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July 1-15, 2013

Vol. 9, Issue - 1

` 90,000 Crores for food security ?

An Economic disaster waiting to happen ? T

he result of a long spell of policy paralysis has begun to show up and suddenly it appears that the nation has gone hungry with the people craving for food. Parties across the political spectrum are in a rat race to encash on the much touted benefits of the political stunt called the food security bill. In a country which had to suffer food shortage and famine for long and had to depend upon the generosity and largesse of the USA for food supplies had thankfully forgotten those PL 480 days. Those were difficult periods in post independent India's history with food supplies unable to match the requirement resulting in rationing, particularly in the states like Kerala which had to depend upon imports from neighboring states and even Andra Pradesh. The stinking, moth eaten undried boiled rice transported from the

Adv. A. V. Sivasankaran rice mills in the rice bowl of states like Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh reached the destination only after prolonged delays with the result the rice became stale and unfit for consumption. However, rationing days are gone and this is 2013 and also gone are the days when the nation was in need of food security, thanks to the green revolution and the break throughs in the chemical fertilizer technologies. Anyway people of India are not the arbiters on such issues but will continue to play the role as a

vote bank for a long time to come. UPA II has suddenly become vocal and conscious about their commitments and the need to face the electorates in a few months. The governments comm-itment is evident from the fact that instead of passing the bill in the parliament, an ordinance is being contemplated. The irony is that the bill is authored not by a Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Shastri or a humble farmer Deva Gauda but by a distinguished economist in his own right. It is a clear example of how the political expediency defies principles of justice and age itself. Freedom from hunger is a catchy slogan as much popular as the garibhi hatao and it made sense when the hunger was a curse on the nation and poverty remained an enemy within. As per an IFPRI survey 44% of our children go to (Continued on page 3)

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Eastern Freeway opened to Public Mumbai: Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan finally inaugurated the newly built Eastern Freeway on June 13 after receiving all round criticism for not opening it on time since the Maharashtra government could not get a prominent political leader to find time for the inauguration. During the past few days the government had to face flak from the public and the media for not opening the Freeway at a time when it would have brought a huge relief to motorists during the heavy rains on Monday. N o w, th e Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, which undertook the project cleared the freeway on which commuters can zip through the 13.59-km road from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in South Mumbai to Chembur, a north-east suburb in a mere 25 minutes without stopping for a single signal. Earlier, it took at least an hour or 90 minutes to cover this distance. The freeway will also provide the much needed speedy connectivity from the island city to the eastern suburbs, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Goa. Apart from reducing travel time and fuel, it will also ease the daily congestion in central and north-central areas of Dadar, Sion and Chembur. While the 9.29 km of the freeway will be entirely elevated, the 4.3km Anik Panjarpol Link Road, which will also be inaugurated, provides for a 550-metre long twin tunnel—the first of its kind in an urban set up of the country.

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July 1-15, 2013

KERALA LACKING IN SCAMS, SCOUNDRELS AND SCANDALS The recent furore over the insignificant solar power scam and the windmill scam shows how backward Kerala is in a nation of scams, scoundrels and scandals. India's progress can be measured by the amounts of the scams that are plaguing the nation and so can Kerala's backwardness. Whether it is the Coalgate scam or the spectrum scam, India has some notorious characters that loot the nation's wealth and hilariously boast about their powers in public. This country is not short of jokers who can entertain the public all the while impoverishing the nation. However Kerala is another story. Politicians in Kerala are of a different variety. Be it the communist leader like Achudanandan or the most honest politician AK Antony. Their speeches capitalize on as well as evoke fear and desperation among the public who are given the impression that they are a suffering lot and they have to vote for that particular party if they don't want things to become worse. Compare that to joker politicians from other parts of the country who have no shame to publicly say that their friends in the industry gobbled up thousands of crores of Rupees ONLY for the benefit of the public. And that if they are voted to power these thousands of crores would be effectively be used for the benefit of the constituency or the state. Now taking into consideration the relative insignificance of a scam like the windmill and the solar power scam which were hardly in the region of 10 crores, it is surprising that all politicians in

Kerala are making a hue and cry over it. How many poor people have been hurt by the scam run by Sarita S. Nair and her husband Biju Radhakrishnan ? None. Has the finances of the state been affected by the scam? Not in the least. Who all have been affected? Influential members of Kerala society and some money launderers who have been cheated of small sums of money by the two cons. This has nothing to do with the state or the polity. It is only a criminal matter between the victims and the cons which has to be dealt with by the police and the courts. Now the question to be asked here is why the time of the assembly is being wasted for this non-issue? It is the job of the police and the CID to investigate and imprison the cons. Making issue of the fact that the duo were friendly with the Chief Ministers employees is just ridiculous. They were also friendly with employees under the CPM ministry. The scam had gone on brazenly during CPM's regime. That does not mean Achudanandan is responsible. Why it is being propped up now is a mystery especially when it has not affected the affairs of the state in any way. The fact of the matter is that corruption in Kerala is so endemically low that politicians are on the lookout to create issues out of non issues. If only they had thought about developing the state instead of creating such issues, Kerala would have been far better off and they themselves too would have had their pockets full just like politicians of other states.

