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Most Promising Energy Startups in Europe





In this leaflet you can find a short introduction of the most promising energy startups in Europe listed by Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society. The listing made by evaluating more than 200 potential startups in Europe. The team behind the listing has gone through thousands of pages of information and choosing the top30 out of so many potential candidates was for sure not easy. Regardless of the rigorous ranking process, we felt that putting the top 30 companies on a specific order would have been inappropriate. The companies were widely spread from startups with communal value to those utilizing cutting-edge technology on an all new field with a bold new way.



One thing all of these companies have in common. We are going to hear about them in the future. Ossi Cavén Chairman, Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society


Alleantia mission is to enable plug&play Industrial Internet of Things for legacy and new devices. Its exclusive XPANGO technology transforms in seconds any electronic device into a ‘Internet-ready’ smarter device. Alleantia sells off-the-shelf software and integrated appliances for the most frequent needs: energy management, renewable energy, industrial plants and machinery, easily deployed thanks to the Library of <Things>, already the largest worldwide with almost 3000 pre-integrated device profiles. Also, we support machinery manufacturers and larger enterprises with the most demanding needs with IoT Smart Gateways and turnkey solutions encompassing device integration to Enterprise Applications, and vertical Big Data Analytics solutions.

We link electric transportation systems. We’ve created a series of products that help cities redefine how they use electric power as part of public transportation. For example, we’ve created a new electric powertrain, lightweight chassis and electric bus system that greatly enhances the travel experience for passengers and drivers. Our solutions are energy efficient Linkker BEV - BEV system, Linkker 12 lightweight electric bus and Linkker Kit conversion kits for bus retrofits and together with our partners also charging infrastructure. The combination of lightweight bus construction, energy efficient BEV, small size LTO battery and opportunity charging result in a cost optimized and sustainable city bus system with 10%-30% lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to diesel buses.



WE Tech Solutions

WE Tech Solutions (WE Tech) is a leading energy efficiency solution provider. The company develops, sells and delivers energy efficient solutions for the shipping industry. WE Tech has developed a new type of variable frequency shaft generator system providing many benefits, such as reducing fuel consumption and increasing energy efficiency of ships, cutting environmentally harmful emissions, etc. The energy efficient solutions are suitable for upgrading existing ships and for new buildings. WE Tech is creating savings and bringing the next level in energy efficient shipping. The company is headquartered in Vaasa, Finland and has an office in Shanghai, China.

Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how eCozy works: information about the desired temperature goes from smartphone to the central unit, that distributes the signal to every room, where radiators are equipped with eCozy thermostat. Precise temperature can be set for every room and later, remotely controlled. eCozy learns how to maintain the comfort, taking into account different factors (for ex. weather changes).


Being an intelligent solution, eCozy learns from a consumerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heating preferences and home properties, that makes it to a heating system that would suit everyone. Setting up the desired heating scenarios, consumers can save up to 28% each year on their heating costs.

Viva Labs

Viva Labs makes a white-label, turn-key smart home solution for ISPs, cable operators, and utilities that automatically reduces energy use and makes it easy to control and monitor the home from anywhere. By using GPS and sensors, our algorithms learn household routines and intelligently handles heating, control and security without requiring user input. You can read more at


Energomonitor was launched in 2010. Two great minds joined forces together to develop a product that would help hundreds of thousands of people save on their energy expenses. As result a of three-year development a unique software solution has been created. Linked to the comprehensive range of hardware devices, it provides reliable metering, control and reduction of energy consumption recorded on existing billing meters, which can be replaced with the new ones, if needed. To top it off, the software interface is truly simple and intuitive. Low capital and operational costs are another benefit of the solution we offer. Now have own development of hardware, software and firmware and we have close partnership with over 100 european companies.





Twingz is a German company which provides smart energy management for company and for consumer use in form of energy-coaching, energy management and energy optimization. Twingz Smart energy is an innovative App to save energy and thereby money. The App provides important energy-measurement data coming from energy devices (e.g. television, dishwasher, refrigerator) and energy producers (photovoltaic and solar thermal systems) in households. High technical affinity and long-term thinking that targets sustainability provides twingz Smart energy not only intelligence, but also dedication in the topic of resource management.

EnergyDeck is an award winning web-based platform that helps real estate owners, managers and tenants operate their portfolios more efficiently, with the ultimate objective to reduce costs and increase asset values. The platform is built around a number of unique features that take it beyond traditional energy & resource management software. Key features that support this include real-time benchmarks utilising anonymised data from all of EnergyDeck users, and a projects database that captures user experiences and knowledge around energy efficiency projects. Access to both databases is provided in anonymised form to the entire user-base.


Soil Scout provides critical insight into data from deep below the surface – wirelessly. Through the creation of two patent-pending inventions (related to power management and antenna design), our small buried sensor platform can transmit a variety of information in real-time from up to 4 metres below the surface, for up to 20 years - maintenance free! Energy-related benefits include early fault detection in buried utilities, allowing for proactive maintenance, and the ability to save up to 20% of the energy and water typically used for artificial irrigation.


