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Virginia Arabian Horse Show & Futurity (Concurrent) (

June 3-5, 2011 AHA Region 15 Qualifying Show The Meadows Event Park, Doswell, Va Judges: Dana Gardner – Futurity, Main Ring Performance and Halter Susan Woods – Sport Horse/Dressage Bill Woods – Sport Horse/Dressage TBA – Sport Horse/Hunter Hack Diana Cappellanti – Sport Horse/Hunter Hack Sport Horse: Friday, Saturday June 3 & 4, 2011 Dressage: Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5, 2011 Hunter Hack: Friday, June 3, 2011 Futurity: Saturday, June 4, 2011 Main Ring Performance: Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5, 2011 Rated Class "A” by US Equestrian Federation Show Number 0628 Arabian, Half-Arabian, Junior Exhibitor & Half-Arabian Junior Exhibitor Dressage Level 2 Approved By Arabian Horse Association Show Number 111510639/111510643 Approved by United States Dressage Federation Number 0628 Entries Close May 18, 2011 Post Entries Will Be Accepted No Post Entries Allowed in Dressage or Futurity! However, for dressage you may be able to fill scratched rides if spaces are available. This is a Qualifying Show for the 2011 Region XV Championships, 2011 Youth Nationals, Canadian Nationals, 2011 Sport Horse Nationals and US Nationals Hospitality in the Aisle way open every morning! Exhibitor's Party Saturday Afternoon

Quality Inn & Suites 810 England Street Ashland, Va 23005 (9 miles from site) 804-798-4231

Hotels & Lodging Best Western Kings Quarters 16162 Theme Park Way Doswell, Va 23047 (2 miles from site) 804-876-3321

Country Inn & Suites 16250 International Street Doswell, Va 23047 (2 miles from site) 804-612-8450

Days Inn 16220 International Street Doswell, Va 23047 (2 miles from site) 804-612-8680

Candlewood Suites 10609 Telegraph Road Glen Allen, Va 23059 (15 miles from site) 804-262-2240

Comfort Suites Va Center 10601 Telegraph Road Glen Allen, Va 23059 (15 miles from site) 804-262-2000

Scratch and Add Policy – In order to add a class, you must enter the class prior to the start of the session. Morning Session entries close: 7:30 am (except Sunday - 8:00am) Afternoon Session entries close: 11:00 am Evening Session entries close: 4:00 pm In order to receive a refund for a class, you must fill out a scratch form for that class IN THE SHOW OFFICE before the gate opens on that class. NO REFUNDS FOR DRESSAGE CLASS FEES - Show Office Hours Thursday Open 1:3O pm - 8.00 pm Friday & Saturday Open 7:00 am • 11:00 am Open 1:00 pm • 4:00 pm Open 5:30 pm • 9:00 pm/end of show Sunday Open 7:00 am - 11:00 am Open 1:00 pm - Completion of show

Virginia Arabian Horse Show & Futurity A&B 2011 Show Officials Arabian & Half-Arabian Futurity Judge Main Ring Halter and Performance Hunter Hack Sport Horse Judges

Dressage Judges USEF Steward Show Manager Show Secretary Show Office Announcer Award Presentations Barn Manager Dressage Coordinator EMT Farrier Futurity Manager Paddock Manager Photography Ribbons & Trophies Ringmaster Show Sponsorship/Hospitality Show Treasurer Show Vet Sponsorship Sport Horse Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator

Dana Gardner Dana Gardner Diana Cappellanti TBA Susan Woods Bill Woods TBA Diana Cappellanti Susan Woods Bill Woods Nancy Gossage Kara Hite Sherri Re The Meadows Park TBA Tracy Carr Veronica Re Sherri Re Kate Schlemm TBA Andrea Orr Lennie Carr Pics Of You Tracy Carr TBA Susan Butterworth Cindy Walk Woodside Equine Kara Hite Sherri Re Lennie Carr

King George, VA King George, VA Ashland, Va Ocala, Fl Ocala, Fl Ashland, Va Ocala, Fl Ocala, Fl Warrenton, Va 434-770-2802 Waynesboro, Va TBA Petersburg, Va 804-815-2310 ( 281-513-5745 King George, Va Petersburg, Va Petersburg, Va Dinwiddie, Va Church Road, Va 804-798-3281 281-513-5745 757-374-8761 (

Special Thanks to All of our Volunteers and Sponsors for making this Show a Success

Show Committee Members: Lennie Carr, Sarah Doyle, Tommy Doyle, Kara Hite, Michelle Judd, Robin Mountjoy, Greg Peak, Sherri Re, Bob Rombs, Mary Rombs

DIRECTIONS -THE MEADOWS EVENT PARK, DOSWELL, VA The Meadows Event Park is located at Exit 123, off Interstate 95 in Virginia. Exit 123 is the same exit as for the Kings Dominion Theme Park. Turn right off the exit; go past Kings Dominion, over the railroad tracks, and approximately half a mile on your right is the equitation area for the Even Park. You’ll see the horse barn and rings. Enter to your right through the Gate 6.

$$ designates Sweepstakes points classes


Please Note: Sport Horse In Hand Entries close THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2011 AT 7:00 PM Friday, June 3, 2011 ~ 8:00 AM ~Ring 3 

Friday, June 3, 2011 ~ 8:00 AM ~Ring 4 

Bill Wood (Dressage) and Diana Cappellanti (Hunter) for FUTURITY SHIH classes 

Susan Wood (Dressage) and TBD (Hunter) for FUTURITY SHIH classes 

AHA Class #  Code  Class Title 

AHA Class # Code  Class Title 


NQ VAHA Futurity HA/AA Sport Horse Fillies 


NQ VAHA Futurity Sport Horse Geldings 


NQ VAHA Futurity HA/AA Sport Horse Geldings 


NQ VAHA Futurity Sport Horse Fillies 


NQ VAHA Futurity HA/AA Sport Horse Stallions 


NQ VAHA Futurity Sport Horse Colts 

Susan Wood, Bill Wood (Dressage) for SHIH ‐ DRESSAGE  206 



39 PB SHIH ‐Dressage Type Mares 2 ‐3 years old (209) 


39 PB SHIH ‐Dressage Type Mares 4 & Over (209) 


Diana Cappellanti and TBD (Hunter) for SHIH ‐ HUNTER TYPE 

PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Yearling Filly, Colt, or Gelding 

PB Sport Horse Dressage Type Mare Championship (500) 



PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Yearling Filly, Colt, or Gelding 



PB SHIH ‐Hunter Type Mares 2‐3 years old (241) 




PB SHIH ‐Hunter Type Mares 4 & Over (241)  PB Sport Horse Hunter Type Mare Championship (500) 




53 PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings 2‐3 years old (212) 


53 PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings 2‐3 years old (244) 


53 PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings 4 & Over (212) 


53 PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings 4 & Over (244) 


PB Sport Horse Mare Championship 

PB Sport Horse Dressage Type Gelding Championship (501) 


PB Sport Horse Hunter Type Gelding Championship (501) 




46 PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Stallions 2‐3 years old (216) 


46 PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Stallions 2‐3 years old (248) 


46 PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Stallions 4 & Over (216) 


46 PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Stallions 4 & Over (248) 


50 PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Stallions ATH (216) 


50 PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Stallions ATH (248) 


PB Sport Horse Gelding Championship 

PB Sport Horse Dressage Type Stallion Championship (502) 


PB Sport Horse Hunter Type Stallion Championship (502) 




45 $$ PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Mares 2 & over in hand ATH (219) 


45 $$ PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Mares 2 & over in hand ATH (251) 


140 PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Mares JTH (219) 


140 PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Mares JTH (251) 

219 503 

PB Sport Horse Stallion Championship 

PB Sport Horse Dressage Type Mare ATH Championship (503)  44 


PB Sport Horse Hunter Type Mare ATH Championship (503) 

PB Sport Horse Mare ATH Championship 


59 $$ PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings 2 & over in hand ATH (222) 


59 $$ PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings 2 & over in hand ATH (254) 


144 PB SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings JTH (222) 


144 PB SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings JTH (254) 


PB Sport Horse Dressage Type Gelding ATH Championship (504) 


PB Sport Horse Hunter Type Gelding ATH Championship (504) 




475 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Mares 3 & Under (225) 


475 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Mares 3 & Under (257) 


475 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Mares 4 & Over (225) 


475 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Mares 4 & Over (257) 


PB Sport Horse Gelding ATH Championship 

HA/AA Sport Horse Dressage Type Mare Championship (505) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Hunter Type Mare Championship (505) 




494 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings 3 & Under (228) 


494 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings 3 & Under (260) 


494 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings 4 & Over (228) 


494 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings 4 & Over (260) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Mare Championship 

HA/AA Sport Horse Dressage Type Gelding Championship (506) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Hunter Type Gelding Championship (506) 




484 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Stallions (231) 


484 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Stallions (263) 


488 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Stallions ATH (231) 


488 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Stallions ATH (263) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Gelding Championship 

HA/AA Sport Horse Dressage Type Stallion Championship (507) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Hunter Type Stallion Championship (507) 




479 $$ HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Mares 2 years & over ATH (234) 


479 $$ HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Mares 2 years & over ATH (266) 


160 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Mares JTH (234) 


160 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Mares JTH (266) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Stallion Championship 

HA/AA Sport Horse Dressage Type Mare ATH Championship (508) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Hunter Type Mare ATH Championship (508) 




498 $$ HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings 2 years & over ATH (237) 


498 $$ HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings 2 years & over ATH (269) 


164 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Dressage Type Geldings JTH (237) 


164 HA/AA SHIH ‐ Hunter Type Geldings JTH (269) 


HA/AA Sport Horse Dressage Type Gelding ATH Champ. (509)  269  HA/AA Sport Horse Hunter Type Gelding ATH Champ (509)  HA/AA Sport Horse Gelding ATH Championship 499 


HA/AA Sport Horse Mare ATH Championship 

DO NOT ENTER SPORT HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES.  Placement will be determined by scores.

