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November 2010


Chelsea Seegers

dj sousay soda

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November 2010

interview dj sousay neek soda

Cover Shot By Kristina Fernandez

wh at i s t h e vag u s n e rv e


O ri g inally, The Vagus Nerve was a literary magazine exclu s i v e ly featuring artists’ work. Now the Vagus Nerve is trans f o r m ing int o an art, culture, and fashion magazine featuring a ll t ypes of artists such as painters, sculpt ors, phot ogra p h e r s, dancers, musicians, graffiti artists, and DJs. Produce d b y C SUN,the Vagus Nerve is specific t o you because the art i s t s featured are people around you. They are UNLV student s . Yo u will be able t o get t o know these artists, their back g ro u nd, and the inspirations behind their work. We focus on s h owcasing both the artist and his or her art.

Th i s first issue is a THROWBACK ISSUE issue featuring a rt i sts from past issues of Vagus Nerve from '07-'09, as we p ro g ress as a magazine, we will need new artists. If you are i n t e rested in art, fashion, or culture, here is your magazine . Wh e ther you have been anticipating our kickoff event for w e e k s or simply stumbled across our little publication, we e n c o urage you t o a) enj oy and b) contribute!

Vagus Nerve Staff Publications Director Zackery Williams Assistant/journalist Chelsea Sendgraff Photographers Kristina Fernandez Katherin Miranda

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fivefingers B r i g e t t e Pa l m e r


B r i g e t t e Pa l m e r

Th riller 2 . ov e r 2 5 0 p e o p l e at t e n d e d t h e e v e n t and learned the da n c e . Th e e v e n t g ot s t u d e n t g ro u p s a n d s t u d e n t s i n v o lv e d ; i t wa s a g r e at n e w e v e n t t o a d d t h e U N LV ca m p u s a n d I h o p e t o s e e i t d o n e ag ai n i n the future


1 . Th e e v e n t o f f e r e d a f r e e i n s t ru c t i o n o f “ Th ri ll e r , H a ll ow e e n goodies, and a $100 r e wa r d f o r t h e b e s t zombie costume.


Interview with

Chelsea seegers Director of Entertainment and Programming By Chelsea Sendgraff

Photography by Katherine Miranda & Kristina Fernandez

Oct 21 2010

3. The e v e n t wa s “ Thriller” da nce pa rt y. I t wa s a mass te ac h i n g o f M i chael Jac k s o n ’ s , fa m ous “ Thri ll e r” v i d e o. It was h eld O c t o b e r 2 1 , 2010 in f rom 6 :0 0 - 8 :0 0 p m in the Stud e n t Un i o n B a llroom.

4. The best part of the even t wa s doing the dance with every o n e at the end. As a former dancer , i t wa s gratifying t o see everyone d o i n g something that I have such a pa s sion for. Plus, it was very g rat i f y ing t o see everyone do the da n c e s o well after such a short t i m e . Lastly, it was great t o see st u d e n t s learn t o excel in their tra d e . Seeing the student instruct o r s a n d deejays excel in what they d o, a n d what they strive t o do in t h e future.

Looking Glass

Staci Bobo

K i t c h e n Ta b l e N u d e Staci Bobo

Photo By Zackery Williams

What is your favorite project? Why? The spontaneous ones.


By Chelsea Sendgraff

When I have an idea I jump right into it and start creating the picture in my head. I try to do it asap before I lose the train of thought. I don’t like planned projects even though I am surrounded by it all the time. My best work comes from fucking around. What is LURKN?

You’re involved in a lot of things. What are some of your projects? I have a couple different projects going on, whatsonewearing (explained below), whatsoneeating this is my new project, which involves social networking to have people see what other people are eating. Think of it as a social network for food. Everyone loves to take pictures from their mobile device and upload it on their twitter or facebook, I decided why not dedicate a site just for that, The Lowballers car crew, this is my side project which involve the automotive culture. Me being in loved with cars I started a car crew/club revolving being low and having nice flushed wheels. We are recognized worldwide now with the help of me being a blogger on the popular site, and last but not least my own brand LURKN (explained below).

Just as the name states “LURKN” is my personal brand that I just started. For now it is a series of logo tee’s that will evolve into workwear inspired clothing from jackets to accessories. I want people to wear it and not afraid to get it dirty. The designs are very simple and each word & design that I create has a meaning towards it. I like attention to detail so I put emphasis the placement of logo’s. How did you come up with it? People all the time say that I LURK everywhere. Creepy almost haha. That’s who I am and what I do, I like to observe and think of my surroundings before I proceed to speak. The LURKN brand is everything I like and what I am interested in. .

