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Feb. 1-15, 2012

'JANATHA DURBARS' (a 'Little cancerous growth')

in India usurping Courts powers ! Adam Smith wrote about 200 + years ago, in 'The Wealth of Nations': 'The Natural effort of every Individual to better his own condition, when suffered to exert itself with freedom and security is so powerful a principle, that it is alone without any assistance , not only capable of carrying on the society to wealth and prosperity, but of surmounting a hundred impertinent obstructions with which the folly of human laws too often encumbers the operations through the effect of these obstructions is always more or less either to encroach upon the freedom or to diminish security.' (Vol.2.Book 4.Ch.5, p.126) Liberty is natural effort of man. Effort surfaces for freedom and need for security. That is very powerful instinct of man when he is encumbered by hundred impertinent obstructs to his need


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Dr. G. Balakrishnan (USA) of wealth and security. Folly of human laws is that they encumber the operations as they encroach upon the freedom to diminish security. So man needs his own breath-ing space. He by his own efforts only generates wealth and security without anybody's assistance he manages. Improper governance means if government makes him lazy, by its unnecessary interventions which he never really wanted at all. Most of the major ills of the world have been caused by well meaning people who have ignored the principle of individual freedom, except on applied to themselves and who were obsessed with fanatical zeal to improve the lot or mankind-in-the-many through some pet formula of their own. So, Henry Greedy Weaver in his book 'The main spring of Human progress wrote, further, The harm done by ordinary criminals, gangsters and thieves is NEGLIGIBLE, in comparison with agony inflicted upon human beings by the professional - 'DoGooders' who attempt to set themselves up on Gods on Earth and who would ruthless force their views on all others with abiding assurance that end justifies the means. (P. 40 -1P P N S P. 313) That is exactly what modern improper governance by government, is meant, today. Americans traditionally followed Thomas Jefferson's advice on relying on 'Individual Action' and 'Charity', as a better way.

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Result is fewer (no) cases of genuine hardship per capita than any other country in the entire world or even throughout the history. Even during 1930 depression Americans ate and lived better than any other people in the countries of world. What is wrongful of 'Little socialism ? 'Little bit' of Socialism is like 'little bit of theft', or a 'little bit of cancer is alright! History proves growth of welfare State is difficult to check before it comes to full flavor of 'Socialistic Dictatorship'. That is what Thomas (from Florida USA) wrote in his leader, last fortnight, in Sunny News, published from Mumbai, in India, that 'Janatha Durbar' is nothing short but a 'dictatorial action' of Ministers in India, usurping powers of regular courts; and he suggested that the Constitutional Courts do take 'Suo Motu' action in India against these extra constitutional 'courts' which pass judgments and immediately the Executive takes action even putting the accused into jails for years too, if that man does not compromise with the arbitrary authority. Without normal Courts intervention, the poor accused in durbar is just doomed, and so he said in his article that it is to be treated ( his article) as basic Writ petition. And these kinds of Janatha Durbars are indeed 'Cancerously arbitrary' to Indian Society, that too in democratic India, as (continued on page 3 )



aily consumption of pomegranate, the fruit that has been hailed as a super food for centuries, can help you stay young by slowing down the ageing process of DNA, a new study has revealed. The fruit, now known as the elixir of youth, also plays a role in fighting heart diseases, relieving stress and improv ing one`s sex life. The study encompassed 60 volunteers, who were given extracts of the whole fruit, including pith, peel and seeds for a month in the form of a capsule. The researchers kept a check on the activity of chemicals in their bodies and compared it to those who took a placebo. The study revealed that there was a considerable decrease in the marker, called 8-Oxo-DG, linked with cell damage, which can cause impaired brain, muscle, liver and kidney function as well as ageing effects on the skin. According to the researchers at Probelte Bio laboratory in Murcia, Spain, this decrease - a hitherto unknown benefit of consuming pomegranate - is thought to slow down the oxidation, or `rusting`, of the DNA in cells which naturally occurs over time, the Daily Mail reported. They are found in small quantities in the juice but mainly in the inedible rind, husk and white pith, which are converted in the form of a pill or a drink.

