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AS THE VAIL SYMPOSIUM EMBARKS ON ITS 46TH SEASON, IT IS MY HONOR TO J O I N T H E O R G A N I Z AT I O N A S T H E N E W EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. I want to thank Dale Mosier and the board of directors for entrusting me in this role. I had been aware of the Symposium more as a collaborator than a participant, having hosted many of the organization's programs at the Vilar Performing Arts Center (where I served as Executive Director for many years). I have always been impressed and inspired by the mission of the Vail Symposium and by the quality of the presenters and programs. I sense a need and desire from our community to come together to explore new ideas and new ways of thinking about the world around us. Since accepting this position, I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have reached out to congratulate me and share with me how much they love and value the Vail Symposium. I feel an immense sense of responsibility to help carry on the traditions of this great organization and to work with the board and the community to understand how we can evolve and improve as we look to the next 45 years. One of the key components of our mission is to offer our programs at an affordable price so the entire community can participate. It is only through the generous support of our sponsors and donors that we can make this a reality. I want to thank everyone who has supported the Vail Symposium through its long history. Every donation makes a difference in helping us achieve sustainability and creating quality programing. With that in mind, I look forward to seeing you at many of the diverse programs we are offering this winter. It will give us an opportunity to connect and for me to discover what motivates you to participate and be excited. It is my privilege to serve this community as we launch our next 45 years.

Kris Sabel executive d irector


I AM DELIGHTED TO HAVE BECOME THE BOARD CHAIR THIS SUMMER. I want to first thank Rohn Robbins for his leadership, and also the Board of Directors and the staff who have all helped position the Vail Symposium for a strong winter season complete with diverse topics and powerful discussions stemming from our informed guest speakers. The big news this summer was the hiring of Kris Sabel as our Executive Director. From the moment he started on September 1, we became ever more excited to have him in this role for the Symposium. He brings focused energy and a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly contribute to the momentum the Vail Symposium has seen in recent years. While it will take time for his impact to be felt, those of us on the ground already feel his injections of creative vision that will help provide thought-provoking, diverse and affordable programs for the community of residents and all our visitors. I’d also like to share some changes we have made to the structure of programs this winter. Notably, we’ve decided to expand the winter season with programs beginning in early December and carrying on through April. We heard from a number of our members that, even while the tourist traffic has left town, many locals remain eager to learn. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm of our audience on this point and feel a strong commitment to give the community what it asks for. We’re also working on the scope of our programs, and bringing on other organizations for mutually beneficial partnerships. I would especially like to point out our collaborations with the Vail Valley Partnership, Walking Mountains, Colorado Mountain College, Eagle County Schools, the Women’s League of Colorado and World Denver. By working together, we are able to increase the quality of programs and therefore the diversity of our discussions. I look forward to talking with many of you over this program season. Please pass on any thoughts, comments or reflections to any of the staff or Board members you might come across at a program.

Dale Mosier chairman, board of directors



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The Vail Symposium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to year-round lifelong learning for the Vail Valley community through educational programs that are thought-provoking, diverse and affordable.






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3,516 COMMENTS FROM OUR COMMUNITY "I love the variety of the programs. I have learned so much from attending programs. The affordable prices have allowed me to attend as many as I am able to go to." "I have enjoyed every event I've ever attended! And I've always come away with new ideas and knowledge from the terrific speakers." "Speakers were excellent, the content was interesting and there was enough time for an engaging Q&A." 6


We did a great job last year. Can we say that? What if we mean it? Because we did, and we do. Four years ago, the Vail Symposium organized 12 programs over the winter and 10 in the summer. Fast forward to last year – 21 programs in the winter, 26 over the summer. That is the quantity. There was also an increase in quality. Last year, the Vail Symposium, in partnership with Eagle County Schools, welcomed Sir Ken Robinson. His TEDTalk, “Do Schools Kill Creativity” is the most-viewed TEDTalk in history with more than 10 million views. His program here was no exception. Around 450 people gathered in the Battle Mountain High School auditorium and around 450 people left having their expectations overly satisfied. The summer also included a medical panel with doctors from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center addressing the latest in cancer treatment. The film series held under the stars at Little Beach Park in Minturn drew 500 people over three movies. The consciousness series was again a favorite with three programs and three workshops to challenge the parameters put on life by culture in the West. There was also the ‘Great Divide Debate,’ which put local high school students on stage with adults to expose generational differences in political ideology. Just about every candidate in the county attended, and the kids had their voices heard. The winter season was also special with a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who delivered a gripping presentation on technology addiction; Juan F. Thompson, son of Hunter S. Thompson, reading passages from his memoire and sharing stories about his famous gonzo journalist father, astrophysicist Nick Schneider discussing the scientific quest to discover life on other planets; or even Symposium fan-favorite Jamie Metzl divulging his well-educated thoughts on China, their economic crisis and its impact on the West. There was also a sold out program with adventurer Steph Davis, a fireside chat with former Mayor of Denver Federico Pena and a very detailed discussion on the Iran Nuclear Deal by Michael Singh, the former director of Middle East affairs at the National Security Council. That is just a breath of what happened in 2016. Who and what will take the stage in 2017? Join us to find out.

SUPPORT THE SYMPOSIUM DONATE TODAY! We invite you to join our audience, team and family. Less than 20% of our income comes from program ticket sales. The Vail Symposium can and will continue to offer affordable, thought-provoking, and diverse programming with your support.

A donation of any amount is enough to make a difference in our community. Make a donation online through or mail checks made out to Vail Symposium to: P.O. Box 3038, Vail, CO 81658.