Where can people find it? For now It is only available thru my online shop. On In the near future it will be carried in selected shops all over the world.

LURKN LURKN You founded the company W.O.W. ( What is the company about? What does it provide? W.O.W stands for WhatsOneWearing. After participating in What Did you Wear threads on various forums I wanted to have a central website for people to see what other people are wearing all over the world. Kids want to be on websites and blogs now days so W.O.W is a great site for kids to have their chance to be an internet celebrity haha! It is also a great viral marketing site for companies to showcase their latest products. We already have submissions worldwide from England to Singapore and countries in between. The response has been amazing even though the site has been up for only a couple of months. You travel a lot. What has been your favorite place to visit? Why? It may seem I travel a lot but lets just say my gateway out of Vegas is the Internet for now. And when I do get out of the city I like to document it by taking photos as much as I can. I have been going to New York most of the time. I love that city, from the food to the culture. The human interaction there is like no other, you can be in the subway next to a thug, hipster, or a bum. It doesn’t matter everyone has to be somewhere; you can sense it all around you. I like to observe people and think of the thoughts that are running into their minds at that moment. All I have to say is if you haven’t been to New York I suggest you go and get lost in the city to experience it. What is your goal for the future? My LURKN brand to expand. to become the number 1 food porn blog. To get a Japanese girl. To travel to Japan to find a Japanese girl. And buy a Lexus LS430 by next year…


“I take photos and lurk” 702.355.9632

Open Spaces Chelsea Mantle

Photo By Zackery Williams

Dj Sousay

By Chelsea Sendgraff

You’re a Dj for Rebel Radio? How did you get involved with the Rebel Radio? I am the founder of UNLV Rebel Radio. Being a very involved student on campus, I always wondered why such a small percentage of the student body participated in on campus activities. A majority of the students do not know what is going on with our athletic teams. I noticed I never knew what student government (CSUN) was trying to accomplish. Greek Life life has always been the answer to help keep me involved on campus as I am a member of Sigma Alpha Mu . That being said I was thinking of a way to share my music with more people and I thought it would be awesome to start a podcast for the UNLV students, faculty, alumni, and sports fans to keep everyone in the know about the events going on around campus and stay up to day with some good music. I thought it was a win win situation for everyone. I want nothing more than to help raise the amount of "school spirit" we have at UNLV in all senses of the term.

How do you feel about being a part of Rebel Radio? I love it! It definitely pushes me as a DJ. Every time I play, I want to impress my listeners by the way I am able to manipulate different songs through scratching, word play, or other turntablism techniques so I am always searching for new ways to accomplish this. I get to participate in a lot more things on campus. Last month I played at some great philanthropies including the LB3 (Lindsey Bennet Memorial) Kick Off which was incredible. Coach Kruger of the UNLV Men's Basketball team came out along with the Rebel Girls to help raise money for the community. I also played at some events for student government (CSUN) and the Intra-Fraternity Council (IFC).

What opportunities have arisen from your involvement with Rebel Radio? Rebel Radio has opened up a lot of doors for me as far as DJing is concerned. We are very involved with UNLV Athletics so I was privileged enough to be asked if I would be interested in playing at some of the UNLV Basketball games. This is something I have always wanted to do so I hope that this comes to fruition.

What is the best part of being a Dj?

What are your goals for the future?

The best part of being a DJ is the exhilaration of guiding a packed dance floor of people through their night. It is almost hard to describe in words. It is my job to set the mood and control the energy for the night. My favorite part of being a DJ is the reaction I get from a packed dance floor when I drop a track they haven't heard in a while and I see everyone on the floor go crazy screaming, "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!" If I am successful in building the energy of the room up I am able to mute the track and have the entire crowd sing the chorus in unison. That feeling I get when I mute the chorus of a song everyone is going crazy screaming the words acapella to what I live for as a DJ.

I want to continue to improve my turntabilsm skills. Rebel Radio is growing much faster than I ever imagined so I am excited to see what new opportunities it will bring me. School is also very important to me and I take it very seriously. My major at UNLV is Comprehensive Medical Imaging. After graduation from UNLV I hope to continue on to medical school during the day while rockin' the club at night!

Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, House and Funk

Where can people find your mixes? Two places! You can visit my website at or you can go to the UNLV Rebel Radio webpage at Is there anything I missed that you would like to add? I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through all of my endeavors especially the UNLV Student Body, my brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu, and my family.

