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The Salvation Army Ukraine Division News—Summer 2011

Dear friends: Time flies in the Ukraine Division, and after a busy summer with lots of activity, we are now ready to share with you glimpses of ministry that has taken place throughout the country during the summer months and early fall. Say a prayer as you read, and be blessed by the stories of the Lord’s work taking place in the country of Ukraine in the Eastern Europe Territory of The Salvation Army. To God be the glory! Major Bobby and Captain Anne Westmoreland, Divisional Leaders Find previous issues at:

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Mission: Lviv! Ukrainian Teams Serving in the Western Part of the Country In the summer our division gave great focus to our corps plant in Lviv by sending mission teams from four corps in our division to do outreach in the city. This was a great opportunity for soldiers throughout the division to do useful ministry in a different setting, helping our own. Iana Tsvirkun, the team leader of the corps plant, writes: “This summer was very blessed for the city. We had the opportunity of hosting evangelistic teams from Kirovograd, Kharkov, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk. Each team brought interesting programs. We carried out activities such as puppet shows, a sociological survey, which polled 177 people, ministry in a local park, where we did games with children, a flash mob, distributed leaflets with information about the Salvation Army, as well as organized a campaign, ‘Swap a cigarette for a piece of candy.’ In addition, all teams contributed to already existing programs such as children's club, youth meetings and Sunday service.” Keep the Lviv corps plant in your prayers as we keep working hard on establishing the Army’s presence there. It is our first opening in the western part of the country, and the success of the work is very important.

Farewells and Welcomes took place in two corps of our division, as Captains Sergey and Tatiana Katchanov were transferred to the Canada Territory from Kharkov, and Captain Vera Yefimenko to the Russia Division from Vasilkov.

Social Services Seminar with Emphasis on Family Ministries In July, our divisional

We will miss these three officers very much and wish them God’s blessing in their new ministry. To us from respectively Moldova and Russia came Lieutenant Svetlana Bochkareva with Igor appointed to Vasilkov, and Captains Vadim and Inna Khurin with Lena, Losha and Sasha appointed to Kharkov. We are so happy they are here!

It was a joyous occasion when Dima


married Dasha Pokusai on June 18 in Kirovograd Corps. The two have joined the ministry team in Lviv. Keep the Bessmolnys in prayer in the days ahead— for their marriage and joint ministry!

gathered 40 officers, soldiers, employees and friends from all over the division for four days of intense training and workshops. The special guest teacher was Konstantin Pozov, a Salvationist from Tbilisi Central Corps, Georgia. Konstantin is a trained social worker, and he shared from his educational background and practical experience. In addition to classroom teach-

ing, the local community became our classroom as we visited families using the SALT method. It became a very practical learning experience, which equipped all with new tools, as well as taught us a lot about the local community and ourselves.

Two New Soldiers were enrolled in Donetsk in July. It was a festive Sunday, where the whole Corps celebrated the two young ladies, who signed their soldier’s covenants.

It was a busy summer in Yalta with visits from both our Chief Secretary, Lt. Colonel Alastair Bate, our Territorial Leaders, Colonels Ken and Paula Johnson, as well as a Mission Team from Denmark. 38 individuals were part of a 6 day scouting camp, where the young people learned to cross a mountain river, how to build a ladder, collect herbs for medicine use, and much, much more. Lt. Colonel Bate got to greet all the scouts, and when Colonels Johnson came to visit they were inducted as honorary scout leaders for the troop.

Summer Day Camp in Pesochin gathered children from the neighborhood for fun-filled activities. Earlier in the year, Captain Sergei Hohotva went to a special seminar on planning and carrying out day camps, and the theory was put to practice!

In addition to the day camp in the community of Pesochin, the corps officers also gave service to many families, whose children got the opportunity to spend several weeks at a recreational sanitorium (camp setting) by the sea in Odessa.

Humanitarian Aid Distributions taking place in Crimea and Kirovograd. See report in next issue.

Basketball Ministry as Outreach in Dnepropetrovsk has kicked off at the initiative of Salvationist Anton Iavon. It is remarkable that this program has received government


Anton had the privilege of participating as a volunteer in the EuroBasketball event in Lithuania at the end of August. He joined Salvationists from other European countries as they reached out to those gathered for the games.

Day Camp in Dnepropetrovsk with mission team from Denmark reached out to new families in the community through ministry in a local park. All were invited to weekly kids club at the corps.

Survival Camp for all Ages was arranged by Kiev City Corps. Families got to spend time together.

Pray for Anton and for the Dnepropetrovsk Corps for the success of this new basketball outreach program. To God be the glory!

Captain Vyacheslav Boubnov, Mayak Corps Officer, turned 60 in August. Kirovograd Feeding Project serving both young and old continued during the summer. Pray for the continuation of this program now that the corps has moved to a new building with limited kitchen facilities. The corps reaches out to young people from a local orphanage through this program, and keeps up with them. This is part of our emphasis on preventing human trafficking.

The 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Eastern Europe Territory held in Kiev is now a wonderful memory for the Ukraine Division.

Вестник Украины лето 2011  
Вестник Украины лето 2011  

вестник о летних событиях