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VAHAN’s designs are unique, yet timeless. The gold crown petals and uniquely textured bracelets known as moiré beaded are the signature of their pieces. Their collection of stackable bracelets complements the natural beauty and style of today’s woman. The bracelets are an intricate combination of brilliant 14k gold with sterling silver, accented with diamonds and semi-precious stones and pearls. This is what sets them apart from other brands. The stackable bracelets consist of a wide range of unique textures and finishes. The inside surface is flat, guaranteeing superior comfort. VAHAN’s trademarked twotone moiré beaded bracelets are unlike any other and are frequently seen on red carpets all over. They have been on the wrists of such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and Sofia Vergara. Each bracelet is meticulously designed to coordinate well with other pieces in the collection. Women typically wear several bracelets at a time, mixing and matching them to create the perfect stack for each occasion. The bracelets feature open tipped and closed styles with an invisible clasp. All VAHAN bracelets are made bespoke and are sized uniquely to each customer’s wrist. Sacha Der Calousdian, a second generation French jewelry designer, schooled at the Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie in Paris, arrived in New York and designed for such distinguished brands as Cartier and David Webb. He formed Alwand Vahan Jewelry Ltd in 1968 with a vision of creating unique collections of fashionable yet comfortable earrings, and was one of the first designers represented at Bergdorf Goodman. It was not till the 1990s that Sacha launched his signature bracelets that have evolved in to today’s stackable bangles. The company has retained the same unique vision for over 40 years and now includes a fourth generation designer, Sacha’s eldest son, Greg Der Calousdian, who has added a new dimension to the company’s collections and strategy. In addition to their extensive line of bracelets, VAHAN offers stunning earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants

LE CERCLE COLLECTION 14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From top Necklace: 80378D, $2,125 Bracelets: 22714D06, $2,000 22757D04, $1,875 22714D04, $1,625

From top Ring: 12616DTU, $3,340 Bracelets: 21793D, $4,225 22055D, $4,725 21947DTU, $6,225 21969D, $5,200 21626D, $2,075

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From top Bracelets: 21626D, $2,075 21757D, $2,125 22146DTU, $2,650 22498D04, $2,875 22144D, $1,675

Rings: 12623DTU, $3,565 12521D, $2,050

Pendant & Chain: 70780D & 80330C, $3,500 & $840

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. Bracelets from top: 22615D03, $1,625 22738D03, $3,875 22731D03, $1,290 22445D03, $1,375

From top (r. arm) 22044D, $2,150 22055D, $4,725 22034D, $3,100 21899D, $3,565 21793D, $4,225

(left arm) Ring: 12616DTU, $3,340 Bracelet: 22039D, $3,800

Opposite Page 14k gold, sterling silver, pink topaz & diamonds. THE WILD COLLECTION 14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From top 22584D08, $6,250 22609DBSA08, $15,000 22189GD, $41,500

Bracelets from left 22189D, $29,150 22230D, $5,600 22485DPZ12, $4,000 21835D, $10,940 Ring: 12675DPZ, $3,750

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From top Earrings: 42681D, $1,275 Pendant & Chain: 70784D & 80320C, $2,500 & $375

From left Bracelets: 20833DWP, $2,315 22111D, $2,825 22073D06, $1,865

From top Ring: 12604D, $2,925 Bracelets: 22119D, $2,600 22039D, $3,800 21793D, $4,225 22051D, $7,100 20381DWP, $3,125

THE LONDON BLUE COLLECTION 14k gold, sterling silver, London blue topaz and diamonds. From left Ring: 12617DLBT, $3,900 Bracelets: 22205D22, $13,200 22353DLBT08, $5,075 22317D08, $3,365 22271D08, $4,200

DOUBLE KNOT Bracelet 14k gold, sterling silver, and 1/2 carat of diamonds. 22597D08 (side/front), $7,500 22597GD08 (all gold), $14,250

