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More often than not, what gets confused with what the actual condition is the gout diagnosis, the gout causes, and the gout cures. Which is not really what gout is - these concepts only seek to uncover and explain how gout symptoms present themselves and what can be done about them. To give a more accurate and "real world" description of what gout is, it reads best like this: "Gout is classified as a type of rheumatoid arthritis that is characterized by exceptionally painful swelling of various joints of the body. The joints affected are usually red and shiny, and hot to the touch. The physical evidence of gout is brought about by internal metabolic imbalances that result in the overabundance acidic substances, specifically uric acid, in the inner bodily terrain." Many gout home remedies have been tried with varying degrees of success over medications for gout. Foods to avoid gout include eating fresh fruits and vegetables; the most well-known is cherry juice for gout. Other foods that cause gout are talked about until they've now gained notorious fame, but the real culprit of uric acid gout in these times of "convenience first", is overly processed dead foods, of which fast foods and soft drinks are the best examples. The optimum natural treatment for gout is to breathe clean air, drink an ample daily dosage of high-quality water, and eat raw or slightly cooked, fresh fruits & vegetables and clean meats, fishes and beans. All foods to consume need to of a "live" nature, and therefore need to be sourced from organically grown practices. Treating gout with sound health and fitness will produce long-term, lasting results that not only provide gout pain relief, but also protection and prevention from various other lifestyle-related diseases, conditions, and illnesses. Preventing gout comes about by learning to focus on what the body consumes to sustain itself, and that is of paramount importance. The "order" of importance of is also critical: the body needs air first, water second, and food third - as predicated by how the life of a human body ceases to exist when the absence of each of those components is removed. To define gout, it comes down to one thing: Toxic Acid Waste Accumulation of the Inner Bodily Terrain - that is what gout is. The gout information that needs to be bought to the forefront is that the over abundance of uric acid is merely one component to the cause of gout. Yes, uric acid is the byproduct of the breakdown and metabolism of purines, but focusing only on that due to the theory of reductionism, is completely short-sighted; cures for gout do not come from isolating bodily functions and processes - it comes from observing the whole body as a unified organism. To bring about lasting gout relief, treating the whole body is the only intelligent way to go about it. Focusing only on inhibiting uric acid production by allowing the body to ignore the true causes of the acidic overload only prolongs destruction and delays catastrophe. Providing a means to encourage detrimental practices that inherently promote gout, the accumulation of acidity, and the damaging effects of it, could be construed as unintegrous, if not

criminal. Not only do the poor quality of foods and beverages contribute to gout and gout attacks, but also polluted air, poor breathing capability, chemical-laden waters, and toxic environmental chemicals in contact with the skin do as well. What can also be added to that list is the toxic effects of pharmaceutical drugs and gout medications. However, one of the most underestimated causes of gout is Stress. Stress at its root, stems from Fear. Due to the pressures that individuals place on themselves to provide and perform in the myriad different ways to survive and succeed in the world today, brings about an endless array of different fears. Whether real or perceived, the primitive parts of the human brain direct the physical body to interpret and respond to the dangers in its environment. The metabolic chemicals and impulses generated by those perceptions, serves to create a broad range of natural chemicals, many of which are very acidic in nature. If the body is operating from those acidic substances on a continuous basis, the health of that body can and will suffer. That form of suffering easily includes the consequences of gout. No amount of gout medicine is going to replace the need to change the detrimental and destructive patterns and habits that produce the gout pictures seen today. What we call "gout emedicine" these days is much more effective: creating and conducting programs that evaluate the lifestyle choices and educate about methods for preventing gout and degenerative diseases and conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. While in the process of establishing new choices that will lead to improved health in general, the current regime of medicine for gout from a medical doctor should be followed to the letter. Continuous testing and monitoring should be done to advocate the proper dosages and the progress of the protocol. There are a number of different products, modalities, supplements, etc. that are helpful and sometimes necessary to the implementation and establishment of new health and fitness habits to move beyond the pain and frustration of gout. However, the most important skills needed to surmount this challenge is the skill to create new and healthy habits, and the skill needed to disengage from old, destructive bad habits. To learn how to treat gout is the same as learning how to do almost anything; one needs instruction, practice, and monitoring. Learning what to do, being held accountable for doing it, and a method of measurement helps to simplify the endeavor. In conclusion, when asking, "what is gout and what causes it", there is no need look any further than the air we breathe, what we drink, the food we eat, and the thoughts we are thinking.

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