SUMMARY OF MEMBERSHIP LEVELS & BENEFITS All members receive a newsletter, opportunity to purchase tickets to programs in advance of the general public and discounts at participating local restaurants and retail shops.

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Anyone giving at the Torch Member level or higher qualifies as a major giver and a member of the Lighthouse Society. General program tickets and member passes are transferable. Tickets and passes are not valid for fundraisers, workshops, or other events deemed “special” unless otherwise noted. Member passes are valid for one year from donation date. For additional information about how to support the Vail Symposium and a complete list of benefits, please contact Kris Sabel at 970-476-0954 or The Vail Symposium is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization in accordance with Federal Tax Law and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions 7


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From your very first step, Vail in the summertime unfolds into a whole world that’s just waiting to be explored. Book your trip and expand your horizons at VLMD246-007_Print_VPAC_5.5x5_PROD.indd 1

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THE M O S T R E L E VA N T (some of our programs are to be determined) In a deliberate attempt to deliver information on breaking topics, or to bring high-profile speakers that suddenly become available, the Symposium keeps open several program dates throughout the winter. So, while what you see in the coming pages are confirmed events with confirmed speakers, you can expect more from the Symposium as the season progresses. The absolute best way to stay in the loop for additional programs would be to follow our social media channels, subscribe to our email list or to check the events page on our website. We’ll update these digital outlets ASAP when further programs are confirmed. @Symposium.vail @VailSymposium

F E A RS A N D FA C T S : A M ULT I D IS C IP L I N A RY A P P R OA C H TO DE M E N T IA living at your peak • with dr. keith rapp


Dementia affects 24 to 47 million people globally, including five million Americans. Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type represents 60-80% of those affected. One out of three seniors in the USA will develop dementia preceding death, rendering a sensitive time for the patient and their families even more difficult. While scientists are working vigorously to find a cure, new understandings of brain and body complexity have led to a number of discoveries for preventing and mitigating the effects of dementia. This talk by Dr. Keith Rapp will focus on a wide range of matters concerned with dementia including the different types, current medical therapies, rates of progression and adjunct approaches. Citing the most current literature, Dr. Rapp will discuss how to minimize or mitigate the occurrence of dementia and improve the quality of life for those affected. He’ll expand the topic to include how to deal with the vast economic impact that affect individuals, families and society when it comes to caring for dementia sufferers. Dr. Rapp is a nationally recognized physician with more than 35 years of experience, nearly 30 years devoted exclusively to post-acute and long-term care. He is the founder and was Chief Executive Officer of Geriatric Associates of America, P.A., a group of physicians and advanced practice registered nurses that provided medical care, advanced practice nursing services and medical direction for nursing facilities across the nation.




When: 5:30p.m. reception | 6:00p.m. presentation Where: Castle Peak Senior Center | Eagle

THE N, N OW & T H E N SO M E: TOA S TIN G TO 4 5 YE AR S fundraiser We turned 45. We’re throwing a party. We want you to come!


Join the Vail Symposium as we celebrate the past 45 years—and welcome the next 45 years— of thought leadership in the Vail Valley with an evening of eating, drinking, discussing and dancing at the beautiful Donovan Pavilion in Vail. What does 45 years of the Vail Symposium mean to the community? It means learning about Dodd-Frank legislation from Barney Frank. It means being challenged by Ayaan Hirsi Ali to institute social reform for Muslims. It means listening to President Ford addressing the nation about energy policy, learning from David Rubenstein about private equity and being entertained by stories from Tom Brokaw. In 45 years, the Vail Symposium has presented Pulitzer Prize winners such as Rene Dubos and Matt Richtel, U.S Senator Gary Hart and State Senator Michael Johnston, artists and curators such as Cristo and Timothy Standring, entertainment icons such as Bud Palmer and Susan Sarandon, and top policy makers and theorists from around the world such as Sir Ken Robinson. The vibrant lifestyle of Vail, bounding far beyond the confines of mountainous recreation, is not merely a random phenomenon. Since the Symposium’s inception in 1971 to where it stands today, the organization remains an integral part of the intellectual truths that have guided a once small mountain town to become a world beacon for health and wellness, tolerance, self-discovery, curiosity and informed decision making through education. On December 8, the Vail Symposium will put pieces of its history on display and toast to past and present speakers, board members, staff, and, most importantly, the audience to whom the night is dedicated.



When: 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Where: The Donovan Pavilion | Vail Tickets: $150 With The Rewind Band

"We're only here for a small amount of time and we want to see how much good we can do while we're here and I always say that there'll be... in the future, there would be many millionaires and they can take care of those problems but I'm here now and I'm trying to do what I can." - doris buffet



BE Y OND 7 / 2 : B R E A K ING TH E EXP LO R ER S GRAND S L A M WO R L D R EC O R D unlimited adventure • with colin o’brady


In January of 2016, mountaineer Colin O’Brady set out to break the world record for the Explorers Grand Slam – climbing the tallest mountain on each continent and trekking to the last degree of latitude on the North and South Poles. By the end of May, O’Brady stood atop Everest having shattered the world record by two months. He finished the entire quest in only 139 days. His feat was sweetened by the fact that during his attempt at the Explorers Grand Slam he also broke the fastest climb of the Seven Summits by two days—a feat that on its own takes years of preparation— and that he was able to use his world record to raise $1 million to combat the childhood obesity epidemic that effects more than 20 million kids in the United States. Explore with O’Brady as he shares stories from earth’s highest peaks and most remote locations alongside his motivations for a world record. He’ll discuss how, for 139 days, he was constantly weighing decisions for speed with factors for safety, how he had to climb 5,000 vertical feet—to reach a camp at 26,000 feet—in a single day and snippets such as how the sun only rises at the South Pole on September 21.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: The Donovan Pavilion | Vail


