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2022-23 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Ed Rapisarda, Realty ONE Group FOX Chairman of the Board

Vicki Barros-Ortiz, State Farm Insurance Chairman Elect

Allan Haddox, Haddox Consulting Engineers Immediate Past Chairman

Ivan Jones, Travis Credit Union Treasurer

Jeremy Craig, Member at Large Vice Chairman – Business Issues & Advocacy

Teri Johnson, Bookkeeping & More Vice Chairman – Business Resources

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Kim Whittaker Young Professionals of Solano

Business Comments Winter 2022 3

It’s almost the new year (or already is depending on when you’re reading this) which for me means a time to cultivate new opportunities and embark on new adventures. This mindset of embracing change and willingness to try new things is one that I work to promote at the Vacaville Chamber. In order to reap big rewards, we must be willing to try bold, new activities. And the Chamber de nitely has a few of those planned for 2023!

The rst new opportunity we are pursuing this year is The Perfect Match membership event scheduled for February 14-16, 2023. We are working with a company called Your Chamber Connection (YCC) to produce three days of team-based, high-paced, and fun competition designed to grow our membership. Chambers across the United States have seen measurable success with YCC’s program which is founded on bringing strong community leaders together to contact who they know, and for those people to contact who they know, and for them to contact businesses in our community who could bene t from Vacaville Chamber membership.

We are really looking forward to this campaign as it isn’t just about membership growth, it’s also about a chance to tell our story to a new audience and generate awareness of our Chamber and the work we do to support businesses and our community. The Perfect Match is the type of event that happens only once every 3-5 years. It was planned for this year with the idea that it would be a mini capital campaign for the Chamber to fund another exciting new venture – the creation of a new brand mark (logo) and development of all the new assets that go along with that. We have kicked off the creative process already and plan to unveil our “new look” in early 2023. Stay tuned!

The other new adventure we are unveiling for 2023 is Lemonade Day Vacaville. Lemonade Day is a well-established, nationally branded youth entrepreneurship program that teaches leadership and business skills by encouraging children to launch a lemonade business. Since 2007, more than one million kids have learned about business ownership by participating in Lemonade Day and hosting a lemonade stand in their community.

The impact of a program like Lemonade Day is four-fold: 1) teach nancial literacy to kids; 2) promote

entrepreneurship, which is key to jumpstarting economic growth; 3) teach kids to be responsible and self-reliant, and to contribute to their community’s development; and 4) foster mentorship and bring families together.

Mentors guide participants through the youth entrepreneurship lessons via the My Lemonade Day app or with workbooks and take participants through the journey of planning, launching, and operating a business. The valuable lessons of Lemonade Day include setting a goal, making a plan, working the plan, and achieving their dreams. Once a youth pays their investors back, they keep all the money they earn and are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some of their pro t.

We are really excited and proud to bring this event to Vacaville as are only the eighth city in the entire state that is creating this opportunity for our youth. One of the greatest things about the program is that anyone and everyone can be involved in Lemonade Day. Young entrepreneurs with lemonade stands need mentors, investors, business partners, great locations, and customers too. Mark your calendars for May 20, 2023 and make plans to be a part of Lemonade Day Vacaville!

4 Vacaville Chamber of Commerce


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! The Vacaville Chamber of Commerce, its staff and Board of Directors send you warm wishes and hope your 2022 year was fruitful. As we near the year’s end and look towards 2023, we are optimistic that there will be plenty of opportunities for all of us. My theme for 2023 is RESILIENCY. Oxford Dictionary de nes resilience as “the capacity to recover quickly from dif culties; toughness.” I’ve heard it described as grit. Whatever the new year has in store, toughness and grit are great qualities for all of us.

Over the past two months, my company has been conducting business planning in preparation for the new year. Our planning takes a look back over the past year and provides a real look at our “wins” and “opportunities.” We are the architect of our lives; we build its foundation and choose its contents. To do this, it takes a great work ethic that translates into consistency with an unwavering perseverance, and a positive, cando mindset. When we do this consistently, it provides a road map for us to follow so that we are aligned with our core values, goals, and objectives. Here are ve areas we focused on.

1. We set the stage by acknowledging that we are 100% responsible for our own actions. This one fact often sets the difference for everything else. We need to checkin with ourselves and ask the hard questions of whether or not we are doing what we say we would and are we focusing on what is important to accomplishing our goals or objectives or what is in front of us right now? We need to be deliberate and intentional in our communication with ourselves.

