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Dec. 1-15, 2011

Vol. 7, Issue - 11

WHY HAS THE INDIAN RUPEE FALLEN 20% ? Is India's “Growth Miracle” Ending ? G

oing by the recent economic trends like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in the US against outsourcing and the devaluation of the rupee, it seems the much touted economic growth miracle of India is slowly coming to an end. An over leveraged, high fiscal, revenue and trade deficit economy with indebtedness cannot survive explosive inflation unless it takes drastic action to reduce wealth and income disparities that are fueled by globalization. What is going to happen to India's economy will be understood only if what has happened in the last 10 years is studied. At the dawn of the 21st century, the Indian middle class and the rich were on top of the world

M. Thomas , USA with its IT and Engineering graduates being used by the US corporations, which in turn fueled the dotcom bubble and other bubbles in the US. It was the era of outsourcing and off shoring and H1 visas where it is reliably learnt that Corporations lobbied and donated millions of dollars to members of the American Congress to pass laws that would help outsource and offshore American software jobs to other countries at the expense of skilled and qualified Americans as well as bring cheap software programmers to the US on H1 visas and take over the jobs of Americans in their own country. The era of call

centers was also going side by side. Advances in telecommunications saw to it that all such work could be outsourced or off shored to countries where labor was cheap. Software companies and Call centers in India started employing huge numbers of people to service their American clients. In 2004, many corporations again lobbied and donated millions of dollars to American Congressmen to pass globalization laws at the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), it is learnt this resulted in US manufacturing facilities closing down due to countries with cheap labor like China and India being able to export more goods to the (continued on page 4 )

Vote for Pen Municipal Sangharsha Samitee Candidates to be held on 08.12.2011

Nilkantha S. Mhatre

Vijay M. Patil

Pallavi D. Mhatre

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akistan approved India as their Most Favoured Nations at the federal cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in Islamabad. The cabinet approved to grant MFN status to India after an extensive briefing by the federal commerce secretary. By granting the status, Pakistan intends to strengthen beneficial trade relation with India. India had already declared Pakistan as its MFN in 1996. But there was no expected improvement in the prevailing trade due to further relationship deterioration because of frequent terrorist attacks from Pakistan. But this approval can improve the Indo-Pak Bilateral Relationships very effectively. Granting MFN will greatly influence Pakistan's foothold in Indian market and vice versa. The decision was a direct effect of repeated requests from Industrialists in Pakistan, as they can gain a lot by entering into one of the world's fastest growing markets. Also Pak will now allow almost all items to be imported from India rather than a handful of items. This may gain more economic benefits for India. The issue of granting approval will most likely eradicate the long term rancour between the two nuclear armed neighbours of South East Asia. It will also reduce various fares for many goods in both the countries. Various restrictions regarding transportation will also disappear which will in turn lead to less cost in the process. Granting of MFN status has the potential to raise bilateral trade from $2.6 billion to $6-8 billion in a few years and reduce costs as many goods are routed via third countries such as Dubai to disguise the origin. Without restrictions, several goods can be delivered by road. Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said the move to grant MFN status to India will herald a "paradigm shift" in bilateral relations. The Industrialists of both countries are already thinking about allowing bilateral investments and creating an integrated South Asian market which will include Dhaka and Colombo besides New Delhi and Islamabad. The move was strongly supported by most garment exporters in Pakistan. Various other industries expressed their support. But the Pakistan Government had to face severe resistance from militant groups and opposition as they opined to mend relation only after resolving the existing Kashmir issue. Earlier too, in 1996 when India granted MFN to Pakistan, Kashmir issue was a problem which forced Pakistan not to react. Due to the increasing economic (continued on page 3 )


