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New control function for NZA

New two year warranty period

New GPS control for Rapid

The legendary NZ harrow is now available with adjustable tillage depth on the move.

Setting a new standard by introducing a two-year guarantee period for all products.

V채derstad GPS Control system takes precision in conventional drilling to a higher level.



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January 2013

Control function for exact results

2012 – a year to remember or one simply to forget? Being one of the wettest years on record, it has certainly proved to be challenging one. But as the year ends Väderstad sees its 20,000th Rapid drill roll off the production line; a fine achievement since its launch in 1991. As our portfolio of drilling machinery expands further, we see the launch of the new 30 Series Seed Hawk in 6 & 8 metre versions as well as a new front tool option, System Disc Aggressive, for the 6 & 8 metre Rapid drills. Also the first Tempo precision planters are landing on UK soil, as is the strip till system based around the increasing popular Spirit. Since the introduction of the Spirit ‘Next’ in 2011, sales have consistently grown throughout the UK, and with its ability to place fertiliser, the Combi version has been selling well in the north of Scotland. By placing fertiliser with the front tool in a 5cm wide band, it is being seen by many as an advantage to the growth of the crop. The key benefit of placing fertiliser in a band is to maximise “nutrient use efficiency“. Placing the fertiliser in a band away from the seed and into moisture will in turn influence the rooting structure of the plant; as roots enter a nutrient rich environment they tend to proliferate in that area, giving a much bigger rooting structure. Appropriate placement methods can help maximise the take up of fertiliser while possibly reducing weeds, herbicides and potential nutrient loss, as well as reducing input costs. Whatever your particular farming practices are, we hope that 2013 brings you more sunshine and warmth for better growing, harvesting and planting seasons than last year. David Macgregor Territory Service Manager – Scotland


Through an ingenious hydraulic mechanism, the farmer can adjust tillage depth on the move. Väderstad has recently launched the Control function on its legendary NZA harrow. This allows exact setting of tillage depth from the tractor while work is in progress. Therefore the harrow can easily be adjusted to work somewhat harder on headlands and in parts of the field where slightly deeper cultivation is desired.

“This innovation, which is based on the same principle as that on Rapid seed drills, means that the farmer can set the depth from the driving seat”, says Michael Alsop, Managing Director at Väderstad. The function allowing very precise depth adjustment of the seedbed base will

Väderstad sets a new standard – extending the warranty period to two years be standard on NZA from 2013. NZA has become even simpler to use. “The control cylinder is actually a cylinder with an adjustable bottom position. By adding or releasing oil, this bottom position can be respectively raised or lowered. This allows the working depth to be simply adjusted during work and the machine ‘remembers’ the latest working depth set. A clear scale shows the bottom position – i.e. the harrow depth set”, says Michael Alsop. Väderstad has supplied almost 25 000 harrows since the first one rolled off the production line in the early 1980s. The harrow has been upgraded on several occasions, but the advance made now by Väderstad with the introduction of the Control function is as great as that made in 2002, when NZ Aggressive was introduced. Väderstad revolutionised agriculture with the invention and introduction of Crossboard in 1995. Today a front Crossboard is standard and a rear Crossboard can be chosen as an option for additional levelling capacity.

Väderstad is once again pushing the limits and sets a new standard by introducing a two-year guarantee period for all products as part of the company’s quality assurance work.

be able to offer this security to our customers”, said Fredrik Lundén.

“This reflects our focus on quality, which is of the utmost importance at every stage of the process when Väderstad is developing new products, from choice of materials to methods for testing “, explained Fredrik Lundén, Director of Marketing at Väderstad.

During development work at Väderstad, different technical solutions are tested in computer-simulated stress tests and in practical tests in the field. Over the years, Väderstad has built up an industrial testing system with different types of rigs and a comprehensive knowledge of how measured data compare with actual wear. The rigs allow scientific testing in a short time.

