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June 16-30, 2013

Vol. 8, Issue - 24


hen Katju Markandey Katju, the Chairman of the Press Council of India and former Supreme Court Judge, stated that 90% of Indians are idiots, people who could browse the internet displayed their anger as they thought that Katju had insulted them too by referring to them as idiots. But the fact is that Katju never referred to them as idiots. Most people in India, especially in the cities who own assets worth more than Rs.50 lakhs are already in the top 10% of the population of the country. 90% of Indians have assets far less than that. More often than not, it is generally only the top 10% of the population in India who own computers or have access to the internet. This top 10% includes

M. Thomas, USA most metropolitan city dwellers who own at least one apartment as apartments these days don't cost anything less than Rs.50 lakhs. But it is seen that these Indians in the top 10% of the Indian population still call themselves middle class. Now after reading this, many readers will come to the realization

that they themselves are rich and are not closer to the middle of this country in standard of living or assets or income. In America the top 10% like to be referred to as job creators and in Europe they think of themselves as nobility but in India they want to be called middle class. Now the question that begs to be asked is why all the top 10% consider themselves or like to be referred to as the middle class. Now the reason why India's elite like to be called as middle class is not too far to see. India which always had and still has a “so called socialist mindset” has something called subsidies which are according to the Government for the poor and the middle class. Subsidies are but not limited to food, fuel and education. However (Continued on page 7)



aharashtra and the Maratha pride has been an inseparable part of Indian history. We had many leaders from Maharashtra who had made their mark in the national arena and we also had leaders who had confined their activities for the welfare of the state. As a progressive state the state of Maharashtra has been a beacon of light for many reformist movements amongst which the cooperative movement has a place of pride. The co-operative movement and its success in Maharashtra has inspired such mass movements in many part of our country. There are very few leaders who

have carved out a niche for themselves without fear or favor and being deadly honest. Sharad Pawar was catapulted into national politics by his sheer outstanding abilities and his proven credentials

as the chief minister of Maharashtra. As a leader with mass base he has an impeccable knack of feeling the pulse of the people. He unhesitatingly made Baramathi his native place as the epicenter of his political thought and actions are forayed into other parts of Maharashtra making a foothold into the minds of farmers. As a leader from village he had close proximity and understanding of the problems of the farmers who are the back bones of the rural economy on which Maharashtra depended on a large extent. No doubt the development of industry in Maharashtra owes a lot to this

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This newspaper is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Solomon Joseph - Author, Journalist, Social Worker, Pioneer and Visionary who planted the seeds of this venture before his passing away in July 2001; and whose humanitarian ideals, policies and principles will be upheld forever.

Best Wishes From A.K. Prince Vaidyan 98921 20881 great visionary leader. It is not known to many that the present megapoly of Navi Mumbai is the result of the imagination and statesmanship of Shri. Sharad Pawar. It was during his tenure as Chief Minister Maharashtra the need for developing a counter magnet for the overcrowded Mumbai was felt and the visionary wasted no time in earmarking the Trans Thana Creek Industrial belt as a model for industrial development in Maharashtra. The opening up of a bridge across the Thane creek in the early 1970s resulted in creation of enormous land, labor and capital unparalleled in the history of Maharashtra and today the entire stretch of land from Kalwa to Belapur has been converted into a classic example of

development, human settlement and industrial role model. But for this dynamic farsightedness of Shri. Pawar, the island city of Mumbai would have been an overcrowded concrete slum by today. We have very few leaders who speak their mind and earn the ire and Shri. Pawar is one of them. He called the spade a spade which earned him no amount of goodwill but the fact remains that his opinions and outburst were based on sound logic and statesmanship. Our nation today is in a competitive quarreling mode on every important national issue including the future Prime Minister which often gives rise to a question that whether we have any (Continued on page 4)


June 16-30, 2013

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June 16-30, 2013


emember Shri. Sukhram, t h e U n i o n Te l e c o m Minister of the yesteryear. He is no more but his legacy lives on. He was alleged to have amassed a neat 100 crores in cash which was seized by our extremely deligened investigation agency, who claims that they are fiercely independent. What happened subsequently needs another enquiry. Now they are dependent thanks to Honorable Supreme Court and therefore are not bound to do the bidding of their masters. We have forgotten Harshad Mehata, The fodder scam (I am afraid to name the powerful politician who made his wife occupy his chair as CM before his flight to become Railway Minister), the Tehelka Exposure, the stamp paper scam involving the one and only Abdul Karim Telgi who had the privilege of five star luxury while in detention, the bofors, the 2G spectrum, the Coalgate and now the railway gate all of which have taken its toll and exposed the system and also the reasons for the mounting number of railway accidents even without an investigation. Railway Board has become a financial holy cow of the ruling party long back. From the lowest appointment of a peon

to the highest post of a GM and now the member of railway board the appointments were all made on the basis of political connections and the graft which is nothing new with the railways. Railway is the milch cow of the government being the largest public sector employer with civil, mechanical, electrical, telecom, signaling and catering services going for the highest bidder. It is no secret that quality has become a causality in railways long back which has no respect for their own procedures and rule books. Even to sell a bottle of drinking water one has to bribe the right hands. In all probability the present controversy with regard to the alleged 90 lakhs bribe to the Bhanja of the railway minister shall also remain in comatose for a long time to come. That the railway minister had to vacate his seat is of no consolation. What is required is a thorough investigation into the past and the present posting and the money changing hands. Probably a prolonged enquiry might defeat the very purpose and absolve every one involved and around. Our system needs a clean up operation before the failures becomes cover ups. HEALTH