The Ideal Christian Woman her basic relationships Susan George Cherian First we see the ideal Christian or virtuous women in her relationship to God. She submits to God's order of authority and she has a reverential trust and fear of almighty God. We see the ideal Christian women in her relationship to her husband. She is submissive to his loving leadership. Some husbands can be 'bossy' and not 'loving.' The world of God says: “Wives, submit to your husbands.” Also,” Husbands, love your wives.' What a woman usually expects from a husband is security, love and care whereas a husband needs appreciation and respect from the wife. If we follow God's principles, many a conflict can avoided. This virtuous woman is a responsible wife and mother. She is faithful and trustworthy in all that has been left in her care. She is a hard working woman, not lazy; ready to help wherever she can. She is not just an onlooker, but she brings profit to her husband, “she will do him good and not evil all the days of her life… she rises also while it is yet night, and gives food to her household, and a portion to her maidens” proverbs 31:12, 15 “Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land.” Dear sister, how is your relationship with your husband? Do you follow God's principle of being submissive, whether you feel like it or not? For best results in marriage, obey God's instructions which is seen in the Bible - the Marriage manual. - Revival

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Journalism and Conflict Resolution J

ournalists often define themselves simply as reporters of conflict. According to this nation, the role of a journalist is not to advocate or defend the actions of any party embroiled in conflict. Nor do they think their task has anything in common with that of outside interveners, the socalled third parties to the conflict, who may be trying to end it. The following study explores how news coverage can affect the course of a conflict and on occasion, positively influence its outcome. The assumption is that a news reporter's job is merely to report or describe what is happening as accurately and vividly as possible in a few hundred words. So while parties argue or fight, and third parties intervene on one side or the other or try to mediate a settlement, most journalists see their role as neutral to these interventions. Whether covering a divorce, a neighbor dispute, or a civil war, journalists strive to be objective and to avoid playing favorites. The task is not to help one side or the other win. It is not to provoke or

(The writer is a Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi.)

hinder outside intervention, or even to assist mediators to arrange a settlement. The journalist's primary mission is to tell the truth about the conflict so that other people may decide how to deal with it. Upto a point, this perspective makes perfectly good sense. But as an approach to understanding the dynamic relationship between media coverage of a conflict and the conflict itself, it has limitations. Reporters always run the risk of acting as press agents for conflicting parties or becoming

advocates for outside intervention. Falling into this trap means losing one's ability to see the conflict and to describe it accurately. It also means running the ultimate risk of losing one's credibility in the eyes of the parties or the public still, there is no societal 'Great Wall of China' separating journalists from the conflicts they cover. However, many reporters may try to 'distance' themselves from the disputing parties, the act of reporting on any conflict influences it in myriad, often profound ways. As all journalists know their mere presence on the scene often alters the behavior of parties to conflict. “The whole world is watching” the chant of American anti war demonstrators at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago is now a fact or possibility that influences conflict behavior around the globe. In their regard, UN observers in Bosnia have noted that the presence of journalists, especially camera crews, have on several occasions prevented atrocities.

Relevance of Mothers' Day M

other's Day is an annual celebration that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds, in addition to the positive contributions mothers render to the society. By raising children and inculcating good qualities in them, mothers carry out the vital responsibility of building and molding tomorrow's leaders. All around the world, people take Mother's Day as an occasion to reflect on the importance of mothers and to appreciate the many sacrifices they make. Mother's Day was observed on May 12. Mother's Day came into being due to the efforts of two American women, Ms. Julia Ward Howe and Ms. Anna Jarvis. In New York City, Ms. Julia Ward Howe led a 'Mother's Day' anti-war observance on June 2, 1872, which was accompanied by a Mother's Day Proclamation. The Resolution that created a dedicated Mother's Day was signed by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914. Most countries, including the US, Australia, Canada and India, celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. The idea of worshipping the divine as the Eternal Mother has been in the Hindu tradition from time immemorial. Goddesses, such as Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Durga and Kali, are worshipped as forms of the Universal Mother. The concept of Mahadevi as the supreme goddess emerged as a term to define the powerful nature of female deities. Women are considered manifestations of the Divine Mother. According to Manusmruti, “The daughter is the highest object of tenderness,” and “The mother is