SPORT HORSE UNDER SADDLE  Judges: Wood, Cappellanti (unless otherwise noted)  Tentative Schedule Friday ~ TBD ~Ring 1  270  271 

NQ Dressage Seat Equitation, 17 & Under (Wood, Wood) NQ Dressage Seat Equitation, 18 & Over (Wood, Wood)

280 1066  PB SH Under Saddle JTR  281 

773 HA/AA SH Under Saddle Novice Horse 


775 HA/AA SH Under Saddle AOTR (293) 

282 1063  PB SH Under Saddle Select ATR 


335 $$ PB SH Under Saddle Open (294) 


777 $$ HA/AA SH Under Saddle ATR 

274 1092  HA/AA SH Under Saddle Select ATR (293) 


341 PB SH Under Saddle Junior Horse 


335 PB SH Under Saddle Novice Horse (294) 

285 1095  HA/AA SH Under Saddle JTR 


779 HA/AA SH Under Saddle Junior Horse (289) 


347 PB SH Show Hack Open 


337 PB SH Under Saddle AOTR 



PB/HA/AA SH Walk‐Trot ATR (295) 


339 $$ PB SH Under Saddle ATR (297) 


773 $$ HA/AA SH Under Saddle Open (291) 

Sport Horse Under Saddle Championship classes will run Saturday in Ring 1    see schedule for Ring 1 


HUNTER HACK DIVISION  Friday, June 3, 2011 ~ Afternoon ~ Ring TBD  Class #  AHA Code  Class Title  400 


PB Crossrails Hunter Hack 18” (cross entries permitted) 



HA/AA Crossrails Hunter Hack 18” (cross entries permitted) 



PB Hunter Hack 2’ 



HA/AA Hunter Hack 2’ 



PB Hunter Hack 2’ ATR 



HA/AA Hunter Hack 2’ ATR 



PB Hunter Hack 2’ Junior Horse 



HA/AA Hunter Hack 2’ Junior Horse 



PB Hunter Hack 2’ AOTR 



HA/AA Hunter Hack 2’ AOTR 

288 1050  HA/AA SH Show Hack Open 

Tentative Schedule Saturday, June 4, 2011 ~ 8:00 AM ~Ring 1  AHA  Class #  Code  Class Title  1  2 

NQ VAHA FUTURITY Fillies ‐ 1 year of age  1 

Arabian Yearling Filly 

Saturday afternoon continued  AHA  Class # Code  Class Title  54 


FUTURITY HA/AA Hunter Pleasure 4 Yr Old 



FUTURITY PB English/Country Pleasure 3 Yr Old Snaffle Bit 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY Fillies ‐ 2 years of age 



FUTURITY PB/HA/AA English/Country Pl. 3 & 4 Yr Old ATR 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY Fillies ‐ 3 years of age 



FUTURITY PB Hunter Pleasure 4 Yr Old 



$$ Arabian Mare Breeding 2 yrs & Over (6) 


NQ FUTURITY PB/HA/AA Hunter Pleasure 3 & 4 Yr Old ATR 



Arabian Mare Breeding Championship 



FUTURITY HA/AA Country Pleasure Driving 3 Yr Old 



FUTURITY HA/AA Country Pleasure Driving 4 Yr Old 

7 8  9 

NQ VAHA FUTURITY Gelding – 1 year of age  NQ  VAHA FUTURITY Colts – 1 years of age  1080  Arabian Yearling Colt/Gelding 


NQ FUTURITY HA/AA Western Pleasure 4 Yr Old 



FUTURITY HA/AA Western Pleasure 3 Yr Old Snaffle Bit 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY Gelding – 2 years of age 



FUTURITY PB Western Pleasure 4 Yr Old 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY Gelding ‐ 3 years of age 



FUTURITY PB Western Pleasure 3 Yr Olds Snaffle Bit 



Arabian Gelding In‐Hand ‐ 2 & over (13) 



FUTURITY PB/HA/AA Western Pleasure 3 & 4 Year Old ATR 



Arabian Gelding In‐Hand Championship 


NQ FUTURITY PB Pleasure Driving 4 Yr Old  TBA Break ~ Ring 1 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY Colts ‐ 2 years of age 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY Colts ‐ 3 years of age 


NQ Leadline, 2‐6 years old 



$$ Arabian Stallion Breeding 2 yrs & Over (17) 


204 PB Western Pleasure Junior Horse (166) 



Arabian Stallion Breeding Championship 






290 PB Hunter Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen (153) 

PB Country Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen (165) 



$$ Arabian Gelding In‐Hand AAO 2 yrs & Over (25)  


524 HA English Pleasure ATR (161) 



Arabian Gelding In‐Hand ATH (25) 


748 HA Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse (155) 





Arabian Mare Breeding ATH (25) 


190 PB Western Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen (168) 


939 Hunt Seat Equitation Not To Jump – JTR 17 & Under  939  Hunt Seat Equitation Not To Jump – AATR 18 & Over 






Arabian Stallion Breeding ATH (25) 


890 Walk‐Trot Pleasure 10 & Under (150) 



Arabian Breeding ATH Championship 


104 PB Country Pleasure ATR (162)  305  PB Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse (155) 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY Arabian Produce of Dam 



NQ VAHA FUTURITY Arabian Get of Sire 


540 HA Country Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen (163) 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY HA/AA Fillies ‐ 1 year of age 


636 HA Western Pleasure Junior Horse (171) 


400 HA/AA Yearling Filly 


733 HA Hunter Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen (157) 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY HA/AA Fillies ‐ 2 years of age 


556 HA Country Pleasure Junior Horse (163) 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY HA/AA Fillies ‐ 3 years of age 


620 HA Western Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen (174) 


400 $$ HA/AA Mare Breeding 2 yrs & Over (33) 


925 Saddle Seat Equitation JTR 


401 HA/AA Mare Breeding Championship 


303 PB Hunter Pleasure Select ATR (152) 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY HA/AA Colts/Geldings ‐ 1 year of age 


111 PB Country Pleasure Junior Horse (165) 


620 HA Western Pleasure Limit Horse (174) 


1082 HA/AA Yearling Colt/Gelding 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY HA/AA Geldings ‐ 2 years of age 



NQ VAHA FUTURITY HA/AA Geldings ‐ 3 years of age 



472 $$ HA/AA Gelding In Hand 2 yrs & Over (39) 




451 HA/AA Gelding In‐Hand Championship 


629 HA Western Pleasure JTR (173) 




468 HA/AA Gelding In‐Hand ATH (44) 




418 HA/AA Mare Breeding ATH (44) 


419 HA/AA Breeding In Hand ATH Championship 


NQ VAHA FUTURITY HA/AA Get of Sire (Purebred Stallion) 


918 Showmanship JTH 


918 Showmanship ATH  TBA Break ~ Ring 1 

Class #  AHA  Class Title  48 

NQ FUTURITY PB Country Pleasure Driving 3 Yr Old 


NQ FUTURITY PB English/Country Pleasure 4 Yr Old 


NQ FUTURITY PB Hunter Pleasure 3 Yr Old Snaffle Bit 


NQ FUTURITY HA/AA English/Country Pleasure 4 Yr Old 


NQ FUTURITY HA/AA English/Country Pleasure 4 Yr Old Snaffle Bit 


NQ FUTURITY HA/AA Hunter Pleasure 3 Yr Old Snaffle Bit 

Walk‐Trot Equitation 10 & Under  733  HA Hunter Pleasure Limit Horse (157)  $$ PB English Pleasure Open (160) 

Saturday, June 4, 2011 ~ Evening Session ‐ Ring 1  289 

780 HA/AA SH Under Saddle Championship ‐ Jr Horse 

Sunday Session Continued  132 309 $$ PB Hunter Pleasure AAOTR (152) 


746 HA Hunter Pleasure Select ATR (156) 

133 951 Western Horsemanship – 17 & Under 


370 PB SH Under Saddle Championship ‐ JTR 

134 634 HA Western Pleasure Select ATR (172) 


190 PB Western Pleasure Mares & Gelding (168) 

135 165 PB ‐ Sidesaddle – western 


774 HA/AA SH Under Saddle Championship ‐ Open 

136 517 $$ HA English Pleasure AAOTR (161) 


640 $$ HA Western Pleasure AAOTR (172) 