Vail Valley, Colorado |



THE M A E S T R O O F G E N Y MO NEY: M A KI NG I N V E S T M E N TS M ATTER financial speaker series • with finn kelly


Finn Kelly believes that helping just one person can change the world for better, and that a “for-purpose” mentality in entrepreneurship can have huge positive effects not just on a company’s bottom line, but on their culture. It is advice like this that made Finn Kelly millions of dollars before his 30th birthday and earned him recognition as one of the “top 30 under 30” global businessmen, and as one of National Geographic’s “Under Cover Angels.” It has also allowed him to step in as an investor to help other young people grow their fortunes and communities grow their businesses. Including stories from his recent National Geographic project where he traveled to Bulgaria to help the Roma Community not simply by donating money, but teaching them skills to create their own sustained success, Kelly will discuss his fresh approach to investing. He’ll also discuss how millennials approach entrepreneurship and why understanding their differences are key to successful investing of the future. Kelly’s purpose is to inspire and challenge others so they can reach their full potential, build game-changing businesses, focus on helping others and make a positive impact on the world. He is a sought after keynote speaker and founder of Wealth Enhancers and We Love Numbers. He was named the Australian Young Manager of the year, Victorian Young Manager of the Year, and named to the “Hot 30 Under 30” list by Smart Company and the Young Influential List by The Start Up Daily.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: The Grand View | Lionshead

TE DX VA IL 2 0 1 7 : < R >EV O LU TIO N special event • with 20+ speakers in one night


<R>Evolution is a journey that endlessly creates itself. A continuous cultivation of new abilities, learning, trying, sharpening the senses. A grand adventure with symptoms of connectivity, love, sympathy and compassion that grant a moral compass and foster intersectional ideating. An experience enhanced by action – internal investigations, skillful listening of the spaces in between and exploration beyond borders. Through it all gives rise to a forum of solidarity and ideas worth spreading. The Vail Symposium will once again play a role in organizing the sixth-annual TEDxVail. Twenty or more speakers will take the stage to share their thought-provoking tales, challenge the world to abandon the status quo and to eloquently engage the sharing of ideas in order to build up a high-functioning society. The event will be broken into sessions held from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sessions include: Worlds Seldom Seen, Radicals and Rebels, Movement Moment, Dynamic Failure, Divided We Fall. Talks include: "I Am Black and an Environmentalist" by Charles Orgbon, “Schooling as if our lives depended on it” by Roshan Bliss, “Post Traumatic… Beauty” by musician Alex Woodard and more! Visit for information, tickets and event timeline.



When: 2 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Where: The Vilar Performing Arts Center | Beaver Creek



2 0 1 6 K E Y E L E C T I O N BA LLOT OUT C OM E S : W H AT ’ S NEXT? speaking locally • with: dr. jason glass, jill klosterman, loren furman This program presented in conjunction with the Vail Valley Partnership’s Business Forum Series will provide an overview of key state and local ballot issues from November’s election, and what the election results mean to Eagle County and Colorado moving forward. This will include Amendments 69, 70 and 71, as well as Eagle County ballot issues 1A (workforce housing), 3A (Eagle County Schools mill levy override) and 3B (Eagle County schools bond). Win or lose, each issue has a vibrant discussion of where we go from the election result. Eagle County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass will cover issues relating to education funding initiatives. Jill Klosterman, Eagle County Housing Director, will address the impact of ballot measures on affordable housing and workforce housing. Loren Furman is the senior vice president of state and federal relations at the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, and will discuss state election outcomes and their impact. Chris Romer, President and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership will moderate the discussion.


This program is presented in conjunction with the Vail Valley Partnership Business Forum Series in an effort to address difficult local issues.



When: 8:00 p.m. reception | 8:30 p.m. presentation Where: Colorado Mountain College | Edwards



The crisis in Libya is not one that evolved from a single event. Surges in pro-democracy protests and foreign military intervention might have interrupted years of disagreeable authoritarian rule, but has, in the process and aftermath, spiraled into one the bloodiest feuds the Arab world has ever seen and given rise to global threats such as ISIS. Now, as the region and world seek stability and peace, many questions remain about how we arrived at this point and where it is going to go. Visiting Vail to answer these crucial questions is Jason Pack, an expert on the Libyan Crisis. His rare presentation will discuss the inception of this crisis, Libya’s jihadi militias, the Islamic State’s growth in Libya and what threat that possesses to essential Western interests. Pack is a researcher of Middle Eastern History at Cambridge University, President of LibyaAnalysis and founder of He has written articles about Libya for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek and Foreign Policy in addition to briefing officials at the British Ministry of Defense, the US Government’s Department of Defense as well as NATO and the UN.




