium programs, events or meetings without the prior consent of the Executive Director, Board Chair or Program Committee Chair. All materials must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of a program, event or meeting for consideration. No exceptions. No guarantees.


WAY S TO G I V E Only 10 percent of our income comes from ticket sales. The rest comes from you. All donors receive complimentary tickets based on level, advance notification and registration for events, direct mailing of program brochure, weekly e-Newsletter, and acknowledgement in the bi-annual program brochure and on our website.

JOIN, SAVE & SUPPORT Become a Member of the Vail Symposium for $1,000/year and receive two complimentary tickets to all of our regular programs for the entire year. A great opportunity to save on door ticket costs and support the future of the Symposium!

SPONSOR Individual program and series sponsorships allow you to demonstrate your commitment to the community.

SUPPORT Speakers choose Vail for its destination. Help us sweeten the deal with frequent flyer miles and other financial means.

Visit our website to make a gift today! For additional information about how to support the Vail Symposium and associated benefits, please call Tracey Flower at (970)476-0954. The Vail Symposium is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization in accordance with Federal Tax Law and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS General lecture ticket






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2 per program




Invite to donor appreciation event Invite to one private speaker dinner/year

DONOR LEVELS patron member lantern

$2,500+ $1,000 – $2,499 $500 – $999

candle spark

$250-$499 $50 – $249





Michael Brown | Unlimited Adventure JUNE


the antlers at vail | vail time: 6:00 p.m. reception | 6:30 p.m. presentation tickets: free | $10 suggested donation

Capturing kayakers as they cascade down Homestake Creek near Red Cliff, or showcasing the difficult routes and finger strength of the world’s best rock climbers as they ascend a bouldering wall in front of thousands of people is not a small achievement. Bringing the adrenaline of action sports to viewers on the couch at home has turned into a lucrative industry for those who can do it well. Renowned outdoor adventure cinematographer Michael Brown is considered a pioneer of the industry, and has earned more than 30 international film festival awards including three Emmys. Brown will share clips from his videos and speak about the struggle, character, commitment and dangers of creating these mystifying videos from earth’s most inaccessible places. Today, the craft so keenly mastered by Brown is being taken up by younger generations. Students from the Outside Adventure Film School are tasked with creating a video that tells the story of the GoPro Games … and they only have six days to find the story, film it and edit it into a three- to fiveminute segment. At this program, following Brown’s address, the students will showcase their films, telling the story of the trials and tribulations they faced in the short time they had to put the films together. presented in partnership with the outside adventure film school. sponsored in part by the antlers at vail, gopro mountain games, kessler, vail valley foundation, town of vail public library, eddie bauer, fishpeople of the pacific northwest, gerber gear, jaybird, led lensor, noosa, osprey, and think tank photo.





Demarre McGill & Reggie Rivers Living At Your Peak

venue tba time: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation tickets: $35 at the door | $25 in advance | $10 for students, teachers & vvypa members

From 1991 to 1996, Reggie Rivers played in every game for the Denver Broncos as running back. He was named the Broncos’ Man of the Year for two of those years as he consistently led the Broncos through high pressure situations. After retiring from professional football, Rivers transitioned into a career in broadcasting and has one of the top-rated TED Talks. Demarre McGill, winner of the prestigious Avery Fisher Career Grant, is the principal flautist for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Preceding the orchestra’s Bravo! Vail residency and his performances, he will speak at the Symposium about what it’s like to step out onto the stage and live up to the expectations “The time is now. of fans, critics, fellow musicians and, most importantly, himself. McGill and Rivers will detail their thoughts before they take the stage, The place is here” before a symphony or a solo, or before playing a game, and how they reflect – dan millman on their performance after the final bow or whistle. In this intimate discussion of pressure, focus and mentality, McGill and Rivers will discuss the struggle to perform and how they consistently come out on top. presented in partnership with bravo! vail valley music festival.