137 938 AHA Hunt Seat Equitation Not to Jump Medal JTR 


342 PB SH Under Saddle Championship ‐ Jr. Horse 

138 932 Reining Seat Equitation JTR 


778 HA/AA SH Under Saddle Championship ‐ ATR 

139 931 AHA Reining Seat Equitation Medal JTR 




336 PB SH Under Saddle Championship ‐ Open 

$$ PB Country Pleasure Open (165) 

140 950 AHA Western Horsemanship Medal JTR 


290 PB Hunter Pleasure Limit Horse (153) 

141 605 HA Sidesaddle ‐ open 


NA  PB/HA/AA SH Walk‐Trot Under Saddle Championship ‐ ATR 

142 190 PB Western Pleasure Novice Horse (168) 


315 PB Show Hack 

143 198 PB Western Pleasure JTR (169) 


788 HA/AA SH Under Saddle Championship – JTR 

144 115 $$ PB Country Pleasure AAOTR (162) 

30 Minute Lunch Break 


620 HA Western Pleasure Mares & Gelding (174) 

145 549 HA Country Pleasure JTR (164) 

297 99 

340 PB SH Under Saddle Championship – ATR 

146 733 HA Hunter Pleasure Novice Horse (157) 


741 HA Hunter Pleasure ATR (156) 

148 752 $$ HA Hunter Pleasure AAOTR (156)  149

83 PB English Pleasure ATR (160)  0  Walk‐Trot Pleasure ATR All Ages Championship 


Walk‐Trot Pleasure ATR (150) 

147 299 PB Hunter Pleasure JTR (154) 


198 PB Western Pleasure ATR (167) 


733 $$ HA Hunter Pleasure Open (157) 


150 PB Costume 



290 PB Hunter Pleasure Mares & Gelding (153) 

151 306 PB Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Championship 


549 HA Country Pleasure ATR (164) 

152 300 PB Hunter Pleasure ATR Championship 


190 PB Western Pleasure Stallions (168) 

153 290 PB Hunter Pleasure Open Championship 


754 HA Show Hack 

154 299 PB Hunter Pleasure JTR Championship 


202 PB Western Pleasure Select ATR (167) 

155 749 HA Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Championship 


299 PB Hunter Pleasure ATR (152) 

156 742 HA Hunter Pleasure ATR Championship 


590 HA Costume 


Pro‐Am Pleasure Challenge Jackpot 


Ride‐A‐Buck Challenge Jackpot 

10 Minute  Break 

157 734 HA Hunter Pleasure Open Championship  158 742 HA Hunter Pleasure JTR Championship  5 Minute  Break  159 924 AHA Saddle Seat Equitation Medal JTR 

Sunday, June 6, 2011 ~ Morning Session ~ 8:00 AM ~ Ring 1  AHA  Class #  Code  Class Title  113 


76 PB English Pleasure Open Championship 

161 516 HA English Pleasure Open Championship 

733 HA Hunter Pleasure Mares & Geldings (157) 

162 105 PB Country Pleasure ATR Championship 


165 PB ‐ Sidesaddle – English 

163 541 HA Country Pleasure Open Championship 


190 $$ PB Western Pleasure Open (168) 

164 550 HA Country Pleasure ATR Championship 


515 $$ HA English Pleasure Open (161) 



629 HA Western Pleasure ATR (172) 


890 Walk‐Trot HP, CP & EP 10 & Under (150) 

95 PB Country Pleasure Open Championship  5 Minute  Break 

166 205 PB Western Pleasure Junior Horse Championship 


104 PB Country Pleasure JTR (162) 

167 199 PB Western Pleasure ATR Championship 


208 $$ PB Western Pleasure AAOTR (167) 

168 191 PB Western Pleasure Open Championship 


620 HA Western Pleasure Novice Horse (174) 

169 199 PB Western Pleasure JTR Championship 


290 PB Hunter Pleasure Novice Horse (153) 

170 950 AHA Western Horsemanship Medal JTR 


560 $$ HA Country Pleasure AAOTR (164) 

171 637 HA Western Pleasure Junior Horse Championship 



172 630 HA Western Pleasure ATR Championship 


190 PB Western Pleasure Limit Horse (168) 

173 630 HA Western Pleasure JTR Championship 


951 Western Horsemanship – 18 & Over  

174 621 HA Western Pleasure Open Championship 


290 $$ PB Hunter Pleasure Open (153) 


540 $$ HA Country Pleasure Open (163) 

175 210 PB Trail Open 


741 HA Hunter Pleasure JTR (158) 

176 645 HA Trail Open 


620 $$ HA Western Pleasure Open (174) 



290 PB Hunter Pleasure Stallions (153) 

$$ PB English Pleasure AAOTR (160) 

TBD  Break ‐ Ring TBD 

NQ PB/HA Trail In Hand 

Buy‐A‐Class Class # 


Class Title 







































  DRESSAGE SATURDAY  Tentative Schedule ~ Saturday 8:00 AM ~  Rings 3 & 4     Class # AHA Code Class Title  300 


Intro Level Test A ‐ Open 



Intro Level Test B ‐ Open 


Intro Level Test C ‐ Open 

302 303 

1375 Intro Level Test A ‐ ATR 


1375 Intro Level Test B ‐ ATR 


1375 Intro Level Test C ‐ ATR 



Training Level Test 1 



Training Level Test 1  ATR 



Training Level Test 1 Junior Horse 



Training Level Test 2  



Training Level Test 2 JTR 



Training Level Test 2 Select Rider ATR 



Training Level Test 3  



Training Level Test 3 ATR  



Training Level Test 3 Junior Horse 



First Level Test 1 



First Level Test 1 ATR 



First Level Test 2 



First Level Test 3 


1807 $$ Second Level Test 1 


1815 $$ Second Level Test 1 ATR  


1807 Second Level Test 2 


1807 Second Level Test 3 



Third Level Test 1 



Third Level Test 1 ATR 



Third Level Test 2 



Third Level Test 3 



Fourth Level Test 1 



Fourth Level Test 2 



Fourth Level Test 3 

DRESSAGE SUNDAY  Tentative Schedule ~ Sunday 8:00 AM ~ Rings 3 & 4  Class # 

AHA Code 

350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376

0 0 1375 1375 790 792 792 790 792 847 790 792 792 797 801 797 801 797 1807 1807 1807 815 815 815 823 823 823

Class Title 

Intro Level Test A ‐ Open  Intro Level Test B ‐ Open  Intro Level Test A ‐ ATR  Intro Level Test B ‐ ATR  Training Level Test 1  Training Level Test 1 JTR  Training Level Test 1 Select Rider ATR Training Level Test 2  Training Level Test 2 ATR  Training Level Test 2 Junior Hore Training Level Test 3   Training Level Test 3 JTR  Training Level Test 3 Select Rider ATR First Level Test 1  First Level Test 1 ATR  First Level Test 2  First Level Test 2 ATR  First Level Test 3  Second Level Test 1  Second Level Test 2   Second Level Test 3  Third Level Test 1  Third Level Test 2  Third Level Test 3  Fourth Level Test 1  Fourth Level Test 2  Fourth Level Test 3 


VIRGINIA ARABIAN HORSE SHOW & FUTURITY ENTRY FEES Dressage Classes……………………………………………………………….. $ 25 Sport Horse In Hand Classes (concurrent)…………………………….. $ 30 Sport Horse In Hand Championships…………………………………..… $ 0 Sport Horse Under Saddle Classes (concurrent)………………………. $ 30 Sport Horse Under Saddle Championships (concurrent)……………. $ 40 Hunter Hack Classes (concurrent)……………………………….……….. $ 25 Performance and Halter Classes…………………………………………… $ 15 Performance Championships……………………………………………….. $ 30 Regular Halter Championships…………………………………………….. $ 0 Futurity Classes………………………………………………………………….. $ 0 Post Entry Fee (per horse)……………………………………………………. $ 25 OTHER FEES Horse Stalls………………………………………………………………………… $ 65 Tack Stalls………………………………………………………………………….. $ 70 Shavings per bag……………………………………………………………….…. $ 9 Office Fee (per horse)…………………………………………………….…….. $ 17 USEF Drug Fee (per horse)……………………………………………….…… $ 15 USEF Affidavit Fee (not able to show US Eq card)……………….…… $ 30 AHA Single Event Membership Fee (per person).………………….…. $ 35 AHA Resolution 9-90 Fee (per Horse)……………………………….…... $ 3 AHA Permit Fee (per horse)………………………………………………….. $ 3 Grounds Fee (per horse per day)……………………………………….….. $ 25 Bad check Fee (per horse)………………………………………………….. $100 Delinquent Checkout (per horse)……………………………………….….. $ 50 Camper Fee (per night) ………………………………….…..……… $ 35 Class Sponsorship and/or Championship…………………………………. $ 20/35 Vendor Fee………………………………………………………………….……… $ 50 Tour of Grounds (per-person space limited)………….………………… $10 AWARDS: Award and six ribbons in all regular classes including dressage and hunter hack except futurity and AHA Medal Classes. Award and five ribbons in all futurity classes. AHA Medal and eight ribbons in AHA Medal Classes. No prize money in all Preliminary Classes, Showmanship, Equitation, Sport Horse In-Hand, Preliminary Sport Horse Under Saddle, Halter, Walk-Trot, Trail, and all Buy-A-Classes. Six entries receive 100% prize money. There will be no prize money in classes having five or less entries. Prize money will be credited at the show or mailed within 30 days from the conclusion of the show. Championship - All entries placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in qualifying class are required to return and show in the corresponding championship class. Horses will be excused if one handler qualifies more than one horse (*notify the show office PRIOR TO the championship class if this is the case). Money – Per Judge Championship Performance:

$25, $20, $15, $10

High Point Awards: High Point Awards will be offered for Purebred and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Sport Horse. Exhibitors must sign up for these awards no later than the end of the Saturday session. Forms available in the show office and there are no entry fees for high point swards.