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Bite that can kill: Bedbugs found to carry superbugs PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE




Feb. 1-15, 2012


t has been a strange obsession for successive governments to frame charges against political rivals on flimsy grounds in Kerala. None of the politicians are able to behave in a matured manner even though most of them are senior citizens. The current case of the Vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau slapping corruption case against V.S. Achuthanandan is an example of how politicians take revenge against opposition when they come to power. The FIR filed in the vigilance court at Kozhikode has charged him with conspiracy, cheating and destruction of evidence under the Prevention of Corruption Act and Indian Penal Code, punishable up to seven years of jail. Following these allegations, the veteran leader has offered to resign as Leader of Opposition in Kerala Assembly. This case does not come as a surprise to anyone as Achuthanandan also had pursued several cases against UDF leaders when he was in power. Agencies like the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau have been used as tools according to their convenience by senior politicians who are in power. The officials of these agencies also have learnt to adjust themselves to these situations very well. They would turn with the political tide as and when the scenario changes and would set themselves with the ministry for their own survival. In the case of Kerala, it is easier for

the officials as they know that they have to support alternate parties every five years. Politicians like V. S. Achuthanandan and Oommen Chandy often forget that they have been chief ministers of the most literate state in India. Unlike one of the northern states, where the chief minister gets appreciated even after erecting her own statue through out the state spending public money, people in Kerala are supposed to be more sensible and would not allow such foolish things to happen. However, tolerating repeated display of such cheap politics by these so called veterans at the cost of public money is very unfortunate and it is difficult to understand the tolerance level of the people of Kerala. It appears they are keeping quite as they have no choice now. But, if these veterans feel that they have been able to fool the people with their stupid acts, they have mistaken. It is time both the veterans of Kerala politics take time and review the consequences of the palmolene case, Kunjalikutty's ice-cream parlour case or the Lavlin case! The leaders as well as the people of this country very well know the outcome of the so called enquiries that take place after spending so much of time and public money. It's time the political veterans in Kerala stop fooling people and start behaving in a matured manner.

Now, a device that hears termites chew ! S

cientists have come up with a new wireless device which they claim can detect the presence of termites by “hearing” them chew through timber. A team at Edith Cowan University says that the sensitive device, called wireless smart probe (Wispr) network for acoustic detection, is also capable of locating termite activity in timber bridges and wooden power poles. And, once detected, the device can immediately send an SMS or email to a pest control firm with the termites' GPS location - so they can take appropriate action to protect the property. The developers are looking to commercialise the device in the next 12 months in Australia and say that it has potential to revolutionise the pest control industry. Prof Adam Osseiran said the technology consists of a tiny sensor much smaller than a fingernail which is attached to a piece of wood and placed around

the house or retro-fitted to existing termite stations. It's a wireless acoustic sensor that listens and recognizes the acoustic 'signature' of termite chewing on your house. You would need about 20 devices placed every few meters around a house and they would be continuously listening and monitoring and providing an effective shield against termite attacks,” he said. When placed in the ground, wispr can instantly detect termites or, if none are present, can serve as an early warning device if termites ever attack a pole, it could immediately send a signal to maintenance staff. Or by driving past bridges, council staff could 'interrogate' the device and find out about the health of the bridges, or poles, while they are driving. That could be done by a Smart phone application, which is something we are working on,” he said.