2. Do we have a client- rst mentality? Too often we focus on the revenue we receive without focusing on our client’s needs. That’s backwards. If we take care of our clients, the money will often ow. Napoleon Hill said, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

3. What are we doing to create the life we desire? For many of us, we have continuing education for the technical side of our business, but how many of us actively work to improve our mindset and positivity? If we listen to social media or the news, we will hear what other people want us to hear. It’s often negative. If we seek the information, we can become more selective in what is ingested in our minds. This year, our company instituted a book club where we have read ten books since March. The result is that we are choosing to broaden our mindset and improve the skills necessary

to grow and scale our business and personal lives. We can do the same with podcasts, meditation/prayer, and visualizations of what achieving our goal or objectives looks like. In our monthly meetings we have begun saying af rmations at the beginning. At rst, it felt fake or contrived, but the release of endorphins is real and I always end with a smile. It’s amazing. Try it!

4. I don’t have a crystal ball to tell the future, but we have been preparing for a slow down in the economy. It’s prudent. Twice this year, we have taken a strong look at our expenses, both with our business and in our personal life, and cut out quite a few unnecessary expenses. I highly recommend this as we found many areas that we could save on.

5. In conjunction with cutting out needless expenses, we often have resources that we don’t utilize to their full effect. I recommend leaning on or garnering support from business partners, like the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce and its membership, for advocacy, networking, and education.

I look forward to engaging with each of you in the coming year and I am easily contacted by either phone, text, or email at or 707-685-2472. I’m excited for 2023. I hope your holiday season brings comfort and cheer while also rejuvenating positivity and vibrancy. Happy Holidays!

Business Comments Winter 2022 5
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Business Comments Winter 2022 7 NEW MEMBERS Affordableplans to give you a healthybalance. Inpartnershipwiththedoctorsandhospitalsyouknowandtrust AtWesternHealthAdvantage,ourcommitmentisto providerobusthealthplansthatmeettheneedsofour communityacrossallstagesoflife.Ouraffordableplans areforanysizeorganization,individualsandfamilies,as wellasMedicarebene ciaries. ContactaWHASalesrepresentativeorvisitourwebsite toexploreplanoptions. 888.499.3198 | • Alison Rodrick Cruise Planners Travel Agency • BAKline Law Group • California Water Service • Five Acres at Leisure Town North • Jorns and Associates – Pamela Nuss • Mim Quine Photography • New York Life – Clifford Carpenello • NextEra Energy Resources LLC • Pet Supplies Plus • Pizza Twist • Rob’s Computer Shop • Show de Carnes Brazilian Steakhouse Express

It’s our community caring for yours.

Whether you’re getting in shape or dealing with a health problem, your doctor at Sutter Medical Foundation provides personalized care that fits your life. Plus, we offer mobile access so you can message your care team, schedule appointments and renew prescriptions online. It’s a thousand things, big and small. or call 877-766-3362.


Genentech Vacaville Technical Operations

Founded in 1976 as the rst biotechnology company, Genentech has been pursuing groundbreaking science to discover and develop innovative medicines for people with serious and life-threatening diseases for over four decades. Its transformational discoveries include the rst targeted antibody for cancer and the rst medicine for primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Genentech is a member of the Roche Group and employs more than 13,000 people in the U.S. across ve manufacturing and distribution sites in California, Oregon, and Kentucky, including its headquarters in South San Francisco, CA. The company is also one of the largest employers in Vacaville where the Vacaville Technical Operations facility has been producing life-changing medicines for nearly 25 years. The 100-acre site houses two large-scale manufacturing facilities, a warehouse and labs that serve both local and global production operations twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty- ve days a year as part of Roche’s worldwide manufacturing network.

During the pandemic, Genentech and Roche joined the ght against COVID-19 through the development of diagnostic testing, investigational treatment options and industry partnerships. The Vacaville site provided its capabilities and expertise to another company to accelerate the production of a treatment for people with COVID-19 while continuing to make medicines for cancer, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. In 2021, the company produced more than 55 million vials of medicine for patients around the world.

In addition to its pioneering science and leading biologics manufacturing capacity, Genentech believes that diversity of thought, background and experience drives innovation. They partner with organizations throughout the Bay Area and across the country to improve awareness of employment opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultivate an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive as their authentic selves. More than 7,000 employees participate in the company’s 14 Diversity Network Association (DNA) groups, which include African Americans in Biotechnology (established in 1993), Asian Paci c Community, Genentech Women Professionals, gPRIDE and gVETS, to name a few.