John White | Hot Topics JULY


donovan pavilion | vail time: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation tickets: $35 at the door | $25 in advance | $10 for students, teachers & vvypa members

John White is the current Louisiana State Superintendent of Education, and is charged with improving the state’s 700,000 public schools and their educational performance ratings. Mr. White came to Louisiana from New York where he served as the Deputy Chancellor for Talent, Labor and Innovation. In New York, White led several high-profile projects to transform how the city hires and fires teachers and manages its classrooms. He also launched the “Innovation Zone” – a network of 100 21st Century Schools that personalize student learning. White arrived in New Orleans to oversee 23 schools directly, of which 22 were failing, and also oversaw 64 charter schools as part of Louisiana’s Recovery School District. White and his team overhauled the failing “Education is the schools in the district, established a unified enrollment system, and most powerful weapon expanded the New Orleans school construction program to ensure that every school building in Orleans Parish would be rebuilt or renovated. which you can use to In January of 2012, White was appointed State Superintendent of change the world” Education and thereafter launched “Louisiana Believes” - the state’s plan to put every child on the path toward college and a career. White – nelson mandela comes to Vail to discuss his experiences with education reform in New York and New Orleans. sponsored in part by slifer, smith and frampton and the youth foundation.


Erika Randall Beahm & Daniel Beahm | Arts & Culture JULY


the antlers at vail | vail time: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. screening & presentation tickets: $35 at the door | $25 in advance | $10 for students, teachers & vvypa members

The Vail Symposium will host a behind-the-scenes experience to detail the making of “Leading Ladies” - a zany comedy about two sisters, their gay best friend, and their overzealous stage mom. When one sister gets pregnant and the other plans to waltz out of the closet, the family must hustle to maintain their status quo in the harsh arena of competitive ballroom dance. Producers Erika Randall Beahm and Daniel Beahm will discuss the making of this dance movie. Together, they’ll discuss points made in the movie about the overwhelming world of dance, impressions, and gay culture. They’ll also explore how they went about capturing these moments, choreographing the dance scenes for the camera and telling this fictional story through film. The film was selected to air at the Cannes Independent Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Starz Denver Film Festival, and won the “Best Feature” at the Palm Beach Women’s International Film Festival. “It may seem quite an impossibility, but the film Leading Ladies is, simply put, a quietly revolutionary dance musical.” – Feminist Review presented in partnership with the vail international dance festival. photo by scott pasfield




Panel | Speaking Locally AUG


the cordillera valley club | cordillera time: 3:30 p.m. bike ride* 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation tickets: free | $10 suggested donation

Each year thousands of cyclists hit Colorado’s terrain to be tested on legendary climbs in the mountains or ride leisurely through the plains and valleys. Around this Valley, the same terrain ridden every day by local cyclists will once again be taken to by cycling’s biggest names in one of cycling’s biggest races, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Join former professional cyclist Michael Carter, five-time Paralympic cycling national champion Jonathan Copsey, and Ride the Rockies Tour Director Chandler Smith in the lead up to the USA Pro Challenge to hear about how multi-day racing has gone from the legendary Coors Classic and Red Zinger to the now premiere and iconic USA Pro Challenge. Carter, Copsey and Smith will share stories about racing around the world, and detail what everyone should look forward to when the USA Pro Challenge comes through town this August. *Join us for an intermediate guided bike ride around Cordillera before the program. Bring your bike, gear, water and your riding legs! Meet at the Cordillera Valley Club at 3:30 p.m. to participate.

sponsored by cordillera.

A C E L E B R AT I O N O F 50 Y E A R S O F C O LO R A D O W I L D E R N E S S saturday

John Fielder | Speaking Locally AUG


battle mountain high school | edwards time: 6:00 p.m. reception | 6:30 p.m. presentation tickets: free

“If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it.” – Lyndon B. Johnson 50 years ago President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Wilderness Act after in order to create a formal mechanism for designating wilderness areas. 50 years later, Vail enjoys the spoils of this act with vast amounts of public land maintained by the local chapter of the US Forest Service. John Fielder, Colorado’s most renowned Nature Photographer, will look at the last 50 years as well as the next 50 years of protecting Wilderness in the United States. Fielder has worked tirelessly to promote the protection of Colorado’s open space and wild lands. His photography has influenced people and legislation, earning him the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award in 2003 and the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s First Achievement award in 2011. His images from the last 40 years have captured what Wilderness means to Colorado.

presented in partnership with walking mountains science center, the united states forest service, and the eagle valley library district.



Justin Kauflin | Arts & Culture AUG


venue tba | vail time: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. tickets: $20 general admission | 50% discount for vail jazz party patron pass holders please visit to purchase tickets.