Entries - Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by a negotiable, signed valid check or money order for the total amount (i.e. class entry fees, stall fees, USEF drug fees, AHA fees & office fees) or they will become post entries a nd the post entry fee will apply ($22 per horse ). Entries shal l be on the official entry form of the show. No horse sho uld be e ntered on more tha n one entry form. The entry form should be complete in every detail; otherwis e, the record of wins may not be properly credited. The show managem ent reserves the right to return a ny incomplete entry form. A horse should be entered in th e name of the LEGAL OWNER only. Leased or co-owned h orses of people wh o are n ot of th e same family cannot be shown in OWNER Classes (JOTR, AAOTR, and AOTR). ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE ACCOMPANIED BY A COPY OF EACH HORSE'S REGISTRATION PAPER, CURRENT AHA & USEF MEMBERSHIP CARDS OR THE APPROPRIATE NON-MEMBER FEES (AFFIDAVITS MAY BE FILED IN THE HORSE SHOW OFF ICE UPON ARRIVAL), AND NEGATIVE COGGINS TEST. A copy of your Coggins will be sent to the state veterinarian for their inspection, please provide a copy. In addition to entries of persons suspended or expelled from US Equestrian Federation, a Recognized competition may refuse any entry of an exhibitor or the participation of an agent, trainer, rider, or handler who has shown an objectionable attitude towards a Recognized competition or previous unsportsmanlike behavior at a Recognized competition or its management. Health Requirements - All horses entering the state of Virginia are required to have an official health ce rtificate within 10 days per the Board of State Veterinarians. A negative Coggins test no more than one year old from th e date of the show. All equine originating in the state of Virginia must have a negative Coggins test not more than a year old. All horses are subject to inspection by the official show veterinarian. A copy of your Coggins will be se nt to the state veterinarian for the ir inspection. Please provide a copy to be mailed. To Enter Classes – Please entry your classes on your ent ry form next to the appropriate rider. You may add additional classes at the show in the horse show office by the following rules: Morning Session 7:30 am, Afternoon Session 11:00 am, and Evening Session 4:00 pm. If you add after those deadlines you will be charged the no rmal class fee plus a $10 penalty fee. If you scratch after the deadline hour you will be refunded the class fee, but charged a $10 late penalty fee. You must scratch your class(es) IN TH E HORSE SHOW OFFICE ONLY, to receive a refund.

Add/Scratch Policy. You may add additional classes at the show in the horse show office with no additional post entry fees. Please see Add & Scratch Policy on Page 2. Payment of fees - ALL MONEY MUST ACCOMPANY THE ENTRY FORM AND BE PAID BEFORE NUMBERS CAN BE ISSUED (NO OPEN CHECKS-ALL ENTRIES SENT WITH AN OPEN CHECK WILL BE CHARGED A POST ENTRY FEE PER HORSE!). Any additional charges must b e paid before leav ing the s how grounds. Any unpaid charge s will be invo iced and failure t o pay the inv oice within 30 days will be c onsidered an unspo rtsmanlike act and may result in actions ta ken against such conduct in accordance wit h USEF rules. There will be a $100 charge for any checks returned. Stop payment of checks or credit cards is in violation of USEF rules and will be filed with USEF. Post dated checks will be charged a post entry fee.

Minors. A PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST SIGN PERMISSION BEFORE ANY MINOR CAN SHOW. THE TRAINER AND OWNER MUST BOTH SIGN THE ENTRY FORM. If the owner is also the trainer, then the owner must sign TWICE. If the trainer is also the agent for the owner, then the trainer must sig TWICE. Failure to Check Out: Pr ior to leaving the show grounds, please come to the show office and settle yo ur acco unts. FAILURE T O CHECK OUT AT THE SHOW OFFICE WILL RESULT IN A NON-CLOSE OUT FEE OF $50 per horse. Post Entries - Pre-entries close on May 18, 2011. Entries postmarked after this date will automatically be considered Post Entries and assessed the post entry fee as shown in the fee sche dule. No meter postmarks – actual postmark cancellation only. Po st entries for horse and e quitation riders SEE SCRATCH & ADD POLICY PAGE FOR DETAILS! No post entry fee will be charged for Championship Classes. Condition Of Entry - The Show Committee and the Management reserves the right to refuse, accept conditionally or cancel an entry, disqualify exhibitors, pr ohibit exhibition of entries and remove from th e grounds any individual, stable or both wi thout claim for damages. The submitting of an entry form to the show sh all constitute an acceptance by each person signing same of the provisi ons herein set forth. Refunds - Withdrawal of entries must be made in writing and accompanied by a vet ce rtificate. Those received before entry closin g date will be ref unded all fees except office f ees. After entry cl osing, but prior to the start of the show (8 am Friday, J une 3, 2011) all fees will be refunded except office, one class, and stall fee . After the star t of the show , no monies wi ll be refunded. Horses may be removed from the show grounds without permission from the show secretary and examined by the official horse show veterinarian. No

Refunds in Sport Horse In Hand (may be swapped for another class including performance classes with no penalty) or Dressage classes for any reason!

Identifications Numbers - The assigned number of each entry shall be prominently displayed by the rider, driver or handler wh en the entry is exhibited.

Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Eligibility to Compete - H orses sh own i n this section must h ave been issued a certificate of registration from th e Arabian Horse Assoc. in the Half-Arabian and/or the Anglo-Arabian Registry, or have been issued an Arabian Horse Association (Canadian Part bred Arabian registry) CPAR permit or if under one year of age, be eligible for registry and registration applied for, an d must be en tered under t heir full registered nam e USEF Rule XVI Article 1699V.1. Arabian Registry Eligibility to Compete - Horses to be sh own in thi s di vision mu st been issued a certific ate of registration from the Arabian Horse Registry of America, Inc., and/or the Canadian Horse Registry or, if under one year of age, be eligible for registry and registration be applied fo r and m ust be enter ed under their full registered name. (Onl y weanlings that have had registration applied for may show without registration papers.) Registration Certificate Requirements - See USEF /EC Ru les for Registration requirements f or all horses and for registration requirements for horses being shown in Amateur Owner classes. A copy of the registration certificate showing proof of ownership must be submitted with entry f orm at th e ti me of makin g entry. In th e case of a lessee , pe nding transfer, contract of sale, or cash sale, a copy of the registration certificate must be submitted, along with proof of lease or ownership and th ese d ocuments mu st be at tached to th e c opy of th e regi stration c ertificate and mu st c ontain th e correct registered name and number of the horse, date, and the signature of the seller or lessee. USEF Drug Fee: To provide fun ds for res earch, inspecti on and enforc ement of rules regarding use of medication an d dru gs, each exhibitor must pay $15 per horse ($7.00 Drugs & Medications, $8 .00 Administrati on) entered in the show including halter and equitation horses.

Farrier and Veterinarians. ALL FARRIERS & VETERINARIANS MUST CHECK IN WITH THE SHOW MANAGER TO GET PERMISSION TO WORK ON THE SHOW GROUNDS; PAYMENT OF A VENDOR FEE IS REQUIRED. Show Management will provide an onsite Farrier and on-call veterinarian.

Facility General Rules & Information Sharps Containers – Sharps containers will be located in the barn for disposal of needles and other sharp instruments. These containers when full will be disposed properly. Any and all Medical Waste (Needles, Syringes, other medical supplies) must not be discarded in stalls, manure pits, garbage cans or on the grounds. Needles, Syringes and other medical supplies must be place in the appropriate containers. Competition management may fine any individuals including trainer, owners, exhibitors, or their agents up to $250 for improper disposal of needles or other sharp disposable instruments. Per USEF Article GR 1211.5 Footing: Four arenas with all-weather equestrian footing. Ring 1 is 150 ft x 300 ft; Ring 2 is 124 ft x 300 ft; Ring 3 is 125 ft x 250 ft; and Ring 4 is 125 ft x 250 ft. Smoking - No smoking in Barns. This is the law. Vehicles - DRIVE CAREFULLY. OBEY ALL TRAFFIC SIGNS. Operators of motorized vehicles are required to have a state driver’s license from resident state. No vehicles allowed in the barns. Pets - All pets must have current inoculations for rabies as prescribed by state of residency. You must clean up after your pet. No loose dogs are allowed anywhere on the premises. All dogs that are not crated must have a leash with a person holding the leash. Loose dogs will incur a $100 fine. Horses - No overnight horses may be stabled in trailers, portable stalls or tied out. Horses are absolutely not allowed to be ponied behind any moving vehicles. Fire - No firearms or fireworks are permitted. No open fires.

