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August 1-15, 2013

Vol. 9, Issue - 3

Has Kerala become an invitro experimental crucible For new generation Germs & Viruses ?

BEWARE OF ENEMIES OF FOOD SECURITY BILL There have been 5 cases of poisoning of midday meals of school kids reported from various parts of the country in the past few days. All this shockingly happening in a span of a few days just before the presentation of the National Food Security bill in parliament is not just suspicious but also reeks of a high level conspiracy. Discrediting the midday meal scheme would result in some allies not supporting the food security bill. The National Food Security Bill is a massive new food program targeted at some 800 million or 80 crore Indians. While politicians and analysts have concentrated mainly on the program's distribution of grain to poor households, it also would substantially expand the number of free cooked meals the Indian government provides its citizenssimilar to those that killed the

M. THOMAS, USA children in Bihar and poisoned scores of others in various parts of the country. So it is no wonder that the school children's killings should come just in time when India's Parliament is considering this food program. The first case of poisoning was that of school kids in Bihar on the 16th of July, where at least 23 students died and dozens fell ill. On the 17th of July there was a case of poisoning of kids in Dhule Maharashtra where 31 students fell sick with gastroenteritis. Again on July 17th there was another case of poisoning of 115 girls of a primary school in Neyveli Tamil Nadu. Then there was the case reported of insects and worms found in a midday meal kitchen in a school in Amritsar, Punjab. On July18, there was a case of food poisoning of school

kids in Goa which landed 23 kids in hospital. On July 19, at least 21 children, students of a madrassa in Gujarat suffered food poisoning and had to be taken to the hospital. In Bihar, the school kids were given their midday meal of rice and potato curry cooked in oil that reeked of some chemical. When the cook complained to the headmistress, Meena Devi; she allegedly forced the cook to use the same oil. When the oil was tested forensically, it was found to have monocrotophos an organophosphate at 5 times the concentration of the commercially available pesticide which means that the pesticide was specially obtained from some source that provides chemicals to the manufacturers of commercial pesticides. There have been excuses reported by the Bihar authorities such as the oil might have been kept in an empty (Continued on page

The Danger of DMO’s

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The problems associated with monsoon is not confined to Kerala alone. Many parts of the country are victims of the monsoon fury and the outbreak of water borne diseases. Kerala is a state known for its abundance of water and the clean habits of its people. The onset of the monsoon is considered to be the harbinger of plenty, peace and harmony in Kerala. With the dams, lakes and rivers Adv. A. V. Sivasankaran getting the much awaited refill and recharge, the entire Kerala with its mountain slopes and paddy fields become covered in a kind of emerald green vegetation carpet. The monsoon also brings in its wake misery to the poor and the pavement dwellers who have no roof over their heads to boast off. The plight is aggravated with the spread and spurt of communicable diseases which takes various virulent forms every year. The public health system has never coped up with the demand and expectation of the people, leaving much to be desired abandoning the public to its fate in the hands of god. One of the reasons for this dreaded spread of diseases, vector or vector born is the lack of sanitation which accelerates the spread of mosquitoes, virus, bacteria, or amoeba, which made the sacred soil of Kerala a fertile breeding ground for the germs and the like. Apart from the shit and the excreta safely kept to rot in the underground confinement of every building, hut or home, the discharge from the bowl deposited on the long winding railway tracks also contributes to this diabolical gambling in public health. It is estimated that 1,46,000 matric tones of faeces or human shit is discharged along the railway tracks in India and the share of Kerala could easily be a clean 10%, reveals a study by Shalini Sebas-tian on green toilets. In an another (Continued on page 3)

The Holy Ordination Service of Rev. Jinu Jacob was held on 11th July 2013 at the Kallada Nilamel Marthoma Church by the blessing of His Grace Rev. Dr.Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan. Seen in the photo is Mrs. Gracy George his grand Mother. Mrs. Gracy George is the Mother of Editor of Sunny News Shri. G.T. Varghese.