Justin Kauflin can’t see the keys, nor can he view the documentary, “Keep on Keepin’ On,” in which he is the star. Yet, the blind jazz pianist has become one of the most in-demand jazz performers, being presented by musical greats such as Quincy Jones and undergoing mentorship by Clark Terry. Kauflin began his musical journey at age four with the violin. By six he started performing in concert halls, nursing homes and weddings. He went on to become the concertmaster for several orchestras, studying classical violin and piano for a decade. However, it was during this time that he endured numerous trials, particularly when he lost total vision due to a rare eye disease. He adapted by learning five grades of braille and cane mobility, and, most importantly, switching to jazz piano. The documentary, “Keep on Keepin’ on” chronicles Kauflin’s relationship with Clark Terry for the past four years, and was developed by Academy Award winning editor Davis Coombe and Academy Award winning producer Paula Dupre Pesman. Join the Vail Jazz Foundation and the Vail Symposium for a screening of the documentary, followed by a panel discussion with Kauflin and other special guests.

this program is presented in partnership with the vail jazz festival.




Vail IS AN


EXPERIENCE. TEDxVail is volunteer-based, non-profit organization that creates independently organized TED events and are operated under a license from TED. Through conferences, events and adventures, we bring people and ideas together to explore great ideas that spark deep discussion.

OU R MISSION Our mission is to provide an interactive and dynamic platform that amplifies exceptional ideas and moves people to model an elevated behavior in our communites.




featuring a keynote address on “How Television Changed the Game” by Ken Schanzer, former President of NBC Sports SEPT


cordillera mountain course & the timber hearth time: noon shotgun | 4:00-5:00 p.m. reception | 5:00 p.m. keynote speech foursome tickets*: $1,000 per foursome lecture tickets: $40 in advance | $50 at the door *all tournament participants receive entry to post-golf reception and keynote speech **includes post-golf reception and keynote speech

There will be plenty of time for practice swings in the early season. Join the us for our second annual Golf Tournament when your game is seasoned, smooth and ready to be put on display on the gorgeous 18 holes of the Cordillera Mountain Course. The event benefits the Vail Symposium. Put together your team of four for a shotgun-start golf tournament featuring special guest Dr. Mark Adickes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Co-Medical Director of the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute at Memorial Hermann and NFL veteran. Dr. Adickes will be on the course to participate in the game and answer your questions relating to sports medicine. The tournament will be followed by appetizers, drinks and a lecture from the former president of NBC Sports, Mr. Ken Schanzer. Mr. Schanzer will talk about how television changed the game and the relationship shared by television stations, audiences and the sports themselves. He’ll also give an insider view of how television stations negotiate for sporting programs such as Wimbledon and the PGA Tour. Tickets to the lecture can be purchased separately. Last year the Golf Tournament hosted 50+ golfers and raised over $14,000. As the Symposium expands with greater programs and larger audiences, this year’s tournament will help to bring the best speakers on the most interesting topics right to Vail.

sponsored by cordillera.


T H E L I V I N G AT YO U R P E A K CONSCIOUSNESS SERIES Be inspired this September



time: all programs start with a reception from 5:30-6:00 p.m. and all presentations begin at 6:00 p.m. tickets per program: $35 at the door | $25 in advance | $10 students, teachers & vvypa members ticket package: all three programs available for only $60 total when purchased before september 1, 2014.



D R E A M I N G & A H E A LT H Y M I N D Rosemary Ellen Guiley the westin riverfront resort & spa | avon

You lie down, nod off, and escape to a dream world where any number of possibilities and combinations can occur. There can be dreams of flying, love, stress or excitement. There can be nightmares or dreams of profits. Dreams can be lucid, where anything is possible, and dreams can be shared between two people. What these dreams mean can be interpreted to discover much about the human self. Rosemary Ellen Guiley is the author of numerous books including “The Encyclopedia of Dreams: Symbols and Interpretations,” and “Dreamspeak: How to Understand the Messages in Your Dreams.” She will discuss how dreaming can lead to a sound mind and healthy body.


sponsored by the westin riverfront resort & spa.