Dec. 1-15, 2011

Markandey KATJU What is wrong with him ??? I

sn't it weird that an Ex-justice of the Supreme Court, Markandey Katju on being made chairman of the Press Council of India, suddenly wants TV and other media under him and also wants to curb the freedom of the press? Somebody recently said that this sounded more like the cobra that bit and killed the lady that fed him milk every day? Imagine the chairman of a labor union wanting to suppress workers rights? Why does Markandey seem to be like Hitler? What is wrong with him ? Markandey when given a post in the 4th pillar of Indian democracy thinks that the 4th pillar has to be curbed or brought fully under his control. He needs to understand that he is not a judge anymore. He is just an ordinary citizen who is lucky to be made the Press council chairman and that he will have to face the music for his transgressions on the media. Even Mrinal Biswas and former Press Council member Mihir Ganguly said that Katju's recent observations on the scribes had crossed the limit of the jurisdiction set in the Act. He could never crossed the limit of jurisdiction when he was a judge but why now? If Markandey feels that journalists were ignorant of the subjects they are writing isn't it ironical that judges are also passing judgements on subjects which they might not have studied in their curriculum. In such a case what is wrong with a journalist writing something that is not his field of expertise? At least he does not pass judgments-only opinions that hardly affect anybody. According to Markandey's previous statements he seems to think

of himself as a “know it all”. He seems to know everything under the sun from economics, politics, society, science to astrology and palmistry and corruption and decadence and what not. From his conversations it can be made out that he seems judgmental and opinionated. Judgmental he could be, being an ex judge. Opinionated he definitely is due to the opinions and controversies he seems to be creating. His statements like “I want powers to stop government advertisement; I want to suspend license of that media for a certain period if it behaves in a very obnoxious manner, impose fines. No freedom is absolute. Every freedom is subject to reasonable restrictions. There must be some fear in the media. I have a poor opinion of the media etc. shows how fit is he to be press council chairman and what type of a dictator he is. Markandey's demands are dangerous and his efforts to impose restrictions on the Press are totally unacceptable to most journalists in India. The press wants Markandey to understand that he is useless to them and he should seek work elsewhere. The feelings of journalists can be summed up in what a journalist at a leading newspaper repeated to us as to what he would say if he met Markandey face to face: “Please leave. We don't need dictators like you. You could be a great Press council chairman under Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden or Narendra Modi. But mature democracies like India don't need characters like you. Please resign and join politics. Then we will surely write everything good about you”.

Pomegranate boosts Sex Life, Heart Health The elixir of youth also slows down the natural oxidation of DAN Pomegranate is virtually nature's elixir that can help stave off heart disease, relieve stress and perk up your sex life. A two million pounds study has found that an extract of the whole fruit-including pith, peel and seeds-was given to 60 volunteers every day for a month in the form of a capsule. Researches monitored the activity of chemicals in their bodies compared with those who took a placebo; the Daily Mail reported .They found a significant decrease in a marker associated with cell damage which can cause impaired brain, muscle, liver and kidney function as well as ageing effects on the skin. This decrease, a hitherto unknown benefit of eating Pomegranate, slows down the oxidation, or 'rusting', of the DNA in cell which occurs over time, according to researchers at the private probelte Bio lab in Murcia, Spain. They are found in small quantities in the juice but mainly in the inedible rind, husk and white pith which has been harnessed into a pill and a drink. Sergio Streitenberger, who led the study, funded by Pomegranate pure plus, said: “We are very excited about this study which we believe demonstrates that regular consumption of this Pomegranate extract can slow down the process of DNA oxidation. “One way to look at ageing is to think of it as rusting, or oxidising a damaging process. Being able to guard against this process would be a significant breakthrough”. Streitenberger's team found a decrease in levels of a chemical marker called 8-Oxo-DG in the participant's urine tests. It is tied to damage to DNA caused by a host of chemicals we eat, drink and breathe in. Pomegranate has been renowned as a super food for centuries and has been found to contain Vitamins A, C and E as well as iron and antioxidants - chemicals which help neutralise harmful oxygen molecules called free radicals.