Random Thoughts

V. N. Gopalakrishnan revered a thousand times more than the father.” Personal God is worshipped in various forms in Hinduism, and this has led to the formation of various sects that all fall under Hindu Dharma. Siva is the supreme deity to Saivites, and Vishnu is the absolute deity for Vaishnavites. For Shaktites, Shakti manifests as Mother or Devi. The idea of worshipping God as Mother finds expression in the Vedas and the Upanishads. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa always referred to God as “my Mother.” There are traces of Mother worship in the Indus Valley civilization. The female terracotta figurines found at Mohenjo-daro are comparable to similar artifacts found in Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine, Cyprus, Baluchistan and Egypt. The generally accepted view is that these figurines represent the Great Mother whose worship under various names and forms is still prevalent in India. The origin of the idea of Mother Goddess in the Vedas is difficult to be pinpointed, but deities like Aditi and Saraswati are described as “motherly.” This

shows that the idea of the Mother underlying such Puranic deities as Uma, Durga, Parvati and Lakshmi is of Vedic origin. The Vedic concept of the Mother Goddess is found represented in Aditi who is referred to in the Rig Veda several times. This tradition of Aditi being the mother of the gods is found in the Puranas as well. It is a universally accepted fact that there cannot be a creation without the union of two elementsthe male and the female. The linga and yoni representing the masculine and feminine aspects have been the symbols of Shiva and Shakti. It was observed that the Supreme Being is responsible for the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. Purusha and Prakriti are two independent realities. In the Puranas, Prakriti is conceived of as Purusha's female counterpart. In the Puranas, the concept of Shakti as Mother Goddess attained remarkable development. The Devi Bhagavatam is devoted to the exploits of the Great Goddess whereas Devi Mahatmyam describes the concept of Shakti as the Great Mother and is regarded as a sacred text of the mother worshippers of India. Durga is worshipped as Annapurna, the provider of food, and as Jagaddhatri, one who upholds the world. The Devi is also conceived of in three forms according to three gunas such as Maha Saraswati (Sattva), Maha Lakshmi (Rajas) and Maha Kali (Tamas). From this, it is clear that the concept of Mother as a divine personality has been prevalent in the Hindu tradition from time immemorial.


July 1-15, 2013

News that make you Mad

I am on the horns of a dilemma, to be informed or not to be informed. The question is whether to read the daily newspapers and move about as a knowledgeable person or not to read the newspapers and remain an ignoramus. The latter option is not bad, it has its own pleasures. The dilemma has been haunting me for quite some time, but it has become very acute now. I am now convinced that the newspapers are not for people like me with a weak heart. Most of the news is horrific, abominable and shocking. It is all murder, kidnapping and rape. If you read the stories slowly and carefully and ponder over the incidents mentioned, the images of victims crying for hep will haunt you for a long time. It is like watching horror films. Perhaps you can take in small doses of horror, but these days it comes upon you like an avalanche. Try to stop it, you only get drowned. As an example, let us take a day's paper, the one dated 19th May, 2013. In addition to several snippets of horror, it has three main stories of macabre crime which should startle and shame all civilized people. "Man dies in jail as cops inject him with petrol" runs the headline of a story datelined Lucknow. Ever heard of injecting petrol? It was not only petrol it was a mixture of petrol and acid. Now, read on. "The barbaric face of U.P police has once again come to the fore with the custodial death of an alleged murder-accu-sed in Etah district. "The cops injected petrol and acid into his private parts in order to extract a confession about his involvement in the murder of one Manickchand. Balbir was arrested on April 20, from his house in Isauli village under

