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Hi! I am

Vaibhav Doi

I’m 23 years young Industrial Designer from National Institute of Design, Amaravati. I love everything that has to do with Research,design thinking, ideation, prototyping. I believe that all elements of a design should be harmonious and clear. A designer should be able to provide an effective, efficient and satisfying experience to the user. In the wide spectrum of Industrial design, I am interested in furniture and space design.

1 Ananya


Design and develop new furniture models for Pepperfry in-house brands to expand the brand portfolio.

6 Months

Sponsor Profile

Country Coverage Trendsutra services are the legal entity known as PepperFry, the biggest furniture startup in India, was founded by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah—both former eBay India employees. It originally started off as a web-based lifestyle company and pivoted successfully to selling furniture and expanded to home utility products. The registered office of the company is at 801-802, 8th Floor, Tower B, 247 Business Park, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (West), Mumbai, Mumbai City, Maharashtra. Pepperfry had a vision for celebrating furniture as a commodity in India on festive occasion and want to connect people to the furniture where they could experience and feel the furniture and planned to raise the the number of experience studios to almost 50.

Head Office Warehouse Studios

About brands

Existing Furnitures

Mudramark Mudramark is carefully crafted furniture which is influenced by ethnic Indian art, architecture and culture. The Mudramark range of products are inspired from organic and ornate Indian forms; intricate paintings and distinctive motifs.

Keywords Indian influence, Distinct curves, Ornate

Finishes Honey Oak Rustic Teak

Amberville Amberville is synonymous to a stately and gracious living. Taking inspiration from the classic colonial style of furniture prevalent during the 1800’s,the Amberville Colonial product line reflects a design sensibility determined by the very genteel and cultivated European Queen Anne and Georgian style epitomizing the deep dark woods and warm spice colour polishes.

Keywords Colonial influence, distinct leg styling, Profile curves

Provincial Teak


Colonial Timeline




Final Designs


2 Ele Brief

Design furniture that helps arthritis, handicap and temporarily disabled person to get up on their own when no one is around without much technical support.

6 weeks

User Study

Pain Points • • • • • • • • • • •

Less space for moving Heavy to move Not portable Different furniture for different purpose Missing backrest No free space for children Discarding old furniture Wastage of material (wood) Adjustment problem Damage while shifting Same colour curtain, centre table


Problem Mapping

Osteo Arthritis


Situational disability

Temporary disability



Difficult in getting up

Muscle stiffness after long sitting. Pain in joints.

Difficult in getting up because of no arm

Pain in joints

Difficult in getting up

Pressure on fractured part. Pain in joint.

Ideation Assistance



Use of armrest

Second person help because armrest is not enough

Make them Inclusive

Use of armrest

Second person help because user doesn’t have arm

Use of armrest

Second person helps because user can’t take the pain in the leg

Opportunities Daily exercising Difficulty in getting up Want to be independent in movement Money constraint to buy expensive recliners

Make them Inclusive

Make them Inclusive

Developement & Testing

Final Concept

EL E It helps elevate the person on his/her own with special designed joinery that lifts and tilts the person.

Joinery for Ele

At base






Design a multipurpose ready to assemble furniture for small spaces like college canteen or cafeteria for youngster to optimise the use of the space.

2 weeks



Classroom & Cafeteria

Furniture occupies a lot of space that makes it challenging for students to work and move around. When not required, it just cluttered the space.


To make ready to assemble furniture for students to optimise the use of the space.



Key words • Modular • Contemporary • RTA


Functionality Hexagonal top for better stacking Use top as serving board or laptop base Combine Xtool to play board games


Xtool The Xtool is a neat substitute for seating arrangements at social gatherings. What else? • No joineries • • • •

Easy assembly Precise fix Combine to make bigger platform Flat Pack


Make your own Go to - www.instructables.com/id/Xtool/

4 Pleat Plate Brief

Design and make disposing waste a fun activity for all the user who consumes food in disposable plate in places like canteen, street food, public places, events.

6 weeks


Context Study

Use of paper plate Category 1:







Category 2:

Street hawkers

Disposable Convenient

light weight


Eateries Places

Category 2 consumes the most manufactured paper plates ast the demand is regular and huge.

Pain Points • • • • • • • • • •

Waste management has been an ongoing issue Unhygienic public places Wrappers/Plastic polluting environment Use of newspaper at street food Bad odor at public places of leftover food Insects and fly breeding. Consumed by animals like cow etc. Collection of small plastic waste is difficult No use of the dustbins Difficulty while handling soupy food in disposable plate • Spilling og the chutney all over the food • Holding issue while carrying hot and soupy food • No surety of holding the plate




Pleate Plate Pleat Plate is plate cum dustbin or self-packaging disposable plate. Its a conversation starter to promote hygiene in interactive spaces (canteen, Public spaces, food vendors) in India to have roadside snacks in a more interactive way. The plate gives a new experience of eating and carrying food. One plate can do multiple roles like dustbin for waste food, packaging for leftover food, easily foldable in the conical form to eat semi-liquid food items like soupy noodles and bhel. It helps you to carry your own waste in a more advanced and interactive way.