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Right is Reasonable Investigation, Interrogation, Search, Seizures etc. F.I.R: Detailed legal requirements prescribed under the Code of Criminal Procedure including provision of supply of a copy of the the person lodging the information ensure that 'the rights of the individual are safeguarded. From the time the F.I.R. is issued, the activities of police are under judicial scrutiny and all further steps in investigation are to be as per prescribed legal procedures. Right to Silence: Article 20 (3) of the Indian Constitution, says that no person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself. This principle is also contained in Article 14 (9) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Thus, while the Cr. P.C. enjoins a person to answer truthfully the questions put to him by an investigating officer, this constitutional provision gives him protec-

(The writer is a Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi.)

tion against self incrimination. Right to Protection from Unlawful Search and Seizure: As a coercive search violates the principle of right to live freely, the law provides safeguards in the procedures to be followed in respect of search and seizure. The Constitution does not prohibit searches per se but the searches

and seizures are to be legal and in accordance with legal procedures. The Right to Legal Defence. Article 22 (1) of the Constitution directs that no person who is arrested shall be denied to consult and to be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice. This legal Right is also available in the Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 303. The courts have held that from the time of arrest, this right accrues to the arrested person and he has the right of choice of a lawyer. The accused may refuse to have a lawyer but the court has to provide an amicus curie to defend him in serious cases. The courts have also held that the indigent accused have a right to legal aid. This requirement is to ensure that poverty dose not come in the way of any one getting a fair trial.

JUDICIARY AS CUSTODIAN OF CONSTITUTION - Did Supreme Court behave so ? (This article is written for benefit of all concerned, as even many educated people, including legal luminaries in India is not aware that the Supreme Court as Judiciary is the custodian of constitution. Otherwise they could have questioned ) When I was talking to a CA and I asked him why Constitutional Courts are called Custodian of Constitution, he said when the constitution of India is in place why the Constitutional Courts should be the Custodian of Constitution. He later confessed that he does not know which arm is custodian of constitution. In fact, but for Constitutional Courts who else will uphold the Constitutional rights of people as citizens of India question arises. WHEN IT FAILS WHAT SOLUTION IS TO BE? CAN THERE BE JUDICIAL REVIEW BY FULL BENCH OF SUPREME COURT OF INDIA?, is the question emanating. If the statutory authorities like legislatures run by elected representatives (not necessarily knowing the Constitution of India mostly) bring in legislation(s) sponsored by government in power, and the government departments and ministries fail to protect your fundamental rights as a citizen, on the basis of some statutes passed in legislatures where the citizen will go to assert his fundamental rights, is the main and major question surfacing. For example CIDCO, a town planning authority in Maharashtra or any such authority in Indian State or any town planning authority / a Panchayat or a Municipality, as town planning authority take away your land or site or house or flat, by the Panchayat or

Dr. G. Balakrishnan [Ph.D (Econ) ML., (Professor Emeritus) (Economics & Management) & Advocate(original side), Bombay High Court & High Court appointed Mediator, Sr. Counsel, Supreme Court of India]

Municipal Resolution to take away from a citizen his right to property, saying government passed a statute to take away personal property of a law abiding citizen without compensation commensurate, how he will get justice in terms of Constitution of India in the case of India? All will say 'go to Court' but if Court does not have a right or abdicated under the hijacked constitution to resolve the dispute between parties – petitioner affected and King or Government on the 'usurped' the property, an individual right? WHAT IS THE FATE ? And court does not have a settled procedure as per an approved Constitution by a Constituent Assembly of peoples, in the case of India by 1947, since mangled by Article 368 there will be just chaos in the Country-Nation called India. What transpires by this question, there should be one authority entrusted with that power to interpret the statute concerned at the anvils of Constitution? That is the supposed to be Custodian judiciary. The moment President Jefferson in USA questioned C. J. Mr. Warren's power of US Supreme Court, though Mr. Marshall himself being his nephew asked whether constitution of America specifically said Judiciary cannot ques-

