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Orlando Has More Than Just The Amusement Parks Because Disneyland is situated near the area, Florida’s Orlando has become one of the most popular places visited by tourists annually. Ever since Walt Disney announced his plan of putting up an amusement park near the city, people started pouring in. Some have even relocated in the city acquiring houses and apartments for rent in Orlando hoping to get close to the fun and excitement. As a result, the city’s tourism industry boomed with a lot more to offer now than ever. One of the best things Orlando can provide its guests is a glimpse of its past. The city’s historic district located in the “Old Orlando” which is in the downtown area houses numerous old neighborhoods as well as old oak trees that line up with the brick streets. It also has several museums within the city that displays works of art such as landscapes and portraits from American impressionist painters, interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages, model railroad trains and toy trains dating from the 1920s until the present and bizarre collections of artifacts which stem from people’s hobbies. These historic sites and museums are a wealth of information just waiting to be explored. Another notable aspect about the city is its healthcare institutions. Admirably, the city has two non-profit hospital systems that cater to the needs of the general public. These are Orlando Health which has the only Level 1 trauma center in Florida and Florida Hospital which has the only Level III neonatal intensive care units. These are great services to provide for the people in the area. Furthermore, the city has wonderful gardens where you can relax and commune with nature. These gardens include the Arboretum, University of Central Florida which is an arboretum and botanical garden that contains over 600 plant species, the Harry P. Leu Gardens which is a landscaped garden on a 50 acre land with lakes in the area, the Historic Bok Sanctuary which is an intricate landscaped garden filled with exotic flowers and trees, and the World of Orchids that feature thousands of the said flowers from different parts of the world in an enclosed rainforest. Can you imagine living in one of the apartments for rent in Orlando near these gardens? Additionally, the amusement parks which are famous in the area other than Disneyland are Universal Orlando Resort and Seaworld Orlando. These amusement parks are now equal in Disneyland in terms of popularity. Similarly, people come to these places several times a year to have fun. So if you’re looking for an educational and fun trip, then Orlando is definitely the place to visit. It’s the place to go for a little history about the place and its people. It’s the place that offers non-profit healthcare and tranquil scenic gardens. Browse for apartments for rent in Orlando now and experience the fun and adventure.

Orlando Has More Than Just The Amusement Parks