The question of whether or not genetically modified foods (GMO’s) are safe for human consumption is an ongoing debate that does not seem to see any resolution except in the arena of public opinion. Monsanto's pipeline of upcoming genetically modified organisms (GMOs) includes

several new varieties specifically engineered with "stacked traits," which means they contain multiple genetic modifications and built-in resistance traits as opposed to just one. And a new study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology has found that these new multi-trait GMOs appear to be exponentially more harmful to humans than single-trait GMOs because of their synergistic toxicity. Conducting actual research on the effects of

GMO toxins on human cells - this is something Monsanto will never do researchers from the University of Caen in France have found that the Cry l Ab protein, a Bt toxin deliberately produced in many GM crops, including Monsanto's MON810 Bt com, destroys human cells at levels of 100 parts per million (ppm) dilution and higher when consumed by itself. This level of exposure is relatively low, considering human exposure to Bt toxin comes from multiple sources, including meat and dairy products from animals fed Bt com feed, as well as direct human consumption of Bt com ingredients and soon-to be Bt sweet com from the produce section. Additionally, the researchers found that exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide formula, induces human cell death at exposures as low as 50 (Continued on page 3)



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August 1-15, 2013

THE REVELATION GALORE What is a revelation? Revealing something which is unknown or unexpected till then. But in Indian context, a revelation can be a repetition or a recurrence. The entire process of evolution has already been revealed and the world itself is the result of a revelation if not a revolution. Revelation of the gospel truths are the basis of almost all religions of the world. The Ten Commandments are the revelation by God to Moses which are still the basis of good life upon this planet. The Hindus believe that the world is the result of a big bang and is evolved from the “Nadabrahm” – The Om. The Holy Bible is a revelation and so is the Holy Quran. The sacred scripts of many religions which contain the essence of life and the code of conduct for human race are all but the result of various revelations. The Geeta, the Upanishads, Vedas and Puranas are all wisdoms contained in various revelations. Whether the revelations galore has helped the humanity to flourish or to perish only time will tell but the fact remains that the gospel truths have helped the people from time immemorial across the globe to live and practice a code of conduct for coexistence and community living. The revelations contain nothing contrary or contradictory which makes it unique and sacrosanct, though today one-man's food has become another man's poison. This is largely because of the warring groups and the civilization at cross road have failed to absorb the essence and substance of the revelations or believed in its distorted versions. Revelations are often confused with the admissions and confessions as mention under S 17-26 of Indian Evidence Act 1872. Of late revelations have been happening with “fly by wire” speed and accuracy and by anyone who wants to come to lime light. Select revelations have become a high potent political weapons almost like a guided missiles which can hit and destroy the target with precision. In reality revelations are the safety fuses or relief valves in the body politic which is under pressure of inbuilt corruption and over dose of sycophancy which is about to burst at its seams and explode.

The wikileake revelations by the one and only Assange are to be accepted with a pinch of salt but at the same time cannot be dismissed either as Chaff. The story of Maruti has assumed epic proportions with no end in sight. The Late Mr. Sanjay Gandhi who mooted the idea of an indigenous small car ended up in a fiasco with a Japanese insignia. Wright or wrong today Maruti is ruling the Indian roads and Sanjay is being remembered as a hero of the emergency. The revelations that under the cover of the emergency he wanted Best to place orders for 700 nos. of bus chassis with Maruti is a classical example of predatory corporate ambition of the local emergency variety. The revelation of the Turk man gate and the Nashabandi Saga are sure to thrill the media once again. That is the Power of Revelation. The next revelation that not to be outdone, Rajeev Gandhi his elder brother who subsequently became PM of India after the assassination of his mother Smt. Indira Gandhi acted as a middle man for the purchase of fighter jets has paled the huge commission usually involved in such dealings into insignificance. The mother of all revelations has come. It is the offer made by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Pakistan with regard to the nuclear technology and cooperation in July, 1974 subsequent to the India going nuclear successfully. It is quite a revelation considering the fact that India is wedded to nuclear non proliferation and the secrecy shrouded in the implosion. The father of all revelations have now come from no less than the deputy CM of Maharashtra who has allegedly diverted dam water to corporate sugar mills which are cooperatives of the political variety. This revelation became a landmark in the light of his proclamation that he is not expected to urinate in the dams to raise the water level in it and the humble farmer has never ask for it. For the remaining poor farmers of Maharashtra, many of whom committing suicide this sarcastic joke has become too much caustic to digest. If an apology can calm the ruffled feathers, it should also work in shilpada were 74 innocent people perished for no fault of theirs and became victims of corruption and official negligence.