tion the improprieties of President of United States. But Warren passed a careful judgement in Marbury V. Madison. President could do nothing about, that is American Judiciary preeminence. As citizen is the most important component of Sovereignty of United States, it is the responsibility of Judiciary to interfere with government's high handed action, in Marbury V Madison. So Due process of Law is the important component under Separation of powers of Montesquieu. Though Indian Constitution did not completely take that separation of powers but yet it is clearly accepted and hence there is the position of custodian of constitution of India. Actually Dr B R Ambedkar clearly stated India will follow most recent and best Constitution of the World, that is American Constitution though India will have both components of British Constitution as also American constitution by having Parliamentary System of Britain of Unitary form as also Federal System of USA and that combination is needed to curb absolute powers of politicians in favor of people as India is having a Written Constitution unlike Britain and also India will have American Federal system in Emergencies, as Liberty and Equality and Natural Justice are the basic tenets of Indian constitution. Truly speaking Indian Constitution had originally 365 Articles. How could Art 366 just steal its way in ? Individual rights is still a causality in India, as Indian legal system, as yet not fully asserted its powers. (continue on next issue)


Feb. 1-15, 2012

Seven convicted in human sacrifice case


n a case of human sacrifice, the Additional Sessions judge of Vasai court sentenced seven people to five years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 3000 each. The heinous crime was committed on15th October 2010 at Nalasopara, a distant suburb of Mumbai on the western line. The judgment was pronounced a year and three months later which is rather quick by present standards. In October, 2010, the police had arrested a Nalasopara couple, Vishal Jaiswal, (35) and wife Rita (25) along with six others of the family for killing the couple's children, 5 year old Om and 3 year old Ritika. Additional Sessions judge R.M Joshi awarded an extra one year imprisonment to Vishal Jadhav, the father of the slain children for concealing information and misguiding the police. Vishal, his wife Rita, father Sachalal, mother Sumita, brothers Sanjay, Dinesh, Satish and his wife Dolly were arrested from their Jai Matadi apartment in Oswal Nagar, Nalasopara (East ) on the 16th of October, 2010. Only Sumita was acquitted by the court for lack of evidence. According to the police, Dolly, 23, wife of Satish Jaiswal, 25, was the brain behind the murders. She claimed to have divine powers. She used to actively participate in pujas and was able to convince the family that she knew black magic as well. Dolly could not get along with her sister-in-law Renu (wife of Sanjay Jaiswal). She convinced the family members that Renu couldn't conceive because she had been possessed by a spirit and needed to be cured. Thereafter the other members started torturing Renu and they even branded her arms and feet besides tonsuring her. Things came to such a pass that

she herself started to believe that she was possessed. Around 8-30 pm on Friday, the 15th October 2010, the Jaiswals returned home after attending a Durga puja. It was then that Dolly convinced them that the spirit which had possessed Renu had now travelled from her to the children. She told the family that if they wanted to prosper in life, the children would have to be cured as well. In a horrible ritual of exorcism, the two children were thrown down on the floor and the rest of the family was instructed to hold down their hands and legs. Dolly then trampled on the children. The kids died of violent throttling according to the post mortem report. When the kids stopped moving, Dolly panicked and asked Vishal to take them to a tantrik. She said the kids were unconscious. When Vishal didn't find the tantric at home, he rushed the kids to a doctor who sensed foul play. He informed the police and did not let Vishal leave till the cops arrived. On learning about the incident, top police officers rushed to the spot. They found human hair, lemons, red powder, camphor etc in the house. Strange, to say, Dolly was a convent educated girl and had a love marriage with Satish. The public prosecutor Uj-wala Mohalkar said that she was happy with the judgment since all the seven accused had been sent to jail. But she added that it was a light punishment and she would go in appeal to the high court for enhancement of the sentence. In a different case, the Bombay High Court handed over the probe into a suspected child sacrifice to the CID, Crime branch, Mumbai. Justice Ajay Khanwilkar directed the crime branch to investigate whether the death of a 3 year old girl in Borivili was a child sacrifice. The HC order came in the wake of a forensic and crime scene investigation expert Roma Khan which suggested that the girl was a victim of child sacrifice. The girl's skeletal remains were found at a construction site in Borivili two months after she had gone missing. In another case, on 9th October, 2011, the body of a 7 year