Soil Scout: Gain a Deeper View!

Leanheat is a novel “big data”-solution that delivers the 20% savings. Cost effectively and consistently, year after year. Retrofitted to the 99% of the stock that has been already built. Leanheat measures the living conditions of all apartments and monitors energy efficiency in real-time. It alarms and reports automatically when there’s a discrepancy, allowing the maintenance crew to concentrate on the most pressing problems. All properties can be optimized with Leanheat, whether it is a building just built or a 100 year old relic- Real time analysis of the whole property portfolio can be done without manual labor by using Leanheat’s “big data” approach.




Lumine Lighting Solutions

Smappee develops innovative solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. We offer people user-friendly, affordable and efficient ways to use less energy without sacrificing comfort. Under the slogan “Let’s win”, Smappee takes care that both the consumer and the environment win. Smappee received the Henry van de Velde Label 2014 for the qualitative design of the product and app and was named “Deloitte Raising Star 2014 ‘for innovation and market potential of the company. Smappee is based in Kortrijk (Belgium) and its products are available via the webshop, through the European Apple Online Store and Smappee Partners.

Lumine Lighting Solutions is a young and innovative company from Helsinki, Finland. Lumine was founded to improve energy efficiency in outdoor lighting by eliminating the illumination of empty streets. Lumine’s intelligent solution – based on motion detection and wireless communication – provides light with the necessary luminaires needed to ensure safe and comfortable passing. By dimming the luminaires in empty streets, Lumine is able to reduce approximately 70 % of the energy consumption. This leads to a considerable cut on the energy bill as well as reduction of unnecessary light pollution in our environment.

Sharper Shape ltd

Sharper Shape provides fully automated inspection and maintenance planning services for infrastructure asset owners. Our Next Eagle® solution is the world’s first automatic asset inspection solution utilizing UAV, which drastically reduces inspection and maintenance costs for high value assets such as power lines, pipelines, railways and more. What we offer We provide actionable plans for both the financial decision-makers to help with budgeting and resource allocation, and for engineering in planning and placing work orders for asset maintenance and vegetation management.


At present, used wind turbines regularly end up on the scrap yard, even though these turbines are just as effective in producing wind energy as new ones. miniPower finds this astounding waste and aim to allows these wind turbines to produce again. Key are our partnerships with local license-holders in European countries with advantageous wind conditions and attractive feed-in tariffs. In these countries we put used turbines into production after inspection, whereby maintenance and availability are guaranteed.





Sapotech reveals high temperature processes - the earliest possible stages - of metal and steel production. By this, new and huge possibilities open up for saving energy and process time. Through our innovative technology where extremely detailed image and dimension measurement data are combined, Sapotech Reveal solutions concretely contribute to energy efficiency through: Reveal CAST: real time quality monitoring of metal cast products as they flow glowing hot from the casting machine Reveal TAP: real time monitoring of molten metal flow in tapping process Reveal 360: real time monitoring of surfaces inside furnaces, converters, ladles at high temperature

Nordpower develops and produces wireless charging stations for Electric Vehicles. Charging stations bases on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology which turns EV charging convenient and keeps battery always full.

Salusfin Salusfin has a solution that brings Home automation to your pocket, addressed to consumers as well as small to medium size businesses in India, China, Finland, Germany and USA. Our solution is wireless, easy to install and use, secure and affordable.


Nordpower kehittää ja valmistaa johdottomia latausasemia sähköautoille. Latausasemat perustuvat johdottomaan tehonsiirtotekniikkaan (WPT) joka tekee lataamisesta helppoa ja pitää auton akun automaattisesti täynnä.

Norsepower Oy Ltd has developed and brought to market the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution. This solution helps cargo vessels significantly reduce fuel consumption. When the wind conditions are favourable, Norsepower Rotor Sails allow the main engines to be throttled back, saving fuel and reducing emissions while providing the power needed to maintain speed and voyage time. Rotor sails can be used with new vessels or they can be retrofitted to existing ships. Norsepower is the first company on the market who has built a full-size working prototype of a retro-fittable auxiliary wind propulsion solution.



Plegma labs

Enterprises today more than ever require detailed monitoring and control of their building energy usage in their attempt to optimize energy efficiency and meet specified efficiency standards.


PLEGMA integrates all smart meters/sensors deployed in the building, collects/analyses their data and provides useful insights while enabling automation and alerting. Additional services include combining multiple building data with 3rd party opendata (e.g. weather & other building data) to enrich the insights as well as hosted cloud services such as backup, multi-tenant analytics, reporting, benchmarking tools etc.

Nuuka solutions

Almost a billion people have a mobile phone, but no way to charge it. What do they do? They walk to a charging station and wait hours to charge, losing a day each week, and paying for each charge what you pay for three months.

