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6 Things to be considered before buying Gold jewellery Gold is one of the most precious metals which has cultural, emotional and financial value. Women and men prefer gold ornaments to adorn themselves. It is also sign of purity and prosperity. If you are looking for an investment, gold is the best opportunity which offers’s liquidity. Follow below steps for safe jewellery purchase. BIS Hall marking: Indian government has identified Bureau of Indian Standards as sole agency which is being operated on the basis of trust and desirable aspect of quality control. Every jewellery should have BIS hallmark on it which ensures quality and the value of jewellery is determined by this certification. Ensure that the gold jewellery you purchase should be hallmarked to avoid being cheated when you go for assessment. Hall Marking symbols specify

BIS Hallmark Purity of Gold

Assaying centre code

Year of hallmarking

Jewellery identification mark

Purity: Gold jewellery has specific marking in its inner surface which indicates the purity of the ornament. As pure gold is subtle it can’t be used as jewellery some alloys are mixed with pure gold to increase its strength and durability. Many alloys like silver, zinc, copper, nickel and rhodium etc used as alloy’s in making gold ornaments. Gold is available in 14 k, 18k, 22k, and 24k 24k which has 100% of gold 22k which has 91.6% of gold and the remaing two parts are alloy’s 18 k which has 75% of gold and the remaining six parts are alloy’s 14k which has 58.3% of gold and the remaining ten parts are alloy’s Price: Prevailing gold price is updated in the many websites such as money control, Economic times, Business line etc .One can observe the price dynamics for a week and choose a day when gold price dips to make your rationale of purchase you can either accumulate physical gold coins that can be used at a later date/long term investment or in the form of jewellery.  Buyback: Buyback is the option that defines how much value can a Jeweller offer when you return or exchange ornament on the prevailing rate including deduction’s in wastage and making charges it is a condition where Old gold is exchanged for new gold ornament. Selling plain gold jewellery is always beneficial as it is pure and no stone deductions will be present.  Weight: Price of gold jewellery is calculated by multiplying prevailing price with weight of the ornament. Ideally purchasing plain gold jewellery is more viable option then stone based items as the weight of Semi precious and precious stones is deducted from the gross weight, thereby lowering the overall realized weight. The same way not be the case of diamonds value appreciates over a period of time unlike precious and semi precious stones.  Purchasing time: Purchasing jewellery from small jewellery store’s is a risk factor because they might pass jewellery which is mixed up with impure gold.

Reputed jewellery store maintains good standard’s according to the specified instructions given by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) , as reputed jeweller’s can guarantee such purchase’s. Click the below link for Certified jewellery at VaibhavJewellers

6things to be considered before buying gold jewellery  
6things to be considered before buying gold jewellery  

The article tell's about the six aspects like Hall marking , price , weight , purchasing time, Buyback and purity to considered before buyin...