Genentech’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion also extends beyond its walls, and even its industry, to help dismantle systemic racism and strengthen the scienti c and medical workforce so it re ects the diversity of the people it serves. Since 2017, Genentech and Genentech Foundation have invested nearly $160 million in equity-focused

giving alone, supporting efforts that tackle disparities in the healthcare and education systems, advance diversity in STEM, and support the needs of people of color and underserved communities.

Giving back has been core to Genentech’s culture since its founding, and the Vacaville site has been an active contributor in Solano County and beyond, supporting surrounding communities through corporate charitable giving, employee volunteerism and philanthropic programs like Genentech Goes to Town, which was implemented in partnership with the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce in 1998 to encourage employees to visit local merchants in Vacaville and “shop and eat small” for two weeks every Fall. Among the many local partnerships Vacaville Technical Operations has worked to foster, the impact of funding and volunteerism with The Leaven and The Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club are examples that have been signi cant for the community and employees throughout the years.

As an environmental steward, Genentech has set ambitious sustainability goals to reduce its global environmental footprint 50% by 2029 and achieve true zero emissions by 2050. The Vacaville site controls and monitors its impact to air quality, stormwater, ef uent wastewater, substances that could affect the climate, and hazardous waste generation. The site boasts one of the largest onsite solar installations in California, which allows it to generate signi cant renewable energy for its operations.

Genentech believes that making medicines is just one way they can make a difference, and its employees are passionate about applying their skills, time, and resources to positively impact their communities and the patients they serve.

Business Comments Winter 2022 9 MEMBER

While many long-time residents of Solano County are familiar with the Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee (also known as TRAFC), I am regularly reminded that the vast majority of the residents and business owners in the communities surrounding Travis Air Force Base (AFB) are not familiar with this regional community group and what TRAFC is all about.

TRAFC History

TRAFC was formed in 1997 from multiple separate military support groups in Solano County that previously had been operating independently to support the military and Travis AFB. A small group from these separate organizations came together to combine forces and create TRAFC. This provided a uni ed voice and single community group for the Travis AFB leadership to engage with when there was an opportunity for community support of base activities. TRAFC’s founding leadership included:

Mr. Don Erickson, USAF (Ret) DDS, Mayor of Dixon and rst TRAFC Chairman

Mr. George Tucker, USAF Command CMSgt (Ret)

Mr. Philip Velez, USA MSG (Ret)

Mr. E.K. Loving, USAF Lt Col (Ret), Fair eld-Suisun Chamber of Commerce President/CEO

Mr. Gene Kraft, USN (Ret), Vacaville Chamber of Commerce President/CEO

Over the past 25 years as an af liate committee of the Vacaville and Fair eld-Suisun Chambers of Commerce, TRAFC has remained dedicated to supporting and protecting Travis AFB. TRAFC Chairmanship has been held by multiple prominent leaders of our community to include mayors, business leaders, retired senior Air Force of cers, and retired Air Force enlisted leaders. TRAFC membership and impact has grown with involvement of business members from all the Chambers of Commerce of Solano County, civic leaders, local, state, and federal elected of cials, and other community partners all seeking to better understand their role in supporting Travis AFB.

For many years, TRAFC has championed base activities and support for operations to include a community welcome for new Air Force leadership, charitable fundraising, base conducted humanitarian relief operations, base-wide morale functions, nancial education sessions, military family activities, recognition of Air Force outstanding performers, contracting “how to” forums for local business opportunities at Travis AFB, Air Force anniversary celebrations, and supporting Travis AFB’s biennial Open House and Airshow.

TRAFC Mission

To enhance, support, and inspire the Quality of Life of the men, women, and families serving at Travis Air Force Base.

While the TRAFC mission focuses on programs, activities and events that support the quality of life of servicemembers and their families, it should not be lost that in 2022 Travis AFB had an annual economic impact of approximately $2.6 Billion and remains the region’s largest single employer. Therefore, being a member of TRAFC also has the business bene t of better understanding base operations, needs of the Air Force and civilian workforce, and opportunities to enhance visibility of TRAFC member business services.