Nuuka is a cloud-based energy management system for property investors, property owners/users and energy specialists.


It allows the development of energy efficiency for both property portfolios and single properties in a centralised manner.

BuffaloGrid reduces the cost barrier of solar power to the price of one charge. Our free units have WiFi and are distributed through existing trust networks, like coffee growers.

Ecoisme is B2B2C service that provides easy, low-cost and effective solution for saving energy for householders, and reduces power peaks for utility providers. Thanks to unique technology, combining power and spectrum analysis, Ecoisme can single out all home appliances at your home, check energy efficiency and suggest you best ways to save energy. Moreover, the system will remind you if you forgot to switch off some appliances! Soon Ecoisme is launching a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.

Active development of energy efficiency starts by providing the key personnel with proper tools for monitoring energy consumption and costs.

BuffaloGrid provides power as a service, for the bottom billion. We provide a free solar charging unit, that villagers unlock with a payment text message.




Energy metering… made fun? It’s true! Smart energy awareness doesn’t have to be a chore. Hyko is a fully robust home energy management system that families actually want to have in their homes.


Comfee is the patent pending, solar powered and easy to install device to upgrade existing blinds. Comfee is fitted with sensors and adjusts blinds automatically, giving you a peace of mind even when you are away from home or office. It will close the blinds to prevent overheating, glare, for privacy in the evening.

Hyko’s warm glow and kid-friendly app help the whole family manage their energy consumption. Hyko is a beautifully designed sculptural piece, a lovely addition to any decor.

Pamoja Cleantech

But don’t let the fun and beauty fool you. Hyko is also a powerful, robust energy meter, gathering comprehensive data on energy usage that can make your customers - and your grid - smarter.

Pamoja is Swahili for ‘Together As One’


PAMOJA is a for-profit social enterprise working in the field of rural decentralized renewable energy solutions. We solve some of the most pressing Energy needs for Rural BoP (Base of the Pyramid) people in East Africa, starting with Uganda. PAMOJA uses biomass gasification as a platform to enable various energy services.

It will open the blinds every time when natural sunlight is enough to light up or heat up the room. Together with lighting and climate control systems it can save up to 50% on the energy bill. Comfee finally brings to the market an affordable and simple solution to manage sun light and heat in the buildings.

“Keeping the lights on”: government policies around the world recognise the importance of high-capacity energy storage in a future renewable energy mix. Teraloop is developing an innovative, grid-scale energy storage technology capable of addressing this strategic market and enhancing the impact of renewable energy. Our team of 18 staff and advisors bring decades of experience in energy and tech business. Teraloop is currently operating a development programme with VTT, supported by Tekes & Fortum plc and seed funded by GILfund LLC. We are seeking Series A type investment partners for equity from April/May 2015. Contact the CEO, Ted Ridgway Watt (tel: +44 7894 321066 or or the CRO, Petri Saarinen



There Corporation

There Corporation offers Energy Efficiency and Home Energy Management solutions for consumers. Our solutions include real-time energy monitoring, energy use optimization and substantial cost savings for the end users and utilities. Our principal customers are energy utilities and service providers in Scandinavia and Europe.


Tidal energy uses the cyclic variations in the level of the seas and oceans caused by the gravitational forces due to the movement of the moon around the earth. Therefore, tidal energy is an infinite, highly predictable and clean energy source.

There Corporation was founded by combining Nokia Smart Home business program and Comsel Systems knowledge of smart metering and energy efficiency. We are there.


Tidalys is a technology based company which designs and introduce onto the market revolutionary turnkey tidal turbines, enabling our partners to deliver renewable energy at lowest costs and in full respect of our environment.

Industry consumes 10% of its electricity in the production of compressed air. More and more applications require compressed air that is not only efficiently produced but also completely oil-free. Tamturbo’s products and business idea are based on these factors. Tamturbo’s oil-free turbo compressors meet the needs of the most demanding process applications, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, paper and chemical. In these processes, any risk of oil contamination must be excluded. Compared to any other known solution Tamturbo’s compressors offer the most advanced solutions available for compressed air free of oil.

VIA is a user-friendly building management system (BMS) application that enables you to operate your entire building with the help of an iPad. It enables the user to operate: Temperature, Ventilation, Lights, Shades and Windows. It enables the user to monitor: Energy consumption & savings, Financial cost & savings, CO2 footprint of a building and Buildings engine room.


VIA is individually adjusted to a building and is also fully adaptable to users’ needs. It also enables several other functions according to user’s preferences. E.g. opening/ closing of the ramp and gate, lawn watering, parking defrosting and swimming pool management

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Most Promising Energy Startups in Europe 2015  

Vaasa Entrenrepeurship Society's listing of the most promising energy startups in Europe.

Most Promising Energy Startups in Europe 2015  

Vaasa Entrenrepeurship Society's listing of the most promising energy startups in Europe.

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