When selecting materials and components, Väderstad often goes for slightly more expensive solutions if these provide longer life. A machine that operates problem-free for a long time and that has a high secondhand value is cheaper to own. “We take a long-term perspective in everything we do and we have worked long and hard in order to

Early testing of different solutions

“The development of new agricultural machines and methods is at the core of Väderstad and we are so convinced of the quality of our development methods and testing operations that we are now feel confident in offering a twoyear guarantee” said Fredrik Lundén. Jacob Fransson, mechanical engineer at Väderstad-Verken

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More aggressive action from Väderstad cultivation tool improves seedbed quality More aggressive pre-cultivations on chalky boulder clay soils could be the answer to improving seedbeds through better seed to soil contact and therefore aiding establishment of cereal crops on a Hertfordshire farming enterprise. Pelham Farming Co Ltd based at Stocking Pelham Hall near Bishops Stortford is a 5000 acre joint farming organisation set up in 2000 between two like minded arable farming families – Edward and Arnold Hitchcock and Ian and Mike Watson. Pooling managerial resource and machines for cultivations, drilling and harvesting has helped to improve efficiency and drive up profits in the business in the last decade. Each of the farming members is responsible for their own spraying and fertiliser applications. This year the company tested a new drill and cultivation arrangement from Väderstad based on an 8m Rapid S with the System Disc Aggressive on the front – the new discs replacing the standard System Disc set up. Initial observations from Pelham Farming Company director Ian Watson – having drilled 270 hectares in five days already this season – is that the tilth on the Hanslope series soils is much finer and the trash has been mixed


and buried much more effectively. This has been achieved with very little difference to the rest of the cultivation practice or horsepower requirement. Despite being a slightly heavier drill with the System Disc Aggressive he says it only needs an extra 40hp to maintain the average drilling speed of 16kph achieved with the farms current 8m Rapid S and System Disc. The drill is being pulled by a New Holland T9560 articulated tractor unit. “We have tested the System Disc Aggressive on some very dry and cobbly soils,” he says. “It works particularly well behind the TopDown. The seedbed has remained constant at about 2.5inches deep with the tilth around the seed being fine, fluffy

and well consolidated. As the weather has started to turn wetter more recently we would not expect to see such a marked difference in seedbed quality between the two systems. “We think that the slightly heavier System Disc Aggressive – arranged in two rows of 32 angled conical discs with rubber suspension – is the key to providing such good seed beds in dry conditions. Normally we would expect to see lumps and clods on some of our worst soils. System Disc combined with the benefits of the Rexius Twin has

always eradicated slugs on the farm, or certainly we haven’t needed to use many slug pellets on the farm for years.” Mr Watson believes that it should be possible to take out a pre-cultivation pass where the System Disc Aggressive has been employed. For Pelham Farming the pre-cultivation consists of one pass with a 7m TopDown followed by a 6.3m Rexius Twin and then the drill. It could mean being able to take out the pass with the Rexius Twin, but in reality this is unlikely to be the case because some of the soils are particularly challenging. Pelham Farming Company has land spread over about 14 miles from end to end which means quite a lot of road work going to and from fields. Much focus has therefore been placed on operator and road user safety by ensuring that the 8m Rapid drill folds down to a road legal width of 3m.

A major milestone Rapid number 20,000 delivered At the Agromek exhibition in Denmark, Väderstad passed a major milestone when Rapid number 20,000 was handed over to the Danish farmer Christian Lanter-Mortensen from Alslev. The machine was sold by Dann Nielsen, Röstofte Maskinforretning. The huge capacity of this seed drill, the low maintenance costs and the combidrilling option prompted Christian Lanter-Mortensen to buy another Rapid. The Rapid seed drill was first launched in 1990, at a time when Väderstad had fewer than 125 employees. Just over 20 years later, the company has a workforce of over 1,000 in twelve

countries and has supplied 20,000 Rapid seed drills to around 35 countries. “The Rapid drill has been critical for the company’s success and has taken us onto many new markets. Naturally we are incredibly thankful for this fantastic development”, said Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board at Väderstad-Verken. “We are proud and delighted to sell for Väderstad. When we were given the opportunity a year ago we did not hesitate for a second and it has exceeded all expectations with Väderstad’s new organisation in place”, said Dann Nielsen.