Pendency of Cases U

nfortunately, in different courts in the country, there is a large number of cases pending at different stages of adjudication. It is obvious that unless special measures are taken the goal of quick justice will fade away and people will start thinking of measures other than legal for redressing their complaints and grievances. The number of cases pending trials in various courts in India in November 1991 was, according to one study, about two crores in lower courts, 20 lakhs in the High Courts and 2 lakhs in the Supreme Court. Besides the accumulation in the number of pending cases, the period over which the pendency has spread has become longer. A large number of cases are pending in session courts for a long period . Data relating to criminal cases pending in the High Courts also reveal that the percentage of increase has been greater in respect of cases pending

(The writer is a Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi.)

over long periods. The National Police Commission appropriately recommended the appointment of a Criminal Justice Commission for India which will look into all the subsystems integratedly, instead of appointing a Police Commission, Prison reforms Commission or asking the Law Commission to go into matters of the Judiciary alone. This is necessary to revitalise the criminal justice system in

the country and making it a meaningful instrument of delivery of justice efficiently and expeditiously to all sections of the society. The agenda for promotion of human rights in the administration of criminal justice system is a vast one. Respect for basic human rights and fundamental freedom is the hall mark of a civilised society. After all from the ancient time to the modern day, human rights in various forms have been the cultural heritage of all mankind. India has an age-long culture of respect for human rights. It is a birth place for major four religions and is proud to count among its nationals nearly every major religious denomination including their sects and subsects. The Annual Report of the National Human Rights Commission ( 1993-94 ) beautifully states, “Cause of human rights is not alien to this great and ancient country”.

About five decades ago ....... His fall ! ABOUT FIVE DECADES AGO WHAT HAPPENED FOR IRAN'S PRIME MINISTER MOSSADEGH, IS DECLASSIFIED IN 2009, IN U S A WHO MASTER MINDED HIS FALL! In 2009, say about five decades later some presidential documents of president Eisenhower have been declassified, by request of Jim Newton, a newsman. This reveals that president Eisenhower participated in some murky issues...'if knowledge of them become public,' president says,' we would not only be embarassed in that region (in Iran), 'our chances to do anything of like nature will almost disappear.' Iran's prime minister Mossadegh was overnight became non entity and his home was ransacked, and his belongings tossed in the street, sold off anyone happening by. All that was left was mopping up and that was done quickly., in August 1953., by General Zashedi of Iran, duly supported by British and America. Enormous moneys used to bribe 'Majlis' of Iran to see Soviet 'Iron curtain' does not envelop Iran for Americans and for British the 'Oil' wealth. Yes, Foster Dulles, Secretary of State, Kermit Roosevelt, and Allen Dulles, Bedell Smith a under secretary at White House, in USA while from Britain's Sir Winston Chuchill through his British representative CM Woodhouse machinated the coup against Mossadegh of Iran. Americans never wanted Communism in Iran at any Cost and Britain wanted to control oil wealth of Iran. Britain and Americans established accounts to fund enormous bribes to engineer the fall of Mossadegh, by a false cover up to say that the Shah of Iran is to be in saddle, even by giving mink coat to The Shah's twin sister.

Dr. G. Balakrishnan [Ph.D (Econ) ML., (Professor Emeritus) (Economics & Management) & Advocate(original side), Bombay High Court & High Court appointed Mediator, Sr. Counsel, Supreme Court of India]