When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: The Grand View | Lionshead

THE E YE , IN S P I R AT IO N A ND PA S S IO N F OR C O L L E C T I N G : C .M. R U SSELL & T HE O L D A M E R IC A N W EST arts & culture • with tom petrie and bill rey When C.M. Russell was a boy growing up in Missouri, he dreamed of becoming a cowboy. When he died in 1926 at the age of 62, he was not just a cowboy but also a historian, writer, philosopher, advocate of the Northern Plains Indians, outdoorsman, conservationist and, above all, an artist whose work serves as a telling story of the old American West. Tom Petrie, the foremost private collector of C.M. Russell, grew up reading books illustrated by artists, including C.M. Russell, stirring in him a curiosity and appreciation for art, Western art particularly. He thought then that one day he’d like to own a C.M. Russell of his own. Cut to 1995 when Petrie bought Russell’s “Friends or Enemies,” a 1920s watercolor. Cut to 2016 and Petrie now possesses the largest private collection of C.M. Russell, a product of sheer passion, curiosity and appreciation for the art. In this fireside chat-style program, Petrie will answer questions from Bill Rey of Claggett/ Rey gallery about Russell and about what it means to build an art collection that is meaningful to its collector.


Presented in partnership with Claggett/Rey Gallery.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: TBD

HA C KI N G IM M O RTA L I TY: TH E SC IENC E A ND S C I E N C E F IC T IO N O F EXTR EME HUM A N L I F E E XT E N SIO N author series • with jamie metzl


Jamie Metzl’s new novel, “Eternal Sonata,” imagines a future global struggle to control the science of extreme human life extension. Futurist Ray Kurzweil calls it “A brilliant exploration of the many challenges and opportunities our species will face as the exponential growth of real-world technology moves us toward immortality." Metzl will discuss his book and address the audience in Vail about how he blends science and science fiction, using an artistic premise to tackle the onslaught of hypotheticals stemming from very real breakthroughs in genetic enhancement and human life extension. Metzl is a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council, novelist, blogger, syndicated columnist, media commentator, and expert in Asian affairs and biotechnology policy. He is author of the novels Eternal Sonata, Genesis Code and The Depths of the Sea. He is a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council  and has served in the US National Security Council, State Department, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as Executive Vice President of the Asia Society, and with the United Nations in Cambodia.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: TBD



BOL D IM P R E S S I O N S : INNOVATING TH E E NT E RTA IN M E N T E XP ER IENC E hot topics • with soren west and shaun clair


Have you ever wondered what went into a Paul McCartney or Cirque du Soleil traveling show? Or how CBS or Nike promote their visions? This talk offers a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look into creating immersive entertainment for Grammy Award-winning artists such as the Rolling Stones, compelling product releases by Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, visual supplementation to music festivals such as Coechella and cultural festivals such as Burning Man, and surreal experiences such as those lining the Las Vegas Strip. Introducing this new generation of entertainment and its electrifying capabilities are Soren West and Shaun Clair. West is the CEO of ATOMIC and an Executive Producer of major events. His list of clients includes Turner Broadcasting, Viacom, CBS, Target, the NFL and Nike. Clair is the VP at Clair Global and specializes in applying new technologies for unique product offerings and has worked with the likes of Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, American Idol, Jay-Z, Sting and many more. Together these two entertainment industry experts and innovative thinkers will explore how a new generation of entertainment is driving industries to new heights and how the advent of new technologies may influence entertainment experiences of the future.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: The Donovan Pavilion | Vail

T HE E C O N O M IC S O F B EER hot topics • with stewart glendinning and richard bard


The whole world loves beer, but underneath the sociability of the beverage is a serious business as companies look for opportunities to win consumers and to deliver for shareholders. The industry has seen big changes as the biggest brewers look to expand across the globe and small brewers proliferate in cities around the world. What is driving the trends and how will the industry develop? What is in it for shareholders and what is in it for the consumers? This fireside-style chat between Stewart Glendenning and Richard Bard will explore a wide range of topics and economic drivers in the highly competitive and highly profitable beer industry. Stewart Glendinning is the CEO of Molson Coors International. He is responsible for the company’s business and operations across more than 50 countries. Prior to taking on this role, Stewart was the global CFO for Molson Coors, the CEO of Molson Coors UK and the CEO of Molson Coors Canada. Bard serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bard Capital Group, LLC and Western Air Charter, Inc. Bard is also a co-founder of Bard Capital Group and Centennial Jet Partners, LLC. He has been involved in the acquisition and operation of several private and publicly traded businesses over the past 30 years.




When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: TBD

7 BI L L I O N R E A S O N S TO R EC O NC ILE C L I M AT E C H A N G E , P O LITIC S A ND HUM A N B E H AV I O R hot topics â&#x20AC;˘ with nobel peace prize recipient kevin trenberth, peter ogden & kim langmaid â&#x20AC;˘ moderated by mercedes quesada-embid


This is not a talk about whether there is or is not climate change. Widely accepted by the scientific community as fact, this multifaceted talk dives straight into the status of climate change and its threat to the human race, including a range of prognostication and a policy discussion about what world leaders are doing to protect the planet. This will include outcomes of the Paris Agreement and what the new administration in the United States is likely to do. The discussion will wrap up with a short update from Walking Mountains Science Center on what impacts climate change can have in Vail. Kevin Trenberth is a Distinguished Senior Scientist in the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He was a lead author of the 1995, 2001 and 2007 Scientific Assessment of Climate Change reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize which went to the IPCC. He focuses on climate variability and climate change, including global energy, water cycles and how they are changing. Panelist Peter Ogden is an expert in international climate policy and foreign policy in the United States and is a Senior Fellow at American Progress. From 2012 to 2013, he served on the White House National Security Staff as director for climate change and environmental policy. Prior to that, he served on the White House Domestic Policy Council as senior director for energy and climate change and at the State Department as chief of staff to the special envoy for climate change. Kim Langmaid is the vice president, director of sustainability and founder of Walking Mountains Science Center. Her focus includes local sustainability, collaborative conservation and environmental education. Mercedes Quesada-Embid is an associate professor of sustainability studies at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: The Donovan Pavilion | Vail

