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HOW INTELLIGENT IS YOUR BODY? A SVA Perspective on Homeostasis Caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to forget things. But our bodies never do! Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, specialized cells in our body are dutifully fulfilling their assigned tasks, doing their best on an individual level to ensure the well-being of the entire body. We wake up with the assurance that our bodies will be just as we left them the night before, ready to take us through another day of activity and enjoyment. Day after day, we overlook how much actually goes on in our bodies to make it possible for us to be functional in society. Perhaps it is like watching a well-made movie where we get totally wrapped up in the beautiful story, crying and laughing heartily, forgetting it is just a movie. But nowadays we also have the option to watch “the making of” the movie as well… In this article, SVA takes you behind the scenes so you get to understand exactly what it is that makes the body go daily! More specifically to understand a term you may have heard Vaidya Mishra use at least once if you have ever read any of his articles, heard his talks, or had a consult with him. That term is “intelligence.” Vaidya talks about the intelligence of our bodies, of our organs, and different organ systems. He also talks about intelligence of the food we ingest, and of Nature around us. We know that in the way that he uses it, the word “intelligence” is not related to mental faculties. Rather, the “intelligence” in our bodies is akin to what science nowadays refers to as – homeostasis. The word homeostasis is made up of two root Latin words: homeo (same) + stasis (stand still or stay). Homeostasis in the body literally indicates a state of stability or balance, where things are the way they are expected to be. But what does this have to do with “intelligence”? And why is it important to maintain homeostasis?

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OUR BODIES ARE MADE UP OF … On one level, we know our bodies contain 65-90% water while our body mass itself is made up of only 6 elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. The body’s mass is structured into different organ and tissue systems. When we zoom in on the microscopic level we find that everything comes down to a single unit only: a cell. All the systems and organ systems are made up of knowing cells. Cells, the smallest building block of life, are the single smallest living biological structures that make it all happen. Cells work together to form specialized tissues and organs so that by the time we are adults, our bodies are made up of about 100 trillion cells! The pictures is getting more complicated! In order to make it easier to talk of the complex human body, philosophers and architects, since antiquity, have imagined bodies as cities, and cities as bodies, where arteries and veins are likened to pathways through which pedestrian and motorized traffic streams, for example. This analogy can be helpful. Think about it: both city and body need communication and transport pathways, both consume resources, both need an efficient system to remove waste. The analogy can be taken even further: the physical circulatory system can be likened to different transportation services – carrying oxygen to the cells and picking up waste from the cells; the digestive system can be likened to the city’s power plant – it burns fuel (nutrients/food) and supplies energy by breaking down the nutrients to be distributed to the entire body; the hormonal, glandular system is like the body’s climactic control panel – it regulates the body’s temperatures both on the physical as well as the emotional levels, releasing hormones, when necessary, to correct stress; the immune system can be likened to the defense or national security system! It provides protection against invading foreign organisms and maintains stability on the internal front as well; the intestinal system is not only our body’s waste disposal plant, processing ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


waste products and managing their excretion, but also the distribution and absorption center for all nutrients and minerals; the nervous system is like the CIA in our bodies! It is a huge communication network, where the brain is the central agency that receives information from all over the body through the sensory signals (hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell), it processes all this information and establishes relationships between the external and internal worlds to maintain overall balance and harmony; the respiratory system supplies oxygen, and our cells depend on the oxygen molecules to break down carbohydrates and fats into energy – we each need up to a quarter million tons of oxygen per year! The structural system is like the overall geographic delimitation of a city, our bones, muscles, and connective tissue delimit our body, giving it distinct location in space and holding all our internal organs and glands together, protecting them against the outside, just like geographic boundaries; the skin, our largest organ, then acts not only as a protective boundary, but also communicates with the external environment even further sending messages about temperature, and modulating the body’s internal temperatures to adjust to external conditions; the urinary system can be seen like our internal water treatment plant where harmful chemicals are filtered out helping us maintain a clean supply of fluids, and helping us maintain proper electrolyte balance between potassium and sodium. So our bodies are like complex modern metropolitan centers with great daily activity, and with much need to maintain law and order for the comfort of all citizens! But what makes our bodies go? Or even yet, stay? Stay in balance in relation to everything else? Our body’s internal systems interact with one another on a daily basis. Our body is constantly regulating such things as body temperature, the amount of sugar in our blood, breathing patterns, the gut, even our posture! The body’s different levels of organization, from the single cell to the organ systems, are constantly working together to ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


maintain the balance needed for the organism to survive and thrive. Science does not understand why or how the body is known to maintain a state of balance, or equilibrium, or home-stasis, so that an individual can thrive. Science can observe and gather the factors that disrupt homeostasis, such as disease, bad sleep and work routine, bad diet, etc. But it does not understand how it all originates. What is that factor which keeps all in balance?