Fish oil may stall effects of junk food on brain London: Fish oil could minimise the damaging effects that junk food can have on the brain, according to new research. Scientists at the University of Liverpool analysed research papers from around the world to see whether there was sufficient data available to suggest that omega-3s had a role to play in aiding weight loss. Previous research has indicated that high-fat diets could disrupt neurogenesis, a process that generates new nerve cells, but diets rich in omega-3s could prevent these negative effects by stimulating the areas of the brain that control feeding, learning and memory. Data from 185 research papers revealed, however, that fish oils do not have a direct impact on this process in these areas of the brain, but are likely to play a significant role in stalling refined sugars and saturated fats' ability to inhibit the brain's control on the body's intake of food. “Body weight is influenced by many factors, and some of the most important of these are the nutrients we consume,” said Dr Lucy Pickavance, from the University's Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease. “Excessive intake of certain macronutrients, the refined sugars and saturated fats found in junk food, can lead to weight gain, disrupt metabolism and even affect mental processing. “These changes can be seen in the brain's structure, including its ability to generate new nerve cells, potentially linking obesity to neurodegenerative diseases. “Research, however, has suggested that omega-3 fish oils can reverse or even prevent these effects. “We wanted to investigate the literature on this topic to determine whether there is evidence to suggest that omega-3s might aid weight loss by stimulating particular brain processes,” Pickavance said. Research papers showed that on high-fat diets hormones that are secreted from body tissues into the circulation after eating, and which normally protect neurons and stimulate their growth, are prevented from passing into the brain by increased circulation of inflammatory molecules and a type of fat called triglycerides.Molecules that stimulate nerve growth are also reduced, but it appears, in studies with animal models, that omega-3s restore normal function by interfering with the production of these inflammatory molecules, suppressing triglycerides, and returning these nerve growth factors to normal. “Fish oils don't appear to have a direct impact on weight loss, but they may take the brakes off the detrimental effects of some of the processes triggered in the brain by high-fat diets,” Pickavance said. “They seem to mimic the effects of calorie restrictive diets and including more oily fish or fish oil supplements in our diets could certainly be a positive step forward for those wanting to improve their general health,” Pickavance added. The research was published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Communication and Conflict

onflicts attract the media as powerfully as flies gather around sweets. The news media concentrate particularly on the bad news, such natural or human disasters as earthquakes, wars and terrorism. In reporting international news, this tendency of the commercial media is often emulated by the state and public media as well. International conflict often tends to divide the world community into at least two camps. The national media tend to take the side of their own country. All media thus tend to dichotomize, demonize and dramatize. International conflict is often reported as the goodies against baddies, cowboys against Indians. Truth tends to be the first casualty of international conflict and its media coverage. Instead of providing in-depth analysis of the contexts of international conflicts, the news media tend to focus on the episodic and fragmentary accounts of the most dramatic moments largely leaving out the proceeding causes and antecedent consequences. 'What is worse' is the global media are also creating an illusion of knowledge.

(The writer is a Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi.)

Global news network, such as CNN and BBC have tried to act a little more responsibly by providing reports directly from the field, sometimes by reporters of diverse national origins, and in accents that convey more authentically. But dichotomize, demonize and dramatize still continue to be the prevailing mode of media behavior. Take the example of the Persian Gulf crisis. Saddam Hussein is clearly the Villain. Kuwait, the Kurds and the Shiites are the victims. The western powers are the knights in shining amour going to the rescue of the victims. The

gripping power of his morality tale has not only in its simplicity and drama but also in its portrayal of us as divine and them as demons. No wonder that 80 per cent of the American public, which gets 80 per cent of its news through television, supported president Bush's handling of the Gulf Crisis. Similar support was shown for President Clinton's September 1996 strikes against Iraq. The only problem with this morality tale is that it contradicts any fair-minded and dispassionate knowledge of history. None of the actors in this particular conflict have been beyond blemish. In storytelling, human bias is inevitable. We are all caught in the nexus of human hierarchies of power and differentiation. Our situation substantially determines our view point. The mass media are instruments of the dominant political and economic powers. It is no wonder that the current biases in reporting the news are often in the direction of justifying the vidence exercised by the strong to maintain law and order and against those challenging the status quo.