General Zashedi cooperated though he was already deposed by Mossadegh but by donning himself in his uniform mounting on as tank marched to Tehran radio station and took over at about 2.12 pm on August 19 while the Shah's supporters read the 'Firman' dismissing Mossadegh as Prime minister. It was such a calculated move that everything should be over in quick succession. As it happened president Eisenhower called the Shah, from Seatle and said 'I offer you my sincere felicitation on the occasion of your happy return to your our country', once the successful war was over. CM Woodhouse of Britain delegated of this task made things possible by stating to US authorities and sold the idea to president Eisenhower, - 'Not wishing to be accused of trying to use the Americans to pull chestnuts out of fire, I decided to emphasize the communists threat to Iran, rather than the need to recover control of the Oil industry, with tacit approval of Sir Wnston Chuchill then prime minister of Britain. American fell for it. American Ambassador of Iran Loy Handerson cabled to president Eisenhower to say that 'Events in Iran were rapidly... approaching

deadlock.' National Security Council took up the question, 'Iran's future' on March 4,1953 and Ike warmed up to the idea of a Coup in Iran...'We not the Russians must make the next move', the minutes show, Richard Nixon then vice president suggesting. Eisenhower agreed. He said,' If I had $500 MILLIONS, I would got $100 million of it to Iran right now.' Bedell Smith, Under secretary of State, in U S, at White House, an another valued acquaintance of Winston Churchill of Britain, to become important supporter of an over throw and by spring 1953 John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, the Attorny General had made up their minds ..'that it was not in American interest the Mossadegh government in Iran to remain in power'. Beirut to London, to Washington agents, American and British governments conspired to construct the downfall of Mossadegh. On June 3, Loy Henderson arrived at Washington to brief his superiors. While in Beirut and Nicosia CIA officials worked through the details. Though Chuchill was not very comfortable of Iran's General Zaheidi whom Britain imprisoned during World War II suspecting his Nazi ties, yet Churchill approved the 'Coup'. Britain cozily participated to establish bank accounts especially to bribe members of 'Tudeh' (Iranian communists). Eisenhower's memoirs presents a highly sanitized version of exercise of that relegated US Agents to bit a part. His only mention of America's involvement in the covert opera(continued on page 3 )

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Dec. 1-15, 2011




the importance and correct usage of the comma, apostrophe etc in English composition. In the same newspaper, of course not on the same day, there was a terrific headline, “Capital punishment for kids, shows survey”. I was shocked to see the heading as I have never come across a single case of capital punishment being awarded to a child anywhere in the world. I read the whole report many times over but couldn't find any mention of capital punishment or even a case of simple imprisonment in the report. The report was all blahblah-blah something about Child Rights Index which a survey had produced. There was no relation between the Child Rights Index and capital punishment except the fact that Delhi was on the 12th rank. No one in his wildest imagination would think that Delhi being the capital of India, the writer would think of capital punishment. What an idea, subji! “Keenan and Reuben mustn't die in vain” ran the sub-heading of an editorial in a leading newspaper. The gruesome murder of the two Bandra boys had evoked wide spread outrage and the newspaper only wanted to share the public sentiment. Unfortunately, the writer couldn't express the idea properly. He meant that the death of the boys shouldn't go in vain. “Indians are horribly overworked” wrote another newspaper. It seemed to be so funny as I have always believed that we were generally lazy. Here was a statement that said that one Samir Fadnis, 42, spent 9 to 12 hours in the office everyday including weekends and had no time for his family. If that was the case, it is

Acupressure workshop at YMCA, Airoli

enjoy reading newspapers and I read them slowly and carefully from top to bottom. “Bottom' should not be taken literally to mean the last line. Frankly, I can't read it as it is written in the tiniest font available. Yet, once in a while, I make an attempt to decipher it with the help of a magnifying glass in order to know who the editor is. Though the editor's stature has diminished like the font size, I still hold him in high esteem. In order to enjoy the pleasure of reading, you should read the newspaper line by line and also between the lines. The fast reader who sees only the headlines is like the air traveler who misses the sights and sounds of a journey as compared to the one who travels by rail. In fact, a newspaper is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. “Full many a gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear”. Let me give you a few examples of the gems that I have recently fished out from a clutter of assorted news, essays and views that appeared in my papers. “According to the list of assets put out by a minister, his assets' value (including his wife and HUF) has increased by 43%. Obviously, the minister had no intention to put a value on his wife; it was the printer's devil that did it. This reminds us of

SCIENCE FACT Its very strange but true very true try it... Now you do not require any mobile charger to charge your mobiles. Only there is need fouse green leaf of PEEPAL tree and after some time your mobile be get charge : STEPS: Rahul Menon • open ur mobile cover • take battery • take two to 3 fresh leaves of PEEPAL • touch the stub of these leaves on your mobile battery terminal • clean mobile battery terminal with soft cloth • put battery again your mobile • now you can see FULL CHARGE...!!!