"Some of the human-induced changes are occurring 100 times faster than they occur in nature. And this is one of the things that worries me more than climate change itself. It's actually the rate of change that's most worrying" - kevin trenberth



P HY S I C IA N S ' P E R S P EC TIV ES O F NE AR- D E AT H E XP E R IENC ES consciousness • with dr. eben alexander, dr. raymond moody, dr. mary neil • moderated by karen newell A lively panel discussion between physicians who have been to the other side and back, and one who has researched NDEs and related phenomena for over 40 years. Hear firsthand what these doctors experienced; learn how they had to rethink everything learned in medical school, why they know their NDEs were real and why NDEs and related spiritual experiences are important to us all. With extensive medical backgrounds, each member of this panel now calls for more understanding of how consciousness lives outside of the body. The group will discuss life after death, how past lives and experiences therein shape current realities and how Divine beings exist to help and guide us in different levels of consciousness. Dr. Raymond Moody is a is a psychologist, philosopher and author who coined the term “Near Death Experience” in 1975 with his popular book “Life After Life.” He has documented thousands of individuals and their near death experiences, arriving at the conclusion that there is life after death. Dr. Moody uses logic as a basis for his research in a unique approach to this complicated topic. Dr. Alexander, a renowned academic neurosurgeon, spent more than three decades honing his scientific worldview. He thought he knew how the brain, mind and consciousness worked. A transcendental near-death experience, in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma from an inexplicable brain infection, changed all of that. He now works to unite science and spirituality. Dr. Mary Neil is a practicing orthopedic spine surgeon in Jackson, Wyoming who had an NDE when trapped under-water in her kayak in a remote waterfall in the jungle of Southern Chile. She authored a book titled "To Heaven and Back." Karen Newell, of Sacred Acoustics, will moderate the panel.


Note: Don’t miss it!  This is a coup for the Vail Symposium to have all of these dynamic authors/doctors at the same time.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: The Donovan Pavilion | Vail

"I felt the question of the afterlife was the black hole of the personal universe: something for which substantial proof of existence had been offered but which had not yet been explored in the proper way by scientists and philosophers." - raymond moody


This speaker is also hosting a workshop. For information please see the “Consciousness Workshops” section by flipping forward to

page 21

C ONNE C T IN G T H E D OTS : EC O NO M IC I M PA C T S O F A N E W AD M INIS TR ATIO N hot topics series • with scott anderson


At the root of monetary theory, or sets of ideas about how monetary policies or investments should be conducted within an economy, are economic forecasters. Their role is one part analytical—digging through economic and financial data—and one part philosophical—connecting the dots and theorizing how one economic trend may impact existing scenarios or create new ones. Their work is particularly important to investors and policy makers alike. Rarely does a situation spawn such impactful scenarios as the General Election in the United States. Before an overhaul of leadership from the presidency and vice presidency to the heads of 15 executive departments, economists are grappling with data-driven hypotheticals in an effort to make helpful suggestions before the leadership’s policies can be felt economically. Leading that field is economist Scott Anderson. Anderson is the Chief Economist at Bank of the West, responsible for forecasting international, national and regional economic trends. He was named as one of the Top 10 economic forecasters in the country by USA Today and his research is widely read by the financial and business community. He has appeared in numerous media including CNBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC, CBS Market Watch, BBC, and NPR, and publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and San Francisco Chronicle.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: TBD

M I L I TARY W IT N E S S AC C O U NTS , NUCL E A R M IS S IL E S HU TD OW NS A ND OT HE R E V I D E N C E O F ET V IS ITATIO N consciousness • with joan bird


According to credible military witnesses, nuclear missiles were deactivated while UFOs hovered over launch control facilities on several occasions in Montana in the 1960's. Movie footage taken from a ball field in Great Falls, Montana, in 1950 is still considered some of the best UFO evidence ever analyzed by the Air Force. Esteemed astronomers have served as scientific consultants to Air Force UFO investigations involving thousands of cases and many became convinced a small percentage of cases are unexplainable and not man-made. Whether a skeptic or a believer, this talk by Joan Bird, stemming from her book “Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials”, will inform, entertain, and challenge you to take a closer look at the possibility, even the probability, of UFOs and ET visitation. Sharing stories of extraordinary sightings and encounters, Bird presents evidence that UFOs and ETs do indeed exist, citing recently declassified government documents, historic reports and first-hand interviews.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: TBD

This speaker is also hosting a workshop. For information please see the “Consciousness Workshops” section by flipping forward to

page 21



L I VI NG A M I D S T N U C LEA R NI GHTM A R E : A C H IL L IN TH E A IR hot topics • with joe cirincione


There is a risk that someone will use, by accident or design, one or more of the 17,000 nuclear weapons in the world today, rendering useless the standing mutually assured destruction principal of nuclear deterrence theory. Simply, the threat of nuclear weapons did not end with the Cold War—these weapons, possessed by states large and small, stable and unstable, remain an ongoing nightmare and painfully uncomfortable reality. Joe Cirincione is president of Ploughshares Fund, a global security foundation, and the author of “Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons” and “Deadly Arsenals: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Threats.” He serves on the Secretary of State's International Security Advisory Board and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a former member of President Obama’s nuclear policy team and now operates at the center of debates on nuclear terrorism, new nuclear nations and the risks of existing arsenals. In Vail, Joe Cirincione will discuss the best thinking and worst fears of experts specializing in nuclear warfare and assess the efforts to reduce or eliminate these nuclear dangers. This includes outcomes and realities of the Iran deal and the likely threat of terrorist access to and implementation of nuclear bombs. He will also discuss the differences and risks of varying dirty bombs and their risk.