D I G I TA L D E TO X : F I N D I N G C A L M IN A CONNECTED WORLD Brian Luke Seaward the timber hearth | cordillera

In a time of constant communication and seemingly inescapable contact, it can be very difficult to unplug, relax and take time for yourself. Experts from MIT and Stanford University are now expressing concern with our love affair with technology (known as FOMO: Fear of Missing Out and Digital Dementia), citing an increased compromise of cognitive skills. Enter the age of Mindfulness, an ancient practice to quiet the mind. This presentation examines the science of “screen addictions“and FOMO, as well as the newest research of neuroplasticity; regeneration of brain tissue produced from meditation and relaxation. Dr. Seaward has worked with numerous athletes, executives and leading figures to help them discover a more mindful state of being. Joan Lunden of Good Morning America said, “Dr. Seaward’s words have touched my life profoundly and helped me to find grace and dignity, the patience and compassion needed to navigate an ever-changing course.”


sponsored by cordillera.



N AT I V E A M E R I C A N H E A L I N G : SACRED PLACES IN THE SOUL Kenneth Cohen the grand view | lionshead parking structure

Kenneth Cohen will share cross-cultural perspectives on the principles, ethical values, and practice of Native American healing. Interspersed with songs and stories, you will learn about Native American medicine not as a thing of the past but as a living and still evolving tradition. From a Native perspective, the “medicine” is in us and around us; it is the beauty and sacred power of the natural world. It is also our sense of life-purpose and direction, discovered through dreams, visions, and the deep listening that comes through inner silence. Kenneth Cohen is a traditional healer, respected elder and has been involved with indigenous spirituality for most of his 60+ years. He was one of nine “exceptional healers” studied by the Menninger Institute and is considered a world leader in the dialogue between ancient wisdom and modern science. Call our office at 970-476-0954 for more information on ticket packages and sponsorship opportunities.






17 tuesday





All dates, venues and events are subject to change. Please visit for the most up-to-date information and to purchase tickets.



CLIFFS, CREEKS AND CAMERAS: SCREENING ADRENALINE Michael Brown the antlers at vail | vail

GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME Demarre McGill & Reggie Rivers venue tba



N O T WA I T I N G F O R S U P E R M A N : R E F O R M I N G E D U C AT I O N I N A M E R I C A John White donovan pavilion | vail

“LEADING LADIES”: THE MAKING OF DANCE ON SCREEN Erika & Daniel Beahm the antlers at vail | vail



CLIMBING FROM THE COORS CLASSIC TO THE USA PRO CHALLENGE Panel Discussion the cordillera valley club | cordillera

“Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry” – jack kerouac

“The wilderness and the idea of wilderness is one of the permanent homes of the human spirit”






17 thursday






– joseph krutch

C E L E B R AT I N G 50 Y E A R S O F C O LO R A D O W I L D E R N E S S John Fielder battle mountain high school | edwards



“KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON” Justin Kauflin venue tba | vail

D R E A M I N G & A H E A LT H Y M I N D Rosemary Ellen Guiley the westin riverfront resort & spa | avon



D I G I TA L D E TO X : F I N D I N G C A L M IN A CONNECTED WORLD Brian Luke Seaward the timber hearth | cordillera

CORDILLERA GOLF TOURNAMENT Keynote Speech: “How Television Changed the Game” by Ken Schanzer cordillera mountain course & the timber hearth



N AT I V E A M E R I C A N H E A L I N G : SACRED PLACES IN THE SOUL Kenneth Cohen the grand view | lionshead parking structure


VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Deb Robbins Deb Robbins, who first lived in Vail in 1980, is a cornerstone member of the Vail community and standout volunteer to the Vail Symposium. The Symposium depends on the volunteer hours of many, and Deb stands out among several incredible people. Deb and her husband, Rohn, the Symposium’s Board Chair, first moved to Vail for the incredible skiing and to make some extra money to go back to school, despite the five college degrees they had already earned between them. After moving away, Deb and Rohn returned to make Vail their permanent residence when their sons, Ascher and Parke, were both babies. After working as a full-time mom, Deb began to volunteer with the schools that her sons attended throughout the Valley and ended up being heavily involved with the Eagle County School District. Deb’s involvement with the Symposium began through her love of bringing the organization’s speakers into the schools she worked with. She strived to help the students by impressing them with the importance of stewardship, philanthropy, human rights, and learning other cultures. Some of Deb’s favorite programs have been Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dr. Eben Alexander, Stem Cells, the documentary “Saving Face,” and anything linked to education. Now, Deb works as an assistant at her husband’s law office and also volunteers for the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, the local VFW Post, the Vail Performing Arts Academy and, of course, in the schools. She enjoys walking and hiking in the beautiful mountains, attending local events with her friends and family, and striving to make a difference in the community. “A difference” doesn’t adequately describe all that Deb has done for the Vail Symposium and the Vail Valley. She has made monumental changes to positively affect many lives. “I hope the Symposium will continue to reach an even broader audience of young and old, locals and tourists, those formally educated and not... in an effort to bring them together for thought-provoking presentations to create a community of openminded, life-long learners!” – deb robbins