(Janatha Durbars ........... institutions. contd. from page


politicians have made Indian democracy as a great mockery. I know Indian Courts may not, as they go by governments just because many of these judges expect sinecure of an office from governments after their retirements! So a 'little bit of theft' of Courts power is done by Ministers in Janatha Durbhar is indeed with impunity as it is these 'Janatha Durbars' are a 'little bit of cancer' growth in India. These are some kind of Beer Bars where anything can happen with police protection not to the accused. Will really Indian Constitutional Courts take cognizance of this great Indian 'Janatha Durbars', probably we cannot say in any certain terms, if there in India there is still surviving democratic

THESE DURBARS DO SEND HAPLESS (not supported by politicians in power) PEOPLE TO JAILS TOO, thanks to Executive is in the hands of these Ministers, and in fact very Executive is terribly ill treated by politicians. MAY BE COURTS ARE AWARE OF! What World Wars wanted to avoid is again perhaps surfacing thanks to new political breeds, surfacing by surreptitious way perhaps. Thomas Jefferson in his inaugural speech in 1801 said, 'With all the blessings what more is necessary to make us a happy and prosperous people, still one thing more, fellow citizens - a wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from injuries to one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to

old boy was found near the BSF head quarters at Praharinagar in Meghalaya's Tura. It was allegedly a case of human sacrifice to appease the gods. Krishna Singh, a student of class 2 who went to offer prayers with his brother, disappeared from the temple and all attempts to trace him failed. The next morning, his mutilated body was found in a bush behind the BSF head quarters. The killer, whowas suspected to be a 'tantrik' was believed to have used a sharp object repeatedly to fork the boy's body in a satanic form of ritual. The needle of suspicion pointed to a self styled god man who was seen inside the campus and had vanished soon after the incident. Yet another incident that happened on the same day, 9th October, 2011, was reported in the press. A 7 year old girl was offered as a sacrifice in Ballia district of UP, after a witch doctor advised her neighbours that their marital relations could improve after the ritual. According to police reports, Usha Sharma, a resident of Sehdeswa village abducted 7 year old Beenu, daughter of Avadesh Kumar and strangulated her to death while performing a series of rituals before the idols in her house. Usha adorned the victim with flowers, vermilion and other puja items before killing her and later dumped the body outside the village. Usha was picked up by the police for interrogation and she later broke down and confessed to the crime. There would certainly be many more cases, some of which would not have even been reported. It is deplorable that even in this age of internet and electronics, most dangerous kinds of superstitions are prevalent in the country. Only an enlightened society can put an end to the heinous crimes that are committed by tantriks, exorcists and others of their ilk. The least we, as citizens, can do is to extend our support to the Andha Shraddha Nirmoolan Samities and others who are engaged in the fight against superstitious beliefs.

regulate their own pursuits or industry and improvement, and shall not take their mouth of labor the bread it had earned'. (Works 8.3). Henry David Thoreau explained: 'The government never of itself furthered any enterprise, but by alacrity with which it got out of the way. IT does not educate. The character inherent in American people has done all that has been accomplished and it would have done some what more if the government had not some times go in the way. For the government is an expedient by which men would fain succeed in letting one another alone and as has been said – 'when it is most expedient, the governed are most let alone by it'. (Quoted by Clarence B Cason – 'The American Tradition, p.100, P P S N.171)

NAVI MUMBAI - NEWS Doctor Arrived 40 minutes late Navi Mumbai: In yet another road mishap involv-ing a school bus, five students were left injured after the vehicle collided head-on with a speeding tempo. Of the five wounded students, Rajesh Chavan, son of N D Chavan, DCP, Mumbai police, has sustained grievous injuries. Initially the injured students were rushed to Dr. D.Y. Patil college, Nerul. However it is alleged that the Doctor could not attend the injured students even after 40 minutes of admission. Subsequently Rajesh was rushed to MGM Hospital in Vashi. The impact of the collision was such that one of the emergency exit doors at the rear end of the bus gave away and the children were hurled out of the vehicle. The accident has once again brought the school bus safety issue into the limelight, as the bus that belonged to Fr Agnel Multipurpose School in Vashi, has reportedly flouted safety norms prescribed by the state government. Disaster strikes The accident occurred around 6.45 am, when the bus driver Yadavrao Killi (38), misjudged the flow of traffic on the opposite side and took a U-turn near Nerul Flyover on the Sion-Panvel Highway. It was here that the bus collided head-on with a tempo that was on its way to Pune.