How to Balance the Balancing Factor with Vaidya Mishra Almost ten years ago Vaidya Mishra circulated an intriguing interview titled: “How to Balance the Balancing Factor.” (For more details or to read that article copy this link in your browser: In that interview, Vaidya’s main emphasis was on promoting health through a deeper understanding of the body’s own internal balancing system that is connected to the reception and flow of prana. When the body’s own balancing factor is perturbed, when the condition of homeostasis that regulates our body’s different functions is tempered with, then no diet, routine, or even medicine can fix the problems he confirmed. In the article, Vaidya discusses the importance of maintaining a good pH or alkaline balance in the body. One of the homeostatic actions in the body is to balance the blood pH. At a time when all experts were repeating one mantra: Alkalize! Alkalize! Alkalize! Vaidya Mishra was offering an explanation about the body’s own intelligent means of maintaining optimal health when coupled with a good diet. Yes but what is a good diet anyways? A good diet in SVA terms means: soma predominant agneya food that has not been processed or preserved. When the food is not depleted of its natural intelligence, it will not interfere with the body’s digestive mechanisms. For example, if you consume food items that are known to be highly acidic, such as caffeine, or soy sauce, or vinegar, the body goes out of its way to increase its internal alkaline buffering factors so that the extra acidic food will not cause damage on its way in and out of the body. This activity interferes with the body’s own natural mechanism or rhythms because it requires extra work ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


on the body’s part to correct an imbalance that can otherwise result in harm. And when someone consumes such food items on a regular basis, interfering daily with the body’s own pH balance, then overtime, imbalances stay and lead to chronic local problems, and eventually spread out, generate symptoms, and become identified as a classified disease. Vaidya explains that we need to consume food items that will allow the body to automatically determine, on its own, what pH is needed in which organ and/or system. But again, what is that which allows the body to make its own choices? What’s this thing that Vaidya refers to as “body’s own intelligence”? How is it structured? What is the origin of this intelligence? How is it functioning to balance each and everything in the body, how is it influencing our food, our herbs, even Vaidya’s SVA products, transdermal creams, nectar drops?

In the Beginning was the Sound A….. As expected, the factor that keeps the bio-chemistry of the body in check is not located on that physical or even molecular level. It is deeply ingrained in each atom, and even beyond that, it resonates on very subtle vibrational frequencies that are not only not visible to the human eye, but that are also inaudible as of yet to any human structure or detecting machine. We need to rely on the findings of those mythical seers, the rishi-s in order to get answers. However, the explanation does make sense. Read it for yourself. According to the Shastra-s or Vedic texts that give us the description, the structure of this intelligence that makes the world go derives from a sound. This sound is called pragya in the Sanskrit, from pr(a) = specific; a = as the vibrational original sound that emanates and underlies all creation; and gya = wisdom. What does this all mean? ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