Pravasi Malayali - A Neglected Lot I

f reports are to be believed, the government of Kerala has undertaken a survey of the details of Keralites living outside the country. This survey is to be completed by June 12. While it remains a fact that the economy of Kerala is largely depended on the remittances from abroad made by the toiling Sons of the soil working in an alien soil, the contribution of Keralites outside Kerala within India is more significant. With the economy of Kerala in doldrums it sustains on the remittance made by Keralites living outside their state. Kerala considers them as milch cows with no corresponding facilities or advantages. For a competing Keralites outside the state life is a struggle on everyday basis and he endures this only because the conditions in his home state is not condusive. He is a victim of discrimination of every kind and to travel to his home state at least once in a year is a story of travails with the holidays already becoming a dream of the Keralites and to have a vacation in his home town not likely to be materialized, thanks to the apathy of railways and the greed of the airways. While the purpose of the survey and the exclusion of Keralites living outside the states but within India remains a mystery, it is necessary that a comprehensive survey including all Keralites outside the state is conducted and a solatium fund formulated with the government of Kerala sharing their contribution. Keralites are a Diaspora within or outside the country. While the government of Kerala has been squeezing the malayalis living abroad for good and obvious reasons, the malayalis

Adv. Sivasankaran working and settled across the countries in India are not accorded the treatment, respect and the identity they richly deserved. There are no plausible reasons for the government for not preparing a consolidated status data of malayalis even in this digital age and in any case a Keralite is used for the life of neglect and condemnation for a long time in his pursuit to etch out a living. Can we call a government a government when it does not care for its subjects anywhere and everywhere. The Government does not even care for the voting rights of the outstation Mallu. It should be an eye opener for our government that the country, Italy took so much of an initiative to secure the release of their two marines alleged to be involved in the killing of two fishermen off the Kerala coast and they even succeeded in getting a temporary reprieve. This is an example of a nation caring for its citizens irrespective of what they are and where they are. The geography of

Kerala suggests that mallus are destined to suffer and compromise on their dignity and self respect wherever they are. Outstation Keralites have been called mallus have been for long considered as the goose that layed golden eggs. The reorganization of states on the basis of language made Kerala a geographical entity and its population a Diaspora in which the milling and intellect population of Kerala could never get compressed. The population explosion and the demographic fall out were the natural consequence of a small state with a large population with opportunities dwindling and the reluctance on the part of educated Keralites to dirty his hands and bend his bones has resulted in the hunt for opportunities elsewhere. With the mushrooming of educational institutions everywhere the preeminent advantage enjoyed by the Keralites in education has simply vanished and today a Mallu is an unwanted intruder in every other state. With the state Government preoccupied with petty politics and one upmanship it has no time to address the issue of its sons of the soil toiling in the soil of others. The government has thoroughly failed in protecting the interests of the mallus outside and by taking up the issue with the central government. The son of the soil theory is against the constitution and also against the spirit of the integrity of India. The sooner the government acts the better for all. Survey or no survey.

DISCLAIMER The news published by various authors in this publication are their sole opinion and Editor is in no way accountable and responsible.


June 16-30, 2013


We often hear of acid attacks on women. It is one of the most heinous crimes that can be perpetrated on a human being. It inflicts excruciating pain on the victim. In most cases, the burns can be fatal. Those who survive would be disfigured for life, some even lose their eyesight. An incident which happened in Mumbai on the 2nd of May, 2013, was reported in the papers. "Ms. Preeti Rathi, 23, lies in the ICU of Masina Hospital here, struggling with burn injuries she suffered after an unidentified man threw acid on her on Thursday morning (2-5-13) at Bandra Terminus. She has already lost vision in her right eye and is facing difficulty in seeing with the other eye". The 23 year old had come to Mumbai from Delhi along with her father, uncle and aunt. "It was only a minute or two after we got down at Bandra Terminus and that man tapped her shoulder. As she turned back, he threw acid filled in a jar, on her. We all suffered burn injuries, but, Preeti was devastated", said Mr. Rathi, the victim's father who works as a foreman in a power company in New Delhi. Preeti was to join the naval hospital Ashwini in Colaba, Mumbai as Lieutenant (nurse). The Rathis came to Mumbai with Vinod Kumar Dahia, Preeti's maternal uncle and a former Subedar in the army who knew Mumbai well. Mr. Dahia, in his statement to the police said that he saw a man in the same compartment they were travelling in, at 5 am, but did not find anything suspicious at that time. Using the details he provided, the police prepared a sketch of the accused, but no one recognized him as he had covered his face