Coffin does not suit our environment This particular (Chinesemade) Coffin does not suit our environment. Hence it should not be used. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan - The supreme head of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar, in an article in the latest issue of Sabha Tharaka. Its official mouthpiece, has asked people to not use Chinese-made Coffins. Swarga Petti or heavenly box has been found to be an unfriendly product by the

church due to delay in decaying in the soil.

Human Rights and Child Marriages “Child marriage” means a Marriage to which either of the contracting parties is a child. The child marriage Restraint Act only restrains the marriage of minors and that is its objective, but does not prohibit the marriage rendering it illegal or invalid. Child Marriage – Legality and validity : The marriage performed in contravention of the child marriage Restraint Act is not an invalid marriage but the marriage performed in violation of the child marriage Restraint Act is an an unlawful marriage. The person involved in the process commits an offence under the provisions of the said Act. There is no doubt that the marriage performed in contravention of child marriage restraint Act is a criminal and unlawful act and is punishable under the provisions of the said Act. The court have taken a view that even the expenses

(The writer is a Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi.)

incurred for such an unlawful marriage cannot be deemed to be for the purposes of any legal necessity. It is abundantly made clear that the marriage performed in violation of the provision of the child marriage Restraint Act, though unlawful for the purposes of the Act is valid for all other purposes.

(Beware of Enemies of food ..... continued from page 1) container of that pesticide but that is unbelievable because if there was more oil than the pesticide, the pesticide would have been very dilute and would have just caused an intestinal upset and not killed the children. On July 17, 155 school students suffered suspected food poisoning after eating mid day meals in Neyveli in Tamil Nadu. The students of NLC Girls School, situated in the campus of Neyveli Lignite Corporation, were rushed hospital today after showing symptoms of food poisoning. These children are out of danger. Police said that meals were served with egg for the children. The cause of the incident is yet to be ascertained. District Collector Mr Kirloskumar of Cuddalore has ordered an inquiry into the incident. Also on the same day, reports of 30 children falling ill after consuming food in a Maharashtra school were reported. As per reports, at least 31 students of a government school in Dhule were admitted to a hospital after consuming mid-day meal. The students suffered from diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea which the doctors later diagnosed as gastritis. On July 18th in Goa, 22 primary students from a school in Ponda were rushed to a hospital after they complained of stomach pain and vomiting after eating a mid-day meal. An education department official said the students were eating a meal comprising vegetable and lentil curry at a school in Usgao in Ponda subdistrict, 30 kilometres from Panaji. The students are now out of hospital, but Education Director Swapnil Naik said the source of the contamination is being investigated. Also, on June 27, at least 23 school students similarly fell ill after eating a mid-day meal at Canacona, 70 kilometres south of Panaji in Goa. Finally in Gujarat, at least 21 children, students of a madrassa in Naliya village of Abdasa tehsil in Kutch district, have suffered food

poisoning, according to a district health official. Early morning, the students were given rice and vegetable curry, prepared on the previous night, as pre-dawn breakfast before the day's Ramadan fast. Soon, many of them complained of nausea, vomiting, etc. After examination of 21 students at the government hospital in Naliya, two were kept under observation while others were discharged. Does all of above cases ring a familiar bell? Yes it does…it sounds like elections are approach-ing and the chanakyan or Machia-vellian man-euvering has already star-ted. But th-ere is some-thing else that is on the horizon before the elections and. that is the Central Government's ambitious Food Security Bill which seeks to ensure that nobody dies of hunger in India. This bill is opposed tooth and nail by the opposition parties which feel that this would help the Congress win the next General Elections slated to be held in 2014. There will be more action to follow in the run up to the elections and this is just a small trailer. But what is despicable is the fact that innocent school students have been made victims in this high stakes game. On looking in totality of all