Forwarded by : Rahul Menon

high time he found another job or cut his present job to an 8 hour size. The report goes on to say that he is not alone , over 50% of employees in India work more than 8 hours a day, while 40% regularly take their work home . The information was taken from a survey by Regus, a work place solution provider. It is unfortunate that he is not aware of the fact that the industrial workers have an 8 hour shift with a compulsory weekly off and the office workers in the private sector and the government departments work much less. For a majority of them, it is a five-day week. They are eligible for earned leave, casual and sick leave and of course, the national holidays. The office worker puts in 36-40 hours a week. Those who regularly take work home are the school teachers who have to correct the answer sheets of the students. From where the surveys collect this sort of data and why do the newspapers publish them is a real mystery. “Indians are horribly overworked” would have been appropriate to the Indian workers who toil in the Gulf and other countries. One comes across several nuggets of this type in the daily papers. On the 19th of Nov. 2011, the Times of India carried a half page article “The Crest selection And quiet flows the message” Surprisingly, they didn't realize that the very same article was published in the previous day's edition. Is it not amazing that an article that filled half a page of the broad sheet went unnoticed by the publishers ?

(About five decades ....... contd. from page


tions and oblique acknowlegements, that the US government had done everything possible it could to back up the Shah's. US in August days capture two definitely different accounts a long classified CIA history prepared in 1954 but not made public for almost five decades, and a 'self aggrandising' memoir by one of the participant Kermit Roosevelt. Neither is entirely trust worthy but both present the ' 'whirlwind nature of coup', say a report of a prestigious newsman of that time. Kermit Roosevelt maintains that he and his compatriots merely acted at the Shah's behest as Shah is fended of an attack on his throne. American intelligence agencies planted highly critical stories in Iranian press about Mossadegh in the 'controllable press' and possing as members of Iranian communist party, the Tudeh, unnerved the Moslem religious leaders with ominous phone calls and the threat of bomb homes. This made that the Shah eventually to sign couple of orders dismissing Mossadgh. That is American interest any where, one should carefully note. Seals sealed the fate of Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad in Pakistan. What else where ?

YMCA, Airoli held an Acupressure Workshop at Airoli on Saturday 12th November 2011. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Aruna Nikam, a practicing acupressurist and naturopathist. The workshop was open to all residents of Airoli. Acupressure is a powerful tool if you learn to do it right. Its natural, its inexpensive and most of all it has no negative side effects unlike some streams of medicine. From treating common colds to offering treatment in emergencies such as a heart attack till such time that medical aid is received, acupressure is highly effective. The YMCA as a community based organisation, works collaboratively with government and non government organisations and partners to provide a range of programmes and services to build strong people, strong families and strong communities. Today YMCA is one of the oldest and largest non-profit community service organisations in India. The Airoli YMCA has initiated various programs including organic farming at the Sanjeevandeep Paraplegic School at Airoli, where members make natural compost from leaves and wet wastes and along with the children of the Paraplegic school use it to grow organically cultivated fruits & vegetables, as told to Sunny News by Mary Mathews, Hon. Secretary, YMCA, Airoli.