Sakrauli police station in connection with the murder even though his name did not figure in the F.I.R lodged by Manickchand's family members. Balbir, 28, had been undergoing treatment at the trauma centre in Lucknow after his condition worsened in Etah jail. He was first taken to district hospital and then referred to Lucknow on May 15. In Etah, Balbir was kept with three other suspects at Awagarh police station and subjected to third degree torture. Satendra Kumar, the police officer kept on forcing Balbir to admit his involvement in the murder and when he refused, he was tortured. Petrol and acid were injected into his private parts. He was sent to jail only after the police extracted the confession from him. His condition deteriorated in jail, he was admitted to the district hospital and was sent to S.N Medical College at Agra on May 10. He was then referred to the Medical College Hospital in Lucknow where he died on May 17. A case under IPC section 326 (causing grievous hurt with an instrument) was registered against the sub-inspector who has absconded". This report reminded me of a similar incident, but, more horrendous, which happened many years ago in one of the north Indian States. Not one, but several convicts were blinded by the police officials who poured acid into their eyes. As I write this, I can still see their pictures in my mind. I can recall that "Gangajal" was the name given to the acid! Another piece of news in the May 19 paper says "Deaf mute girls allegedly raped". Datelined Jaipur, it says that in a shocking revelation of sexual assault, the staffers of a residential therapy centre run by an N.G.O here have been allegedly raping and thrashing deaf-mute orphan girls for the past one year during their visits for speech therapy ses-sions. The girls between 12 and 17 years of age reside at the Govt. Girls' Home in Gandhi Nagar here. Five girls had complained to the Child Welfare Committee through

(An Economic disaster waiting ......... continued from page 1) bed hungry and live underfed and malnutritioned. As per an UN report 277 million Indians go to bed hungry and mere slogans are not sufficient to mitigate this sorry state of affair. Freedom from hunger shall continue to remain an empty rhetoric and slogan till we make the foundations of our economy strong enough and reschedule the priorities of spending. It seems that we are obsessed with the subsidy regime only to escape from the culpability arising out of corruption, nepotism, inefficiency and ineptness. The government appears to be in readiness to dole out 90,000 crores of rupees in this fiscal alone for the benefit of 8 million Indians across the country and this shall be binding on the subsequent governments without exception. The bill has provisions to provide subsidized rice @ Rs.3 per kg and wheat @ Rs.2 per kg and this is justified with the production figures which rose from 198 million

tones during the year 2004 – 2005 to 259 million tones during the year 2012 – 2013. Optimism has its own advantages but pessimism is more realistic and what would happen in case of a monsoon failure is anybody's guess. The fate of our buffer stocks are as rickety as the storage godowns and open silos, open to rats and dogs. In any case we have been hearing of farmers committing suicide particularly in Maharashtra due to draught conditions widely prevailing and what would happen to the farmers if remunerative price is denied to their pro-duce in the ensuing years. There appears to be a method in this madness. The method is to relegate into background all the serious issues of corruption which has shadowed the nation in the recent past. From Kalmadi gate, 2G spectrum, Coalgate, Rail gate and the minority card to the recent Maoist attacks and Cricket imbroglio. It appears that all is not

sign language that they had been sexually exploited and beaten by the staff of Awaz Foun-dation where they were regularly sent for speech therapy. Acting on the complaint of the CWC chairman, the police arrested five persons including the adminis-trator of the residential school and found that two of the girls had been raped and others were thrashed. According to police sources, there was the possibility of one of the girls being pregnant. The medical report of the victim was awaited for confirmation. The incident has sent shock waves in the State capital. Women's groups and members of Peoples' Union for Civil Liberties staged a massive demonstration demanding justice for the deaf mute girls". What degradation! Even deaf and dumb girls are not safe in, of all places, shelter homes. The third horror story in the May 19 newspaper is captioned "U.P Woman Brutally Gang raped". "A 35 year old woman was allegedly gang raped and beaten up by four men in Moradabad district while she was working in a farm. The victim has been admitted in a local hospital where her condition is said to be critical. "They raped me one by one and then pushed a stick inside my body. They also beat me up with the stick", said the victim to the police. She fell unconscious and reached home after managing to find help. The D.I.G of Moradabad said that an F.I.R has been registered and police teams have been sent to arrest the four accused who were absconding. The three barbaric incidents reported in a day's newspaper is beyond one's endurance. If you read the papers in the early morning, your mood will be spoiled for the whole day. On the other hand, if you read it at night, you will have nightmares in your sleep. How true was Lalu Prasad Yadav when he said that news papers made people mad!

well with the Aadhar and in any case why should one be made to pay first only to seek a refund later. It appears that the advance taxation habit is catching up in other spheres as well. Anyway Narayan Murthy has come back to infosis and why not Neelakani also be sent back? This is a sure case of an economic disaster by invitation. If subsidized food is made available to 280 million Indians involving a whopping expenditure of 20,000 crores, there shall remain no incentive for any one in his normal senses to put in labor and effort and not to speak about hard labor and concerted efforts. A decline or stagnation in food production can make the subsidies un-economical, unworkable and therefore unsustainable in the long run and the burden shall become a stone around the neck of the next government. An elected government has no mandate to bind its successors in such knots perpetually for some temporary political games, however lucrative. Then

NAVI MUMBAI - NEWS Landslide at Turbhe Kills 3 Three labourers were killed and two injured in a landslide at Sainath Patil Stone Quarry in Turbhe MIDC, Navi Mumbai, around 11.30 am Tuesday. The area had witnessed a wall collapse two days ago in which two people were killed and three injured. The landslide claimed Lalit, Suresh and Porush Tikku and injured Bhujal Kassap and Ramesh Tikku. The Jharkhand natives had been working at the quarry for around 11 months. Police said the five were drilling when the landslide occurred.