BOARD MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Dale and Jeanne Mosier Dale and Jeanne Mosier are an integral part of the Vail Symposium. “Integral” may be too small of a word – without the help of these two standout board members, the Vail Symposium would not be the organization it has become in recent years. The two share a story as interesting as any Vail Symposium program. The couple has lived in Vail for four years. Dale, originally from Dallas, PA and Jeanne, originally from Beloit, WI met in Denver in 1971 through mutual friends. Dale was just learning to ski and the sport later brought the couple to Vail for a visit between Peace Corps assignments in 2006. They moved here full time in 2010. Dale and Jeanne have always been interested in current events and hot topic issues, and saw the Vail Symposium as a leading organization within those interests. They made both a time and funding commitment when asked to get involved. Jeanne’s favorite program so far was David Rubenstein’s talk on private equity in the Winter 2014 season. Dale’s preference has been to Ambassador Christopher Hill’s Hot Topics discussions. It has been a running joke at the Symposium that while Dale and Jeanne are both retired, they are perhaps more active than ever before. Dale began his career as an engineer for a process control firm in Ohio while Jeanne started out as an administrative assistant for Hallmark Cards in Chicago. Over the course of their careers, they lived in places like Indiana and Texas before moving to South Africa, Washington D.C. and Lilongwe, Malawi with the Peace Corps. Outside of the Vail Symposium, the couple enjoys skiing, hiking, biking and the friendships of many interesting people over good food and wine. Together, the two hope to ensure the Symposium reaches new heights. “Our hope is that the Vail Symposium can become financially secure and is able to bring higher level presenters and discussion leaders to the Valley.” – dale & jeanne mosier

ANDREW C. LITTMAN ROHN K. ROBBINS CHRISTOPHER TOMCHUCK Appeals, Divorce, Family Law, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Probate Administration and Litigation, Criminal Defense, Traffic Law, Investment Fraud, Employment Law, Business Transactional, Civil Litigation

1448B Vail Valley Drive, Vail, CO 81657 P.O. Box 6133, Vail, CO 81658 (970) 479-9989

STEVENS, LITTMAN, BIDDISON, THARP & WEINBERG, LLC For the legal needs of a lifetime. SM


PAT R O N S ’ CIRCLE The Patrons’ Circle recognizes distinct community members who continue to make a multi-year commitment to the Vail Symposium. We thank these donors for supporting our future by providing the foundation for our organization.

PAT RO NS Pam and Richard Bard Timothy Belber Betteridge Big Delicious Catering* Clair Global* The Club at Cordillera* Cordillera Metro District* Cordillera Property Owners Association* Donovan Pavilion* Gary Gilman The Grand View* Kat Haber* Mountain Living* Jay and Kirk Huffard J.P. Morgan Private Bank Andrew and Lynn Kaufman George and Lizette Lamb Rob LeVine and Evelyn Pinney* Steven and Susan Marton Dale and Jeanne Mosier Priscilla O’Neill Kirit Pathak The Piton Foundation Paul and Wendy Raether Don and Mary Rogers Jim and Bobbie Ruh

Pete and Pat Frechette Richard Gretz and Doris Dewton David and Barbara LeVine Charles and Sandy Lloyd

Alby Segall* Slifer Smith and Frampton/ VARE Steadman Philippon Research Institute SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning, LLC ThriveMD Town of Vail* Town of Vail Public Library Vail Daily* Vail Resorts Echo* Kyle Webb and Allison Krausen Wells Fargo West Vail Liquor Mart*

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind



Lynn Anderson Ronnie and Dierdre Baker Gary and Carolyn Cage Buck and Holly Elliott Kraig and Jill Forbes Ben and Holly Gill Alan and Barbara Goncharoff Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer Joan Harned Bob and Judy Holmes Artie and Jodi Israel Alberta and Reese Johnson Diane Pitt and Mitch Karlin Art and Elaine Kelton