Extensive experience brings new direct drill to the market Väderstad Seed Hawk is has launched a new direct drill suited for Europe, the Seed Hawk 30 series is available in 6 – 8 metre models. The machine is developed and manufactured at the zero tillage know-how centre in Canada. “The last few years have provided us with lots of experience in the zero tillage field and we have now implemented several changes in the new model. One of the enhanced features is the unique individual twoknife opener with individual press wheels, which optimises seed and fertiliser placement. Greater accuracy even in harsh and uneven fields is another added advantage”, says Gustav Nilsson, Seed Hawk product manager.

Economic benefits The economic benefits are many with zero tillage and the rule of thumb indicates the possibility of cutting crop establishment costs by 90 per cent compared with conventional drilling.


Great placement in wet and dry conditions The individual opener with 25cm row spacing provides a superior standard of seed and fertiliser placement in both wet and dry conditions. The tines create an optimal seedbed; the tines disturb the soil and create a black furrow and seedbed just where it is needed. The soil warms up more quickly, which is key in direct drilling. Using the contour-following two-knife system with individual press wheel leads to elimination of hair pinning when seeding.  

seeing anything on the top, while a compressed sponge doesn’t absorb any water”, explains Gustav Nilsson. The Seed Hawk 30 series will primarily be sold in France, Spain, England, Russia and Latvia. “It is a really a well-built machine, setting a new standard in the world of direct seeders”, says Gustav Nilsson.

Decreased soil compaction “Due to the minimised number of passes, soil compaction is naturally less of an issue, which could make the difference between drilling and not drilling in a wet year - exactly like that central Sweden experienced during 2012. “It’s comparable to a sponge, after a few years of zero tillage, you can pour lots of water into a sponge without

The direct seeding tines are preferred due to the superior soil warming effect when creating a black furrow, also minimising the risk of “hair pinning”. The two knifes places both the seed and fertiliser on firm moist soil without the risk of burning the seed.

Presenting the world’s largest seed drill

The two knife openers place the seed and fertiliser at an optimal depth and distance apart. The aggressive soil seeking fertiliser knife places the fertiliser on firm soil and creates a small V-shaped micro seedbed for the seed. The seed knife closes the slot that has been created by the fertiliser knife and places the seed on firm soil, well protected and on the optimal level from the fertiliser. The 10cm wide wheel packer seals the furrows to prevent moisture loss. The standing stubble protects the young plant against wind and creates a small micro climate.

This Seed Hawk 1300 hopper is one of three prototypes made during the year. The series will be expanded in coming years with more models and sizes. Väderstad Seed Hawk presented the world’s largest seed drill last year at the Farm Progress Show in Canada. The cart for seed and fertiliser can hold an astounding 46 cubic metres, weighs over 15 tonnes empty and is over 15 metres long. The weight of the hopper is distributed over four tracks in order to minimise soil compaction. “The huge 46 cubic metre cart minimises the time required for refills and increases the efficiency. Despite its enormous size, the cart can be filled in 15 minutes” including both seeds and fertiliser according to Gustav Nilsson, who is responsible for Seed Hawk at Väderstad. The cart is divided into four compartments of varying sizes: 10,500 litres, 16,800 litres, 16,800 litres and 1,400 litres. Wheat is normally kept in the 10,500 litre tank and fertiliser in the 16,800 litre tank.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest hopper on the market. Together with a 25 metre wide direct drill, it is possible to drill up to 61 hectares per fill. This is based on a seed rate of 120kg per hectare and a fertiliser rate of 300kg per hectare”, said one of the founders of Seed Hawk, Brian Dean. Field trials carried out Väderstad Seed Hawk have shown that direct drilling can give just as high yields as conventional drilling. The proportion of directdrilled is relatively small in Sweden, but in Australia for example it is the most commonly used method because soil moisture is very limited there. “In the case of Seed Hawk 1300 we believe that the highest demand will come from markets such as Russia, Canada, the USA and Australia”, said Gustav Nilsson. The Seed Hawk independent two knife openers with packer wheel provide the optimum seed and fertiliser placement, in dry and wet conditions.