“Our rescue teams arrived in exactly 15 minutes after a distress call was received around 11.30 am at Navi Mumbai Fire Brigade control room. We rescued the operating manager of the quarry and two labourers. The three labourers who died fell down a steep incline in the hilly area and were trapped under too much earth. They were declared brought dead at Navi Mumbai Municipal Hospital," said J N Sinnarkar, additional municipal commissioner in-charge of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) disaster management cell. He said a team of 30, including fire officials, firemen and police, was using special appliances, fire engines and a Poclain machine for rescue and debris clearance. "We are in the process of registering a complaint of causing death by negligence under IPC section 304 against quarry owner Mamman Sheikh," said senior inspector Suresh Bhosale, Turbhe MIDC police station. Sinnarkar said, "The area is hilly and prone to landslides. Quarrying activity was on at the time of the landslide but no NMMC rules were broken."

MP Sanjeev Naik stages a Rail Roko at Belapur Thane MP Sanjeev Naik staged a rail roko outside Belapur railway station, disrupting Harbour Line services by half-an-hour on Tuesday afternoon. He was protesting against the delay in handing over maintenance of Navi Mumbai railway station from CIDCO to Central Railway, which has been pending for two years. This, he said, was resulting in the neglect of the 23 railway stations in Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai's railway stations, built by CIDCO, which were squeaky clean, had become shabby and even filthy of late. According to railway sources, CR had stopped maintaining the stations ever since talks of the handover began two years ago. Following the agitation, CIDCO officials then came down to Belapur station and handed Naik a no-objection letter for the handover to CR. CIDCO's public relations officer, Mohan Ninawe, said, “We have given a letter to Naik saying that we will be handing over the maintenance of the stations, the financial modalities will be worked out in a joint survey with CIDCO and CR officials.” Naik and around 5,000 NCP party workers did not allow CSTbound trains to run from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.

QUOTABLE QUOTES Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts. - Mahatma Gandhi what will happen to our GDP and the industrial production. A slow growth rate shall decelerate and eventually nullify all the benefits we have harnessed before its consolidation itself. Food imports are likely to be once again an

imperative. The bill in its present form has the potential to reduce the poor to the status of beggars but it should not matter for the cattle class. So the theory that our establishment exists for the people sounds hollow.


July 1-15, 2013


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Cadila Healthcare said it has received regulatory approval to market its diabetes drug, Lipaglyn, which it expects to clock over $1 billion sales a year when it is sold globally. The drug maker also said it is looking for partnership to market its new chemical entity (NCE) Lipaglyn, to be used for treating a type of diabetes in developed and developing markets. “We expect this to be a blockbuster drug, which means over $1 billion sales a year, when the drug is sold globally,” Zydus Cadila Chairman and Manging Director Pankaj Patel told reporters here. Earlier in the day, the company had said in a regulatory filing that Indian drug regulator Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has approved Lipaglyn to be used for treating 'diabetic dyslipidemia'. “Lipaglyn is the first glitazar to be approved in the world and the first NCE discovered and developed indigenously by an Indian pharma company. The new drug is expected to be launched in Q3 of this fiscal in the country,” Patel said. The company has spent $250 million in developing Lipaglyn and aims to spend another $150-200

million to launch the drug in overseas markets in next 3-5 years period, Patel said, adding that the company is looking for marketing partnerships. The market for this drug is estimated at Rs 100 crore in the local market over the next three years and having market potential size of over $30 billion in the world market, he said. Zydus Cadila took about eight years to develop the molecule and conducted clinical trials on more than 1,000 patients in India, Patel said, adding that the company is yet to finalise the price, but believes that it will be reasonably priced in the local market. Commenting on the development Patel said: “Lipaglyn provides patients suffering from diabetic dyslipidemia the option for once-daily oral therapy that has a beneficial effect on both lipid parameters as well as glycemic control.” Diabetic dyslipidemeia is a condition where a person is diabetic and has elevated levels of total cholesterol. Over 80 per cent of all diabetic patients are estimated to be suffering from diabetic dyslipidemia. There are more than 350 million diabetics globally.


July 1st-15th 2013  

July 1st-15th 2013