Neal and Kathy Kimmel Joel and Gloria Koenig Tony and Barbie Mayer Brenda and Joe McHugh Bill and Kay Morton Rohn and Deb Robbins David J. Schoonmaker Rod and Beth Slifer The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa George and Betsy Wiegers

B EA CO N & F O U NDE R S ’ 40 Aberle Investment Management United Way of Eagle River Valley Michael and Marcy Balk Michael Carlisle* Centennial Bank Colorado Mountain Express* Colorado Mountain News Media Peter and Carole Feistmann Fine Signs of Colorado* Harry and Susan Frampton Tom and Margie Gart HaberVision* High Country Backline* Al and Kathy Hubbard Integrity Real Estate Advantage KH Webb Architects* Walter and Karen Loewenstern Mountain Digital, Inc.* Art and Lindsay Reimers Bernie and Suzanne Scharf SER, Inc.* The Short Course at Cordillera* Myrna and Don Sigman Richard and Pam Smith ThyssenKrupp Ti Amo Ristorante*

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind



L ANT ER N Todger and Shannon Anderson Pam Brandmeyer Jim and Connie Cameron Christie Lodge Carol Cockrum Steve and Amy Coyer Andrea Eddy Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty* John and Kerma Karoly Maricela Luevanos Deb and Dan Luginbuhl Mark Martin Nina McLemore, Inc.*


Doug and Anne McNeill Walter & Leila Mischer Frank and Allison Navarro Peggy Nicholls Pan for Hire* Jay and Amy Regan Shaw Electric* Spa4ThePink Laura Tumperi Kevin & Regina Valis Bob and June Vanourek Walker Fine Art* Eric Wiseman Zip Adventures of Vail*

C AN D LE Larry and Sandi Agneberg Always Mountain Time, LLC* Apex Dental* Penny Bank Beaver Creek Chop House* Bonnie Blecha Bol* Peter Braun Phil and Sunny Brodsky Jeff and Diane Brundage LeRoy and Lavelle Carlson Stan and Mary Ellen Cope Fred Distelhorst Education Foundation of Eagle County (EFEC) Crosby and Sally Foster Gorsuch* Steve and Lee Gulotta Martha Head and John Feagin Barbara Hibben John and Pam Horan-Kates Michael and Andrea Leeds Jim Palenchar and Liz Lynner

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind

Peter L. MacDonald J.P. and Heather McInerny Robert Croteau and Karen Nold Bill and Jacque Oakes Old Forge Pizza Co.* Ebby and Lex Pinson Crazy Mountain Brewing Company* Riverwalk Wine & Spirits* Sage Hospitality* Kenneth and Connie Scutari Phil and Jean Smith Grant Smith Howard and Cathy Stone Taste of Vail* John H. Taylor Vivian Teets UPS* Vail Valley Foundation* Vail Vitality Center* Bill Wilto Vail Valley Ace Hardware Alyn Park and Jay Wissot


Peter Abuisi Allegria Spa* Bill and Lorie Amass Judd and Gretchen Babcock Tom and Tess Backhus Jack and Shirley Beal Roger and Margo Behler Pat and Roger Benedict Charles and Kay Bertrand Kim Blackford Margaret Blazek Alice Boone Diana Bradley Gus and Eleanore Bramante Joerg and Rita Braun Pete and Debbie Brill Bennett and Arlene Brummer Nancy Burton Don and Joan Chambers George Henry and Kathy Chandler-Henry Kay Christensen Alexandra Christy Claggett/Rey Gallery* Dick Cleveland and Kathy Langenwalter AAA Self Storage Kim and Bill Cox Coyote Café* Local Joe’s Edwards* Peter Dann Alan and Silvia Danson Tom and Wendy Divinere Abby Dixon Charles Dolan and Susan Mackin Dolan Sherry Dorward Arthur and Arlene Elkind Anne Esson Sandor Falk Gail Ferry Jesse and Betsy Fink Buzz Finn and Linda Hryckowian Kathy and Dick Fishburn 26