When: 5:30 p.m. reception | 6:00 p.m. presentation Where: TBD

I NF I NI T E AWA R E N E S S: TH E AWA KE N I N G O F A S C IENTIFIC M IND consciousness • with marjorie hines woollacott, phd


Marjorie Hines Woollacott, PhD, has been a neuroscience professor at the University of Oregon for more than three decades and a meditator for almost four. Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. She has written more than 180 peer-reviewed research articles—several of which were on meditation, the topic that motivates her for this program. As a neuroscientist, Marjorie Woollacott had no doubts that the brain was a purely physical entity controlled by chemicals and electrical pulses. When she experimented with meditation for the first time, however, her entire world changed. Woollacott’s journey through years of meditation has made her question the reality she built her career upon and has forced her to ask what human consciousness really is. This program pairs Woollacott’s research as a neuroscientist with her self-revelations about the mind’s spiritual power. Between the scientific and spiritual worlds, she breaks open the definition of human consciousness to investigate the existence of a non-physical and infinitely powerful mind.




When: ???? Where: Colorado Mountain College Edwards

This speaker is also hosting a workshop. For information please see the “Consciousness Workshops” section by flipping forward to

page 21

Synthesizing science and spirit through near-death experiences consciousness workshop • with dr. eben alexander, dr. raymond moody, dr. mary neil • moderated by karen newell Friday, March 17 | TBD Capitalizing on the rare occurrence to have four leading NDE researchers at once, this workshop gathers the doctors to divulge more details about their journeys and research. Here you will hear the full stories from Dr. Mary Neal including what messages she was given and how she has integrated these messages into her life and work today. Explore more of the scientific evidence and implications of NDEs with Dr. Eben Alexander and Dr. Raymond Moody, whose articles appear in their recently released book, "The Science of Near-Death Experience," published by Missouri Medicine and the Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association.

Abductees and contactees: Are they making it up? consciousness • with joan bird Friday, April 14 | Vail Public Library Beginning with two reputable and fascinating early contact cases in Montana, this workshop explores some of the most credible literature regarding people who claim they have been abducted by ETs or had ET contact. The workshop also considers information coming from the contactees, and reflections on what that might mean for our understanding of reality, and the future of this planet. There will also be an opportunity to explore any personal events that might lead you to question whether you could have had contact experiences.

The nature of consciousness: Can we reconcile scientific and experiential perspectives? consciousness workshop • with marjorie hines woollacott, phd Friday, April 21 | TBD In this workshop, Majorie Woollacott will lead participants in an in-depth exploration of the nature of consciousness from both the scientific perspective and that of direct experience, discussing how each contributes to a complete understanding of the topic. She will also lead participants in discussions regarding the processes that underlie both meditation and energy healing. Participants will then explore together studies on near-death experiences, which validate the presence of clear awareness when there is no brain activity. In the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore in small groups their experiences as well as the implications of research for our understanding of consciousness.


“Our task is to educate their (our students) whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it.” ― sir ken robinson, the element: how finding your passion changes everything Sir Ken Robinson is right. In fact, when he visited the Vail Symposium stage in a program presented in conjunction with Eagle County Schools during the summer, he drove this point home. There in his speech, intertwined with progressive ideas for education reform, was the core principal that educating the youth is the single most important investment for the future. The Vail Symposium is happy to contribute to that process of education. For years, we have worked with Eagle County Schools and local private schools to set up visits with our speakers. For instance, just last summer, three government classes at Battle Mountain High School were visited by Candace Joice of iEmpathize to learn about the proliferation of human trafficking in addition to what they could do to end such a menacing illegal business. There was also the ‘Great Divide Debate.’ Here, it was the students who addressed their adult contemporaries on political issues in an effort to unearth generational differences in political ideology. Participants engaging in this very insightful political discourse included students from Eagle Valley High School, Vail Christian High School, Red Canyon High School, the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy and the Vail Mountain School. Perhaps the program that took top honors for its impact on students, though, would have to be that of Sir Ken Robinson who spoke to more than 230 teachers and 200 or more community members in the Battle Mountain High School auditorium on October 14. Sir Ken Robinson left the room completely inspired to embrace creativity and for teachers to individualize their efforts in making a difference for students. It is with little doubt that the footprint of the Vail Symposium tracks into schools with information and out with inspiration. It is a difference we are proud to make. If you are a teacher interested in hosting a speaker in your classroom, reach out to John at the Vail Symposium at


r e s e r v e i n a d va n c e a n d s av e Did you know you can receive $10 off the ticket price of most of the programs by simply purchasing your tickets in advance? Just go to www.vailsymposium. org or give us a call at 970-476-0954 before 2 p.m. on the day of a program to receive $10 off the door price. Tickets must be paid for at the time of purchase to receive the discount. Students, teachers, Vail Resorts employees, Eagle County employees and members of the Vail Valley Young Professionals Association (VVYPA) may be eligible for an additional discount. •••

ticket sales Please note all ticket and/or pass sales are final and non-refundable. Tickets and passes must be paid for at the time of purchase and are transferable. Complimentary tickets offered to donors per the benefits are transferable. •••

ticket donations If you are unable to attend a program, please call our office at 970-476-0954 to donate your tickets to area students. You will receive a tax acknowledgement letter for each ticket you return and the sincere gratitude of the Vail Symposium and local students. •••

program offerings We are not a political organization. We strive to present speakers who can address thoughts and ideas from all viewpoints. Our speakers views do not necessarily represent the views of the organization and its members. •••

t h i r d - pa r t y m at e r i a l s No third-party material will be distributed or handed out at Vail Symposium programs, events or meetings without the prior consent of the Executive Director, Board Chair or Program Committee Chair. All materials must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of a program, event, or meeting for consideration. No exceptions. No guarantees. •••

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Spacious studio suites to 4-bedroom condominiums located just 150 yards from the Lionshead Gondola. All condos boast a full kitchen, private balcony and gas fireplace. Enjoy the picturesque pool, free parking and so much more.