Public Notice I, Anil Pandurang Mahamunkar aged 49, Indian Inhabitant, residing at Amrutwell CHS Ltd, Flat No.7, First Floor, Thana Naka, Panvel, Dist. Raigad intend to purchase a plot bearing No. A-8, admeasuring 596 sq ft. at Adai, Kwality Developers, Panvel from Mrs. Radhamaniamma residing at B-9, Bhabha Bhavan, DAE employees CHS, Smarpada, Dombivli (E). If anybody has got any claim whatsoever nature in respect of the above said plot they may report the matter to the above purchaser Anil Pandurang Mahamunkar at the address mentioned above within 15 days from the date of publication of this notice. If no objection is received within the said period we will proceed with the registration of the above said plot. Sd/Anil Pandurang Mahamunkara

with a hand kerchief during the attack. "We have a suspicion that he boarded the other train which was leaving the platform", said an officer from the Bandra Railway Police. "The acid has burned the inside parts, which makes it difficult for her to speak and breathe. We hope that her condition would improve soon", said Dr.Shakeel Ansari, clinical administrator of Masina hospital. Only after the assailant is caught by the police, the relevant details of the crime would be known. However, all the hopes and aspirations of the young girl and her family have crashed giving rise to a pall of gloom. According to the new law that has come into force, a minimum of ten years rigorous imprisonment or a life term can be awarded to those who cause permanent or partial damage or disfigure a woman by throwing acid or any such substance on her. It is also provided in the Act that police officials or public servants who refuse to register a complaint from a victim of acid attack or sexual violence will face rigorous imprisonment from six months to two years or a fine, or both. Our parliament's concern for women's safety is evident from the enactment of the new legislation. The government's sympathy for the victims of the barbaric crime is equally visible in the rules framed to help them. The Gujarat government has directed all public and private hospitals in the state to provide free treatment to women who have suffered acid attacks and sexual violence. It has also cautioned that doctors who refuse to provide such treatment would face imprisonment up to a year. The attack on the young nurse who came to Mumbai to join a hospital also points to the easy availability of acids in the country. This is certainly one factor that prompts sadistic criminals to choose this mode of attack. The state governments can easily curb the sale of this corrosive liquid. In a country where one has to write down one's name, address, tele-

phone number and the details of the identity card for using a computer in a cyber cafe, where is the difficulty in controlling the sale of acids? A day earlier to the Preeti Rathi incident, also at Bandra railway station, a woman and her niece were similarly attacked by a man, who then ran away. It is reported that more than a hundred such barbaric acts take place in India in a year. In many cases, the attackers are known to the victims and the police may be able to nab them quickly. However, in other cases where the culprits are total strangers and there are no clues, things are difficult for the investigators. . A couple of years ago, there happened a case of acid attack in Mumbai, where the wrong person became the unfortunate victim. A young man wanted to take revenge on his girl friend who spurned his proposal. Instead of executing the job himself, as a safe bet, he entrusted his friend with it. The friend splashed the acid on another girl who was waiting at the bus stop, where the real victim was supposed to remain present at that time. In the case of the young nurse, as she never lived in Mumbai, the attacker couldn't have been from this city. Chances are that he was a known man and he followed her right from Delhi and attacked her as soon as she alighted from the train at Bandra. Mingling with the crowds, he disappeared without a trace. The real facts however, would come to light only after the probe is over. The government's primary aim should be to prevent such crimes. There is no doubt that restrictions on the sale of acids will drastically reduce the number of such attacks. Bangladesh had a worse record than India in acid attacks on women. But, with the legislation of the Acid Control Act and the Acid Crime Prevention Act, the number of such crimes has been considerably reduced there.

Rs. 739 lakh sanctioned for Nerul-Uran rail project CBD BELAPUR: The" board of directors of the City and Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (CIDCO) has sanctioned Rs739.46 lakhs for the much awaited NeruI Belapur-Seawoods - Uran railway project in a meeting held at Mumbai recently. The board of directors also approved financial assistance of Rs5 lakh for NGOs working for Navi Mumbai project affected persons (PAPs) and Rs. 667 crores to build infrastructure and civic amenities in Ahmednagar under the Waluj Mahanagar project. The meeting was attended by deputy chairman and managing director of Cidco Sanjay Bhatia, Chief Secretary of Urban development department Manu Kumar Srivastav anq MMRDA Commissioner UP Madan. The board also approved a 50% hike in the annual stipend for children of PAPs pursuing

vocational courses from the academic year 2013-14, as well as a 10% increase in their annual stipend once every two years.

Bite that can kill: Bedbugs found to carry superbugs




NAVI MUMBAI - NEWS Navi Mumbai airport delay to hit investors hard The proposed international airport at Navi Mumbai is indefinitely delayed, leaving investors, politicians, builders and land traders in the lurch. Ever since the airport was announced a few years ago, speculators put a heavy premium on land surrounding the site of the new airport. Land prices shot up manifold as investors believed they would reap a bonanza once the airport came up. But early this month, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan confessed

that the government was in no position to fix a timeline to start construction work. Cidco, the nodal agency for the project, is yet to acquire 475 hectares of private land for the airport, which is to be spread over 2,072 hectares. Of the 475 hectares, about 291 are required for aeronautical purposes. The CM told the state assembly that work on the airport cannot start without completion of land acquisition. His announcement came as a big setback to builders as suddenly there was a shake-up in the Navi Mumbai property market.