Hartal at V. K. Trans Engineering V.K.S.Menon V.K.Trans Engineering having their office at Vashi Plaza, Vashi, has not paid the daily wages since 22 days as a result of which more than 25 labourers have assembled in front of the office for Hartal. Mr. Babu Rao, the MD of V. K. Trans Engineering was not available at his office. It is understood that V.K.Trans Engineering has taken the labour contract for civil work of Hindustan Petroleum at Turbhe. The labourers were employed on a daily wages basis with a salary of Rs. 500/- plus free accommodation and put up in a chawl at Gandhi Nagar, Nerul. However, they were thrown out as the owner has not paid rental for the chawl which comes to Rs. 9,000/- or so. “We are starving for the last 22 days as we have not yet received our wages nor food” as told to Sunny News by Rajesh Sharma, one of the labourers. They also allege that Mr. Babu Rao is threatening them that police complaint will be lodged if they don't disburse within a short time. We will not leave the office premises unless and until we get all our dues, says the labourers.

Students create traffic awareness The Rabale traffic unit observed road safety week by organising a road safety patrol (RSP) rally for over 300 school students from Airoli and informed them about traffic rules and regulation. Later in the afternoon the traffic unit took students to Vidyavihar Children Traffic Training Park. The students displayed posters and raised slogans on the importance of following traffic rules to maintain safety on roads. American Philosophy: Economic security for all is impossible without wide spread abundance. Abundance is impossible without industrious and efficient production. Such plan is impossible; without energetic, willing, and eger labor. This is not possible without incentive. Of all forms of incentives - freedom to attain a reward for one's labor is the most sustaining for most people. Sometimes called is 'The profit Motive.' It is simply the right plan; and to earn and enjoy the fruits of your own Labor'. Profit motive diminishes as government compels regulation and Taxes increase to deny the fruits of success to those who produce. Therefore, any attempt thro-

ugh governmental intervention to redistribute material rewards of labor can again result in eventual destruction of production of productive bases of society, without which real abundance and security more than the ruling elite is quite impossible. Government cannot create wealth. No Government in the History of Mankind has ever creat-ed wealth. PEOPLE WHO WORK ONLY CREATE WEALTH. James R Evans in his book, 'The Glorious Quest', gives a simple illustration of Legalized Plunder. Assume we were farmers and that 'we received a letter from Government'. It tells - that 'we are going to get a thousand $ this year (continued on page 4 )

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Feb. 1-15, 2012

Ready Possession

Navi Mumbai airport venture to trigger race among corp biggies T

he Navi Mumbai airport venture will trigger a race among corporate biggies when the government calls for bids in early 2011 for setting up what will be the largest greenfield airport project since the privatisation exercise began in 2006. Existing airport operators like GVK and GMR, along with construction firms like HCC and Essel Infra, which missed out on earlier projects, are expected to bid for the Rs 9,800-crore airport venture. City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), the project promoter, is likely to call for bids in April-May of 2011. The GVK-led consortium, which is currently operating the Mumbai airport and also has the right of first refusal (RoFR), will not want a competitor within 150 kms of the existing airport. "The Mumbai International Airport (MIAL) has a RoFR for Navi Mumbai and we will look forward to participating in the bidding process when it is announced by the government,". However, the RoFR does not guarantee that the project will go

developer invites engineering and construction bids. Other players that are likely to join the race are Gammon Infrastructure and IL&FS. A year ago, Gammon Infrastructure was scout-ing for partners in the international market to bid for international airport projects. Construction firm HCC said it will take time to take a decision. "For us, evaluation of the project alone will cost about Rs 10 crore. We want to see the returns the project will bring before deciding on the bid," said a company insider.