What is your favorite genre of music to play? Why? I like to play all genres of music. I love it when I have the freedom to combine Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, House, and Funk all together. Unfortunately, I don't always get to do this. Depending on where I am spinning that night changes what genre of music I am called on to play. My favorite way to spin is when I have the freedom to read the crowd and combine the various genres together as I see fit to get everyone at the establishment out on the dance floor. What inspires you musically? I listen to other DJs play as much as I can. DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) has hands down been my biggest inspiration. DJ AM was so innovative. In his sets you would hear classic rock songs like AC/DC seamlessly blended with hip hop with flawless scratching. What AM was able to do with two turntables still blows my mind. No one will ever sound like him. I was devastated when he passed away. AM was always getting better. He revolutionized the way people look at disc jockey's in the US. Most of the things DJs do today were made popular by AM. It seems like new technology, whether it be software or equipment comes out every week. I can't imagine what new things AM would have invented by now. AM was always paving the way for others. When I have a particularly big gig sometimes I get nervous. To help calm my nerves and get myself in the right mindset to perform, I always listen to my favorite DJ AM mixtape on my drive to work. He will always and forever be my favorite DJ. Like DJ AM always said, "Feed the soul, Starve the Ego."


Interview By Chelsea Sendgraff

Was this goal met?


Students Organizing Diversity Activities


MICHELL OROZCO By Chelsea Sendgraff

You are the president of SODA. What is SODA? Students Organizing Diversity Activities (SODA) is responsible for the planning and implementation of programs recognizing cultural, heritage and awareness months. By collaborating with various organizations and having a lively group of student members, SODA is able to host amazing events highlighting diversity to the campus community. We are a student organization housed under and funded by the Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity (OCED). What is the goal of the organization?

Yes; with over 500 attendees present, we were able to share the songs of a variety of people who identify as Latin@. Through reading the responses gathered in our program evaluation, students felt empowered after leaving the event to remain connected to their Latin@ culture and/or to get more involved at UNLV and in the community. What was offered at the event? What was the entertainment? The event included dance lessons provided by an instructor from the SRWC and live music from a local mariachi group. It also showcased a variety of other musical and traditional dance performances from a variety of Spanish speaking countries. The highlight of the event was a performance by Mark Gonzales, a Def Jam poet and activist. The event ended with delicious Salvadorean pupusas and a night full of dancing with music provided by 99.3, La Kalle. What other events does SODA hold? SODA hosts at least one program every month for the various underrepresented community that is recognized during the various times of the year. For fall, here are the two events we have coming up: Breaking the Silence! Join us for an evening with American Sign Language Comedian Branton Stewart and a night full of discussing topics we often keep silent. 7pm in the SU Theatre on Wednesday, October 20th.

SODA works to create a space where underrepresented student communities feel connected to campus as well as to develop campus events that provide an environment conducive to learning and building awareness within ALL students, no matter how they identify.

Breaking the Cycle, Building a Dream. Join us for an evening with Jessica Yee, founder of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. Free food provided by NASA. 7pm in SU 208 on Thursday, November 18th.

The organization just held the event "Oye Mi Canto/Hear my Song"? What was the goal of this event?

Next semester, we will host programs for Black History Month, Womyn's Herstory Month, Pride Month, and APIA Month (officially in May, but we recognize it in April).

This event was organized to recognize Latin@ Heritage Month. Going along with the title, the purpose of the program was to share the songs of our Latin@ students and the culture present within our greater Las Vegas community. We provided authentic glimpses into the culture through dance, music, spoken word, activism, and food.

What are some opportunities for interested students to get involved with SODA?

The goal of this program was to celebrate the Latino/a culture through spoken word, music, art, and dance. As well as to raise awareness of issues that affect the Latino community. An important aspect of SODA’s programs are to try to connect students to a different culture that they might not be familiar with and raise awareness of struggles that the community might be facing.

The best way for students to get involved with SODA is for them to attend an event we host. If you like what you experience at the event, we encourage you to join us at our meetings should you want to get more involved. Or, your help could always be much appreciated in spreading the word about us and inviting friends to our next event. Our Facebook group (UNLV SODA) is where we provide the most updated information to people interested in how we serve UNLV, so join today!

Oye Mi Canto



September 23 2010



what is SODA

Students Organizing Diversity Activities is an exciting group responsible for the planning and implementation of programs recognizing cultural, heritage and awareness months. By collaborating with various organizations and having a lively group of student members, SODA is able to host amazing events highlighting diversity to the campus community! Meetings are every Tuesday at 5:00 in SU room 205


Krystal Ramirez

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