TRAFC’s support of the base also includes a focus on community health. In recent years, the Department of Defense references “community health” around major military installations in terms of quality and access to the following ve elements: healthcare, education systems, affordable housing, childcare, and spousal employment. Many other factors are also considered such as base encroachment and utility infrastructure, but as the majority of military members assigned to Travis AFB live offbase in the communities surrounding the base, the community’s health in these ve quality of life areas is largely in the hands of community leaders. In the past, when the Air Force decided to close military bases and shift missions to downsize locations, these ve factors played a major role in those decisions. Therefore, TRAFC’s advocacy to support these community health elements is critical to preserving and protecting Travis AFB.

TRAFC’s sister organization, the Travis Community Consortium (TCC), is our region’s frontline advocacy group working directly with elected of cials and legislators at all levels to address many of these same issues and more to preserve, protect and enhance Travis AFB.

As a retired Air Force member with over 30 years of service, I continue to have great pride in supporting Airmen and their families and see this community’s great support of Travis AFB every day. And while I know the base is a signi cant economic bene t to our region, a calling to join TRAFC is equally about community pride in supporting and protecting our national defense and the Air Force mission executed at Travis AFB. TRAFC gives you and your business an opportunity to show your appreciation to the men and women serving to defend our freedoms.

So, if TRAFC sounds like an organization you might be interested in joining, contact the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce or come to a meeting as a guest to check us out. Our monthly TRAFC meetings are typically on the third Monday of each month at noon unless there’s a con icting holiday. Some meetings are held on base where you’ll need to coordinate your attendance and base access, and other meetings are off base in the community. At our meetings we usually have lunch, receive quarterly updates and brie ngs from Travis AFB senior leadership, address issues impacting military personnel, and often coordinate special social activities.

Join TRAFC today! All Solano County Chamber of Commerce members are eligible to join with an annual membership fee of $150.00. Travis AFB Honorary Commanders, Honorary Commander Alumni, and Military Veterans are also eligible to join with an annual membership of $150.00. If you are not a Chamber member, the cost is $300 a year.

The author, Chief Master Sergeant (retired) John Evalle, is Chairman of TRAFC and Travis Credit Union’s Military Affairs Of cer

10 Vacaville
Regional Armed
Committee (TRAFC)
Business Comments Winter 2022 11 395-AE.MonteVistaAve.,Vacaville 707.449.6385• NewlyExpandedShowroom Featuringover25,000sq.ft, ofQualityProductatCompetitivePrices Monday-Satuday10am-5pm Sunday 11am-5pm best of 2022 of SolanoCounty’s Mustmentionadattimeofpurchase. FreeLocalDeliveryon allpurchasesover$2,500 Expectthebest,andgetit! Weoffercustomizedservice andreferonlytoptalent. Administrative • Hospitality • Winery • LightIndustrial • Manufacturing TemptoHire-DirectHire ExecutiveSearch Temporar ySer vices ONECOMPANY.ONECALL. ONESOLUTION. “ProfitfromtheExperience” FAIRFIELD -421.0110 4717MangelsBlvd. 349MerchantSt. DowntownVacaille 707.446.0368 AlwaysComfo a e Thankyoutoallthatvotedus & BEST HAPPY HOUR best of 2022 best best 2022 SolanoCounty’s best of 2022 best of 2022 SolanoCounty’s TM BEST BRUNCH! best of 2022 of 2022 best of SolanoCounty’s TM Runner Up Best Bar best of 2022 best best of 2022 SolanoCounty’s Runner Up Date Night Wearehonored


Business: Solano Mortgage

Job Title: Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator

Where did you grow up and/or go to school?

I grew up in Indiana and went to college at Purdue University where I met my husband, Mike.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy playing tennis and plan on trying Pickleball soon. I love nally getting back to traveling again and exploring new places and enjoying a glass of wine with friends!

How long have you been an Ambassador? I’m not really sure, but probably about 14 years.

Why do you volunteer? I love being connected to the community, meeting and working with new people. There is such a great network of amazing people that share a common goal of helping our community grow and prosper.

What’s your favorite Ambassador memory? I think having the opportunity to attend some of the Chamber of Commerce Rallies with other chambers has been a

highlight. Meeting people from other areas and learning so much always stand out as great memories.

What would others be surprised to learn about you? I have had a variety of jobs during my life, including teaching, and debt collection, but the most unique has probably been my time as a Keno Runner in Reno.