Topdown offers a cultivation solution for all seasons Väderstad’s TopDown cultivator is proving an essential tool on a Warwickshire farm where flexibility is key to farming a large acreage efficiently.

is also possible to alter the breakback pressure of the soil loosening legs, allowing them to ‘give’ a bit and make for easier working in hard ground.”

Cropping at JH and MM Jones’ Hatton Bank Farm near Stratford upon Avon is on 1100ha with the rotation being first wheat, oilseed rape and spring beans, and a min till regime has been in operation since 1999. The TopDown is used in combination with Väderstad’s Carrier stubble cultivator to prepare the ground for the Rapid Drill, and also works with the BioDrill to establish rape where conditions allow. Using the System Disc Aggressive to slice the surface, the TopDown mixes harvest residues before loosening with the tines and finally a firm consolidation via the steel packer, in one pass. Tools can also be used separately to give various operation modes. “We set up the TopDown initially in the yard to ensure that it is level and to get the best performance. It offers plenty of adjustment and is easy to set up – the depth is set on a single stop, the System Disc and levelling wheels are set from the cab, and the packer depth pressure can also be adjusted to your requirements,” says David Jones. “It


Mr Jones chose to prepare the ground with the TopDown alone to give it time to dry out before drilling with the Rapid. “It is handy that we have the flexibility to use either system –we have achieved 85 per cent rape establishment even in these conditions. It is also possible to tailor the TopDown to different conditions by choosing from a selection of tines.” Mr Jones has just purchased his second TopDown, a TD700 and specified the new Marathon points, which have proved a big hit.

Fine adjustment is also possible in the field, for example to remove any damage from the combine – although the use of a tracked combine limits the depth of any compaction – using a narrow point on the soil loosening legs. Working depth is usually set at 5-8in but the TopDown can go deeper if required, which is especially useful on the headlands. The packer can be set to leave an open finish which offers the weather resistance for drilling 6-7 weeks later, or the Carrier deployed to finish seedbed preparation behind the TopDown. The TopDown works well with the BioDrill to establish rape in dry conditions, but in the tricky 2012 season

It is handy that we have the flexibility – we have achieved 85 per cent rape establishment even in these conditions. “We really appreciate the ability to run deep or shallow, and use different tines, according to whether we are managing headlands or broadcasting rape for example. The Marathon points are tipped with tungsten carbide, which means that they retain their working angle even as they wear, which has been

Clothing range to match Rapid especially important in this autumn’s wet soils. They have already lasted three times as long as the standard points which shows their value.” Mr Jones stresses the importance of setting up the TopDown correctly and operating it well. “Make sure that you have enough horsepower and get it level - then it is easy to adjust in the field. I operate the Väderstad equipment alongside my driver Stuart Smith, who was a ploughman, and his attention to detail really pays.” “This is a really well built machine, and we did not have to weld or fabricate the frame of our previous TopDown at all during its working life. The quality and finish also helps with the resale value, although I think the importance of setting up and maintaining a machine according to the manual is overlooked by operators these days and makes a big difference to performance and cost of ownership.” Mr Jones is also working with Väderstad on a series of min-till farmer discussion days, sharing the benefits of the technology and his experiences to help others get the best from their soils.