Autos may go off Mumbai roads from June 18 Auto drivers in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai have threatened to go off roads indefinitely from June 18 to push for a hike in fares, among other demands. On June 12, Auto union leader Sharad Rao on Tuesday threatened that there will be an indefinite stir across Maharashtra if his demands for a fare revision among other issues were not accepted by the state government. over 15,000 auto drivers, along with BEST and BMC staffers and hawkers, will take out a morcha from Byculla zoo to Azad Maidan to highlight their demands. Auto and BEST services may be affected partially on that day, sources said. "There is a proposal to introduce Quadricycles (small cars in lieu of autos) and six-seater taxis in the state. We are opposed to this," auto union leader Sharad Rao said on Tuesday. The union has also opposed the 16-year age limit for autos. "Autos run on green fuel and can be in good condition even after 16 years," he said. Rao's demands include a fare hike of at least Re 1, "public servant" status for 5.5 lakh auto drivers across the state and social security schemes such as pension for them. Consumer activist Sunil Mone said there was no reason for another hike. "There is no improvement in the quality of service. So why should we pay more fares to drivers,'' he added.

(NAMO cannot expect India to land .... continued from page 1) real Prime Ministerial material left at all. The 2G scam, the Coalgate and other exposures by CAG have succeeded in cornering the government and the beaurocracy and our PM will have to explain a lot on collective responsibility and his accountability as a Prime Minister if democracy is to be salvaged in our country. When it comes to corruption, favouritism and nepotism, no party can come clean in our country. The next general elections or the Mahasangram 2014 in our country is likely to be a decisive one and the Indian public is not going to take things lying down. Therefore it is the call of the time and imperative that a person of impeccable character, ability and proven track record is projected as the next Prime Ministerial candidate. When politicians and elected representatives cutting across party lines have become suspicious in the eyes of the public and the government becomes an object of ridicule, it is high time that a person of integrity and courage be entrusted with the affairs of the nation. This is the call of the time and we must respect the writings on the wall, though perception might differ. It is also worth remembering that but for the Maratha king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, our country would not have remained secular this day and Shri. Pawar is a Maratha, secular and patriotic to the core. No doubt his distracters have blamed him for the sugar export policy, price rise of agricultural commodities, rotting of food grains, onion price rise and even the Lavasa but these are not to be used as a yard stick to measure the stature of a person so tall as Shri. Pawar. A true son of the soil, he was so forthcoming on the foreign origin issue of Madam Sonia Gandhiji but he relented statesmanly and agreed to join the cabinet in the larger interest of the nation. False prestige was never one of his virtues. There is no better person who as an astute politician is more aware of the problems of Maharashtra in general and Mumbai in particular and it is said that Mumbai is a miniature India. While NAMO cannot expect an United India to land in his lap, RAGA cannot think of ruling a corrupt country in its present form. Therefore it is necessary for the congress party to see the writing on the wall and publish its primeministerial candidates well in advance so that the nation is aware of its options. It is in this context the stature, suitability and the possibility of Mr. Sharad Pawar as a probable candidate is to be viewed. The ruling Congress party with a long legacy must therefore rise to the occasion and announce the name of Mr. Sharad Pawar for the top post. But the North Indian Politicians in the congress party will rise to the occasion?


June 16-30, 2013

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June 16-30, 2013

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June 16-30, 2013

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Mrs. Sosamma Varghese Started her career as a Pathology technician, having a diploma from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Worked in a research centre meant for mental retardation for 20 yrs and specialized in EEG, EMG, etc., Subsequently she became a social worker from TISS and took post graduation in Human rights and presently appeared for 3rd yr LLB. She has been contributing various articles mainly on Human rights. She is also good Councilor in Navi Mumbai.

Mr. A.V. Sivasankaran Is a practicing advocate with Bombay High Court (OS) for the past 14 yrs. A qualified safety engineer and an M.B.A. in Environmental Studies, he is also a trained and certified emergency disaster management expert. He started his career with B.H.E.L. in

(Your are not middle class anymore .... continued from page 1) it has been seen that since Independence, this elite class using their clout and power has grabbed a major chunk of the subsidies by pretending to be the middle class. All this, at the cost of the real middle class of the country who are completely left out of the equation. Yes there are quotas and reservations but do they go to the poor and the real middle class? The answer is a big No‌ Most of all these quotas are being usurped by the top 10% or the creamy layer among the backward classes, castes and tribes who too pretend to be among the middle class, the poor and the exploited. How this is possible is a question that may be asked by many a reader. It is pertinent to understand that these elites use their political and economic might and control of the media to effectively brainwash the rest of the population that the subsidies go only to the poor and the middle class. But this is far from the truth. The various subsidies and doles that are given out in this country to the top 10% at the expense of the real poor and middle class is absolutely shocking. The diesel subsidy which is costing India almost Rs.1,00,000 crores is the prime example of how

