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BP approach IV Antiltypertensive agents recommended to use in acute alteplase eligibility setting


10-20 mg IV bolus over 1-2 min; may repeat every 10 min; Increase the dose if needed to 20, 30, 40 mg (max total dose of 300 mg), followed by a maintenance infusion (0.5—8 mg/min)


l0—20 mg IV q 4-6 h


Begin with 5 mg/h IV infusion; Titrate by 2.5 mg/h at 5-15 min intervals to a maximum total dose of 15 mg/h to achieve goal BP.


Begin with I-2 mg/h IV infusion; Double medication dose every 90 s until BP goal is neared; Maximum dose is 32 mg/h

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BP management  

BP management  

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