Quotable Quotes A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. - Mahatma Gandhi to GVK. "GVK's bid cannot be less than 10% of the highest bid as per the clause in RoFR agreement," said an aviation expert with a leading consulting firm. The bidding terms are expected to be similar to those that had been set for the Delhi and Mumbai airport ventures; some of the criteria for bidders will include expertise in airport business, number of years spent in the business and turnover. "The Navi Mumbai airport bid will see some entirely new players coming into the airport business from diverse sectors. There is a lot of interest in airports as the

(Janatha Durbars ........... just a legalized loot of public contd. from page 3) from ploughed up acreage. But rather than a normal method of collection we were to take this letter and collect $.69.71 from Bill Brown at such and such address and $.59.80 from Bill Smith and so down the line. And these men would make our farm subsidy. Neither you nor I nor would be 99% of farmers walk up and ring a man's door bell, hold out a hand and say 'Give me what you have earned even though I have not, we simply would not do because we would be facing directly violation of Moral Law –'Thou shall not steal'. In short we would be accountable for our action. That is what India's MNREG Act all about and so subsidy to farmers in India today. No real production at all anywhere. But prices for all food products have simply gone up, and moneys paid from tax payers moneys are

been encouraged by its successful bid for Oman International Airport, and will look at Navi Mumbai. An L&T official said that the company's interest will depend on the possible return that such an investment will generate and the risks involved. "This will be the first time there will be a second airport in the same city. Any bidder will have to estimate the traffic that the new airport will attract....It's not a simple project. Besides, it will be capital-intensive," said the person. L&T is open to participating at the next stage, after the

exchequer, Royally, in the name of Economic Development! LONG LIVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TO FILL POCKETS OF POLITICIANS AND THEIR COHORTS, LIKE RESERVATIONS DID. MOST RESERVED COMMUNITIES PAID THEIR PRICES TO POLITICIANS BY ALL KINDS OF BRIBES, LIKE IN BANWARLAL DEVI CASE TO THE MNISTER. Every day one politician or government servant is getting moneys for no work they did, thanks to Janata Durbar kind of Durbars in India. Normally beneficiaries of the durbar pay the durbar people their fees may be In percentages after all no service is free rendered by either politician or bureaucrats that is the noveu tradition of durbars ! One such Durbar is 2G spectrum, so too CWG scam are also that kind of durbars only.

construction companies that have undertaken privatisation of Mumbai, Delhi and other airports are homegrown. If they get the right operator as a partner, new entrants will be keen to bid. But we see strong bids coming from GVK, GMR and Reliance Infrastructure," said Amber Dubey, director (aerospace and defence) at consulting and advisory firm KPMG. "It will be interesting if the Tatas, through Tata Airport Development Company, also decide to bid," said a senior analyst tracking infrastructure. ADA Group promoted Reliance Infrastructure (R-Infra) is also keen to participate in bidding for international airports and Navi Mumbai is one project it may be interested in. The company refused to comment on the subject. It is already a significant player in the development of non-metro airport projects in the country. R-Infra's earlier attempts to bid for Delhi and Mumbai airports fell through due to its inability to get a strong partner with an expertise in airport operations. In previous bids, Reliance had tied up with Mexican Airports. Chances are that this time it may look for a stronger player in the international market. Construction major L&T is also seen as a strong participant for the bid since it has expertise in EPC contracts for all private airports in the country. It was also an equity partner in the Bangalore International Airport (BIAL). L&T, too, refused to comment on the story, but aviation experts said that the engineering and construction conglomerate has

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Sunny News 1st-15th Febuary, 2012  

Sunny News 1st-15th Febuary, 2012

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