the rich influence budgetary policy and grab a big share of the budgetary allocations of the country. Around 20% of diesel subsidies go to rich farmers who own tractors and farm equipment. The poor farmer does not use any of these machinery or use diesel. The rest of the diesel subsidy is used up by big industries and the top 10% who use it to power backup power generators to power their houses, hotels, and other luxuries and as fuel to run their cars. Today the diesel cars have captured almost half of the market up from less than 10% a decade ago and the fact is that these cars are all owned by the top 10% who can afford the more expensive diesel engine cars. The real middle class; if they can even afford cars, buy only old and used petrol cars. And guess what, petrol prices have shot through the roof in the last decade and that has mostly affected the real middle class. The rich are on a diesel powered SUV buying spree. This diesel subsidy is in itself has deteriorated India's fiscal condition to a great degree. There are even more subsidies that go to the rich under the guise of upliftment. Education is the other big subsidy due to which many in the creamy layer get

the year 1964 and joined NOCIL in the year 1971. He was trained in chemical marketing and operations safety at U.K. and Holland with Shell International Chemical Company (SICC). Retired from NOCIL in the year 1997 from the position of senior marketing safety manager, he has a unique record of having conducted H.S.E. Audits of more than 300 Hazardous installations and a number of chemical warehouses. During his tenure with NOCIL, he has also handled and investigated a number of major hazards accidents involving gaseous and liquid chemicals. A staunch human rights activist and an Environmentalist he continues to practice as an Advocate with the Bombay High Court. Out spoken and politically conscious, he has been contributing various articles on SocioEconomic, affairs, matters pertaining to upliftment of the nation, changes necessary in judiciary and legislature etc., to Sunny News regularly.

Shri. V. N. Gopalakrishnan Has been working as a SubEditor with various publishing companies since 1972 to 2009. On the record he has been editing various publications on textile, banking and finance, agriculture, etc. He has been contributing various articles which was carried by Bhavan's Journal, the organizer, Kerala in Mumbai, Canadian Hindu link, etc. He is a staunch supporter of Chinmeya Mission, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Shree

educated and become Engineers and Doctors and once they become doctors and engineers, their main dream is to flee the country that spent tax payer money to educate them. When half the population does not have even basic primary school education, it is surprising why most colleges in the country are subsidized and the fees in these colleges are less than 10% of the fees in any other country. Is there any law to force those getting subsidized education to work in the country? No and there never will be! Indian politicians are even encouraging the engineers who got subsidized education to go and work for companies in Western nations. In fact they are even shamelessly begging countries in the West to open up their labor market to these Indians who have got subsidized education at tax payer expense. Nobody complains. Either the tax payer is unaware that his money is being used to educate these unpatriotic students who run away or these tax payers are waiting for a chance to allow their own children to escape from India. In the food sector, it can be safely said that half of India's population including children are malnourished, a figure that is worse than all the neighbors around India. Even the food

Ramdas Mission etc. He has been contributing immensely in SN for the last 3 yrs.

N. Rajasekharan Nair N. Rajasekharan Nair was born in 1934 in Edapally, the birth place of two great poets, Changampuzha Krishna Pillai and Raghavan Pillai. He had his education at Govt. English High School, Edapally, St. Albert's College, Ernakulam and Sacred Heart College, Thevara from where he graduated in commerce. He started writing articles when he was in school. While in college, he was a regular contributor to 'Kerala Patrika', a weekly magazine publi-shed from Ernakulam. Nair came under the spell of Abraham Mada-makkal who was the editor. It was he who nurtured his love for literature and journalism. Rajasekharan Nair's writings came to the notice of the well known literary historian R. Narayana Panicker who referred to him as"one who writes in a lighter vein" in his magnum opus "The History of Malayalam Language". After he took up employment in Bombay, he could not continue his writing as before. However, he wrote occasional 'middles' in newspapers, particularly, "The Free Press Bulletin' and "The Free Press Journal"/ He also wrote for "Saevadeshi', "Anupama", 'Malayalabhumi' and 'Whiteline Journal' which were edited by K. Sasidharan Nair who is presently the chairman of 'Malayalam Founda-

security bill which aims to prevent malnourishment is being opposed by the 10% saying it is a wasteful expenditure aimed at elections. However they do not bat an eyelid when they look at the much larger subsidies in education and diesel that benefit the rich. The waiving of customs duties on the import of gold, silver and jewelry in the budget is one such dole that is just ridiculous. As if importing gold would help quench the hunger of the masses. Any proposal to subsidize the food of the hungry 90% is opposed tooth and nail by the 10% claiming it to be a waste that would cause fiscal imbalances in the country. It has to be noted that the disparities in the wealth between the rich and poor and subsidies for the rich that has created fiscal imbalances in the country. Another issue that needs to be noted is that the richer the rich and the poorer the poor get, the more a country is at risk of civil war and strife. The recent resurgence of the Maoist insurgency is a prime example of what wealth disparities and hunger would do to the country. It is very important that the Government see this as a potentially troublesome issue in the near future where there could be strife even for water in the country. Unless the subsidies to the rich who masquerade as the

tion'. After retiring ftom regular service with 'Hindustan Ferodo' at Ghatkopar, Rajasekharan Nair has been active in his literary pursuits. He has been writing a column in 'Sunny News' from its very inception. He also writes regularly for 'The Verdict', a weekly publication from Mumbai. Rajasekharan Nair's family consists of wife Radha, who has retired as a teacher and two daughters, Shobha, a psychiatrist with the BARC in Mumbai and Sudha, a professor in the NSS College, Chertala, Kerala. Mob. No. 9819793875

