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Vaginal Mesh Injuries Named One of Most "Troubling" Stories in Canada

One of Canada’s national news networks has labeled the pain and suffering endured by Canadian women resulting from the use of vaginal mesh devices as one of the most troubling stories for 2012. Avis Favaro of CTV aired her report after hearing the stories of misery and anguish of women injured by these devices.

Over 600 vaginal mesh lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of these devices in Canada as of 2012. Included in these legal actions are the cases of Carol Kouyoumjian and Diane McLaughlin.

Kouyoumjian, a former nurse, was implanted with a vaginal mesh in 2006 to treat her stress urinary incontinence (SUI). At about the same time, McLaughlin also had a vaginal mesh surgery for her SUI. Since then, both of them have been experiencing endless pain and suffering instead of enjoying a better quality of life.

They have already filed lawsuits against Ethicon for the injuries resulting from the use of the company’s Gynecare mesh products. They have further alleged that they were not informed or warned of possible side effects associated with these products.

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Vaginal Mesh Injuries Named One of Most "Troubling" Stories in Canada