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Symposium film series this summer at Little Beach Park in Minturn. While a commendable contribution in and of itself, Matt’s days of volunteering for the Symposium often begin long before any kegs are tapped and long after they kick. He is the guy who grabs the heaviest of boxes to save someone else from doing so, spends time running AV cables behind a stage, holds a door or simply smiles back at the audience. It is his humble attitude and honest beginnings that make it no surprise he has a knack for noticing the little things that make a big difference. Matt was born in Los Angeles and raised in the Midwest. His first job was at a small business called Rudy’s Market in Clarkston, Michigan. He was a pizza maker, a delivery boy, a dishwasher, a deli clerk, a shelf stocker and a butcher’s assistant. By college, he had found himself smack between LA and Detroit, living in Boulder and working with people with mental and physical disabilities. However, like many out-of-staters, he quickly realized the Front Range boasts a subpar snowboarding experience, and decided, in 2011, to push westward once more. He landed in Vail. He met a girl. He got a job as an automotive technician at Leadfoot Linda’s. Then he got involved. More specifically, he got involved with the Vail Symposium. He regularly volunteers for the film series. Some of his favorite programs include not just the films, but the Unlimited Adventure programs with Steph Davis and Alana Nichols and the author event with Juan F. Thompson. “I hope the Symposium continues to grow as much as it has since I have been a part of it, and continues to bring incredible and thought-provoking events to the Vail Valley throughout my life here,” Decker said. “It's awesome to see an event in a small mountain community where you have a young new Vail resident sitting next to a seasoned veteran who has been here for years and years, both enjoying what is being said and being able to take away so much from the event.”






cover of our program book, accompanied by a letter he had written as the Chairman of the Vail Symposium Board Directors and his signature. In July, Rohn relinquished his leadership role within the organization to Dale Mosier, and then he assumed one of a board member and facilitator. It is as though Rohn can’t stop helping, and it is perhaps this affliction that makes his continued presence so endearing. We suspect some may have subscribed to our program brochure solely for his letters. In one instance, Rohn opened a letter by quoting Talmud, “To save one life is to save the world entire. To fail to save one life is to condemn the entire world.” He closed that same letter quoting Bruce Springsteen (Winter 2016). He won’t tell you that the Symposium has been around since 1971, he’ll tell you we’ve been around since “the days of Henry Kissinger, Apollo 14, British abandonment of the schilling system” (Summer 2014). In the Summer 2015 brochure, he was right to say the Vail Symposium had “upped our game.” Much of that “upping” we can credit right back to him. As the Symposium continues to expand upon the foundation that Rohn helped create, we can’t help but say thanks, here, in the back of the book. Not just for work he’s done, but for the work he continues to do. Just this summer, the audience would have seen Rohn moderate the panels on medical marijuana and online education, and participate in the Great Divide Debate. Behind the scenes, Rohn has continued to be a sounding board for the young staff he brought on, nurturing what was once promised motivation into now solid experience. Be it in the boardroom, on the stage or behind a podium between adversarial arguments, both the staff and the audience are fortunate to have him around. “By presenting timely, thought-provoking programming, the Symposium provides a forum to challenge, stimulate, inspire, and, sometimes, spark a previously unconsidered commitment. Every action, after all, begins with the ember of a thought.” Rohn Robbins, first Board Chair letter, Winter 2013/14.



The Patronsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Circle recognizes distinct community members who continue to make a multi-year commitment to the Vail Symposium. We thank these donors for supporting our future by providing the foundation for our organization. Peter and Patricia Frechette

Doris Dewton and Richard Gretz

ARC LIGHT MEMBER $10,000 A N D A BOV E Antlers at Vail*

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Dale and Jeanne Mosier

Vail Resorts Epic Promise*

Donovan Pavilion | The Grand View*

FLOOD LIGHT MEMBER $5,000 - $ 9 ,9 9 9 Alpine Bank

Tim and Lisa Swift

Neal and Kathy Kimmel

Slifer Smtih & Frampton Foundation

Mountain Living Magazine*

SPOT LIGHT MEMBER $2,500 - $ 4 ,9 9 9


Gary Gilman and Julie Stoxen

Vail Public Library

Roadhouse Hospitality Group

James and Babara Ruh

TORCH MEMBER $1,0 0 0 - $ 2 ,4 9 9 Richard Agett and Shelly Mellot Jerry and Lynn Anderson Todger and Shannon Anderson John and Patty Baily Ronald and Dierdre Baker Richard and Pam Bard Jimmy and Marka Brenner Clagget Rey Gallery Crazy Mountain Brewing Company*

Steve and Susan Marton Nowell May Joseph and Brenda McHugh Frank and Allison Navarro Sandee Noreen Priscilla Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill Tony and Teressa Perry Kathi Renman