Suresh Kutty He has been working with Sunny News as its Space Executive since 5 years. He is audacious personality and is capable of achieving good marketing targets.

middle class are removed this country is looking towards a very gloomy future. Agreed, the 10% can get subsidized education and work for multinationals and improve the economy of the country but is that the real economy of the country? The real economy of any country is in the countryside where ordinary people strive to make a living. If these people are ignored and all the benefits of governance are created in favor of the 10% who control all the wealth and power of the country, then a lot of untoward issues get created in the process. India has to feed 20% of the world's population with just 2% of the world's land area. No economist worth his salt would think that subsidies to the 10% of the country will help fuel the growth and feed the rest 90%. In fact subsidies that really help the 90% is the only way for any country to progress. For that, the Government needs to first correctly revise its estimates of what constitutes the middle class and what constitutes the rich. Unfortunately that does not seem possible as all of India's economists and decision makers are in the top 10% and have only their selfish interests in mind.


June 16-30, 2013

An open letter to Oommen Chandy, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala S

ir, I had a dream – a dream gone sour – like many who had to desert the state of his birth to etch out a living. Some found their dream blooming in the desert. But most found that even survival was a struggle but the hope and thought of a future and an expectant family at home kept them work hard, harder and hardest. For some it was a beg, borrow or steal situation. These people defied logic and reasoning to taste success and at times bitter failures. Kerala is a blessed land with a 350 kilometer long coastline, a vigorous monsoon of over four months with a wet spell spanning well over six months. The Western Ghats (eastern for the Keralites) is a garden of angels with its flora and fauna, hills and valleys. A mere three days of rain water conserved could meet the requirement of water of an individual for an entire year. Alas! The rest of the water finds its way to the Arabian Sea. Today the land of Chenda, Maddalam, Caparisoned elephants and Trissur Pooram has become parched and thirsty which cannot be quenched with gulf money alone. This is a state ones boasted of its educational excellence and today it is a state where literacy is confused with education and the majority of the so called educated becoming victims of a dangerous phenomena called half education. A linguistic state with a geo-graphical area of 38863 sq. kilo meters with a population of 31838619 has succeeded in creat-ing a Diaspora with all its conse-quences. Ikya Keralam, like swaraj was a dream but the reality has its dark side. Political leader-ship has been trying to push this stark reality under carpet for long, making migration a blessing in disguise. Petty politics based on caste, creed and religion in the state has reduced Kerala into a place resembling a mad house. The state is in the grip of food shortage to the

