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andWeclaybeginningOurandForever-changingproductiontablewarepotteryVaidavaCERAMICSVAIDAVACeramicsisafamilyownedhistoricturneddesignerandproducerofthatshowrespecttowardsitshistoricmethodsanddesignthatchallengestrends.morethan40yearswearecreatingbeautifulfunctionaltablewareforgenerationstoenjoy.sustainableproductionisfullyhandmade,fromthepreparationofLatvianredtoaccuratepackaging.useonlyglazesthatareleadfree,whichmeetexceedfoodsafetystandards. WE TRULY CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT THAT SURROUNDS US AND WE WISH TO KEEP IT CLEAN AND UNSPOILED FOR OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN TO ENJOY.

Simplicity and great attention to details. Designed by our team of artisans, to show aection towards material we are working with –Latvian red clay. On the outside it is left unglazed, just levelled and polished to disclose the smoothness of the clay. All our tableware are glazed and tempered at 1000 C and are heat resistant to be used both in the oven, microwave oven and are dishwasher safe. TABLEWARE THAT LINKS TRADITIONS OF LATVIAN CERAMICS AND NORTHERNER`S MINIMALISTIC DESIGN. EarthCollection

125x45mmBowl/ 200ml Art. 011 165x60mmBowl/ 600ml Art. 150 190x70mmBowl / 1l Art. 152 235x85mmBowl / 2l Art. 153 Curwed 240x90mmbowl/2lArt.570 300x100mmBowl / 3l Art. 515 Dip bowl set, 4 pcs 79x44mmArt.661 Centerpiece390x60mmbowlArt.646Bowlset 200ml x 3pcs with wooden tray Art. 626 Ash wood 255x25mmplatterArt.647Mug with wooden saucer 75x105mmArt.105 Plate,220x25mmmediumArt.544 Plate, 265x20mmbigArt.542Small plate set, 2 pcs 130x15mmArt.670


"Traditional techniques and materiality (red clay) of ancestral Latvian pottery communicated through straightforward and contemporary design. One of the best entries." Vesma Kontere McQuillan Architect, professor of Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology, international jury member of Latvian Design Award

165x60mmBowl/ 600ml Art. 695 125x45mmBowl/ 200ml Art. 694 190x70mmBowl / 1l Art. 696 235x85mmBowl / 2l Art. 697 125x45mmBowl/ 200ml Art. 015 165x60mmBowl/ 600ml Art. 148 190x70mmBowl / 1l Art. 149 235x85mmBowl / 2l Art. 021 Curwed 240x90mmbowl/2lArt.612 300x100mmBowl / 3l Art. 613 200ml x 3pcs with wooden tray Art. 628 125x45mmBowl/ 200ml Art. 608 165x60mmBowl/ 600ml Art. 609 190x70mmBowl / 1l Art. 610 235x85mmBowl / 2l Art. 611 Curwed 240x90mmbowl/2lArt.698 Bowl set 200ml x 3pcs with wooden tray Art. 700 300x100mmBowl / 3l Art. 699 Curwed 240x90mmbowl/2lArt.022 300x100mmBowl / 3l Art. 600 200ml x 3pcs with wooden tray Art. 627


«Pour mettre en valeur les couleurs vibrantes de nos produits, quoi de mieux que la collection Earth». Christophe Saintagne Chief and owner of Papillon, spent nearly fifteen years alongside Alain Ducasse, rubbed shoulders with the great Jean-François Piège and has been at the helm of two Michelin three-star restaurants, symbolic of the high gastronomy of Paris, the Plaza Athénée then the Meurice.

Dinnerware that links traditions of Latvian ceramics and Nordic asceticism. Raw outside linked with soft beige mat glazing inside brings cosy feeling in your home. Designed by our team of artisans, to show a ection towards material we are working with - Latvian red clay. The outside is left gently raw, just leveled and slightly glazed. Products are glazed with lead-less glaze and tempered at 1000 C. It is heat resistant to be used in the microwave oven and is dishwasher safe. RAWEarthCollectionBowl125x45mm/200mlArt.602 165x60mmBowl/ 600ml Art. 603 190x70mmBowl / 1l Art. 604 235x85mmBowl / 2l Art. 605 Curwed 240x90mmbowl/2lArt.606 300x100mmBowl / 3l Art. 607

Inspired by Nordic nature, where the rough and the gentle meet. Collection combines ancient technique of applying Terra Sigillata with minimalistic and balanced design lines. Made of pure Latvian clay, all items are handmade using traditional methods and materials. Tableware is glazed and tempered at 1000 C and Eclipse LaimaDesignedCollectionbyGrigone

Ash wood 320x180x20plattermmArt.656Medium148x80mmbowlArt.637Small 122x60mmbowlArt.63680x105mmMugArt.645Espresso cup set, 2 pcs Centerpiece74x55mmArt.644380x100mmbowlArt.640 Shallow200x50mmbowlArt.638185x225mmVaseArt.690 Lunch 250x60mmbowlArt.692 Large Small300x160mmbowlArt.639dinnerplate220x20mmArt.641 Dinner 290x25mmplateArt.642 Snack plate set, 3 pcs 115x20mmArt.669 Dessert plate set, 2 pcs 160x20mmArt.668 Large dinner 340x35mmplateArt.643

LATVIANFINALIST DESIGN AWARD 2018 "Timeless, commercial. Good use of color and  matte/gloss" Long–standing G–Star RAW creative director and designer, strategy design and interior design expert

GOLD Eclipse LaimaDesignedCollectionbyGrigone Medium148x80mmbowlArt.680Lunch 250x60mmbowlArt.693 185x225mmVaseArt.691Small 122x60mmbowlArt.67980x105mmMugArt.683Espresso cup set, 2 pcs 74x55mmArt.682 Shallow200x50mmbowlArt.681

Laima Grigone is a ceramic artist from Latvia. Notions of stewardship, sustainability, and social empowerment form the underlying ethos behind Laima's practice and she is a strong advocate for the power of the handmade. Concerned with ‘pleasure in use’ and the tactile qualities of ceramics she is looking for timeless beauty to enhance the everyday experience.

VAIDAVA CERAMICS 2 Ezera street, Vaidava Valmiera region Latvia, LV-4228

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