Stabling Stabling. 147 permanent box stalls with sliding doors are available and are required for any horse staying overnight. Two backs of shavings are provided for each stall in the Stall Fee cost. No stall will be reserved unless accompanied by entry forms and payment in full for stalls and entries are received. All horses must either have a stall or pay a grounds fee. No requests for adjoining stalls from different owners will be honored unless all entries are mailed together. Requests for

special stalls must be made by contacting the Barn Manager. First request – first stalls policy. All horses must either

have a stall or pay a grounds fee.

Arrival/Departure Time. Stalls may be occupied for the regular fee between 12:00 noon June 2, 2011 (Thursday) through close of show on June 5, 2011 (Sunday). THOSE PLANNING ON ARRIVING TO ARRIVE BEFORE 12:00 noon June 2, must contact Veronica Re at or 804-815-2310. Bedding and Feed. Each stall will have two bags of shavings that are included in the stall fee. Additional bedding is available on the show grounds. Feed and hay is available in the local area.

Technical AHA Membership Requirements - E ach p articipant at an AHA Recognized Show , AHA Regional and Nat ional Championship Show Division or Ev ent must subm it: a. A va lid AHA Competition Card, b. Join AHA (Membership with Competition Card) at the show, or c. Pay a $35 Single Event Membership fee per pers on (local shows only). d. At AHA local recognized shows, an agent wh o signs f or th e o wner, both must b e members of A HA or p ay th e AHA Singl e Event Membership. Single Event Membership is not acceptable at Regional or National Shows, Rides or events. (Refer to MEM 105, Res. 5 -02, ETHICS 102 .3) Exhibitor s in Leadline cla sses or Parents or Gu ardians signing f or minor s are ex empt fr om AH A Membership requirements (Refer to MEM 105, Res. 4-99). Exhibitors in Walk-Trot classes are exempt from AHA Membership requirements at Local Shows, but must have an AHA Membership with Competition Card at Regional and National Shows. USEF MEMBERSHIPS STATEMENT LIFE, SENIOR ACTIVE AND JUNIOR ACTIVE MEMBERS SHALL BE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL CLASSES AT REGULAR COMPETITIONS, EVENTING COMPETITIONS AT THE PRELIMINARY LEVEL OR ABOVE AND COMBINED DRIVING COMPETITIONS AT THE ADVANCED LEVEL, DRESSAGE, REINING AND VAULTING COMPETITIONS AND ENDURANCE RIDES. A NONMEMBER MAY PARTICIPATE AS A HANDLER, RIDER, DRIVER, OWNER, LESSEE, AGENT, COACH OR TRAINER AT REGULAR COMPETITIONS, EVENTING COMPETITIONS, DRESSAGE COMPETITIONS, REINING COMPETITIONS AND COMBINED DRIVING COMPETITIONS UPON PAYMENT OF A $30 NONMEMBER REGISTRATION FEE. PARTICIPANTS IN THE FOLLOWING CLASSES ARE EXEMPTED FROM THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS RULE: 1) LEADLINE; 2) EXHIBITIONS; 3) GAMES AND RACES; 4) CLASSES FOR 4-H MEMBERS; 5) WALK TROT AND ACADEMY CLASSES (ACADEMY CLASSES ARE CLASSES LIMITED TO HORSES USED REGULARLY IN A LESSON PROGRAM); 6) USDF INTRODUCTORY LEVEL TESTS, PAS DE DEUX AND QUADRILLE CLASSES; 7) NRHA ENDORSED REINING COMPETITIONS. 8) OPPORTUNITY CLASSES, 9) CITIZENS OF OTHER NATIONS WHO HAVE PROOF, IN ENGLISH, OF CURRENT MEMBERSHIP IN GOOD STANDING OF THEIR OWN NATIONAL FEDERATION, 10) USEA BEGINNER NOVICE DIVISION; AND 11) ASSISTANT HANDLERS IN DRESSAGE SPORT HORSE BREEDING CLASSES. Recognition. The Virginia Arabian Horse Show is a recognized USEF “A” Arabian, Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian and Class “A” Junior Exhibitor show approved by the Arabian Horse Association for points toward Achievement Awards and qualifying for Regional and National Championship shows include East Coast Championship. Rules: This horse show is conducted in accordance with the rules of the US Equestrian Federation. The official rule book of USEF will prevail for thi s show. Thi s prize list i s based on ru les of the current rule book and the handb ook of th e Arabian Horse Association, where they apply respectively; any changes or corrections of rules will automatically become apart of the prize list. Each participan t in this sh ow is resp onsible for knowledge of and is subject to the US EF rul es. Exhibitors are encouraged to read the c urrent US EF Rule Book an d particul arly Chapter A R for the c omplete Arabi an Horse rules, class description and judging sp ecifications. Questions not covered by USEF rules shall be decided by the show committee and its decisions will be final. By entering the show, each exhibitor ag rees to abide by the final decision of the Show Committee and USEF Steward. Protests - See USEF Chapter 6. Indemnity and Responsibility. All entries are accepted with the understanding that neither THE VIRGINIA ARABIAN HORSE ASSOCIATION, THE MEADOWS EVENT PARK, THE VIRGINIA ARABIAN HORSE SHOW, THE VIRGINIA ARABIAN HORSE SHOW COMMITTEE, NOR ANY SHOW OFFICIAL will be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to any horse exhibited or any article of any kind. All horses shall be under the control and direction of the Show Committee but solely at the risk of the exhibitor, who will be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to any person, animal or property occasioned him, and he exhibitor shall indemnity the above mentioned parties against any and all loss, damages and liability thus occasioned, including but not limited to any and all legal costs, including attorney fees, which may incurred as a result thereof. THE SUBMITTING OF AN ENTRY FORM TO THE SHOW SHALL CONSTITUTE AN ACCEPTANCE BY EACH PERSON SIGNING SAME OF THE PROVISIONS HEREIN SET FORTH.

Procedures Every class offered herein which is covered by the ru les and specifications of the current USEF Rule Book will be cond ucted and judged i n accordance therewith, particularly the Arabian Horse Division, and the rules of the Arabian Horse Association as printed in the current AHA Handbook. The official rule book and manual of each organization will prevail for this show. Any changes or correcti ons of the rul es will autom atically bec ome part of this prize list. Each participant in this show is responsible for knowledge of and is subject to these rules. Admission to the Arena. No person will be permitted to enter the arena except participants in the class, judges and this assistants, show photographer and assistant, show officials and staff. Attendants will not be permitted in the arena until summoned by the Judge. Alcohol Beverages. In accordance with the Virginia Alcoholic Beverages Commission, no alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the grounds. Campers. Available for $35.00 per night in designated areas only. Cancellation of Classes. The Show Committee reserves the right to cancel, combine, or divide any class to accommodate for an insufficient or excessive number of entries. Class Calls. As a courtesy to exhibitors, the public address system will be used to make barn calls, if possible. However, exhibitors are responsible for seeing that entries reach the gate on time and should not rely solely on the PA System Classes will be called promptly. We request that you check-in with the Paddock Master before your class. The Paddock Manager should be notified of any special requirements and he/she may delay opening the gate for 3 minutes for very brief tack changes. Check your class schedule and make arrangements for tack changes in advance; back to back classes constitute a legitimate call for a tack change and will be for 3 minutes per USEF rules. Two Minute Gate rule. The gate will be closed two minutes after opening for a class. This procedure must be followed. Your cooperation will be appreciated. Futurity. Every class offered at the Show will be conducted and judged in accordance with the current USEF & AHA Rule Books. Exhibitors are encouraged to read Rule XVI for complete Arabian Horse Rules. Yearlings must be shown barefoot and ALL horses must be registered. All Futurity classes must be pre-entered. Futurity entries MUST complete a show entry form and mail to the Show Secretary, even if you are not showing in the regular show. You must present registration papers before show numbers can be issued. For further information, call Andrea Orr (540) 429-2174. Judges. Ina the event of illness or failure of a judge or any other official to attend this show or to perform his/her duties, the Show Committee reserves the right to substitute an official for the one who was officially designated in prize list, according to USEF Rules. Red Dot Sale Horses. Having trouble selling your horse. Show him off. Buy a red dot for your number for just $5.00