Pendant & Chain: 70791DCZ & 80374C/2D, $2,000 & $1,815

Jewelers’ Choice Award Winner

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From left Bracelets: 20892D, $2,100; 21647D, $1,375; 21687D, $3,050* Winner of the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award 2011

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From top 22573D08, $3,250 22480D08, $3,750 42699D, $1,840 22653D12, $7,750 22205D12, $6,250

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. Pendant: 70615DD, $4,675 Ring: 12483D, $4,475 Bracelets, from top left: 21518D, $6,625; 21934D, $2,815; 21669D, $5,950; 21792D, $3,940

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From top left 42724DCZ, $2,040 42891GD, $11,250 42859GD, $2,000 42745D, $1,550

Celebrities wearing VAHAN

21704GD, $8,725 21794D, $3,075

Madeleine Stowe, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, SofĂ­a Vergara, Carrie Underwood, Eva Mendes

12511D, $8,815

Celebrities wearing VAHAN Jessalyn Gilsig Jada Pinkett Smith Paris Hilton Nancy O’Dell Lucy Hale

Megan Stokes 14k gold, sterling silver, with diamonds. Earring: 42746DTU, $1,850 Ring: 12623DTU, $3,565 Bracelets, from top, (r pic): 21699D, $2,875 21906D, $3,125 22266D08, $4,800 22439DCZ03, $1,500

All 14k gold with diamonds. From top Rings: 12536GD (twice), $1,740; 12545GD, $3,690; 12644GD, $3,915 Bracelets: 22547GD03, $5,000; 22540SMGD04, $6,875; 22538GSMD03, $5,065; 22609GDBSA08, $22,750; 22235GD04, $7,700; 22210GD, $9,940; 22355GD04, $7,175

Danielle Miele

Lauren Cobb Steele

14k gold, sterling silver, with diamonds. Left to Right 22407D06, $2,875; 22384D04, $1,865 22707D06/2, $2,375; 22471D04, $1,815

THE X MOTIF COLLECTION 14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. Bracelets, from top: 22707D06/2, $2,375 22707D06/1, $1,565 22685D06, $2,375 22761/06/2, $1,500 Earrings: 42805D, $1,100

From top: Ring: 12514D, $4,015 Necklace & Pendant: 80252C/4G, $1,690 & 70653DCOQ, $4,525 Bracelete: (r. arm) 21271GD06, $5,750

Bracelets: (l. arm) 21810DCZ, $2,250 21862D, $2,125 21518D, $6,625 21757D, $2,125 21917D, $2,025

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. Bracelets, from top left: 22729D06, $2,125 22580D04, $3,375 22320BSA04, $3,575 22421/04, $1,375 Ring: 12530GD, $7,875

22146DBO, $2,650 22141DBO08, $3,825 21739DBO, $4,415

21920D, $1,890 (top/bottom) 21968D, $1,200 (middle)

All 14k gold, and diamonds. From top: 21571GD, $6,625 21586GD, $7,850 22738GD04, $8,090

14k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. From top left: 70796DTU, $4,690 70799DD, $3,375 70784D, $2,500

14k gold, sterling silver, with diamonds. From top 12616DTU (turquoise), $3,340 12616DWP (white pearl), $3,025 12616DRDF (rose de france), $3,025

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On the cover, from left. Earrings: 42724DCZ. $2,040; Bracelets: 22653D12, $7,750; 22724DLBT06, $2,750; 22580D04, $3,375; 22659D12, $6,250; 22205D12, $6,250 This page, from top. 22573D12, $6,750; 21086D, $8,565; 22579D12, $6,625; 22638D10, $2,625; 22639D10, $4,375; 21337D, $8,690 Back cover, from top. 22273D08, $2,815; 21996D, $4,625; 21947DTU, $6,225; 22094D, $18,650; 20381DWP, $3,125; 22055D, $4,725 VAHAN is made in the USA. All prices subject to change without notice. VAHAN and its Moiré Beaded texture Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. • All jewelry designs © ALWAND VAHAN Ltd. Fall 2015

Made in the USA

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