CIDCO gives 150 hectares of land for Navi Mumbai Airport - Akriti The Maharastra government has given the City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) approval to hand over 150 hectares of land for the ambitious project. The government is expected to soon complete the pertinent formalities. Only recently had deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar met CM Prithviraj Chavan in order to expedite the handing over of the land, whose market value is of the order of Rs 500 crore (Rs 5 billion).The administration's move is crucial, especially when 1,341 hectares of the total 2,054 hectare land is in Cidco's possession. Cidco chairman Pamod Hindurao says the deputy CM has taken an initiative in this regard and the government is soon expected to issue a formal order handing over its 150 hectare land for the airport project. "The negotiations with villagers are currently on. I am quite hopeful that a consensus will emerge to pave the way for smooth acquisition of the balance land," he said. On the development of this project Hindurao now says all efforts will be made to make the first phase operational in 2014 - as announced. The airport would handle 10 million passengers per annum in the first phase. The figure will rise to 60 million by its final phase in 2030. R.C. Gharat, advisor to the airport's project-affected persons, says there has not been much progress in the negotiations with the committee headed by the Konkan Divisional Commissioner. Reason: villagers are firm on the compensation of Rs. 20 crore (Rs 200 million) per acre.

(India is Pak's ........... contd. from page


pressure and compulsions from domestic industrialists forced Pakistan government to grant the status to India after 15 years. The improved relation between India and Pakistan will open new vistas of world relations. After a long term ill relationship, building such a rapport could make wonders happen to both countries. If this continues to develop for political, military and technological assistance between the countries then this may make formidable power in the context of

world. As also enmity with neighbouring countries is also unhealthy for both, it becomes necessary for such an alliance. It becomes more important as both are nuclear armed countries. Such cooperation can also eradicate the frequent clashes at borders and the repeated terrorist attacks. Let us all hope that this IndoPak MFN relationship flourish into something more, so that they can conciliate their existing issues and set up a long lasting bilateral government, enriched with friendship and harmony to walk together in the path of progress.

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Dec. 1-15, 2011

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(Why has the Indian ....... Basic necessities like milk, eggs, The company is planning to shift But the rupee has been held steady trouble. contd. from page


US. All of the above factors resulted in millions of Americans losing their jobs and not being able to pay their home mortgages resulting in the huge housing market crash in the US in 2007. American dollars flowed into China and India where Indians and Chinese started a spending splurge which in turn resulted in growth in the housing arena. China to keep up the growth rate, built ghost cities and have the highest asset prices in the world. India too built huge residential complexes in Indian cities but with no infrastructure to support these towers. Investors who mostly invest in these manipulated and fuelled further property price increases. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently stated that inflation in India is a sign of prosperity which is a controversial statement because inflation has touched the roof and food has become unaffordable to the poor in India Ten years ago, the cost of living in India was 6 times cheaper than in the US. Today the cost of living is almost the same or even higher.

vegetables, clothes, electricity, fuel etc. cost less in the US than in India today. Although the cost of living has gone up in India, the quality of life and standard of living is still the same for the middle class. There are huge malls with the latest goods but with prices 3 to 5 times that of what it would cost in the US. Of course, we do also find a lot of high end Mercedes and BMW 7 series cars on the roads but on enquiry it can be found that it invariably belongs to the son of some politician or some industrialist. Well they have made the money but the life of the common man in India especially Mumbai is still the same. He might have a flat costing two crores but he still has to get up early in the morning to store water, then maneuver through traffic and dust and dirt for hours till he reaches work and repeat the same thing every evening and every day. According to the CEO of a huge multinational company, his parent company is looking to dump all its overpriced properties and offices in Mumbai and buy properties in Navi Mumbai soon.

base to Navi Mumbai which according to him is less congested and gives people much needed respite from pollution and traffic and stress. According to him traffic woes in Mumbai is affecting the quality of life and work of its employees very badly and that many more companies are planning to sell off their Mumbai properties and shift to Navi Mumbai which will have at least a few of the conveniences that is found in Western countries like uninterrupted water supply, no traffic congestion, planned infrastructure etc. The prices of properties in Mumbai and other cities might not come down due to general inflation but the property prices in Navi Mumbai will go up due to this shift from other cities to Navi Mumbai. In the last 6 years property prices have increased a whopping 10 fold which means either the money got doubled every two years or the value of the rupee fell. Since cost of living in the US is almost the same all these years, the Indian Rupee should have got devalued likewise every year compared to the US dollar.



