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Gout is a condition where there is build up of uric acid in the blood causing formation of uric acid crystals. There some people who do not suffer gout even though they have the high acid levels in their body. For some acid crystals form once the levels of acid increase. This then initiates an inflammatory process that can cause extreme discomfort, pain, and at other times mobility problems. These conditions prompt a person to seek several gout cure options to help bring them back to normal. The best gout cure is to limit the amount of purine in your diet. If conditions are extreme, total eradication of purine in the diet is necessary. These purine-rich foods are red meat, poultry, eggs, legumes, organ meats (hearts, intestines, kidneys), and seafood (anchovies, sardines, mackerel). Exercise is also considered as compliment to any gout cure you are utilizing. Exercise helps keep the blood going, preventing build up of uric acid in an area. It also aids in dissolving tophi formations when done in conjunction with anti-gout medications. Exercise will also help you lose weight. Obesity is a common triggering factor for gout. Maintaining your ideal weigh will help lessen the severity of a gout attack and also prolong the time between recurrences. There are medications used as gout cure that you can buy in pharmacies when you have a prescription. NSAID's are used to cure pain and inflammation during an attack. Alloprim and colchicine are used to lower the amount of uric acid in the body be preventing its production and aid in elimination. Probenecid is a gout cure that is used as maintenance to prevent gout attacks. Water is a very important and cheap gout cure. It helps dilute the concentration of uric acid in the blood and also aids in dissolving urate crystals. Water also facilitates excretion of uric acid in the kidneys to prevent it from increasing in the blood. When taking medications, it is important to drink at least 3 liters of water a day or 8-10 glasses to prevent formation of kidney stones.

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==== ==== Best Gout Cure That Works ==== ====

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