Class Information *EVERY CLASS OFFERED HERIN WHICH IS COVERD BY THE RULES AND SPECIFICATIONS OF THE CCURRENT USEF RULE BOOK WILL BE CONDUCTED AND JUDGED IN ACORDANCE THEREIN* Junior Exhibitor - Junior exhibitors shall not h ave reached their 18th birthday. For horse show purposes, the age of th e junior exhibitor on December 1 of the show year shall be maintained throughout the entire year. Amateur - Every rider having reached his/her 18th birthday prior to 12/1/10 must have in their possession an amateur card issued yearly by USEF or make application for such card at least one hour prior to showing in an Amateur class. Applications may be found in the Horse show office, and submitted to horse show secretary. or Amateur Owners classes unless all owner s are Owners Classes - Combined ownership is not permitted in Owners members of the same fami ly. For competition purposes the term "family" includes husband, wife, parent, step-parent, child, brother, step-child, sister, half brother, half sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandmother, grandfather, and in-laws of the same relations as stated above. Leased horses are not eligible. USEF GR122 Horses entered in amateur owner and junior owner classes must be registered in the name of the competitor or a member of the competitor’s family, as defined by USEF GR122. The sale of a horse does not eliminate this requirement. (Contracts of Sale or Bill of Sale will not be accepted) Sport Horse In-Hand – To be shown on the triangle. As per USEF AR 161.1. Marker will be used to define the triangle. Horses are walked and trotted on the perimeter of the triangle, then stop and show in an “open position” for conformation judging. The horse is stood with the neck in a natural position and the handler stands away from horse with a loose lead. Halter championships will be determined by the two highest scores from the preceding classes of that division. Sport Horse Under Saddle - Sport Horse Performance will follow the performance classes’ provisions & regulations. If you

place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the preliminar y class, you must show back in th e corresponding performance championship. Al so you must scratch IN THE OFFICE on an official scratch form prior to the gate opening on that class to receive a refund. Class is to enter the ring counterclockwise at the trot. To be shown at the walk, trot, and canter both directions of the ring. Judge may request lengthening so stride at any gait and may request horse to back, either on the rail or in the line-up Dressage - All classes m ust be pre-en tered. Times will be emailed. Dressage entries close May 18, 2011. Entries accepted by post-mark ed dates, first-com e first scheduled. If show is ov er subscribed a waiting li st will be main tained Official rid e times will be posted by emailed and posted at the show. 2011 USEF and USDF Tests will be used. AHA Medal Classes - If a medal class does not fill it must be hel d as a regular equitation class with pattern. No medal will be awarded. To fill a class, THREE competitors with proper appointments must compete. AHA Saddle Seat Medal class - In addition to the rail work, all contestants are required to perform two or more individual tests from USEF Tests (EQ 120) 1-15 or EC equivalent. Markers shall not be used. AHA Reining Seat Medal class - Al l contestants are required to p erform a Reini ng pattern as outlined in USEF Reining, or EC equivalent. (Res. 25-06).Order go will be done by draw. Bits must be dropped and inspected by the Judge or designated official, and all r iders must di smount f or thi s in spection. If c alled f or i n the ring , assi stance, if nec essary, m ay b e had fr om one of th e r ing officials. Reins shall not be removed from the horse's neck while inspecting bits. In the event the total score is tied, the tie will first be broken by the exhibitor with the highest equitation score. Should a tie still exist, the tie shall be broken by reining rules found in COMP 812. In an AHA Reining Seat Medal class an off pattern rider is eliminated and is n ot eligible to win a medal or ribbon. The prescribed A HA Rein ing Se at Equitation Score Sh eet must be u sed and po sted in acc ordance with the USEF Ar abian, HalfArabian/Anglo-Arabian Divi sion, Subch apter Working Western ru le rega rding score s heets. ( Res.25-06) See th e US EF Equitation Division rule regarding “Numbers” under Conduct. (Res. 8/07) AHA Hunter Seat Not to Jump Medal class - In addition to the r ail work, all contestants are required to perform two or more individual tests from USEF , Equitation Division, Tests From Which Judges Must Choose. All j uniors riding in Hunt Seat Equi tation section must wear protective headgear p assing applicable ASTM standard s (must be stamped inside the helmet) while riding in designated schooling & exercise areas, the show ring and while jumping anywhere on the show grounds AHA Western Horsemanship Medal class - Following the rail work, all contestants are required to perform a minimum of four tests from the USEF Arabian, Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Division, Subchapter Western Horsemanship. (BOD 5/06) Walk-Trot/Jog - (See USEF Subchapter AR-27) Open to riders 10 years old & under. As of January 1, 1995, a rider must never have been judged in a class at a Licensed Competition that required a canter or lope. No cross en tries into any other classes except halter or showmanship. Headers are permitted but not required. Appropriate attire is required.


ATR Walk-Trot/Jog - Open to riders of any age. Riders must have never shown in a class that requires you to canter or lope. Any seat is allowed (English, Country, Hunter or Western). Riders will be asked to walk, trot or j og both directi ons of the aren a. Emphasis on suitable of h orse t o rider! NO CROSS ENTRIES INTO ANY OTHER CLASSES OTHER THAN HALTER/SHOWMANSHIP or Walk-Trot 10 & Under! *****************************************************************************************************

Effective March 1, 2011, for dressage: Anyone mounted on a horse must wear protective headgear except those riders age 18 and over while on horses that are competing only in FEI levels and tests at the Prix St. Georges level and above (including FEI Young Rider Tests, the USEF Developing Prix St. Georges Test and the USEF Brentina Cup Test) ************************************************************************


12:00 pm


Move- In to Facility

Friday morning Friday after noon Friday evening

Sport Horse In Hand Hunter Type and Dressage Type, Futurity SHIH Hunter Hack Sport Horse Under Saddle – Ring 1

Saturday Saturday Saturday

all day all day evening

Main Ring; Futurity Dressage – Rings 3 & 4 Sport Horse Under Saddle Championships; Main Ring – Ring 1

Sunday Sunday

all day all day

Dressage – Rings 3 & 4 Main Ring Qualifying and Championships

Buy-A-Class/Championship Simply request any class or any championship class which has a qualifying class. All Buy-A-Classes must be chosen and paid for by entry closing date, so that other exhibitors may be no tified. Send a separate ch eck for $65 for the Buy-A-Class fee. You may enclose it in your entries. No one individual, trainer, or barn may buy more than two classes, unless all classes are not sold with in two day s of entry closi ng. All mu st be a pproved by Show Committee. The following age break s will be permitted: 10 & Under, 11-13, 13 & under, 14-17, 18-39, 18-35, 36-54, 40 & Over & 55 & Over. The following classes will be permitted in any combination with show committee approval: 1. PB/HA/AA 2. EP, CP, HP, WP, Park, Show Hack, Costume, Sidesaddle, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Sport Horse Show Hack, Halter 3. AOTR, AAOTR, AATR, ATR, JTR, JOTR, Ladies, Gentlemen, Novice, Maiden, Limit, Junior Horse, Mares, Geldings, Stallions, Select Rider. Or 1. PB/HA/AA 2. Pleasure Driving, Country Pleasure Driving, Formal, Informal Combination 3. AO TD, AA OTD, AA TD, ATD , JTD, JOTD, L adies, Gentl emen, Novice , Maiden, Limit , Junior H orse, M ares, Geld ings, Stallions, Select Driver. Or Walk-Trot/Jog Pleasure 10 & Under, ATR, AM-Am, Pro-Am Open Or Walk-Trot/Jog Equitation 10 & Under, ATR, Am-Am, Pro-A, or Open Or PB/HA/AA: Youth or Adult: Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, Saddle Seat Equit, Reining Seat Equit, Western Seat Equit, Hunt Seat Equit, Western Horsemanship, Get of Sire, Produce of Dam (Main Ring or Sport Horse) With any of the follow age breaks: 10 & Und, 11-13, 13 & Und, 14-17, 18-39, 18-35, 36-54, 40 & Over, 55 & Over, JTR, ATR, AATR, AOTR, AAOTR, JOTR. These classes will NOT be bought at this show: Cutting, Working Cow Horse, Jumper, or Dressage. For information call Sherri Re 281-513-5745 or email: Minors Operating Motorized Vehicles

In accordance with GR1301.7 : Minors who do not have a valid driver's license which a llows them to operate a motorized vehicle i n the state in which they reside w ill not be permitted to oper ate a mo torized vehicle of any kind, i ncluding, but not limited to, gol f carts, motorcycles, s cooters, or farm utility vehicl es, on the c ompetition gr ounds of licensed competit ions. Minors who have a valid t emporary license may op erate the above described m otorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid driver's li cense. Violations of t his rule wil l be cause for sanctions against the parent(s), guardian(s) an d/or trainer(s ) who are resp onsible fo r the child committing th e offense. Penalties may incl ude exclusion of the ch ild, p arent(s), gu ardian(s), an d/or train er(s) fro m th e compet ition grounds for the remainder of the competitio n and charges being filed aga inst any of th e above individu als in accordan ce with Ch apter 6. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from this rule.

Directions to Woodside Equine Clinic Take I-95 South to Exit 92 (Ashland/54 west). Continue on 54 west crossing over Route 1. Go through the town of Ashland and proceed across the railroad tracks. Continue to the next stoplight and make a left onto Blanton Road. Continue for approximately 2 miles. Woodside Equine Clinic will be on your right. There will be a white sign with the clinic name.


Reg #

Handler #1


Hander #2


Horse #2

Reg #

Handler #1


Hander #2


Year - DOB (horse)


Horse USEF#

Horse USDF#


Office Use



$ Year - DOB (horse)


Horse USEF#

Horse USDF#


Office Use




Owner Name

Emergency Phone #



Email Address


State AHA#


Trainer Name & Address

Sign Back

Emergency Phone #





Total Class Fees from above Horse Stall ____$65

$ ______

Tack Stall


$ ______


____$ 9

$ ______

Grounds Fee


$ ______

Arrival/Late Depart.