The punishment for such marriage will still follow, inspite of marriage being a registered marriage. The punishment will have to be awarded under the provisions of the Act even to the spouses involved in the marriage. The marriage after conviction and punishment also does not or cannot be deemed to be invalid marriage. Child Marriage - A Social Evil : The performing of child marri-ages has far reaching consequences. The children who do not even understand the meaning of marriage are married at an early age. Many of the female married during their childhood are abandoned and deserted by their husbands when they become major, on account of illiteracy or other considerations. This social evil requires more condemnation than evil of dowry in the Indian society. these cases, it seems to be part of a nationwide conspiracy to discredit the midday meal scheme to prevent the passage of the National Food Security bill. Had the Bihar case not been deliberate and just a mistake or a blunder, the headmistress of the school and her family members would not have fled. They would have stayed their ground and filed criminal cases against the supplier of the poisoned food or oil. But it is seen that the headmistress and all male members of her family are absconding, probably living under the protection of some powerful politicians opposed to the National Food Security bill. Furthermore, if the incident was isolated, it might not have come to notice as much. But when there are more than half a dozen incidents of poisoning of school kids all around the country, that too in a span of just 4 days, right before the passage of the Food Security Bill, then there is definitely something sinister being cooked up. The Central Government needs to immediately consider all these food poisoning cases as a high level conspiracy and launch a CBI investigation and expose the culprits involved. Appropriate action and usage of the media to expose such evil acts on the nation is the need of the hour.

Meghalaya man forced to eat human excreta In AN instance of human rights abuse in Meghalaya, a local 'dorbar' - elected village body - declared a man guilty of practicing witchcraft, held him responsible for scaring four girls in their dreams, and punished him by making him eat human excreta. The incident took place three days ago in Wahkdait village in East Khasi Hills district, about 50 km from Shillong, with the 'dorbar' taking up the case based on allegations levelled by the four girls. They proclaimed Noping Khongsit guilty before directing him to eat human excreta. "As per reports, the four girls would shout out Khongsit's name in their sleep. When they would wake up they would say Khongsit appeared in their dreams and frightened them with snakes," M. Kharkrang, SP, East Khasi Hills district said Tuesday. The local 'dorbar' believed Khongsit was practicing witchcraft which had led to the "unusual disease" of the girls. Khongsit has not filed a complaint and hence no one has been arrested, the SP said.

DISCLAIMER The news published by various authors in this publication are their sole opinion and Editor is in no way accountable and responsible.


August 1-15, 2013


In recent times, no other scam has created such a turmoil in Kerala politics as the one called “solar scam”, whose protagonist was a young lady, by name, Sarita S. Nair. She and some of her accomplices including serial and cine actress Sheela Menon have been arrested and sent to jail. Some others are on the run. Sarita and her associates are alleged to have duped several people of millions of rupees by promising to install solar panels at their premises. The scam has snowballed into a major issue even threatening the stability of the UDF government led by Congressman Oommen Chandy. The sum and substance of the solar scam is that Sarita S. Nair started a project for the manufacture and installation of solar Panels. It came a cropper. Even the few which were installed did not work. However, she was able to fool many people including some industrialists. It was alleged that she had cultivated the right contacts in the government and used her proximity to the higherups for her dubious activities. The opposition Left parties created pandemonium in the Assembly demanding the resignation of the chief minister. Not only that, they organized a State wide hartal on the 10th of July, 2013, which resulted in violence in many places. It is natural that a major fraud

that too committed by a young lady would arouse the instant curiosity of the readers. People lap up all the stories of her adven-tures and escapades. The news-papers rise to the occasion and dish out juicy reports day after day. A few years ago, there was a similar case of swindle involving 40 lakhs, which was not a small amount in those days, which was played out entirely by an all-male team. Sarita S. Nair, though scheming and shrewd, was not the first person to realize the potential of 'solar energy' to create a windfall. Way back in 1955, a 50 year old man, Subrata Banerjee duped as many as 114 gullible victims in the hills of Darjeeling, over 4 million rupees in a span of four months. A newspaper exposing the scam wrote, “One cannot but admire his guts, confidence and acumen”. Banerjee opened an office with fake sign boards and letterheads of the “Central electricity authority, solar wing, ministry of non-conventional energy, Government of India”. Along with four associates, he cheated young men, women and ex-army men into believing that they were being employed in the Govt, of India's solar energy wing of the Himalayan division's area office in Kurseong. His adventures earned Subrata Banerjee the nick name “solar Banerjee”. Taking all and sundry for a ride, “solar” Banerjee organized a seminar at the Kurseong Tourist Lodge on February 10, 1955. Several high dignitaries attended the function. The chairman of Kurseong Municipality, Padmashree N.N. Lama presided while Sub-Divisional officer S.K. Biswas

