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Industry Spotlight: Alice Martins


Shooting the Stars


Trekking to the End of the World

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“Vagabundo Magazine strives to shed light on the road less travelled and those willing to blaze their own�

contributor info Editor-in-Chief: Brendan van Son Associate Editor: Lauren Crabbe Head of Design: Tiffany WĂźest Staff Writers: Gaz Walker, Matthew Sterne, Eric Gonzalez, Mike Cotton, James Dorsey and William Wolf. Contributing Editors: Alexandra Kahn, Jen Glanville, Julie Gassmann and, Rachel MacNeill Freelance Contributors: Dave Bouskill, and Jeff Bartlett Cover Photo: Alice Martins

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Vagabundo Magazine is a division of van Son Media. As such, the rights to the photography and written content within the pages of this magazine are owned by the contributors and the magazine itself. The people who contribute content to this magazine put a lot of effort in to ensuring their work is top quality; please do not degrade it by reproducing their words or copying their images without their permission and that of the magazine. Furthermore, it is against copyright law to distribute or re-sell this magazine without the permission of van Son Media and Vagabundo Magazine. We appreciate your support of the magazine and hope that we can continue producing inspiring work for years to come. Your respect of the aforementioned rights will ensure that our desire to continue putting forward inspiring work becomes a reality. Thank you.

Exploring Urban Conflict in Nail City

contact information Email: Phone: 1-347-270-8585 Website:

exploring urban


conflict in

city (

by Eric Gonzalez @villagehopper )

Industry spotlight

on the front lines with

Alice martins (

by Lauren Crabbe @LaurenCrabbe )

For photojournalist Alice Martins, conflict is a reason to dig beneath the surface of human struggle and seek truth amidst chaos. Once working out of a hostel in her home country of Brazil and photographing benefit concerts, she made a name for herself covering the emerging surf scene on the Gaza Strip, before merging into war photography, documenting the ongoing civil unrest in Syria. Her work has been featured on a number of esteemed platforms, including the New York Times, Al Jazeera, the New Yorker, Foreign Policy, and the Washington Post – just to name a few.

Post-conflict tourism

in bosnia-h

by Brendan van Son ( @brendanvanson )


Extreme Eats: Bugging out in Cambodia

Photo Credit: Tiffany W端est

APRIL / MAY 2014


Extreme Eats: Bugging out in Cambodia

Extreme Eats: Bugging out in Cambodia by James Dorsey ( @agingexplorer )

"The churning mass of living creatures before my eyes made me think twice about my current dining choice." I absolutely draw the line at eating eyeballs and brains, and I am not too fond of tongue either. For these reasons, I really can’t explain my desire to


APRIL / MAY 2014

Shooting The stars

with caleb Lloyd

a feature by Mike Cotton ( @mikecjourno )

trekking to the by William Wolf ( @willtravellife )

end of the world


In Brazilian Portuguese the word “Vagabundo” is not known to be a positive one. The word refers to a person who is homeless, broke, and likely lives and travels aimlessly. However, at Vagabundo Magazine we don’t think being a Vagabundo is such a bad thing. For us, a Vagabundo is someone who doesn’t travel by the same rules as everyone else, doesn’t stick to the main paths provided by the world, and someone who, well, wanders but with a purpose. A Vagabundo knows exactly what they are doing, they know exactly where they are, they simply don’t know where they are going. Vagabundos all over the world push the travel world by exploring new places, rediscovering old places, and blazing paths to the world unknown.

Are you a Vagabundo? Join us in our exploration of the world.


around the world

with graham hughes

a feature by Matthew Sterne

After four days at sea, the leaky wooden boat with no sail crept slowly into the harbour.

Sunburnt, fatigued, and relieved, the small crew had finally arrived in Cape Verde, a small island 570 kilometres off the coast of West Africa. However, the welcoming party was subdued. An ominous crowd silently waited on the docks.


APRIL / MAY 2014

allure of the apatani by Gaz Walker ( @gazwax )

Vagabundo Magazine - April/May 2014  

This issue of Vagabundo Magazine is easily our most powerful. Though we keep strong to our adventure travel roots, we've decided to dedicat...

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