$ ______

$ _______

(per stall/per day) Email Address




Rider/Driver/Handler Name

Sign Back




Mandatory Fees per Horse

Office Fee AHA Resol. 9-90

Telephone #

____$17 ____$ 3

$ ______ $ ______

____$ 3

$ ______


$ ______

USEF Non-Member


$ ______

AHA Single Evt Fee


$ ______

Guided Tour of Grounds ____$10

$ ______

(per horse)


AHA Show Recogn Amateur:


Date of Birth - Jr Riders




Rider/Driver/Handler Name City Yes

Date of Birth - Jr Riders


State AHA#

Rider/Driver/Handler Name

Stable With

City Yes

Date of Birth - Jr Riders

Sign Back

Telephone #

Address Amateur:



Arrival Date/Time

State AHA#


(per person)

Post Entry Fee


(per horse –eff .4/1/10) (D&M $7/ USEF $8)

Telephone #

Address Amateur:

Sign Back

Sign Back


$ ______

Class Sponsorship ____$20 Championships Sponsor. ____$35

$ ______ $ ______


$ ______

Camper Fee (per day)

ENTRIES CLOSE May 8, 2011 Mail to: Sherri Re 112 Rockfish Rd Waynesboro, VA 22980 281-513-5745 /

Total Due ......................

$ ______

Make Check Payable to: VAHA NO OPEN Checks with Original Entry

AHA ENTRY AGREEMENT – Regional and Local Show I have read the rules concerning competitions as printed in the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) Handbook and Directory and agree to be bound by and subject to those Rules. AHA ASSUMPTION OF RISK, RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION This document waives very important legal rights. Read it carefully before signing. In consideration for AHA permitting me to participate in this Competition, and by signing the entry blank, I agree as follows: I AGREE that I choose to participate voluntarily in this Competition, as a rider, driver, handler, lessee, owner, agent, coach, trainer, junior exhibitor, or as a parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor. I AMFULLY AWARE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HORSE SPORTS AND PARTICIPATION IN THIS COMPETITION INVOLVE SERIOUS RISK OF HARM INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, RISKS OF ACCIDENT, SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, BROKEN BONES, HEAD INJURIES, TRAUMA, PAIN, AND SUFFERING, AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. I ASSUME ALL RISKS OF HARM TO ME, MY HORSE OR MY PROPERTY. I AGREE for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns to release AHA, the Competition, the facilities leased by the Competition and the owner(s) of the facilities, and all of their respective officers, officials, directors, employees, agents, personnel, volunteers, affiliated organizations and insurers (collectively, the "Released Parties") from any and all claims for damage, loss, or injury to myself, other persons, horses or other property belonging to me to the fullest extent permitted by law that arises out of or relates in any way to the Competition and my participation in the Competition INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGES, LOSS, OR INJURY RESULTING FROM ANY ACTS, FAILURE TO ACT, NEGLIGENCE OR NEGLECT OF OTHER ENTRANTS, THE RELEASED PARTIES, THEIR CONTRACTORS OR INVITEES, as well as for theft, vandalism, fire, other casualty damage, or damage arising out of any defects in the premises. I AGREE to indemnify and hold harmless (that is pay all losses, damages, attorneys fees and costs of) the Released Parties from and against any and all claims, demands, penalties, actions, losses, costs, damages, injuries, liabilities and obligations (including attorneys fees) of whatsoever kind and nature, which may be asserted against or incurred by any of them as a result of (1) my participation in the Competition or (2) any act, failure to act, or neglect (a) by me, my agents, employees, riders, handlers, trainers, coaches, drivers, contractors or invitees, or (b) by any animal owned or exhibited by me or in my custody or control. I AGREE and represent that I am qualified and eligible to enter and/or participate in the Competition, and every horse I am entering is qualified and eligible as entered. I AGREE to accept AS FINAL any decision of AHA, the Show Commission or Show Officials concerning my qualification or the qualification of my horse to enter the Competition or any results of the Competition, except to the extent that the Rules of AHA, the Competition, Equine Canada or U.S. Equestrian Federation permit a protest or hearing of such decisions. Should a hearing be requested, I agree to accept AS FINAL the decision of the particular hearing body. I agree to release, hold harmless and not to sue AHA, the Competition Sponsor, their officers, directors, employees, volunteers or members concerning any decision of AHA, the Competition, its Show Commission, Show Officials or any hearing body that relates to my qualifications or my horse(s)’ qualifications to enter the Competition or any results of the Competition. I AGREE that AHA has the sole right to control, sell, supervise or give away (or assign to others the right to do so) the exclusive rights to broadcast, televise, reproduce, transmit and disseminate all or part of this event, and I agree that AHA may use or assign, in any way AHA sees fit, photographs, films, videos, audios, cablecasts, or other likenesses of me and my horse taken during the course of the Competition for the promotion, coverage or benefit of the Competition or AHA. Those likenesses shall not be used to advertise a product and they may not be used in such a way which implies endorsement of any company, product, product category or service. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and release any rights in connection with such use, including any claim to compensation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, or to misappropriation. By signing below as a parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor, I consent to the child’s participation and agree to all of the above provisions, and further agree to assume all of the obligations of this AHA Assumption of Risk, Release and Indemnification personally and on behalf of the child. This AHA Assumption of Risk, Release and Indemnification is governed by the Laws of the State of Colorado and is intended to be interpreted as broadly as possible. I agree that exclusive jurisdiction and venue (place) for any legal action against AHA, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers or agents shall be in the local district courts or the federal court of the State of Colorado. If any part of this agreement is determined to be unenforceable, all other parts shall remain effect. Federation Entry Agreement By entering a Federation-licensed Competition and signing this entry blank as the Owner, Lessee, Trainer, Manager, Agent, Coach, Driver, Rider, Handler, Vaulter or Longeur and on behalf of myself and my principals, representatives, employees and agents, I agree that I am subject to the Bylaws and Rules of The United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. (the “Federation”) and the local rules of Virginia Arabian Horse Show & Futurity I agree to be bound by the Bylaws and Rules of the Federation and of the competition. I will accept as final the decision of the Hearing Committee on any question arising under the Rules, and agree to release and hold harmless the competition, the Federation, their officials, directors and employees for any action taken under the Rules. I represent that I am eligible to enter and/or participate under the Rules, and every horse I am entering is eligible as entered. I also agree that as a condition of and in consideration of acceptance of entry, the Federation and/or the Competition may use or assign photographs, videos, audios, cable - casts, broadcasts, internet, film, new media or other likenesses of me and my horse taken during the course of the competition for the promotion, coverage or benefit of the competition, sport, or the Federation. Those likenesses shall not be used to advertise a product and they may not be used in such a way as to jeopardize amateur status. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and release any rights in connection with such use, including any claim to compensation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, or to misappropriation. The construction and application of Federation rules are governed by the laws of the State of New York, and any action instituted against the Federation must be filed in New York State. See GR908.4. Federation Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Indemnification This document waives important legal rights. Read it carefully before signing. I AGREE in consideration for my participation in this Virginia Arabian Horse Show & Futurity to the following: I AGREE that “the Federation” and “Competition” as used herein includes the Licensee and Competition Management, as well as all of their officials, officers, directors, employees, agents, personnel, volunteers and Federation affiliates. I AGREE that I choose to participate voluntarily in the Competition with my horse, as a rider, driver, handler, vaulter, longeur, lessee, owner, agent, coach, trainer, or as parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor. I am fully aware and acknowledge that horse sports and the Competition involve inherent dangerous risks of accident, loss, and serious bodily injury including broken bones, head injuries, trauma, pain, suffering, or death. (“Harm”). I AGREE to hold harmless and release the Federation and the Competition from all claims for money damages or otherwise for any Harm to me or my horse and for any Harm of any nature caused by me or my horse to others, even if the Harm arises or results, directly or indirectly, from the negligence of the Federation or the Competition. I AGREE to expressly assume all risks of Harm to me or my horse, including Harm resulting from the negligence of the Federation or the Competition. I AGREE to indemnify (that is, to pay any losses, damages, or costs incurred by) the Federation and the Competition and to hold them harmless with respect to claims for Harm to me or my horse, and for claims made by others for any Harm caused by me or my horse while at the Competition. I have read the Federation Rules about protective equipment, including GR801 and, if applicable, EV114, and I understand that I am entitled to wear protective equipment without penalty, and I acknowledge that the Federation strongly encourages me to do so while WARNING that no protective equipment can guard against all injuries. If I am a parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor, I consent to the child’s participation and AGREE to all of the above provisions and AGREE to assume all of the obligations of this Release on the child’s behalf I represent that I have the requisite training, coaching and abilities to safely compete in this competition. I AGREE that if I am injured at this competition, the medical personnel treating my injuries may provide information on my injury and treatment to the Federation on the official USEF accident/injury report form. BY SIGNING BELOW, I AGREE to be bound by all applicable Federation Rules and all terms and provisions of this entry blank

OWNER (Mandatory – Name & Signature required) Print Name: _____________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

TRAINER (Mandatory– Name & Signature required) Print Name: _____________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

Rider/Driver/Handler (Mandatory)

Print Name: ______________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

Rider/Driver/Handler (Mandatory)

Print Name: ______________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

Rider/Driver/Handler (Mandatory)

Print Name: ______________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

Rider/Driver/Handler (Mandatory)

Print Name: ______________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

Print Minor Name:____________________ Print Parent/Guardian: __________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

Print Minor Name:____________________ Print Parent/Guardian: _________________________________

Signature: X ___________________________________________

USEF Competition Name: Virginia Competition Division(s) and Rating(s):