series of cases are being registered everyday in various Navi Mumbai Police stations when it comes to thefts, chain snatching or eve-teasing. Once considered a safe place for women, Navi Mumbai is now a challenge for policemen. SUNNY NEWS REPORTER AKRITI S E T H TA K E S A P U B L I C CONSENSUS TO FIND OUT IF THE CITIZENS FEEL SAFE ENOUGH LIVING HERE IN NAVI MUMBAI. Pratha Raj (law student and resident of Sector- 42, Nerul)

Safety of women depends on them individually. However, I don't consider Seawoods and Nerul safe because of the Karave Gaon area. That area is very dangerous indeed. The people here

sold their land to builders and now have become neo- rich and spend thrift. Their behavior is haughty. They think they can do whatever they want. They attacked a female here and when she retorted back they entered her house and broke everything to take revenge. I myself have faced eve teasing. I don't consider these areas of Navi Mumbai safe. Parama Gupta (BMM student and resident of Nerul)

Rutavi Mehta (hotel management student and a resident of Sanpada)

by the hot money inflows by FII's and occasional intervention of the RBI. The FII's are aware of all these facts and they also know that the PE valuations in Indian stocks have become very high due to inflation and it won't be profitable to invest in India now. India has become as expensive as a western nation but without the standards or amenities. This is the reason they are pulling out of India and the more they pull, the weaker the Indian Rupee is expected to become, resulting in higher oil costs and more trouble for the economy. Now with the Euro zone crisis added, the FII's are fleeing. This propped up Rupee and high asset values and high cost of doing business is what the FIIs have been looking at and deciding that enough is enough let's get the hell out of India before the value of the Indian Rupee crashes. This is like people making a run on the bank when they fear the bank is in

Hopefully the weakening of the Indian Rupee can help exporters and software companies to get more business thereby giving the country the much needed US Dollars to buy oil to fuel its economy. But the right strategy for the RBI to follow at this time is to prop up the Indian rupee and curb volatility and fluctuations to prevent the erosion of confidence among the investors. If the Rupee suddenly free falls to the levels it should have fallen in the last 5 years, then all of India's development plans will go awry and it would find it hard to pay its debts as well as pay for fuel to power the huge number of cars the rich and the middle class have acquired in the past few years. Last but not the least; steps also need to be taken to reduce income disparities and give the poor a breather, on a priority basis so as to avoid turmoil and strife in the country.

Lindsay Lohan to be jailed on violation of probation ? Lindsay Lohan is back in news but for the wrong reason. It is believed that since Lohan has been violating her probation, not fulfilling her community service and not meeting her therapist as it had been ordered by the court she might be making place for herself in the jail for may be more than one year. But the actress had tweeted, that all the allegations and reports that had been represented on her, are all false reports; that she is working as hard as she can, and fulfilling all orders of the court, further requesting every one not to believe the false report on her.

I agree that areas beyond Nerul and CBD are not very safe for women, although I have never faced any problem personally. Tanya Chopra (B.Com student and resident of Vashi)

Off course! Except for a few parts including Panvel, Juinagar, Kalamboli rest of the Navi Mumbai areas are under high vigilance. Places like Vashi, CBD, Nerul happen to be a large hub for night clubs, restaurants etc. It has be-come safe and potentially less harmful for women than any other area of India.

No I don't think women are safe in Navi Mumbai. There are many areas which need to improve like CBD, Kharghar, Kalamboli, Panvel etc.


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`Sunny News 1st-15th Dec , 2011  

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