(Has Kerala become an invitro ....... continued from page 1) revealing study by Adv. Sivashankaran published in his book “The Letdown of the Nation” it was estimated that about 2500 Mt of human excreta is discharged on the railway tracks of Mumbai between Mankurd and Kurla. It is only the scavenging action of the wind, rains and the passing trains which blow up the dirt contaminating the air around. However the story of the locked up septic tanks of the toilets in which the excreta is kept in confinement fouls and germinates leading to leakages, seepages, contaminating the soil around in which it is situated along with the drinking water well, an inseparable part of any individual house in Kerala. Depending upon the soil density and permeability, it is estimated that a single septic tank used by a five member family can contaminate on an average 10 m square area around. The so called septic tanks are a case of mass camouflage and conceal-ment comparable with that of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. However excreta left ex-posed in open soil is known to degenerate and blend with the soil under the impact of shine and rain within 48 hours resulting in the enrichment of the soil but if kept in captivity decomposes and gene-rate noxious gases and dangerous organisms in air, water, and the soil alike. The pollution from the faeces deposited on the railway tracks, the shit seepage from the indivi-dual households septic tanks, the

hospital waste dumped on the roadsides, the indiscriminate dumping of the organic waste from the hotels and restaurants and the menace of plastic waste all around – there cannot be a better cocktail for the spread of diseases with or without monsoon. The entire state has become an invitro experimental crucible for the new generation germs and viruses. Public health remains a causality with the department engaged in advising do's and don'ts to the people. In the wake of the widely prevalent unscientific practices on

was the chief guest. Their pledge to lend full government support to Banerjee's efforts to harvest solar energy in Dargeeling Hills, gave credibility to his “solar energy wing”. Subrata Banerjee and his cohots thereafter, went on a recruiting spree. They employed 114 people, collecting different amounts from them, and opened the “solar energy wing” office in Kurseong town with branch offices at Mirik and Salbari, both in Darjeeling district and another office at Salugara in Jalpaiguri district. However, Subrata Banerjee's luck ran out as the additional superintendent of police, Kurseong, Mr. Kailash Chandra Meena was informed about the dubious schemes by a local resident. Investigations by the police revealed that the offices floated by Subrato Banerjee were unauthorized and bogus. According to Meena, “after keeping a close watch on Banerjee and his activities, I summoned him and his aide Anand Thapa to the police control room. Banerjee initially showed a lot of confidence in giving his head office address as “Solar Energy Wing, Ministry of Non-conventional Energy, Shakti Bhavan, New Delhi” and claiming to be the divisional manager of the Himalayan division, drawing a monthly salary of Rs. 8500. But, ASP Meena's suspicions were confirmed when Banerjee failed to give his head office telephone numbers and the mode of payment to his staff. On further interrogation, Subrato Banerjee broke down and confessed to his crime. the sanitation and hygiene front, public health needs to be redefined and the green consciousness given a fair trial. Till then we will not have any respite from the dengue, chicken guinea, malaria, typhoid, TB and polio, which offer a ready market for Multi National drug firms, mushrooming water purifier companies and bottled water manufacturers. It appears that our priorities have all gone wrong with the water around us becoming unfit to drink and contaminated. An operation salvation has be-come imperative if Keralites are to enjoy their monsoon.

(The Danger of DMO’s ....... continued from page 1) ppm, which is "far below agricultural dilutions," according to the report. At a dilution of 57.5 ppm, which is only slightly higher, Roundup effectively kills 50 percent of hu-man cells, which clearly illustrates its severe toxicity. This important finding confirms the findings of numerous other reports conducted in recent days concerning Round-up's toxicity in humans, including the fact that this widely-used chemical causes birth defects, cancer, and death. But the real kicker in the new research is the combined toxicity from exposure to both Roundup and Bt toxin which, according to the study, is tremendous. In their conclusion, researchers noted that "modified Bt toxin s are not inert on nontarget human cells, and that they

can present combined side effects with other residues of pesticides specific to GM plants. So much for Monsanto's claim that Bt toxin, Roundup, and various other chemically-engineered traits are perfectly harmless. Monsanto actually claims on its website that human testing of GMOs is unnecessary because they are to different than convention and natural crop varieties – and regu-