Now farmers can match their Rapid seed drill with clothing from the Väderstad Collection Shop. Väderstad has set up an online shop that sells merchandise and collectors’ items. The shop is already available via the Väderstad-Verken website: “The great demand for Väderstad clothing has led us to set up an online shop. It means that our customers will have access to our full range of merchandise, with delivery within a few days. In our current collection we offer clothing for work, leisure and children, as well as scale models of our machines. We are constantly updating the range”, said Pernilla Blomberg, who is responsible for the Väderstad Collection Shop.

“The Väderstad Collection Shop is now being launched on 12 markets around Europe and we are expanding the range all the time. Farmers are brand-loyal as long as the products meet their standards. To further enhance our brand and develop our services we want to make high quality branded clothing and scale models available directly to the end customer” said Pernilla.

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Straight ahead with the new Väderstad Carrier The Carrier once again shows the way, now optimised for high precision GPS steered tractors. Väderstad launches a new generation of Carrier with X-shaped-discs on the 4.20-12.25m range. The new invention contributes to increased productivity and capacity. With the discs in X-shape all sideward forces are eliminated and the machine runs perfectly straight. “The benefit with the X-shape is that the machine does not slide sideways. This is particular valuable when farming in hilly conditions, as the X-shaped discs stabilise the machine. This means that the new invention generates greater precision, says Crister Stark. “We do see an increasing usage of GPS systems world-wide. We upgraded the Carrier to meet the needs of the professional farmers. A direct customer benefit is that


the GPS system cause less seeding overlap, saving valuable percentages in productivity” says Crister Stark, chairman of the board at Väderstad.

We do see an increasing usage of GPS systems world-wide. We upgraded the Carrier to meet the needs of the professional farmers. Crister Stark

Greater precision and time saving with Väderstad GPS Control From November 2012 on, all Väderstad pneumatic Rapid drills will be fitted with new software including GPS Control. Using GPS Control and a connection with Trimble GPS system, the machines will automatically start and stop seed metering on headlands and automatically control section activation in irregular areas. “With this system the farmer saves seed and fertiliser and also time and driver effort”, explained Product Manager Mattias Hovnert at Väderstad.

Variable rate control The seed and fertiliser rate can be controlled automatically according to the value specified on a GPS map.

The machine records the actual dose provided for later monitoring and traceability. Adjustment of the rate is an environmentally friendly way of working to optimise yield while decreasing the risk of overdosing and leaching.

How it works GPS control keeps track of where the machine has already been in the field through an intelligent memory function. The drilled area is shown on the Trimble display as work continues. When the seed drill enters an area that is already drilled, seed metering is shut off. If there happens to be a wedge-shaped pass, half the machine is shut off to avoid double drilling. The saving can often be 5-10 per cent.

Automatic start and stop on headlands It is also possible to use automatic start and stop on headlands, even if the headland is to be drilled last. The headland width to be left on the field in question is specified and the machine shuts off when it passes through this invisible boundary. Väderstad GPS Control together with the Trimble GPS system takes the precision in conventional drilling to a higher level. It is easy to use and helps the farmer in a good way. It also allows the farmer to drill the headlands last with exact precision”, said Product Manager Mattias Hovnert.


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New bean coulter for Rapid The new bean coulter has a 3mm wider outlet compared to normal coulters. The advantage of this coulter is that it can also be used with normal grain and oil seed rape. The coulter will be yellow to distinguish it from a normal coulter and is available from your local spare parts department.


New reinforced tyre for Rapid Please be aware of an addition to our 7.00-15 drill tyre range, now available as an option for the aftermarket and new machines, the XPR (extra puncture resistant) tyre is reinforced with an aramid inlay to give the best possible protection against punctures. Aramid fibres are a class of heatresistant and strong synthetic fibres. They are also used in aerospace and military applications, for such things as ballistic rated body armour. The tyre is identified with XPR moulded in the tyre wall and a coloured band running the circumference of the tyre.

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