What are some of your favorite things about Vacaville? It is a great community with a small-town feel. Living in Northern California allows us some spectacular opportunities…visit the city and enjoy the culture, go boating at the lake, spend time at the beach, or take in the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the mountains, but Vacaville has so much to offer right here from the downtown holiday event to the summer music series events. I am proud to call Vacaville my hometown!

12 Vacaville Chamber of Commerce
LemonadeDayteachesyouthhowtostart,own,andoperate theirveryownbusiness...alemonadestand! Kidslearnaboutcreatingtheirownsuccesswhentheylearnto setagoal,makeaplan,worktheplan,andachievetheirdreams. Bysparkingentrepreneurship,wepreparetoday'syouth tobecomethebusinessandcommunityleadersoftomorrow. LemonadeDayVacavilleisMay20,2023!
14 Vacaville Chamber of Commerce Wearesoverythankfulforthemorethan415businessesthatare membersoftheVacavilleChamberofCommerce! Fromindependentmembers,tohome-basedentrepreneurs, tosmallbusinesses,andtoourlargeemployers-membersofthe VacavilleChambertouchthelivesofourentirecommunity! Ourmembershipisconstantlygrowingandwehopethatyouwillsupport ourlocalbusinesseswhenmakingyourbuyingchoices. MEMBERSHIPDIRECTORY THANKYOUTOOURTITANIUMSPONSORS FOR YOURGENEROUSSUPPORT! USETHISQRCODETOJUMP TOTHELATESTEDITIONOF OURSEARCHABLE MEMBERSHIPDATABASE
Business Comments Winter 2022 15 Save the Date! DetailsComingSoonat ContactusTodayforaDebtRecovery SolutionTailoredtoyourBusiness. AskusaboutourFreeLetterService! www.Pac i f i cCred i tSer v i 460UNION A VE. St e. C F AIRFIELD, CA9 4533 (800)564-6440
16 Vacaville Chamber of Commerce


StephanieTarter,ViceChairman-Membership KaiserPermanente

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ScottPardini,Director RecologyVacavilleSolano

IreallyenjoytheprocessofDowntowngettingdecoratedforthe Holidays…..thetreeandtrimmings,storefrontsgettingpaintedand thelightingoftheChristmasTreeandallofthefestivitiesfor MerrimentonMain.

Personally,IstartdecoratingtheweekendafterThanksgiving. UsuallykickingtheseasonoffbywatchingNationalLampoon’s ChristmasVacation.MyhousetendstolookalotlikeClark Griswold’s…alotof“ItalianTwinklingLights”.Wealsoloveto takewalksandlookatallofthedecorationsandlightson CandycaneLaneandLollipopLane.Myfamilyalsolikestolook throughsocialmediatofindtheotherspotsaroundtownthat havegreatdecorations…weusuallygooutfor adriveafter dinnertolookatthedecorations.

Business Comments Winter 2022 17




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18 Vacaville Chamber of Commerce
JeremyCraig, ViceChairmanBusinessIssues &Advocacy MemberatLarge JasonCase, Director Case ElectricInc. JenniferHouse, Director Business Development Professional ToddLowell,Director ReynoldsLaw,LLP FavoritethingsaboutChristmas:Havingmygrowndaughtershome withtheirfamiliesisallIaskforChristmas.Idelightinourfamily timetogether,evenifit'sjustonceayear.Holidaymovie:DieHard -WhataChristmasEveworkparty!We'llhaveaprimeribfeastand alongraucousdinneronChristmasEve.Oh,thejoy!!
Business Comments Winter 2022 19
20 Vacaville Chamber of Commerce SolanoMobilityCallCenter LetUsHelpYouGetAroundSolanoCounty AndBeyond! GoGoGrandparent MedicalTripConciergeService NowExpandedToInclude SolanoCountyVeterans SolanoMobilityCallCenter LetUsHelpYouGetAroundSolanoCounty AndBeyond! CalltheSolanoMobilityCallCenter toregisterandforthelatestprogram information MedicaltripswithinSolanoCountyare subsidized*by60%forresidentswho areage60 & olderorareVeterans.** Expandedprogramnowincludes: • TripstoVeteransA airsMedical CenterinMartinez &2 otherContra Costalocations • Upto20ridesperindividual,permonth • Pharmacy & otherEssentialTrips * Subsidizedby80%forlowincomeindividuals ** Allridersmustbeabletoenterandexitvehicle independently