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Trash Removal and Cleaning Services in Hoarding Situations Compulsive hoarding is a pattern of behavior in which individuals accumulate vast quantities of objects and exhibit an inability or unwillingness to discard these objects. If left untreated, hoarding can make a home almost completely unlivable and can lead to significant health risks, impaired functioning, economic burden and a number of other adverse effects for hoarders and their friends and family members. Over the past several years, a number of television programs have helped to bring much needed attention to this debilitating disorder. As a result, many compulsive hoarders are able to get the help they need to get their lives back in order. The task of regaining control of a hoarder’s home alone can be very overwhelming when considering the sheer volume of debris it may contain. When this task is further complicated by the hoarder’s own disorder, it can easily become traumatic for everyone involved. In addition to recruiting a behavioral specialist, those looking for help in resolving a hoarding situation should also hire a professional cleaning and trash removal service. In hoarding situations, using a professional cleaning and trash removal services in conjunction with a behavioral specialist can mean the difference between a successful and disastrous intervention. Helping a hoarder clean their home involves a significant amount of planning long before the project can even begin. The most difficult part is getting the permission of the hoarder to clean the home. Once permission has been given the hoarder, behaviorist and cleaning crew must work together to ensure that consideration and respect are given to the hoarder. Failure to do this can actually be detrimental to the hoarder’s emotional state, leading to anxiety, depression and regression. Although enlisting the help of friends and family instead of hiring a professional cleaning and trash removal service might seem like a good idea, individuals that are unaware or insensitive to a hoarder’s emotional needs can actually hurt the cleanup process. In addition to the emotional considerations involved in cleaning up a hoarding situation, there are also significant physical demands as well as safety issues to consider. In a most cases hoarders have been collecting items for many years. The mountain of debris they may accumulate in that time can seem insurmountable. Not only is it impossible to know where to begin, progress can be painstakingly slow. Hours of work may result in only a very small area of a home being cleared. Depending on the scope of the cleanup it can take a professional trash crew of six or more people, a very large dumpster and several days to sift through all the items in a hoarder’s home. As debris is cleaned from the home, cleaners run the risk of injury from falling stacks of debris. It is not uncommon to find spoiled or rotten food, vermin such as mice and rats and even deceased or missing pets. Having the correct safety gear to prevent injury or the spread of disease or illness is imperative. For those choosing to clean up a hoarder’s home themselves, arranging the right help, safety gear, and trash equipment in order to clean the home can be a nightmare. While hiring a professional trash removal and cleaning service might seem expensive, when you consider the value it is one of the best investments you can make. These trained professionals not only bring all the safety gear and equipment needed to handle a hoarding situation, they have the knowledge and expertise to help ensure the cleanup is successful. Vacant Interiors of Denver has been providing a wide variety of professional services, including Colorado trashout and junk removal and cleaning services, to its customers since 2004. Vacant Interiors specializes in cleaning, trash removal, painting, carpeting or vinyl flooring, tile work, repair services and more. They are also EPA-certified in lead remediation. For more information on Vacant Interiors, please call 303-472-8026 or visit

Trash Removal and Cleaning Services in Hoarding Situations  

For those choosing to clean up a hoarder’s home themselves, arranging the right help, safety gear, and trash equipment in order to clean the...

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