This body’s intelligence or knowing what to do when is apparently made up of the specific “A” sound vibration. But there is more. The Shastra-s explain that this sound is rooted in silence – the silence that precedes all dynamism of creation. What is this “A” vibration? A denotes akash, or the space element (remember: we have space, air, fire, water, earth), which is the originator of sound, and that sound, that original sound, that specific sound, with its know-how, that particular specific sound is equipped with the knowledge of the shape, size, color, fragrance, nature, behavior of any aspect or object it flows through. When akash flows, meaning when it becomes dynamic, then it materializes, and that materialization has 6 distinct properties. The Sutra explains: “ [from] the 6 properties of akash, the first property is “Prasasta Paada Bhaasyam.” The first property is that of sound shabd; the second property is sankhya, (numbers), then quantity or pariman, the fourth is prthakatva – separation; the fifth is samyoga – reunion; and the sixth is division – vibhag. Meaning: when akash unfolds into creation, it is first expressed as sound, then it becomes manifest as numbers, so whatever was first created becomes multiplied and grows in volume in the next stage. After proliferation, separation comes in to create more smaller units that get re-united to proliferate further through the same moments. So the most subtle level of akash is sound. Sound originates from the space element, and then brings forth the rest of the creative game. More specifically, the most powerful action of akash is sound. Through the power of sound, it puts into action the following aspects of creation: 1) molecular multiplication, where one multiplies itself into many, one point becomes infinity, samkhya. In scientific terms, one cell can only derive from another one, or when one seed becomes the tree that yields hundreds of seeds, or one “A” sound becomes the basis for an entire alphabet, one word turns into a whole dictionary. In just this manner, out of one single cell the whole human body is generated. On this level, the muliplication or proliferation is just in terms of numbers. Then comes pariman: after one becomes a thousand a million or some such great number, then variation is introduced and one cell will specialize and result in different kinds of organs with different energies, like the brain, the eye, different functions, different energies, with all the organs and systems. This is the intelligence that is expressed as the power of unity. In concrete terms, it translates into the knowledge of what is good for the body to unite ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


with, what is bad for the body to separate from – for example, when you eat food you absorb all the nutrients in proper quantity, and secrete all the waste products or toxins. Akash is what gives this intelligence or ability to distinguish or determine what needs to be kept and what discarded. It is the interplay between samyog and vibhag: unity and diversity. Another verse is from Vaakya Paadiiya. This verse says: “Akashat sarvamurtaya.” In other words: akash is the origin of every visible material in the universe. Murt is that which you can see with the eyes. Yet another verse says: “Satwa bahulam akasham” (Susrut Sareer S.SA 1/27). In other words, akash has more predominance of satwa, cosmic consciousness vs individual consciousness. Looking at these three verses from the Shastras, we understand that the akash element, which is part of marut, is what really maintains the intelligence of our organs and systems. It is the intelligence of akash underlying our cells vibrationally that determines the modulating homeostatic systems of our body. Without akash there would be no homeostasis and therefore our bodies would not know how to communicate messages to us if we got too close to a source of heat and ran the risk of being burnt down, or if our body needed more rest and sleep in order to keep on going with daily activity, or if our blood sugars were too low or too high. We would not be getting any of the signals that our body sends to us so we can drink more water to rehydrate in hot climates, or after strenuous exercise, in short, it would be very easy for our bodies to go haywire and stop functioning and result in death. So pra+a+gya = the wisdom or knowledge of the vibration of the sound “A” which originates in akash and constitutes the seed of all creation, is the source of all creation. The function of this structure is called: prabhav. Prabhav means the specific dynamic expression deriving from the specific “A” sound. That is prabhav. You will remember that in Ayurvedic Dravyaguna or pharmacology, prabhaav is the most subtle, extra-digestive effect that any ingested or external material will have on our body. In other words, since it goes beyond the gross physical level, we say it is the vibrational action of any material, or dravya. You do not need to eat or smell a material to get its prabhav, sometimes you can hold a few leaves in the palm of your hand and you will get the property of that plant in your ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


body within seconds. The prabhav of a plant or a person or anything that exists is beyond the physical, bio-chemical dimensions. It is simply put, vibrational. Along the same lines of logic, the specific “A” sound is what makes each individual unique. Each individual carries their own body type, own mental make-up, own satwa type. That is called prakriti from pr(a)+ a+kriti = specific “A” (as materialized in the specific shape and size of the individual, the specific voice, specific color, specific mindset, specific carrier to every creature, including humans). The Charak Samhita says that the aim of Ayurveda should be prakriti sthapana, that is: establishing the patient in their own prakriti, their own specific “A” vibration. Whatever factor is disturbing their prakriti, their natural balance or homeostasis, that creates dis-ease. Science confirms that whenever the homeostatic power or energy of any organ and system even becomes a little less, then that organ or system starts to malfunction and brings about disease in the body.