NAVI MUMBAI - NEWS Abu Salem to move EU for execution of order cancelling extradition Mumbai: Gangster Abu Salem, who survived bid on his life in a Navi Mumbai jail last month, will move the European Union (EU) seeking execution of the order cancelling his extradition to India issued by the Portuguese Constitutional Court. "We will move the EU..The Portugal High Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court had cancelled the extradition (to India). What are the authorities waiting for?" Salem's Portugal-based lawyer Mannuel Ferriera said on Monday. Ferriera, who arrived in India yesterday, met Salem after securing permission of the special TADA court and spoke to him for nearly two hours. Salem, an accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, was extradited from Portugal on November 11, 2005, after a prolonged legal battle. The Supreme Court of Portugal had last year dismissed an appeal of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) challenging termination of extradition of the underworld don. Salem was shot at by gangster Devendra Jagtap alias JD, an accused in the murder of advocate Shahid Azmi who had represented an 26/11 Mumbai attack accused, in Taloja Central Jail in Navi Mumbai on June 27. Salem was hit in his hand by one of the two rounds allegedly fired by JD. "Salem is very depressed after the attack and has decided to move European Union. We will move the EU as the Portugal government is not doing anything. We will request EU to direct the Portugal government to take some steps for execution of the cancellation of the extradition order," the lawyer said. The Portuguese Constitutional Court is a special court, defined by the country's Constitution as part of the judicial branch of the Portuguese political organisation. Ferriera said that cases against Salem in India were dragging without any conclusion whereas they should have reached their logical conclusion by now. "(Taking) no decision is also a bad decision and major problem in the case is that there is no decision taken", he added.

Driver gets seven years imprisonment for raping school girl Thane : A 23-year-old car driver from Navi Mumbai was on Monday sentenced to seven-year rigorous imprisonment by a court here for raping a 12-year-old school student in 2007. Thane Additional Sessions Judge A.S. Waghwase awarded the sentence to accused Shivaji Motiram Rathod, holding him guilty under section 376 of the IPC and also section 506 of IPC. He was also imposed with a fine of Rs. 5000 failing which he will have to undergo another three months of imprisonment. Additional Public Prosecutor Buleshwar Hinge told the court that the crime took place on February 14, 2007 when the accused, employed as a driver for the car owned by the victim's maternal uncle, offered to drop her school that morning. The fifth grade victim studied in a school at Vashi in Navi Mumbai. When she was on her way to school, the driver took her to nearby Koparkhairne to his friend's house and then proceeded to tourist spot Alibaug on a motor cycle where he raped her in a lodge, the court was told. The accused threatened that he would kill her father if the girl revealed anything. It was only on March 09, 2007 when the girl broke her silence, that the matter came to light following which the mother approached the Vashi police. latory authorities have never taken the agrigiant to task on actually proving this baseless claim which flies in the face of independent science. The questions of whether or not genetically modified foods (GMO's) are safe for human consumption an ongoing debate that does not seem to see any resolution expect the arena of public opinion. Due to lack of labeling, people are still left at a loss as to whether or not what is on the table is genetically modified This lack of information makes avoiding and tracking of GM food and exercise in futility. Below are the 10 top genetically modified foods to avoid eating : I. Corn - Corn has modified to create its insecticide : The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared that tons of genetically modified com has been introduced for human consumption. Monsante revealed that half of the US'sweet corn farms are

planted with genetically modified seed. Mice with GM corn were dis covered to have smaller offspring and fertility problems. 2. Soy - Soy has also been genetically modified to resist herbicides : Soy products include soy flour, tofu, soy beve soybean oil and other produce may include pastries, baked products and edible oil. Hamsters fed with GM soy were unable to have offspring and suffered a high mortality rate. 3. Cotton - Like corn and soy, cotton has been designed to resist pesticides : It is considered food because its oil can be consumed. Its introduction in Chinese agriculture has produced a chemical that kills cotton bollworm, reducing the incidences of pests not only in cotton crops but also in neighboring fields of soybeans and corn. Incidentally, thousands of Indian farmers suffered severe rashes upon exposure to BT cotton .