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Riverwalk Wine and Spirits*

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Rohn and Deb Robbins

Tom and Margie Gart

Rod and Beth Slifer

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Kent Hopkins

Scott and Jeannette Stevenson

Arthur and Jodi Israel Reese and Alberta Johnson Mitch Karlin and Diane Pitt Dr. Andrew and Lynn Kaufman Andy Kaufman Terry and Laurie Kleisinger George and Lizette Lamb

Larry and Pat Stewart Peter and Vivian Teets Town of Minturn Laura Tumperi George and Elizabeth Wiegers Wyndham Vacation Rentals

Rob LeVine and Evelyn Pinney Dr. Robert Lipnick

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind



$ 5 0 0 - $999 Bookworm of Edwards Diana Bradley Carol Cockrum Community First Foundation TJ Conners Steve and Amy Coyer Andrea Eddy Alan Finney Shelly Gruner John Horan-Kates Kirk and Jay Huffard Doris Gobec Tania Landauer Dennis Larson Dan and Deborah Luginbuhl J.P. and Heather McInerny Dr. Sue Morter, LLC* Ken and Judy Robins Rocky Road Remedies Roots RX Shaw Electric Marjorie Vickers


*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind

$250 - $499 Larry and Sandra Agneberg Pam Brandmeyer Stanley and Mary Ellen Cope Bob Croteau and Karen Nold Steph Davis East West Resorts Kent Erickson and Barb Krichbaum Jim and Cookie Flaum Georgia Fox Matt and Doris Gobec High Country Healing Barbara Hogoboom Patricia Johnson Jill Lammers Bruce McGrath and Janet Robinson Chris Offutt Skip and Adelle Picking Mimi and Keith Pockross Drew and Patti Rader Erin Ratliff Bill Rey Bob Rush Mike and Carolyn Toughill William Saslow Kenneth and Connie Scutari Sondra Slappey Patti Weinstein Jay and Alyn Park Wisson Glen and Margaret Wood 31


SPARK $1 0 0 - $ 2 4 9

Bill and Loring Amass Mary Ellen Anderson Tom Bacon Marlin and Edward Barad

Will Comerford

Margo and Roger Behler

Kenneth Cooper

Barbara and Peter Behrendt

Alan and Silvia Danson

Nancy Benson

Patty Davis

Peggy Bernstein

Tracy Dierksen

Cathy Bethke

Sara Divya

Jordi Blakslee

Matt Drabant

Jane Roberson Blanch

Eagle Eye Home Management

Adriana Bombard

Carol Ferguson

Judith Brocker

Kim Foos

Phil and Sunny Brodsky

John Forester

Kathy Chandler-Henry

Stephanie Foster

CK Consulting LLC

Halide Gazioglu

Dick Cleveland and Kathy Langenwalter

Lonetia Gerken Marshall Gordon H W H Venture LLP Jane Healy Linda Hutson


Michelle Jaskunas Maurice and Jan John Mary Johnson Janice Johnson

Susan Noble

Bruce and Amy Karpas

Katharine Parsons

Barbara Keller

Doug and Nancy Patton

Bob and Karen Kern

Jay and Amy Regan

Peter and Helena Leslie

Lee Rimel

Bob and Anne Louthan

Rosalin Rogers

Hank Mader

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Brian Sipes

Melenna Marcellot

Robin and Kathy Smith

Gloria McMahon

Stephen Snyder

Martha Milbery

Barry and Evelyn Strauch

Marie Millman

Kathleen Talbot

Laura Moore

Norm Vogel

Bob Moroney

Robert and Jill Warner Jacqueline Wright Christina Wright Ron Zastrow Emily Zeigler

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind


A simple ‘thank you’ does not even begin to describe the overwhelming gratitude we have for our sponsors. Our mission to provide thought-provoking and affordable programming would not be possible without the backing of our community. We invite you to continue in supporting our valuable Vail Symposium sponsors and the mission to better our community.


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programs at-a-glance Fears and facts: A multidisciplinary approach to dementia

12.08.16 Then, now & then some: Toasting to 45 years

12.15.16 Beyond 7/2: Breaking the explorers grand slam world record

01.06.17 TEDxVail

01.18.17 2016 key election ballot outcomes: Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s next?

VA I L , C O 8 1 6 5 8 970.476.0954

The maestro of Gen Y money: Making investments matter



01.19.17 From Qadhafi to chaos: The origins of the Islamic State in Libya

01.25.17 The eye, inspiration and passion for collecting: C.M. Russell & the old American West

02.09.17 Hacking immortality: The science and science fiction of extreme human life extension

02.16.17 Bold impressions: Innovating the entertainment experience

02.23.17 The economics of beer

03.09.17 7 billion reasons to reconcile climate change, politics and human behavior

03.16.17 Physiciansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; perspectives of near-death experiences

03.17.17 Workshop! Synthesizing science and spirit through near-death experiences

03.30.17 Connecting the dots: Economic impacts of a new administration

04.13.17 Military witness accounts, nuclear missile shutdowns and evidence of ET visitation

04.14.17 Workshop! Abductees and contactees: Are they making it up?

04.17.17 Living amidst nuclear nightmare: A chill in the air

04.20.17 Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind

04.21.17 Workshop! The nature of consciousness: can we reconcile scientific and experiential perspectives

TBD Unlimited Adventure Series Parts II & III

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Profile for Vail Symposium

Vail Symposium Winter 2017 Program Book  

Within these pages is a preview of community discussion to come, and more.

Vail Symposium Winter 2017 Program Book  

Within these pages is a preview of community discussion to come, and more.