Arabian Horse Show & Futurity USEF#: 0628

"A" Rated Arabian, Half-Arabian, Junior Exhibitor, Half Arabian Junior Exhibitor

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Arabian Horse Association Show Recognition Competition Sponsor: Virginia Arabian Horse Horse Association AHA Recognition Show/Recording Number: 111510639 & 111510643

The Arabian Horse Association is a major equine association serving members in the United States and Canada. It registers and maintains a database of more than one million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses and administers more than $2.5 million in annual prize money. AHA produces championship events, recognizes over 500 Arabian horse shows and distance rides annually and provides activities and programs that promote breeding and ownership. For information about Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses, call 303-696-4500, e-mail or visit

Join AHA through your local club for the following great member benefits: • Discounted subscription to Modern Arabian Horse magazine • Reduced rate for competition privileges across a variety of disciplines for local, regional and national AHA-approved shows and rides • Peace of mind with 1 million in personal liability insurance through Equisure • Preferred rates on horse registrations and transfers • Preferred rates on ArabDataSource, the world’s largest online Arabian horse resource • No annual fee, low interest rate Bank of America affinity credit card • Numerous opportunities to participate in award recognition and prize money programs • Show circuits for AHA members at local, regional and national levels

Contact your local club: Mary Ellena Ward 305 New Cameron Dr., Lexington, VA 24450

Arabian Horse Association AHA 090032 (Rev. 12/10)

10805 East Bethany Drive

Aurora, CO 80014


The Judges & Stewards Commissioner is responsible for handling written and signed complaints relating to judges’ and stewards’ conduct when filed by exhibitors, show officials, AHA members or others, and when accompanied by a ten-dollar ($10.00) filing fee [Resolution 5-90]. Other comments, compliments, questions, inquiries are encourageed when appropriate (no filing fee required). Write: Judges & Stewards Commissioner, PO Box 440949, Aurora, CO 80044-0949; (303) 696-4537.

303.696.4599 fax

USDF Membership Benefits: USDF is dedicated to education, the recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage. For details on member benefits, including educational programs, awards, and other opportunities, refer to the USDF Competitor & Member Guide or the USDF Web site at U


This competition is recognized by USDF for 2011

Membership Requirements for USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized Competitions: Owners and riders, including foreign riders and owners who are not residents of the US, wishing to participate in a USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competition as a rider or owner/lessee, must have either a USDF Group Membership, Participating Membership (PM), or have a USDF Non-Member (NM) identification number and pay the USDF NM fee. (Note: USDF business members can own horses but cannot compete as riders with their USDF BM.) Individuals cannot compete at a USEFlicensed/USDF-recognized competition with a USDF Education Membership.



Horses competing at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions must have either a USDF Horse Identification (HID) number or a USDF Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR). Proper credentials or verification certificates must be presented to the competition secretary. Riders and owners wishing to participate in a USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competition, and not able to present the competition secretary with verification of a USDF membership or NM identification, and USDF LHR or USDF HID, must complete a USDF Competition Affidavit Form and pay the $5 affidavit filing fee. A copy of a completed affidavit form from another competition may also be used for verification purposes for up to 60 days. (Exception: Affidavits cannot be used at Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships.) Exceptions: • Horses competing only in Individual Breed Classes (IBCs) at DSHB competitions, sires and dams of horses in DSHB group classes, where those sires or dams are not actually competing in the same competition, horses competing only in breed restricted dressage or DSHB classes at Regular Competitions (e.g. all Arabian, all Friesian, or all Morgan classes), or in USDF Introductory Level tests, Pas de Deux, Quadrille, FEI ParaEquestrian classes, are exempt from this requirement. Also exempt are horses ridden in leadline, exhibitions, games and races, classes for 4-H members, walk-trot, academy and opportunity classes. For foreign-owned horses competing in a CDI, USDF accepts copies of the horse identification pages from an FEI passport in lieu of a USDF HID or LHR number. • Riders and owners/lessees competing only in classes which are exempt from the USDF HID requirements are also exempt from the USDF NM identification number and NM fee requirements. Also exempt are handlers of horses competing in DSHB In-Hand or Group classes. Memberships Defined Participating Membership (PM): A membership issued to an individual directly by USDF. The membership year is December 1 through November 30. PMs are available for 1-year ($75), 5-years ($300), or life ($1,500). A USDF Youth Participating Membership (YPM) is available for individuals who have not reached their 21st birthday by December 1 of the current membership year ($60). A PM allows the member to compete at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions and to participate as a rider and/or owner/lessee for all Adequan®/USDF Year-End Awards, Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders’ Championship Series Finals and the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championship program. Group Membership (GM): A membership issued to an individual by USDF when the member name and dues are submitted to USDF through an affiliate Group Member Organization (GMO). The GM year begins December 1 and ends November 30. A GM allows the member to compete at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions and participate in the USDF Rider Awards program. Business Membership (BM): A membership that runs December 1 through November 30 and is issued to a business or organization directly by USDF. The USDF BM ($200) offers a wider variety of advertising benefits. BMs satisfy requirements of horse ownership only. Education Membership (e-Membership): A membership issued to an individual directly by USDF. This online education only membership expires 12 months after the date joined. This membership type does NOT allow an individual to compete at a USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competition. Non-Member (NM) Identification Number: For each USDF NM owner/lessee and USDF NM rider there will be a USDF NM fee of $25 and a USDF NM form per competition that must be collected by the show secretary and submitted to USDF along with the USDF Report of Fees document and the $5 affidavit fee if the person cannot provide a copy of their USDF NM card. Owners/lessees or riders exempt from the NM number requirements are also exempt from paying the USDF NM fee. If there are multiple owners of a horse and all are NMs, only one of the owners must pay the NM fee. If the horse has at least one owner who is a current USDF member there is no NM fee assessed. Competition management will be invoiced for all applicable USDF NM fees not received with the USDF post competition paperwork, along with a report listing all USDF NMs. Competition management is then required to submit the NM fees within 30 days to the USDF. An individual with a USDF NM identification number is not eligible for any USDF membership benefits. Once a USDF NM number has been assigned, a USDF NM card can be obtained from the USDF Web site. Horse Identification (HID) Number: A one-time tracking number for horses ($25). Scores earned by a horse with an HID number will be recorded, but will NOT be counted towards Adequan®/USDF Year-End Awards. A horse with an HID number is not eligible to compete in Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional qualifying or championship classes or Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders’ Championship Series Finals. An HID number can be upgraded to a Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR) for a fee of $70. If a horse has a USDF LHR it does not need an HID number. An HID number is a one-time fee that does not need to be renewed. Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR): A horse with an LHR ($95) is eligible for Adequan®/USDF Year-End Awards, and eligible to compete at Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders’ Championship Series Finals and Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional qualifying and championship classes, assuming requirements for the owner and rider are met. If a horse has an LHR it does not need an HID number. An LHR does not need to be renewed. How to Join USDF Applications for USDF Participating Membership (PM), Business Membership (BM), Horse Identification (HID) number, and Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR) may be found in the following locations: • On the USDF Web site: You can submit the application online or download the form and fax or mail it to the USDF office. • In the show office at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions classified by USEF as Dressage Competitions, and Regular Competitions which are open to all breeds. • By calling or writing the USDF office at (859) 971-2277, 4051 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511 The effective date of membership is the date the form and correct fees are received in the USDF office or, if applying at a competition, the date received by the competition secretary, provided the application is signed and dated by the competition secretary, member, and/or horse owner on that same day.


Have some spare time?  Wonder what all the buildings you see on the grounds were used  for? Wonder.....Where to Secretariat sleep, graze and thrive on the farm?   We’ll take a guided tour on a tram while you are at the show! The tour is  guided by the knowledgeable Leeanne Ladin author of “Secretariat’s Meadow: The Land, The Family, The  Legend.”    Cost is $10 per person. Space is limited so sign up early.   Friday June 3, 2011  10:00 AM 



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2:00 PM  



Sunday June 5, 2011  10:00 AM  



You can pay on your entry or separate. Please Circle the time you are interested in, give your name and phone  number so we can contact you if there are any problems. Enjoy!         

→June 3, 4 & 5, 2011← Class “A” Arabian & Half-Arabian Horse Show Doswell, Virginia ----------------------2011 SPONSORSHIP FORM----------------------------Please indicate your level of sponsorship you wish to support. All levels of sponsorship include ringside recognition by show announcer and listing posted at the show office. TYPE OF SPONSORSHIP _____

Class Sponsorship

AMOUNT $25.00



Championship Class


______ PAY NOW (Send Form & Payment via mail) or


Business Card in Program


______ PLEDGE NOW & PAY LATER (Send Form via mail/email)

(Includes business card ad in show program)



Exhibitor Welcome Packet


(Includes business card ad in show program and exhibitor packets)

Sponsor Name

Address, Phone number & email

Make checks or money orders payable to VAHA and send this form to: Kara Hite 18141 Granite Dr Gordonsville, VA 22942 For more information: (434) 770-2802

Virginia Arabian Horse Show - June 3-5, 2011  

Virginia Arabian Horse Show Prize List. Show is in Doswell, VA at The Meadow Event Park on June 3-5, 2011.

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