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August 1-15, 2013 HEALTH

Artificial Pancreas to be a reality soon ? An artificial pancreas under development has tremendously improved the life of five patients of diabetes in UK. The successful home trials conducted jointly by Diabetes UK with scientists from Cambridge university has given hope that an artificial pancreas will be able to successfully mimic the body's blood sugar control mechanism. The five people have spent four weeks using the artificial pancreas at night, which is a time when blood glucose levels can fall too low. They've now passed on the equipment to the next group taking part. By the end of this year, 24 people will be using this artificial pancreas as part of larger home trials. They will use the artificial pancreas at night for four weeks, while using standard therapy for another

four weeks. The results of the trial are expected to be ready by the end of the year. Blood sugar is controlled by a delicate balance between two hormones: insulin and glucagon, both of which are produced in the pancreas. Insulin is produced by beta cells and glucagon by alpha cells. In type 1 diabetes, the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed by the immune system, requiring insulin treatment to regulate blood sugar

levels. And that is exactly what this new artificial pancreas does. It is capable of dual control exactly the way a human body does. Dr Roman Hovorka at the University of Cambridge is working on a five-and-ahalf-year project to generate a first-generation artificial pancreas prototype which will reduce the risk of overnight hypos in adults with Type 1 diabetes. Dr Hovorka's project is costing a total of £700,526. Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong condition caused when the pancreas stops producing the insulin needed to control blood sugar levels. Patients must carry out frequent finger-prick tests and inject insulin to keep their blood sugar within safe limits. Left untreated, Type 1 diabetes is fatal; even suboptimal control increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, nerve damage and blindness. Patients under the age of five are a particularly vulnerable group. Too young to recognise the shaking and dizziness that warn of a drop in their blood sugar, they are at high risk of developing overnight hypoglycaemia. Dr Hovorka said "Using an off-the-shelf insulin pump and continuous glucose sensor, we've developed a computer algorithm to control their function in a closed-loop fashion, delivering the correct amount of insulin according to blood sugar levels," he said. "By maintaining tight control of blood sugar, this has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of patients with Type 1 diabetes and significantly improve their quality of life." The artificial pancreas is a system that measures blood glucose levels on a minute-to-minute basis using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and transmits this information to an insulin pump that calculates and releases the required amount of insulin into the body. This system, which is worn like an insulin pump, has been termed the 'artificial pancreas' because it monitors and adjusts insulin levels just as the pancreas does in people without diabetes. The device has the potential to transform lives, particularly for people who find it difficult to maintain good blood glucose control. By levelling out the peaks and troughs in blood glucose levels, the artificial pancreas will help to avoidraised glucose levels, which over time contribute to the development of complications, low glucose levels, or 'hypos', which can be distressing and in extreme cases can lead to a coma or death.


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Prime Suspect in Lahoria murder finally gives up

Suresh Bijalani

Sunil K. Lahoria

Suresh Bijlani, prime suspect in the murder case of real estate developer Sunil Kumar Loharia surrendered before a court on Monday. Bijlani, a Navi-Mumbai based builder who had been evading arrest for over five months surrendered before Additional Sessions Judge K R Warrier. Upon surrender, Bijlani complained of chest pain after which he was sent to the Civil Hospital for examination The Court had last month issued non-bailable warrants against Bijlani, his brother Mahesh and architect Anurag Garg in the murder case. Bijlani's anticipatory bail plea had been earlier rejected by the Sessions Court, Bombay High Courtand also the Supreme Court. The SC last week directed Bijlani to surrender before Tuesday on a plea filed by Lahoria's son.

New beauty treatment puts snail slime to work in rolling back the years Having live snails crawling across your face sounds like the thing of nightmares, but in Japan, one company is hoping people will be prepared to pay for it. Staring Monday, women who want to slough off dead skin, clear their pores or roll back the years can submit themselves to five minutes of mollusks. “Slime from snails helps remove old cells, heal the skin after sunburn and moisturize it,” said Manami Takamura, a spokeswoman for the Tokyo-based beauty salon Ci:z.Labo, while placing three of the gastropods on a woman's face. “In this way, you can have 100 percent pure snail essence directly on the skin,” she said. Snail slime is believed to have an anti-aging effect on human skin, and some cosmetics are already sold with essence of escargot.

But Ci:z.Labo beauty salon is going one step further in what it says is the first live snail treatment in Japan. As part of the salon's Celebrity Escargot Course, customers will get five minutes of snail therapy, along with a massage and other types of facial treatment. The snails alone cost ¥10,500. Sayaka Ito said she found the treatment so relaxing that she had almost fell asleep. “You can feel the snails moving on your face. At first, it is surprising, but it's actually rather nice,” she said. “My skin really does feel smooth and moist.”





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Aug 1-15th,2013 final  

Aug 1-15th,2013 final

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