How to Keep this Balancing Factor in Balance? This understanding of the principal role of sound vibration also underlies and describes the mechanics of the entire Vedic universe. We find elaborate sound based descriptions of gods and demons in the Vedic texts. But we don’t even have to look far for this, their very names, sura for godly, and a-sura for demonic, literally denote that which is vibrationally in-tune (sura) and that which is off-tune or has a perturbed disrupted vibrational constitution – a-sura! Sura sound means balanced sound which remains rooted in its source of silence despite being sound. When it proceeds forth from its source, it unfolds and becomes dynamic but without breaking the rhythm, its original evenness. This is considered to be godly sound. It is said that such sura or sound maintains the full creative potency of the “A” original vibration. On the other hand, when sound is ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


not connected to its root, or its original “A” vibration, or it has become disturbed in rhythm or been broken/interrupted in its structure, then that dynamic expression is a-sura sound. Asura sound is considered destructive. Demonic or asura sound does not uphold life or evolution. Such sound counters life and its proliferation. It disrupts the flow of creative dynamism. It stops it. Thousands of years ago, sound therapy was a common recommendation for ailments in ancient Vedic India. In the Charak Samhita, mantra or subtle sound therapy is recommended even for the toughest disease. The understanding is that in order to preserve or support the divine vibrational energy of the human body, one has to preserve this energy in the food one consumes as well. We are what we eat, in the sense that whatever properties or prabhava-s are carried by the food will be appropriated by our bodies and displayed as our own. That’s why SVA does not recommend any food which is cooked and kept for long periods of time and maintained with preservatives, or foods that contain disruptive chemical coloring agents, etc. All possible measures should be taken not to disrupt or disturb this vibrational “A.” What chemically laden foods do, besides initiating physical structural decomposition, is disturb the sura of the food. This is more subtle but causes deeper damage on the DNA level. There are only a few Ayurvedic herbs and fruits, which can clean the physiology of such damage without disrupting the vibrational energy of the channels/body/organ and re-establish the akash intelligence. Vaidya has written an article on Prakrit™, where the Haritaki fruit is the main ingredient. Haritaki, or Terminalia chebula, is considered a divine fruit in that it is known to have the power to reestablish the intelligence of the gut channels. It detoxifies the micro and macro channels, particularly in the colon, so that the colon’s intelligence can be restored. What does this ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    


mean? It means the colon will once more remember what is good for it to absorb and what it needs to eliminate. It will be in charge of doing its assigned job properly and efficiently! Likewise, Ayurveda also offers us a simple way to understand this predominance of akash, based on the six tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. The bitter taste is known for its detoxifying potency or akash tatwa. But the astringent taste also carries akash. Akash is that which gives it the ability or intelligence of how much to absorb, how much to use, how much to eliminate, because too much of a good thing can also be damaging for health. Any minerals, any vitamins, when ingested in higher doses than needed can become toxic for the body. Iron is one of the best examples for this, or even Zinc. Surprisingly, the Ayurvedic rishis knew this fact too it seems, and that’s why whenever they offered any iron supplementation in their ayurvedic recipes, they always added along divine herbs or plants like Amla which supports the intelligence of the liver, the spleen, the RBC (red blood cells). When taking Iron along with Amla, Iron’s absorption and use will be enhanced. In addition, the rishi-s always suggested one add Bhring raj and Bhumi amla to make sure that the function or homeostatic power of the liver and the spleen can even better handle the Iron supplmentation. As for Zinc or Yasad, they knew that it can disturb the abdominal pachak pitta or digestive fire, so they advised to add green cardamom along with other preparatory steps to support digestion and to help avert nausea caused by Zinc intake. Another divine herb is Guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia. Even modern scientific findings confirm that Guduchi can be highly effective for many chronic sicknesses. The rishi-s knew that because they knew that Guduchi not only cleans the physical channels, but also resets the vibrational channels re-establishing their intelligence The main goal of the SVA lineage is to maintain this “A” vibration’s quality and quantity on an optimum basis so that the prakriti of the body does not get out of balance and in case it does get imbalanced, it can be re-established ©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   10   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    

through prakrit sthapana. This is what all SVA protocols aim for, resetting homeostasis at its origin, re-establishing the individual’s total intelligence in her/his core.

©Adishakti LLC  2012.  All  rights  reserved.  The  information  found  herein  is  for  educational  purposes  only.  It   11   has  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA  (Food  and  Drug  Administration).  It  is  not  intended  to  be  used  to   diagnose,  treat,  cure,  or  prevent  any  disease.  If  you  have  a  medical  condition,  consult  with  your  medical   physician  first.   For  more  information  visit  or  or  call  us  at  1.888.3CHANDI  or   1.818.709.1005    

A SVA Perspective on Homeostasis  

A SVA Perspective on Homeostasis

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