bites for the big cash on which lottery also proves the point. We extend of 50%. The state produces survives the Kerala politics. For a need to reengineer Kerala to make 92% of India's rubber, 70% of movement if the gulf money inflow it emerge and to free the state from Tapioca, 100% of Lemon grass oil stops and the son of the soil theory the shackles of dependency. Surely apart from ginger, spices, coconut takes deep route in other parts of Maveli is not going to do this and and a host of finished products the country the Kerala state and its you are mandated to. Please act at such as coir and pulp products. It politicians shall stand exposed but least for the sake of posterity if not is an expression of naked it shall be too late by then. prosperity. selfishness and political Therefore it is time to put our acts In the end I am tempted to ask conspiracy to allow and together. The communists have the following questions with encourage unfettered migration ruled, the congress has governed thanks in anticipation:from ones own land in anticipation and now the coalition is dictating 1) Why should every Keralite of remittance whether in rupees, Adv. Sivasankaran divisive policies on the hapless aspire to migrate and why they are dollars, dinars or dirham. Back people of Kerala who are content indoctrined in the virtues of home what is in store when one returns? Indifference, social the state of Kerala could not take with a simple life but with migration and foreign exchange intolerance and ofcource power advantage of such demands for c o n t e m p t f o r t h e k i n d o f earning? 2) Why should Kerala with its cuts. Like a girl child in India who products made from toddy, neera, governance. Sir, the social fabric of the state vigorous monsoon face water is groomed to live in the sasurals tender coconut water and coconut home, a mallu is conditioned to milk etc. is surprising. Is it that we is in a state of dire strait. Having scarcity and Shortage? 3) Why should the economy of believe that his destiny is lack the political will or is it that destroyed the traditional joint intrinsically linked with the soil the foreign remittance has made us family system which was a security the Kerala suffer when it is blessed outside. It is well said that the lethargic or is it that we have cover come insurance system built with a 350 kilometer long coast opposite of Love is not hate, it is surrendered to the high calorie in today's stands demolished and line known for its marine wealth, indifference. carbonated soft drinks market? the nuclear family is in the horns of fish, Flora and Fauna? 4) Why is the educational Sir, today you are presiding Our toddy, neera and coconut a dilemma with none to take care of the old and the infirm. Social standard deteriorating while the over the destiny of about 3.5 crore water are much superior to the Keralites. The land you are ruling, Cola, the Coca Cola and the Pepsi justice demands immediate standard of living is progressing? establishment of a thousand old 5) Why should the ecology, the Gods own country, if mytho- cola ruling the market. logy is to be believed was reOur political leadership is not age homes and shelters to tend for environment and forest suffer at claimed from the sea by the sage covering itself in glory by reducing the old and the sick. The only the hands of the rich, powerful and Parashurama by his sheer will the rich state, rich in human legacy left, the Kerala kitchen is well to do at the cost of the tribals power. While the historians be- resources as well as natural also yielding to pressure from and the forest dwellers? 6) Why the policy of lieve that the coconut was native resources to a state of beggary. hotels, restaurants and pre cooked and ancient as Kerala itself, the Today Kerala produces only 50% and packed foods. The hotel appeasement be continued when tapioca, cashewnut, rubber etc. of his food requirements making culture and the sedentary eating we are a secular democracy in are latter editions. The topography the state heavily dependent on the habits has replace the virtues of which everyone is proclaimed of Kerala justifies the historical mercy of the other Indian states. fresh cooked food. This is bound to equal in the eyes of law? 7) Having achieved and perception that the land was once While India has come a long way have its implications on the health front with the life style diseases glorified the virtues of united abundant with resources green from the PL 480 days Kerala is yet and natural. Water scarcity was to recover from the dependency already on the rise. This is what Kerala, the Ikya Keralam and unknown to Kerala and the syndrome. Is it not an irony that a happens when political thinkers having made large number of its Keralite was known for his clean monsoon fed rich coastal state has and social reformers are made to population a Diaspora are we getting the proportional share of habits and his twice a day bath. to import food grains, vegetables toe the official lines. Sir, the way to wealth and the national income and a fare The once velvet covered mountain and even poultry from Tamil Nadu slopes of the Sahyadri today and Karnataka which continues to prosperity is through hard work share of cake from the NRI alone and when the corrupt remittance? resembles a nudist colony. be water starved? 8) What is the definition of Today a tender coconut sells at Do we realize that our man politics and bad governance discourage this, the favoritism, “Pravasi” according to you? Are Rs. 30/- in Mumbai and more at the power export forms a major chunk road side stalls in north India. of the cattle class work force in nepotism and laziness set in. The the Keralites settled in various Here lies an opportunity. In the Mumbai and the sheep and goat long queue seen in front of every states of India are included in this state of Goa not a single cashew class in the Gulf. It appears that IMFL shop of KSBC speaks definition? Till these questions are fruit is allowed to go waste. They back home we are caught in a volumes about this. This is what meticu-lously collect the fruits mirage. Politics is the art of the the Kerala today. An enterprising answered the Mallus shall remain during the cashew season, ferment impossible but in Kerala it has state is reduced to a state of disgruntled, dissatisfied and and distill it into a fine alcoholic become an art perfected with despondency, indiffer-ence and discontent irrespective of where he drink known as cashew fenny, the precision to drive away its own l a z i n e s s . O u r l a rg e s c a l e is. His undivided loyalty shall market for which is soaring. Why sons of the soil and use them as indulgence in state sponsored continue to patronize Kerala. With best compliments to Sunny News for the 8th Anniversar y Rajesh Thakur

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June 16-30, 2013

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June 16-30, 2013

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An ISO Certified Institution

The ONLY CBSE Affiliated School & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution in Dombivli !!

HOLY ANGELS’ SCHOOL & JUNIOR COLLEGE An Unaided Minority Institution

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A CENT PERCENT DISTINCTION HOLY ANGELS' SCHOOL The only CBSE affiliated School in Dombivli has secured 100% result at the X std Exam held in March 2013. Out of the 97 students appeared for the examination 19 students scored above 90% marks and 20 students scored above 80%. Ms. Suparna Neglur had the distinction as the topper securing 94.4% marks. Mr. Bijoy Oommen is the guiding sprit and principal of this institution under the inspiration of his father Mr. Oommen David, who is the founder and director. DOL Y ANGLELS' JUNIOR COLLEGE Established in 1990 and one of the fast developing schools in Dombivli, Holy Angels School & Jr.College has carved a niche for itself in the world of education. Our commitment to the cause of education and the future of our students has borne fruits no doubt. Our students excel in academic performance as well as in various extracurricular activities. Keeping up its tradition, Holy Angels' Jr. College has once again secured 100% Results in the Std.XII H.S.C. Exam of2013. ~ This year, 97 students appeared for the H.S.C. Examination and all the students have passed thereby securing the college a pass percentage of 100% in both Science and Commerce. Mast. Bhavesh Thakur topped the Science Faculty with 86.5% and Ms.Anu Chandrababu topped the Commerce Faculty with 85.8% This landmark achievement is the outcome of dedication and sincerity of our teachers, the cooperation of the parents, the hard work of our students and the exemplary leadership of our Director Shri.Oommen David.

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8th anniversary issue new  

8th anniversary issue new