Easy to hold

Packaging Box

Made using 95 percentile data for precise fit.

Carry your left over in the plate itself.

Good design

Multiple use

Remain close once crushed.

Crease line allow you to use the plate the way you want.

Pleate Plate Your personal packaging plate


5 Knife Beak Brief

Design a portable and multifunctional knife sharpening tool for the modern kitchen to prevent knife blade to become blunt when kept with other utensils and protect it from hurting kids.

6 weeks


Key words Modern


User friendly




Knife Beak A protective travelling gear for your professional knife that protects the blade when kept with other utensils and also sharpens it every time you use it.


Keeps the blade sharp


Thump grip

Sleek and compact design for storage optimisation

Easy to carry Compact and sleek New experience of sharpening Safe and protective

Sand stone

6 BB4 Brief

Design lightweight fire extinguisher for the modern kitchen spaces for scenario 2030 to prevent or stop the fire accidents without any human aid.

2 weeks

Problem Scenario


Kitchen fire

Key words Futuristic




BB4 It’s a smart fire extinguisher, that senses heat and compresses itself releasing polyurethane liquid form that expands 30-60 % volume sprayed without any human efforts. Place it near the gas stove or microwave, it easily blends with your kitchen.

User Scenario


Battery indicator

Movable nozzle

Heat receptor

Rubber base grip

7 IRCTC Brief

Redesign and improve the services of Indian railway system to build the trust of the passenger and to make IRCTC food services more appetizing for the passengers.

2 weeks

Area of Study The area chosen was Guntur railway station, to study its system and apply the principles of system thinking and map down opportunities accordingly.

Guntur railway station (station code: GNT) is A tier station with revenue more than 8 crores and less than 60 crores. It is the 295th busiest railway station in India.

Mapping DSC07081.JPG

07/12/18, 4*51 PM


Actor Mapping

The subsystem our group had to work was IRCTC’s Food and water.


07/12/18, 4*07 PM


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Finding loops Finding balancing and reinforcing loop within the sub system for better understanding of the relation.

An actor map is a visual depiction of the key organizations and/or individuals that make up a system, including those directly affected by the system as well as those whose actions influence the system. Connecting different nodes to find the relation between them.

Opportunity Mapping Finding the Leverage point and listing down all the opportunities.


Janthela Janthela is a revamped food serving cart with hot and cold storage to serve food to the passengers in trains in a short span of time as the vendor can reach the train doors and deliver the food items. Also, this cart can deliver food to passengers at odd times at night.

Janaahar Janahaar(IRCTC restaurants) will be set up in and around the country to help IRCTC’s catering service build their Brand Image in the eyes of passengers by providing better food services without railways’ constraints. These restaurants will also let IRCTC experiment with their food menu and know passenger’s likes and dislikes.

Revamping IRCTC’s feedback system Improving IRCTC’s feedback system by sending an SMS to user rate the service and improvising the current system through feedback collected.

Performance based bonus This will motivate employees to work more responsible as they will be rated on their performance by the user.

8 Alex


Design digital tool for energy optimisation for home appliances to save electricity.

4 weeks

Activity Mapping






Need Prioritization

Would be task flow

Must be • Control on appliances. • Regular feedback about electricity consumption. • Current electric consumption. • Active appliances. • Bill payment.

Good to be • Awareness regarding resources. • Latest innovation. • Track on friends and family. • Share news with friends.


Machine need to do

Need to know

Need to do


What appliances are switched on.

Command to turn them off or on.

App will send informatio to device to perform action.


What is happening around the world.

Need to open the app to perform the task.

Showing useful information to save/ create energy.


Appliances left switched on by mistake.

Take action on app.

Sending information to the device performed by user on the app.

Appliances setting

Where to go in app for setting time for devices.

User need to enter particular date and time for appliances to turn on and off.

App will saves entered data by the user and perform action accord to it.


Heirarchy distribution



Alex Alex converts your android/ios devices into a smart remote. It senses human motion and sends you details about the appliances when there is no one around. It allows you to uniquely program your appliances as a home and then offers scheduling features specific to your home. It comes with a device and user need to download Alex application from play store or app store. Once installed, your home gets a brain. With Alex, you can control all your appliances connected to the device from anywhere you are.

Icons water purifier

Active device




Bil payment




Monthly consumption







know related news content.

Share useful news to your love ones and family member

Keep track of friends and family



Alex Your home gets a brain

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