SPA R K Jim and Cookie Flaum Maureen and Gerry Flynn John and Terry Forester Georgia Fox Ann Fusco Morris and Mikki Futernick Bob and Susan Gadomski Eddie Gingras Nancy Gladstone Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park* Sue Goodin Charles Goodin Marshall Gordon Bobbi and Gene Hagerman Rob Hall Dan and Chris Havekost Dwight Henninger Barbara Hibben Anne Hintz Barbara Hogoboom Michele and Scott Hovey Andrew Hudson Linda Hutson Louise H. Ingalls Patti Johnson Han M. Kang Steve and Mary Sue Katz Donald Kearns Elizabeth Keay David Auchterlonie and Barbara Keller Karen and Bob Kern Collier and Ann Kirkham Shane Kleinstein Laurie and Terry Kleisinger Bud and Betsy Knapp Kent Erickson and Barbara Krichbaum Lanie Coffey* Alice Leeds Charlie L’Esperance Kathleen Ligare Leadfoot Linda’s

Bob and Linda Llewellyn William and Ann Loper Bob and Ann Louthan Mary Lamb Lucas Ed and Barbara Lukes Fletcher MacNeill Hank Mader Ward Mahanke Jack and Leslie Manes Raj Manickam Melanna Marcellot Rosette Mare Marjorie Marks Diana Mathias Butch Mazzuca Tom McCalden Sharon McKay-Jewett Donald McMahan Luc and Liz Meyer Mary Jane and Frank Miller Marie H. Millman John and Carol Mink Gail Molloy Thomas Moorhead Bob Moroney Marka Moser Richard Jackson and Cheryl Moskal Thomas and Dee Mulvihill Lisa Muncy Suzette Newman Chris Offutt Dick and Sally O’Loughlin Dorothy Parsons William Pierce Edward and Judith Pitkin Mark Pittman Susan Pollack Lisa Ponder William Powell Michael Reisinger Kathi Renman Pearl Rieger Ron and Ann Riley


C. Lee Rimel and Gracie Campbell Curious Theater Company* Bob and Barbara Rosen Route 6 CafĂŠ* Patricia Rowe Jason Rudofski Judith Whetstine and Bob Rush Richard and Aline Sandomire Carole S. Schragen Timothy W. Schultz Bill and Dorsey Seed Oscar Sevilla Les and Maureen Shapiro Charles Sherwood Sondra Slappey Jim and Daphne Slevin Sudi Sloan Bill and Nancy Slowikowski Robin and Kathy Smith Stephen and Nancy Snyder Brian and Paige Sodergren Lois and Bert Solomon Ron Speaker Robyn Specthrie Les and Madeline Stern Larry Stewart Mimi and Woody Stockwell George and Charlene Strate Barry and Evelyn Strauch Strung From the Moon* Kathie Talbot KT and Carol Thuerbach Ed and Hope Tudanger

Alpine Party Rentals* Doris Bailey Will Brown Peggy Buchannan Martha Cole Randi Davis Cherry and Dan Gallgher Doreen Somers and Jan Idzikowski Montgomery Mathias Racine’s Restaurant* Norm and Sarah Smith KSL Capital Partners* Judy Van Bergen

Valbruna* Jennifer and Jake VanBeelen Norm Vogel Robert Warner Deborah Webster Albert and Susan Weihl Fraidy Aber and Tani Weiner Dennis and Anne Wentz Tom White Donna Whittington Glenn Wible David and Kristin Williams Christina and Jen Wright Hap and Nancy Young Emily Zeigler Zino Ristorante II*

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind



GE T I NVO LVED Volunteer


Spread the word Friend us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter Be an intern Assist speakers during their visit Submit a program idea Donate tickets Attend an event

THANK YOU to our Winter 2014 volunteers! Everything we do would not be possible without your help, and support and we deeply appreciate all that you do! WINTER 2014 VOLUNTEERS Melissa Bard Nancy Berg Paul Chapman Ethan Cotton Abby Dixon Natalie Evans Anne Hatch

Sydney Somers Idzikowski Patie Jansen Susan Kaemmerlen Tommy King Debbie King Laurie Kleisinger

Mary Lamb Lucas Jeanne Mosier Andie Ohde Deb Robbins Leila White Kris Woodruff Greg Ziccardi

Interested in becoming a Vail Symposium volunteer? Contact John O’Neill at for more information on how to get involved!

T HA N K YO U TO O U R SP O N SO R S We ask you to please support these valuable Vail Symposium sponsors; they are incredible assets not only to our organization but also to our community as a whole.




V E NU E D I R ECT I O N S Addresses for and directions to all Vail Symposium venues available at Call our office at 970-476-0954 for specific parking information.

T H E A N T L E R S AT VA I L 680 w. lionshead place | vail | 970.476.2471

From I-70, take exit 176 and proceed west on South Frontage Road toward Lionshead. Take a left on West Lionshead Circle from the Frontage Road. (It is immediately following the Pedestrian Bridge.) Follow the road as it curves to the left, the Antlers is at the bottom of the hill.

••• B AT T L E M O U N TA I N H I G H S C H O O L 151 miller ranch rd. | edwards | 970.328.2930

From I-70, take exit 163 (Edwards). Exiting eastbound, take the first right in the roundabout onto Edwards Access Rd. Exiting westbound, take the third exit on the right in the roundabout (go under the interstate). At the next roundabout, take the fourth exit onto Miller Ranch Road. Look for the school on your left.

••• C O R D I L L E R A VA L L E Y C O U R S E & C L U B 0101 legends drive | edwards

From I-70 west or east, take exit 163 (Edwards). Exiting eastbound, take the third exit on your right in the roundabout (go under the interstate). Exiting westbound, take the first exit on your right on the roundabout toward Beard Creek Road. Take the Beard Creek Road exit in the roundabout, parallel to I-70, heading west. Pass the Edwards Medical Center on your left and continue to the Valley Course security gate. Stay on Beard Creek Trail for approximate ¾ of a mile. Turn Left on Legends Drive and the clubhouse is right in front of you.

••• C O R D I L L E R A M O U N TA I N C O U R S E & T H E T I M B E R H E A R T H 655 clubhouse drive | edwards

From I-70 west or east, take exit 163 (Edwards). Exiting eastbound, take the first right in the roundabout onto Edwards Access Rd. Exiting westbound, take the third exit on the right in the roundabout (go under the interstate). Continue on Edwards Access Road until you reach Highway 6 (stoplight). Turn Right on Highway 6 and go 2.6 miles. Turn Left onto Squaw Creek Road and go 3.1 miles. Turn slight right onto Fenno Drive and go 1.4 miles. Take your 2nd left after the guardhouse on Clubhouse Drive and the Course and Grille will be in front of you.

••• D O N O VA N PAV I L I O N 1600 s. frontage rd. | vail | 970.477.3699

From I-70, take exit 173 (West Vail) and proceed south and continue east on S. Frontage Rd. parallel to I-70. The Pavilion will be 0.7 mile on the right. Look for the large stone sign and a playground.

••• T H E G R A N D V I E W | L I O N S H E A D PA R K I N G S T R U C T U R E 395 e. lionshead circle | vail

Vail’s newest community space on the third floor of the Lionshead Welcome Center. From I-70, take exit 176 (Vail) and proceed west on S. Frontage Road towards Lionshead. Turn left into Lionshead Parking Structure. Free summer parking.

••• T H E W E S T I N R I V E R F R O N T R E S O R T & S PA | AV O N 126 riverfront lane | avon | 970.790.6000

From I-70, take exit 167 (Avon) toward Nottingham Road. Continue straight onto Nottingham Road. Nottingham Road turns slightly left and becomes Avon Road. At the roundabout, continue straight to stay on Avon Road. At the second roundabout, continue straight to stay on Avon Road. Turn right onto Riverfront Lane. The Westin will be on your left.






programs at-a-glance 06.10.14

cliffs, creeks and cameras: screening adrenaline michael brown


get your head in the game demarre mcgill & reggie rivers


“leading ladies”: the making of dance on screen erika & daniel beahm


VAIL, CO 81658 970.476.0954

not waiting for superman: reforming education in america john white



a celebration of 50 years of colorado wilderness john fielder


climbing from the coors classic to the usa pro challenge panel discussion


“keep on keepin’ on” justin kauflin


dreaming & a healthy mind rosemary ellen guiley


golf tournament & keynote talk how television changed the game ken schanzer


digital detox brian luke seaward

MUISOPMY R E M M U S 4 1 0 2


native american healing kenneth cohen

VAIL SYMPOSIUM P.O. Box 3038 | Vail, CO 81658 970-476-0954 | Fax 970-476-0710 Facebook & Twitter | Vail Symposium

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Vail Symposium Summer 2014 Program Book  

Enjoy reading about the Symposium's Summer 2014 schedule, board and volunteer spotlights, and Winter 2014 highlights.

Vail Symposium Summer 2014 Program Book  

Enjoy reading about the Symposium's Summer 2014 schedule, board and volunteer spotlights, and Winter 2014 highlights.


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